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CGP Grey and Myke Hurley are both independent content creators. Each episode, they get together to discuss their working lives. Hosted by CGP Grey and Myke Hurley.


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Cortex 90: Moretex

Grey went on a wild goose chase for a new video, Myke has a huge livestream coming up, and they both talk about working through tough projects.
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Cortex 89: Everything is Constant Always

Grey needs recommendations, Myke tests a new ergonomic arrangement, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
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Cortex 88: Cortex Airport

Grey tested his resolve, Myke is struggling with manufacturing, and they both talk about their current bag setup.
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Cortex 87: The Theme System Journal

Grey got Maps, Myke got an operating system, and they both created a journal.
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Cortex 86: I Like Maps

Grey is back in the desert, Myke is excited about a new app, and they both have expectations for WWDC.
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Cortex 85: Grey's Non-Linear Life

Grey published a vlog, Myke is back to Mega Office, and they both know what day starts the week.
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Cortex 84: Radiating Anxiety

Grey sparks joy, Myke is thinking about career length, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
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Cortex 83: 7 Days Out

Grey broke a routine, Myke dealt with a huge deadline, and they both watched 7 Days Out: Eleven Madison Park.
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Cortex 82: Screen Crimes

Grey's had some time to himself, Myke was cold, and they both compare their Screen Time statistics.
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Cortex 81: The American Meme

Grey has some project updates, Myke is feeling a little sad, and they both watch 'The American Meme'.
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Cortex 80: Ice Fortress

Grey conquered a deadline, Myke is in love all over again, and Slack has a new logo.
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Cortex 79: 2019 Yearly Themes

Grey has a theme for 2019, Myke has two themes for 2019, and they both discuss why Yearly Themes are important to them.
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Cortex 78: State of the Apps 2019

Grey has a terrible to-do hack, Myke is going back to PodCon, and they both discuss their favourite software for 'State of the Apps 2019'.
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Cortex 77: The Effective Executive

Grey has something to say about the iPad, Myke did something for the first time in a decade, and they both read The Effective Executive.
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Grey is having some watch face issues, Myke refuses to sleep, and they both consider ?who?s the boss??.
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Cortex 75: Home Again

Myke has lots of music to share, Grey unveils the mystery of his Home Screen, and they both have new Apple Devices.
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Cortex 74: The Biggest Challenge of Being a Human

Myke wants to make some changes, Grey is taking a break, and they are both excited about some big announcements.
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Cortex 73: Clear the Cortex Decks

Myke is perplexed with corporate branding, Grey has learned more than he wanted about USB-C, and they both answer #ASKCORTEX questions on how to get the career you want, how to start being productive, and to find out who could live longest in the woods.
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Cortex 72: Adulting Complete

Myke got a Roomba, Grey has found peace with his to-do system, and they are both very excited about the Shortcuts beta.
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Cortex 71: Dark Synergy

Myke is getting married and reveals the mystery of his watch, Grey is intrigued about iOS 12 Notifications, and they both talk about the listeners of Cortex.
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Cortex 70: CORTEK - WWDC 2018

Grey is excited about scooters, Myke had a monumental week, and they both have lots of thoughts about WWDC.
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Cortex 69: Minimum Viable

Grey needs more storage space, Myke built a gaming PC (nice!), and they both talk about what they want to see at WWDC.
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Cortex 68: A Noble Profession

Grey publishes a YouTube video that's _a tad different_, Myke has made some changes to his journal, and they both discuss experimenting with new ways of doing things.
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Cortex 67: "Entrepreneurs"

Grey is having some charging troubles, Myke questions the benefit of courses, and they both talk about how they use the Apple Pencil.
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Cortex 66: Triggers - Creating Behaviour That Lasts

Myke has read _Triggers_, Grey tries to deal with a backlog, and they have amazing new merch available.
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Cortex 65: Goals Are Dumb

Myke has started a journal, Grey switched back to something, and they both answer some #askcortex questions.
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Cortex 64: 6 Days to Air

Grey is bringing order to task management, Myke is back to colourful backgrounds, and they both watched _6 Days to Air_.
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Cortex 63: Flower Garden

Grey has an iMac Pro, Myke has thoughts about vlogging, and they both have Yearly Theme updates.
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Cortex 62: 2018 Yearly Themes

Myke has completed a 'Year of Less', Grey has completed a 'Year of Redirection', and they both have their 2018 Themes ready to go.
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Cortex 61: State of the Apps 2018

Myke went to PodCon, Grey doesn't write articles anymore, and they both name their favourite software for 'State of the Apps 2018'.
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Cortex 60: CorteX

Grey has played Stardew Valley, Myke is taking stock of his technology, and they both have new iPhones.
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Cortex 59: The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People

Grey uses a YouTube limitation to his advantage, Myke is nervous about an event, and they both read The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.
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Cortex 58: The Opportunity of a Chair

Grey moves office again, Myke wants to play a new farming game, and they both answer your #askcortex questions.
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Cortex 57: Bucketful of Internet

Myke is waiting for a delivery, Grey evangelizes napping, and they both have thoughts about the iPhone X.
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Cortex 56: Castles Made of Sand

Myke is very tired, Grey has many frustrations, and they both need to assess how iOS 11 will change their iPad Homescreens.
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Cortex 55: Go for the Big Elephant

Grey has made a grown up acquisition, Myke is having a laundry situation, and they both discuss working effectively in different locations.
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Cortex 54: An Episode Out of Time 3: Time Strikes Back

Grey thinks the end is nigh, Myke is making preperations, and they both review Homescreens from the past.
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Cortex 53: Worst Business Decision Ever

Myke is getting ready for a big trip, Grey recorded a Vlog, and they both give some thoughts on the updated #MultiPadLifestyle.
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Cortex 52: CORTEK - WWDC 2017

Myke got his wish, Grey gives Apple a performance review, and they both receive a magic box.
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Cortex 51: Meeting for Lunch

Grey spills the beans, Myke gets to gloat, and they both want to define _productivity_.
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Cortex 50: Golden Anniversary

Grey is a live streamer, Myke tries to resist making a clip show, and they both celebrate 50 episodes of Cortex
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Cortex 49: Waiting for the End

Grey published a YouTube video, Myke is losing control, and they talk about Apple?s silence a few days before they make an announcement.
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Cortex 48: Parade of Failures

Grey took a secret photo, Myke took a chance, and they both cannot agree on how long you should stick it out.
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Cortex 47: Picking Up the Breadcrumbs

Grey is a leaf on the wind, Myke shares his thoughts on Todoist, and they both share their experiences on hiring and applying.
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Cortex 46: External Thinking Tool

Grey turns to pen and paper, Myke switches to Todoist, and they both share what they wanted to be when they grew up.
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Cortex 45: Cortex Working Group

Grey talks about the past few months, Myke is thinking about graphs, and they both provide more thoughts on time tracking.
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Cortex 44: Existential Time Tracking

Myke has started tracking his work time, Grey has started tracking all time, and they both talk about their themes for 2017.
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Cortex 43: Tornado Bigshot

Myke discovered his ranking, Grey will not switch, and they both answer #askcortex questions before the Cortexmas season begins.
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Cortex 42: All for the Vlog

Grey heard a pop, Myke went to Ikea, and they both are frustrated with notifications.
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Cortex 41: Spiralling

Myke is dealing with house renovations, Grey is making lots of videos, and they both answer some questions about how this show is made.
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