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Rule Breaker Investing

Rule Breaker Investing

David Gardner, co-founder of The Motley Fool, is among the most respected and trusted sources on investing. As a best-selling author, hugely successful stock picker, and financial authority, David has led The Motley Fool?s growth into a worldwide investment and financial advisory services company. Each week David shares his insights into today's most innovative and disruptive publicly traded companies -- and how to profit from them by following his signature ?Rule Breaker Investing? principles.


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Bitcoin 2021

Jim Surowiecki calls it a failed currency. Aaron Bush calls it the ultimate Rule Breaker. Who is right? Could it be both? Let's talk to these two crypto-luminaries and find out!

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Blast From The Past, Vol. 5

Some things can and should be forgotten over time. But the best things, the best songs, the best stories... they grow stronger in the retelling. That selfie with Jeff Bezos. Jerry Garcia shaking hands with Seth Godin. Business lessons from... Xena, Warrior Princess? Wait, what? I guess you'll have to just listen.

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Reiner Knizia On The Business of Board Games

There are many faces who could appear on the Mt. Rushmore of Foolish Board Game Designers, but one place is most certainly reserved for Reiner Knizia. Not only for his brilliant games, but also his business acumen, his enthusiasm for life, and his dedication to his purpose of entertaining the people. Select any color but blue; it's your turn!

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January Mailbag: Bring Someone Else Along With You

Whether you're a conscious leader in your community or some lucky kid's rich uncle, this month's mailbag demonstrates how you can bring someone along on your investing journey. Plus, improvements to the Market Cap Game Show, thoughts on when to sell, and more!

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5 Stocks Rolled Up At Random

Surely it's not possible to beat the market with a random roll of the dice! But...what if we're dicing in a universe of great companies? What if we're randomizing Rule Breakers? Let's find out! And while we're at it, let's review a couple 5-Stock Samplers from the past few years.

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6 Principles Of A Rule Breaker Portfolio

By now you should know what Rule Breaker companies look like. And you should know what it means to be a Rule Breaker investor. But now it's time to look at what a Rule Breaker portfolio looks like, how is it built, and how is it stewarded.

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David's Biggest Losers, Vol. 6

If you want to let your winners win, you also have to let your losers lose. Sit back and enjoy the schadenfreude as we look at David's worst stock picks of the last three years.

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December Mailbag: Post-Traumatic Growth

The end is nigh! The end of 2020, that is. And with the new year comes new opportunities for growth and optimism. Your questions reflect that optimism in this, the final mailbag of a year unlike any other.

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The Market Cap Game Show: Inside David's Brain

Returning champions Emily Flippen and Maria Gallagher are here to compete in your favorite game show. But have they hacked David's brain in the process? This is what happens when the contestants are so friendly that they help each other prepare!

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The Besties of 2020

Can you believe all that has happened in 2020? On this podcast, we've had authors, entrepreneurs, advisors, and leaders. It's time to revisit, not just the stories but many of the guests as well. It's a Rule Breaking year in review!

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Gratitude: 2020

It would be easy, and indeed justified, to complain about 2020. It has been a difficult year in so many ways. But taking a contrary view, it is perhaps more important than ever to take some time to express gratitude. And yes, there?s a lot to be grateful for!

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Games, Games, Games, Vol. 2

It's December, Fools, so naturally it's time for David's annual game recommendations! The only question is whether to put them on your gift-list or on your wishlist. The answer, of course, is both!

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November Mailbag: Spiffy 10-Pop!

Today we're grateful for the queries, the comments, the stories, and the stanzas that we receive in our monthly mailbag. We're also grateful for the beautiful businesses that are shaping our future, and leading Fools like you to incredible returns!

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Losing to Win

Psychologists tell us that the pain of losing is three times the joy of winning. That's the rule. Are you ready to break it, Fool? We'll show you how, but first a final review after three years for 5 Stocks That Will Let You Eat Cake.

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5 Stocks That Will Press On

2020 has been a constant struggle, but Calvin Coolidge said it best, ?Nothing in the world can take the place of persistence." Which is why this week's 5-stock sampler looks at companies that press on through time and adversity. Plus, a review of 5 Stocks that Got Trouble (though maybe they're not so troubled now).

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Stock Stories, Vol. 5

A company that takes decades to pay off. A company that fails before it succeeds. A company that goes from reviled to recommended. And a company that jumps and cuts by halves within a single year. Sit back on your rocking chair, it's time for some stock stories. Plus, a review of 5 Stocks for Conscious Capitalism.

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October Mailbag: Under 50

So much to talk about in this month's mailbag: Positive Intelligence, financial poetry, rolling decahedron dice... But can we keep it under 50 minutes? Yes. Yes, we can.

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Positive Intelligence with Shirzad Chamine

Are you a Jedi, leaning on your strengths to become your best self? Or are you a Sith, giving in to the saboteurs who lead you to the Dark Side? Shirzad Chamine is our Yoda, here to guide us on the path of Light and help us strive towards self-actualization.

