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Forge the Narrative - Warhammer 40k Podcast

Forge the Narrative - Warhammer 40k Podcast

Warhammer 40k based talk show but we get down and dirty with all kinds of geek stuff.


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FTN Episode 291 ? Here Come The Chaos Knights ? Review

Paul and Skari from the Skaredcast team up again to talk about the Chaos Knight codex.  Despite their creepy and bulky visage these things can be fast!   Expect quality shooting from giant robots that zip all around the battlefield. Hey all Paul and Skari make our way through the Chaos Knight Codex.  It’s a thin...
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FTN Episode 290 ? Can You Handle The Hot New Custodes Tech?

Paul and Adam Camilleri put in a tow hander this show.  We discuss Custodes tech, Daemons, and traveling with an army.  New and old players of these armies may end up learning something…  If not, maybe you can get some insight on what you may see out there in the field. Hey guys Adam Camilleri...
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FTN Episode 289 ? Get Ready For The Tau and Chaos Meta

Back from the Ironman and getting set for the ATC – Paul gives a brief rundown on the games he played last weekend.  In the middle of the show we’re joined by Adam Camilleri from the Down Under Network then we close out talking about the top 5 Stratagems in the game and meta shifts....
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FTN Episode 288 ? The Last Episode About Guard Lists

Its time for the rubber to hit the road and the Astra Militarum list Paul has been talking about will get its first test out in the wild.  We’re getting ready for the ATC, and a few tournaments in the Armageddon Series.  I hope you see you out there.  In this show we also review...
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FTN Episode 287 ? Evolve or Die! All the Top Players are Doing It

The title is a little tongue in cheek but the sentiment is real.  Last year and early this year we saw some lists emerge as the clear tournament juggernauts.   Now the field is wide open and we’ve seen a good amount of variance on the table.  We’re no where close to stagnation but the tides...
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FTN Episode 286 ? Why Am I Not Winning at Warhammer 40k?

Val and Paul jam this episode – we examine when too much of a good thing is bad and a couple of objective ways to evaluate your performance on the tabletop.  We talk about different ways to evaluate a unit’s effectiveness to YOU. Hey all Last week I didn’t put the Alliance Open in the...
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FTN Episode 285 ? Is Netlisting in Warhammer 40k OK?

Army building is a personal journey sometimes.  Sometimes you can save a lot of time borrowing list ideas from other people.  We often think of netlisting as just taking point for point in a tournament winner’s list but it’s also just fine to get ideas from other people. Hey hey, So sorry that we missed...
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FTN Episode 284 -Playtest Playtest Playtest ? Nothing Beats It

Paul talks about a couple of his playtest games this past week.  We talk about it a lot but nothing replaces playtesting.  It can, in the long run, save you tons of time and money.  Skari joins us to talk about it and media influencing.   In the middle of the show we’re joined by one...
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FTN Episode 283 ? The Lion the Witch and the Ynarri Changes

We kick the show off talking about the Ynnari changes in this month’s White Dwarf.  This another great issue with tons of painting and hobby articles.  It also has a full index re-write for Ynarri.  This changes are significant.  It radically changes how this faction will be played.  Later in the show we talk about...
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FTN Episode 282 ? Chat with Superstar Jim Vesal and FAQ Talk

Paul talks with Jim Vesal about his success and approach to the game.  We kick the show off with a brief FAQ discussion and then get into a great segment with Jim. Hey hey, Getting back to normal this week we start the show with Paul and Val briefly talking about the FAQ release.  Just...
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FTN Episode 281 ? 3 Fanbois Butcher the Lore and Other Weirdness

I’m not even sure where to start with this one..   We lore wishlist for 30 or so minutes.  I apologize to the tournament players who download this. We’ll be back to normal next week.  We kick of the show talking about the Horus Heresy and move on to Abaddon defeating student loans. Then we chat...
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FTN Episode 280 ? Can You Win With The Worst?

We’re talking about Grey Knights this week. Recently they climbed a slot to be the second worst performing faction in the game right now, just above Blood Angels.  Is it possible to win with these guys?  Is it you or the Army List? Hey hey, Ricky is back this week to join Chris and I...
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FTN Episode 279 ? Are There Sacred Cows in 40k List Design?

