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Women Of The Hour

Women Of The Hour

Lena Dunham hosts this podcast miniseries about friendship, love, work, bodies and more.


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The C-Word: Sean Young

It's a special episode of The C-Word! With each episode, Lena Dunham and Alissa Bennett take you on an historical deep-dive into the life of a woman society dismissed by calling her mad, sad, or just plain bad. Join them for a rich, hilarious, and heartbreaking look into exactly what it means when we call a woman ?crazy?.

In this episode: Sean Young got her big break when she was cast in Blade Runner at 22-years old. But after rumblings that she was ?difficult to work with,? and troubling romantic rumors, her reputation plummeted. Lena and Alissa trace Sean?s career through her plea to play Catwoman to some ill-fated talk show appearances to Hollywood outcast.

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The C-Word: Miranda Grosvenor feat. Sia

Lena is back with Alissa Bennet to share another episode of their new podcast, The C-Word! It?s a chat show about women history loves to call ?crazy.? 

In this episode: Lena and Alissa dive into the story of legendary love-scammer Miranda Grosvenor, a woman who anonymously enchanted Hollywood?s most famous men over the phone. Some of her confirmed callers include Warren Beatty, Robert DeNiro, and Billy Joel. Lena and Alissa discuss the isolation of fame, the long-lost magic of landlines, and then talk to Sia about the intentions behind hiding one?s face.

Other episodes of The C-Word are available only on Luminary, a new podcast app. Visit for the rest of season one.

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The C-Word: Casey Johnson

Lena is back with Alissa Bennet to share the first episode of their new podcast, The C-Word! It?s a chat show about women history loves to call ?crazy.? 

In this episode: Heiress to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, Casey was a 2000s tabloid staple known for her wild partying, badly-behaved pets, and tumultuous relationships, before her untimely death at age 30. Lena & Alissa discuss wealth, fame, and growing up in the public eye.

The C-Word is available only on Luminary, a new podcast app.

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Bonus: Never Before with Janet Mock and Lena Dunham

Janet Mock talks to Lena about her history of activism, dealing with public scandals, and their unlikely friendship. To hear Janet's conversations with Tina Knowles-Lawson, Maxine Waters, Rowan Blanchard, and more, subscribe to Never Before.

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Announcing a New Podcast: Never Before with Janet Mock

Lena is here to tell you about a brand new Lenny Podcast, Never Before with Janet Mock.
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Aging: Season 2, Episode 10

On the season finale of Women of the Hour, we talk age and aging with Cara Delavigne, Gabourey Sidibe, Holland Taylor, Tavi Gevinson, Jamie Lee Curtis, Khloe Kardashian, and many more amazing women.
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Sickness & Health Bonus Episode: Ronnie Konner

Lena talks to writer Ronnie Konner about life after a stroke that left her paralyzed in her early forties.
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Sickness & Health: Season 2, Episode 9

In this episode, we explore illness and healing. Lena discusses her ongoing battle with endometriosis, plus we hear tales of sickness and health from Aidy Bryant, Joss Whedon, Tracy Clayton, Michelle Zauner and more.
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Goodbyes: Season 2, Episode 8

On their last day ever filming, Lena talks to her Girls co-star Allison Williams.
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Noise Bonus Episode: Camila Cabello and the Dark Side of Fandom

Lena talks to Camila Cabello, who recently left Fifth Harmony to pursue a solo career.
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Noise: Season 2, Episode 7

This noise episode features a whole bunch of amazing lady musicians. Lena talks to Charli XCX, Tinashe, Camila Cabello, Lizzo, and many more.
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Cats: Season 2, Episode 6

That's right, an entire episode about cats. Celebrity cat monologues read by Zosia Mamet, Megan Mullally, Michael Che and Christoper Abbott; Lena talks to her boyfriend Jack Antonoff about why he hates cats; and more!
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Choice: Season 2, Episode 5

In this episode, stories of reproductive choice. We hear from a woman with no children, a mother of ten children, and everything in between!
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Trauma & Triumph: Season 2, Episode 4