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Mental Tips, Tricks & Lifehacks, Vol. 5

Whether you're trying to save some money, save some time, or save face on the hockey rink, we're here to help. It's time once again to tweak your life to make it smarter, happier, and richer!

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Essays From Yesterday, Vol. 2

How would you prefer to travel through time? Delorean? Phone booth? Hot tub? No need! Today we travel back for a fresh and futuristic look at David?s essays from the Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers archives. From dust mites to Dead Heads, there are decades of lessons to be found!

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September Mailbag: Spiffy-Pops Galore!

Is it still September? For this month's sixth show, join our all-star cast as we revisit work-from-home culture, tally up our GKC scores, and celebrate a spiffy stock that spiffy-popped. All that and MUCH more in this month's mailbag.

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Extra: John Mackey on Conscious Leadership

Purpose, love, integrity... are we talking about wedding vows? No, we're talking about the qualities that make for the most successful business leaders today. Whole Food's John Mackey joins us to talk about the power of Conscious Leadership.

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The Market Cap Game Show: Episode 13 - Old Skool

What do you get when you multiply share price times shares outstanding? Yep, it's the market cap! And this is the game show where market cap matters most. Play from home and see if you can beat our contestants, Tim Beyers and Maria Gallagher.

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Company Culture Tips, Vol. 7: Work from Home Edition

How can a company's culture survive, much less thrive when we're all working from home? Never fear, Lee and Kara are here to share 10 tips on making work work in 2020!

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Reviewapalooza!: Farewell to the First 5-Stock Sampler

In September of 2015 we offered podcast listeners a free taste of David's stock picks with 5 Stocks for the Next 5 Years. It became the first of many 5-stock samplers, including 5 Great Stocks You've Never Heard Of in 2017. Today we close out those two samplers, tally up the score, and see how much smarter, happier, and richer we are as a result.

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5 Stocks Indistinguishable from Magic

Arthur C. Clarke once asserted that any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic. David Gardner adds that we should probably be investing in that! Today's stock sampler looks at some futuristic technology, but first we review some magical picks from the last two years.

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August Mailbag: Inspirational Stories

Today we're joined by Foolish All-Stars, Dylan Lewis, Ross Anderson, and Jeff Fischer for questions, answers, and inspiring listener stories pulled from a bulging bag of August mail.

The views expressed in this podcast by Jeff Fischer are his own as an employee of 1623 Capital, and his views do not necessarily reflect the views of The Motley Fool, 1623 Capital, or any of our affiliates. Do not take anything said by Jeff as personalized investment advice. As always, we at 1623 Capital encourage you to seek personalized advice from qualified professionals regarding personal finance issues. Also, please note that 1623 Capital, an affiliate of The Motley Fool LLC, is a separate legal entity, and all of our asset management decisions are made independently by Jeff Fischer and any other asset managers at 1623. Neither David Gardner, nor Tom Gardner, nor any other Motley Fool analyst, is involved in 1623 Capital?s investment decision-making or daily operations.

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Authors in August: Amy Castoro on Transitioning Family Wealth

The Prodigal Son. King Lear. Logan Roy. What do they have in common? They all could have used a little help from Amy Castoro, co-author of Bridging Generations: Transitioning Family Wealth and Values. Amy is here not just to help you prepare your assets for the family but to prepare your family for the assets.

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Authors in August: Jeremy Brown on Influenza? and Covid

Dr. Jeremy Brown's book, Influenza: The Hundred-Year Hunt to Cure the Deadliest Disease in History, was published shortly before the outbreak of COVID-19, and yet its lessons are remarkably prescient and relevant to our situation. Guiding us through history and reflecting on our current crisis, it's Authors in August on RBI.

Find Dr. Brown's book here:

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Authors in August: Jay Jakub Helps Us Complete Capitalism

Why do companies that don?t just manage their bottom-line profits so often outperform those that do? Because they are ?seeing the whole picture.? Jay Jakub shares with us the Economics of Mutuality, helping investors and business professionals discover a new holistic approach to capitalism that is poised to win the future.

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July Mailbag: The Knowledge

Is investing just gambling? Is there a better way to end a soccer game? Are we responsible for the sins of our fathers? We Fools rush in on questions big and small on this month's mailbag.

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Blast From The Past, Vol. 4

How's your memory? Or are you new around here? Well there are a few stories, told over the past 5 years, that we occasionally need to revisit. The evolution of business. Stocks that don't make you think. The origin story of the GKC. Today we flip through the RBI photo album and remember where we've been.

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Uncomfortable Conversations, Vol. 1: We're All A Little Bit Racist

White privilege. Black tax. Systemic racism. These may be uncomfortable topics for conversation, but with a little trust, vulnerability, and humanity, we can and must talk about them. We're joined by Stephen Baldi, Dan Simons, and Vennard Wright to open that conversation, for the sake of healing, justice, and progress in our personal and professional lives.

