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The Ben Shapiro Show

The Ben Shapiro Show

Tired of the lies? Tired of the spin? Are you ready to hear the hard-hitting truth in comprehensive, conservative, principled fashion? The Ben Shapiro Show brings you all the news you need to know in the most fast moving daily program in America. Ben brutally breaks down the culture and never gives an inch! Monday thru Friday.


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Ep. 741 - Eat The Press

Trump takes on the press, the 2020 Democrats compete for attention, and Leftists decide the problem is guns and white people in New Zealand. Date: 3/20/2019
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Ep. 740 - Why We?re All So Angry

Ben?s new book is released, Beto embraces third trimester abortion, and Vladimir Putin cracks down on the news. Date: 3/19/2019
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Ep. 739 - The Battle For Narrative Dominance

The media turn the New Zealand white supremacist terrorist attack into a referendum on Trump, Kirsten Gillibrand experiences failure to launch, and Trump goes wild on Twitter. Date: 3/18/2019
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Dr. Phil McGraw | The Ben Shapiro Show Sunday Special Ep. 42

Dr. Phil, author, podcaster, and host of the Emmy award winning "Dr. Phil" show, joins Ben to discuss victimhood, taking responsibility, how politics is affecting life, and much more! Date: 03-17-2019
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Ep. 738 - The Nature Of Evil

A horrifying terrorist attack on Muslims in Christchurch shakes the world, President Trump runs into Republican resistance over his national emergency, and we check the mailbag! Date: 3/15/2019
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Ep. 737 - Beto?s Excellent Adventure

Beto O?Rourke declares for the presidency, Elizabeth Warren tacks to the center, and President Trump runs up against his own party. Date: 3/14/2019
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Daily Wire Backstage: March Madness Edition

Does International Women's Day help or hurt women's causes? Are you deserving of a pinch from St. Patrick for not accepting the Green New Deal? Is a March Madness style tournament the best way to narrow down the ever-growing list of Democrat presidential candidates? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they discuss all of this insanity and more.
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Ep. 736 - The College Scam

A college scam ensnares two famous actresses, corruption at the Obama DOJ rears its ugly head, and populists Left and Right battle over the commanding heights of the economy. Date: 03-13-2019
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Ep. 735 - The Revolution Eats Its Parents

Nancy Pelosi battles her radical flank, President Trump comes under attack from his own base, and the battle for the tech world continues. Date: 3/12/2019
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Ep. 734 - The Wayback Machine

Tucker Carlson gets knocked by Media Matters, Democrats re-embrace socialism, and the 2020 Democratic candidates race to the far Left. Date: 3/11/2019
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Sunday Special Ep 41: Arthur Brooks

Arthur Brooks, president of the American Enterprise Institute and best selling author of "Love Your Enemies," joins Ben to discuss the dignity gap, how to handle criticism, the welfare state, and much more! Date: 03-09-2019
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Ep. 733 - The Anti-Semites Are Laughing

Ilhan Omar laughs it up as a fake anti-hate resolution passes the House, the media try to blame Republicans for anti-Semitism, and we check the mailbag. Date: 3/8/2019
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Ep. 732 - Jeremy Corbyn's Democratic Party

Democrats greenlight anti-Semitism, the Democratic Party bars Fox News from a primary debate, and the illegal immigration crisis is real. Date: 3/7/2019
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Ep. 731 - Evil Isn?t A Sickness

Michael Jackson?s legacy crumbles under charges of pedophilia, illegal immigration surges, and Democrats ignore anti-Semitism to cover for their Fresh Faces. Date: 3/6/2019
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Ep. 730 - Being Alive

Google uncovers some inconvenient data about the wage gap, British women panic about global warming, and the media continue to step on rakes. Date: 3/5/2019
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Ep. 729 - Everything Is Lit

Trump goes full Trump, Bernie goes full Bernie, and the Fresh Faces go fully fresh and fully face! Date: 3/4/2019
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Sunday Special Ep 40: Rep. Dan Crenshaw

Dan Crenshaw, former Navy Seal and current U.S. congressman, joins me to discuss his military service, his run for Congress, the guiding principles of conservatism, and much more! Date: 03-03-2019
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Ep. 728 - We Didn?t Start The Fire

Democrats move ever more radical as Joe Biden prepares to jump into the 2020 race, Ilhan Omar resets her anti-Semitism clock to zero, and we check the mailbag! Date: 03-01-2019
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Ep. 727 - Cohen Of Silence

Michael Cohen?s testimony gives everyone what they want, Rashida Tlaib goes off the rails, and Trump?s North Korean gambit comes apart. Date: 2/28/2019
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Ep. 726 - Cohen Of Shame

Michael Cohen heads to the hill to testify against President Trump, controversy continues over Trump?s national emergency declaration, and Hillary considers a 2020 run. Date: 2-27-2019
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Ep. 725 - Who Cares About The Future?

Democrats vote against protecting infants born in botched abortions, Bernie goes full Bernie, and journalists learn what actual anti-press activity looks like. Date: 2-26-2019
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The Wokest Awards Show in Hollywood

There's no business like woke business! Hollywood's most important night of the year is back again, so grab your popcorn and your tumbler because the Leftist tears are plentiful as always. Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they discuss the winners, losers, and overall leftist disaster that is the self-acclaimed wokest awards show in Hollywood.
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Ep. 724 - Tyranny With A Smile

AOC declares herself the boss, Dianne Feinstein destroys small children, and the Oscars won?t stop the politics. Date: 2-25-2019
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Sunday Special Ep 39: Larry Elder

Larry Elder, radio host, commentator, and author of "Dear Father, Dear Son" joins Ben to discuss race relations, politics, and the how Donald Trump has handled the presidency in his first two years. Date: 02-24-2019
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Ep. 723 - Empire Of Lies