This week, Lena sits down with Geneva Reed-Veal to discuss the legacy of her daughter, Sandra Bland, who died in police custody in 2015. They talk about action, activism, and forgiveness in the wake of an unimaginable tragedy.
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Solitude Bonus Episode: Sylvia Rivera

In this bonus episode, Lena brings us 1989 audio of trans revolutionary Sylvia Rivera. Sylvia discusses her participation in the Stonewall Riots, which are credited with launching the LGBT civil rights movement.
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Solitude: Season 2, Episode 3

This week Lena talks about solitude, loneliness and isolation. Fun! We talk to an astronaut, a historical reenactor, a widow who is visited by her husband's ghost, and more.
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Faith & Spirituality Bonus Episode: Lena and Carroll Dunham

In this week's bonus episode, Lena and her dad discuss hallucinogenics, art, philosophy and spirituality.
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Faith & Spirituality: Season 2, Episode 2

In this episode, Lena talks faith and spirituality. We hear about the complicated sex life of a Mormon lady, get dating tips from a Muslim woman, talk to a psychic, and more.
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Trapped Bonus Episode: I Love You

In this bonus episode, men in San Quentin State Prison talk about learning to say "I love you."
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Trapped: Season 2, Episode 1

Lena is back with Season Two! This week we're talking about captivity, feeling trapped, and breaking free. We'll talk to a woman who found love while incarcerated, a reporter who lived through a kidnapping in North Korea, a writer who can't stop getting trapped in elevators, and many more!
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Season 2: Preview

Women of the Hour is back with ten brand new episodes! Here's a little preview of what's to come.
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Nasty Women of the Hour: The Election Special

On this special election episode, Lena and Sarah Sophie Flicker gather a super-panel of women to discuss this year's election, including Sarah Jones, Michaela Angela Davis, Linda Sarsour, Rebecca Traister, and Collier Meyerson. Plus, we?ve got a Supreme Court radio drama, Lena talks to Janet Mock and Geneva Reed-Veal, and much more!
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Special Episode: the Clinique Difference Initiative

In this special episode sponsored by the Clinique Difference Initiative, Lena talks to three actors from around the world. Listen to Gina Rodriguez, Erendira Ibarra and Jessica Nkosi talk about how they?re making a difference.
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Episode 5: The Big Picture

In the final episode of this podcast series, Lena talks life, death and spirituality with an amazing group of women.
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Episode 4: Work

Lena talks about work with Zadie Smith, Mara Brock Akil, Jenni Konner and many more.
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Thanksgiving Short

Lena and Ashley Ford talk about spending holidays with each other.
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Love & Sex Bonus Episode: First Love Lost

Writer Anne Helen Petersen talks about losing her first love, Captain Luke Wullenwaber.
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Episode 3: Love & Sex

Lena discusses all things love, sex, romance and lust with Miranda July, Sam Taylor Johnson, Hari Nef and many more amazing women.
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Body Bonus Episode: Lena & Lola Pellegrino

Lena talks to gynecological nurse practitioner Lola Pellegrino about vaginas, hormones and trans health.
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Episode 2: Body

Lena talks about our relationships to our bodies. Guests include Janet Mock, Aidy Bryant, Emily Ratajkowski and more.
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Friendship Bonus Episode: Lena & Jemima

Lena Dunham and Jemima Kirke discuss their twenty year friendship.
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Episode 1: Friendship

In her debut episode, Lena explores the grand and complicated world of friendship. Guests include Emma Stone, Ashley Ford, Todd Oldham, Amy Sedaris, and many more.
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Mini-Episode: Lena Dunham & Emma Stone

Lena and Emma discuss the names they prefer to be called by coworkers.
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A Preview

Women of the Hour is a podcast miniseries hosted by Lena Dunham. Featuring Janet Mock, Emma Stone, June Squibb, Mara Brock Akil, Amy Sedaris, Zadie Smith, and many more. Full episodes start November 5th.
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