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Pet Peeves, Vol. 5: Penalty Kicks & World Cup Stocks

Are airline credit card offers worthwhile? Do tech stocks really exist? Why do we love penalty kicks so much? Or are those just a bunch of stupid questions? All that, plus a halftime review for 5 Stocks Celebrating the 2018 World Cup.

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Great Quotes Vol. 12: Don't Hate Nobody!

It's America's birthday! It's The Motley Fool's birthday! Is it your birthday too? Either way, we've got presents, in the form of great quotes on business and life.

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June Mailbag: Do You Have a [blank] Friend?

Is investing like a fine wine, getting better with age? Or is it like a protopian science fiction story, reflecting our best vision for our future? Of course, we'll choose both, and much more, on this month's mailbag.

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The Market Cap Game Show: Episode 12 - Home Edition

We're back with another edition of the Market Cap Game Show! Remember, you can play from home...well, I guess we're all playing from home now, aren't we. Can you out-guess our rookie contestants, Tim Beyers and Daniel Kline?

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5 Stocks for America

Liberty. Enterprise. Justice. Resilience. Kindness. These are America's Core Values, according to David, and the theme of today's 5-stock sampler. Plus, we'll review two samplers from the last two years, with guests Karl Thiel and Rick Munarriz.

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Essays From Yesterday, Vol. 1

Back in the olden days of flip phones and paper newsletters, every issue of Stock Advisor and Rule Breakers started with a short essay conveying timeless investing lessons. Well, as long as they're timeless, why not revisit them? Today we look back to yesterday's Foolishness with today's fresh eyes.

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May Mailbag: How Rule Breakers Diversify

Should you let your winners win or keep your sectors diversified? How much should you spend on investment advice services? Is 50 too late to get your finances in order? All that, and how 'bout a stay-cation on Investor Island? It's mailbag time!

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What You Have Learned from David Gardner, Vol. 2

It's officially an annual event: we ask you what you've learned from this podcast, and we amplify! Side A is the greatest hits; Side B is the deep cuts--stories of what you've learned, and that we all can learn as we embrace the future as Foolish investors.

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Campfire Stories, Vol. 4: Thank You Notes

Time to tune up the ol' guitar and take out a harmonica for another round of campfire stories. Interviewing for Jobs, a drink with Wolfe, and breaking the cycle of being raised to be poor. And ooh, look! A shooting star!

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Old, New, Borrowed & Blue, Vol. 4

Today we're back to an old format, a new show, borrowed wisdom and some celebration blues. Drop a six-pence in your shoe and let's get Motley!

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April Mailbag: Up Late Playing Games

Are dividends worth more when the share price drops? Is it possible to get your friends and family interested in investing? And do we need a new stock-basket acronym now that FAANG has gone all BFAAAMN? The answer to at least one of those questions is yes. Find out which one on this month's mailbag!

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Reviewapalooza!: Farewell Giraffe

It's time once again to review our 5 stock samplers from 1, 2, and 3 years past. Has the current market volatility crushed returns? Fool analysts Karl Thiel, Maria Gallagher, and Tom King join us to take a look at the score, review the performance, and bid adieu to APRIL the Giraffe.

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Dividend Fools

Top dog and first mover? Check. Sustainable advantage? Check. Strong past price appreciation? Check. Increased dividend every year for at least 25 consecutive years? Ch... Wait, what?! Why are we talking about dividends on the RBI Podcast? Because you asked for it, Fools!

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5 Stocks for the Coronavirus

As lifelong investors, we save regularly and invest regularly. In any market. In good times and bad. So an event like the Coronavirus is not a buying opportunity, but rather a learning opportunity. How will we respond? How will we adapt? What are the businesses that will help us recover and improve our lives going forward? These represent our best vision for our future, and our portfolio should reflect that.

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Atomic Habits with James Clear

An atom is a tiny little thing. Throw a few together and you start to build big things. And within every atom lies enormous power. Same goes for atomic habits: small changes in behavior that work together to make big changes, holding the power to help you build your best self. Today we welcome James Clear, author of Atomic Habits: Tiny Changes, Remarkable Results, for an incredibly simple, practical, and powerful conversation that could change improve your life.

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March Mailbag: Falling Knives

Did you sell at the top? Will you buy at the bottom? Does it really matter if you're in it for the long term? Andy Cross and Aaron Bush join David to hear your stories, answer your questions, and check your temperament as we slog through a brutal month's mailbag, only to find...inspiration!

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The Market Cap Game Show: Episode 11 - The Bear Market

When the market falls, we are very aware of stock prices and our portfolio performances. But don't forget that market caps are also dropping! How big are our businesses? How do they compare to each other? Can Aaron Bush get his head around these new numbers or will Andy Cross steal his throne? We'll find out, only on the Market Cap Game Show.

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