Jussie Smollett heads back to Hollywood, the justice system utterly fails underage victims of a major political donor, and voter fraud is a reality. Date: 2-22-2019
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Ep. 722 - It?s A Smollett, Smollett World

Jussie Smollett is arrested, a Coast Guard lieutenant is arrested after pursuing a massive terror plot, and the world awaits the Mueller report. Date: 2-21-2019
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Ep. 721 - Trump Derangement Syndrome Is Terminal

Trump?s enemies drive themselves insane, Bernie takes the lead, and a Covington student strikes back against the media. Date: 2-20-2019
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Ep. 720 - Backing Away Slowly

Kamala Harris and Cory Booker get stuck in the Jussie Smollett trap, a CBS reporter blows the lid off of bias in the media, and Barack Obama makes a comeback. Date: 2?19-2019
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Ep. 719 - Why We Buy Hoaxes

The Jussie Smollett hoax reaches its natural endpoint, Trump?s wall is still divisive, and Democrats celebrate losing jobs in NYC. Date: 2?18-2019
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Sunday Special Ep 38: Daniel Krauthammer

Daniel Krauthammer, writer, consultant, and son of the late Charles Krauthammer, joins Ben to discuss politics, foreign policy, and his father's influential life. Date: 02-17-2019
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Ep. 718 - And Jussie For All

Jussie Smollett?s story begins to utterly collapse, Trump prepares to declare a national emergency, and the 2020 Democrats move even further left. Date: 2?15-2019
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Ep. 717 - Omar Oh My!

The media struggle to exonerate Ilhan Omar of anti-Semitism even as she fundraises off of it, we mark one year since Parkland, and we examine the notion of colorblindness. Date: 2?14-2019
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Ep. 716 - They Dreamed A Dream

California kills its high-speed train, the 2020 Democrats face campaign troubles, and Ilhan Omar escapes culpability. Date: 02-13-2019
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Ep. 715 - A Tale Of Two Rallies

Trump rallies in El Paso, Beto responds, and the government shutdown deal is on the table. Date: 02-12-2019
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Ep. 714 - It?s Not Easy Being Green

AOC lies about her own plan, Democrats compete for attention for 2020, and Virginia settles into place. Date: 02-11-2019
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Sunday Special Ep 37: Gary Sinise

Gary Sinise, award winning actor, philanthropist, and author of the new book "Grateful American," joins Ben to discuss his road to Hollywood success, how he's stayed grounded through it all, and his passion for supporting our troops, veterans, and their families. Date: 02-10-2019
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Ep. 713 - Bezos Like A Boss

Jeff Bezos exposes the National Enquirer as a blackmail racket, the Democratic Green New Deal gets off to a rough start, and we check the mailbag! Date: 02-08-2019
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Ep. 712 - We?re Not In Kansas Anymore, Virginia

Virginia implodes, Democratic presidential candidates drop like flies, and the specter of socialism looms. Date: 02-07-2019
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Ep. 711 - Trump?s Triumph

Trump gives a blockbuster State of the Union, Stacey Abrams responds, and Bernie bernies. Date: 02-06-2019
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Daily Wire Backstage SOTU Special

Will Trump deliver the speech? Will it be in the House Chamber or in a stadium with fireworks and AC/DC playing? Will the Dems implode upon hearing the word "Wall" or wait to meltdown via Twitter later? Join this roundtable discussion featuring Ben Shapiro, Andrew Klavan, Michael Knowles, and Daily Wire god-king Jeremy Boreing, as they discuss Trump's address, what it means moving forward, and how the Left thinks they will stop him.
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Ep. 710 - The State Of The Union Is Stupid

Trump prepares for the State of the Union, Virginia Democrats implode, and Nancy Pelosi makes up Bible verses. Date: 2?5-2019
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Ep. 709 - Of Racism And Forgiveness

Ralph Northam faces down his political mortality, Trump heads to CBS, and we recap the Super Bowl. Date: 2?4-2019
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Sunday Special Ep 36: Dave Ramsey

Dave Ramsey, finance guru and best selling author of "The Total Money Makeover," joins Ben to discuss his strategies on succeeding at life and business, the pros and cons of college, and the importance of personal responsibility. Date: 02-03-2019
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Ep. 708 - Eat The Rich!

A new Democratic Fresh Face? proposes an insane tax rate, Republicans POUNCE!, and we check the mailbag. Date: 2?1-2019
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Ep. 707 - Whoops, They Said It Out Loud

Democrats embrace infanticide, the attack on wealth-creation continues, and we examine the risks and rewards of American third parties. Date: 1?31-2019
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Ep. 706 - The Independent Threat

Democrats panic over independent candidates, Venezuela approaches chaos, and Virginia pushes hard-Left abortion policy. Date: 1?30-2019
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Ep. 705 - Easier For A Kamala To Pass Through The Eye Of A Needle

Kamala Harris does her big town hall, Howard Schultz preps his presidential run, and Democrats talk up Marxism. Date: 1?29-2019
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Ep. 704 - Everybody In The Pool!

Every Democrat declares for 2020, anti-Semites pay tribute to the Holocaust, and the fallout from the shutdown carries some surprises. Date: 1?28-2019
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Sunday Special Ep 35: Lewis Howes

Lewis Howes, a former pro-athlete, best selling author, and host of the wildly popular "The School of Greatness" podcast, joins Ben to discuss sports, politics, lifestyle advice, and the best way to handle criticism. Date: 01-27-2019
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Ep. 703 - National Emergency Day!

Will Trump declare a national emergency over the border? Will Elizabeth Warren get her wealth tax? Will the Super Bowl finally have male cheerleaders? The crucial questions of the day are asked and answered. Date: 1?25-2019
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