After a little preamble we talk about list design.  We talk about how to detach yourself from the things you want to have in the list and boil it down to the things you need.  We also talk about some upcoming events and tournaments. Hey guys, Thank you all for listening and the support.  We...
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FTN Episode 278 ? Controlling Variance and Adpeticon 2019 Recap

We start the show with an Adpeticon 2019 recap then later in the show we chat about how to control the variance in your army list.  We do this with an eye specifically on the ITC Best In Faction award changes.  We have two special segments in this episode too.  It’s not quite a double...
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FTN Episode 277 ? New 40k Chaos Unit Review ? Vigilus is Ablaze!

New Chaos Rules will be in your hands soon.  The second installment in the Vigilus Campaign goes up for pre-order today.  We run down some of thew new units and combos.  The second part of the show we talk about improving your tournament results. Hey all, Captain Morgan, Val Heffelfinger and Mike Brandt join me...
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FTN Episode 276 ? Fear is the Mind Killer with David Annandale ? Author Interview

This week we’re joined by the amazing David Annandale to kick off the Warhammer Horror series we’ll soon be finding on the bookshelves.  In between learning about these awesome books we do a rundown of a few units in the ShadowSpear box set. Hey guys, In Part One we give a few announcements about the...
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FTN Episode 275 ? HUGE ITC Changes Coming ? Points and Missions

Reece Robins from Frontline Gaming and the ITC joins us this week to talk about several massive changes happening for the 2019 ITC season.    This is a great jumping on point if you are not a current ITC participant.  Already playing for points?  Then you want to hear about these changes. Hey guys, The first...
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FTN Episode 274 ? Welcome to Shilltown ? Upcoming Events You Can?t Miss

In this episode we mostly talk about a few upcoming events you don’t want to miss – Including a couple of high demand pere-registration dates. Of course we have the normal dose of tactics and hobby talk.  Chris, Mike and Paul jibber jabber.. Hey all, We run down a few events happening soon in this...
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FTN Bonus Episode 27 ? Inside the Mind of the LVO Champ ? Brandon Grant

Brandon was gracious enough to sit down with me to talk about his amazing win.  We talk in detail about a few of the games and I try to pick is his brain on ‘how’ he came out on top. Hey all, Brandon is undoubtedly a great player and I’m happy to get the opportunity...
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FTN Episode 273 ? Back to Reality ? Imperial Soup is Good

The guys are back from the LVO mostly in one piece.  The Imperials take the crown.  Paul was wrong about Orks and the ‘safe’ Yannari bet didn’t work out either.  We live in exciting times. Hey hey, The LVO was an absolute blast.  Frontline and the other organizers did a freaking amazing job.  The event...
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FTN Episode 272 ? Las Vegas Open ? By The Numbers, What Are The Odds?

In this episode we look at the cold hard facts about what you will see at the Las Vegas Open.  We were fortunate enough to get a peek at the factions, how often they will appear in list and some of the impressive numbers of certain model/unit choices.  We crunch them and comment.  We pick...
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FTN Episode 271 ? Are Funko Pops and Warhammer Adventures Good for 40k?

We spend the first part of the show talking about how we don’t mind – and also like, the idea of Warhammer not always having to be so serious and Grimdark.  Its not for everyone, but it doesn’t have to be. We close out the show talking about how to get back in a game...
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FTN Episode 270 ? What Will Win The LVO? Bet It All On Green

Val and Paul kick off the show before we jump into a great segment with Scott the Miniature Maniac. Scott is a crazy talented YouTube content creator putting out great tutorials.  Later in the show we break down why the Orks will win the Las Vegas Open. Hey hey, We have an almost double sized...
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FTN Episode 269 ? Is Matched Play The Ultimate Way To Play 40k?

We start the show with the premise that the Matched Play Format is the natural conclusion to any 40k player’s journey.  It is a way for players to instantly communicate their expectations for a pickup games and not just for tournaments.  What do you think? Hey all, We kick off the show with a new...
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FTN Episode 268 ? We All Make Deployment Mistakes

As good as I claim to be I still make deployment mistakes that end up costing me the game. It’s easy for us to misjudge exactly what our opponent can do and end up in a tight spot just ‘going through the motions’ until time is called.  We shed some light on that stuff this...
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