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The Jazz Treasury Podcast

The Jazz Treasury Podcast

The Jazz Treasury Podcast is devoted to exhibiting the best of jazz history in the format of an auditory tour of America?s richest indigenous music. Bi-weekly a different aspect of jazz will be presented. It may be a portrait of a musician such as Duke Ellington or John Coltrane. It could be a specific instrument like the bass or trumpet. We may visit a jazz city like Chicago or New Orleans. Other exhibits will focus on genera such as bebop or swing. Your curator and tour guide, Rich Sylvester, has over 40 years of jazz background to share. So, whether you?ve just begun to explore the art of jazz or consider yourself a connoisseur, tune into The Jazz Treasury. The Jazz Treasury podcast is always open!


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Stompin' at the Savoy

Learn a little about Harlem's Savoy Ballroom and DANCE!

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Rex Stewart-#jazz

Learn a little about the late great coronet player, Rex Stewart and listen to some of his music.

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Western Swing

Check out the swinging sounds of Texas and Oklahoma!

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All The Duke's Men

Meet some of the great musicians who Duke Ellington introduced to the world of Jazz.

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Roy Eldridge

Learn a little about the man and the music of Roy Eldridge.

Bonus track from Theo Croker!

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Dizzy Gillespie Replay

A New Year's Bonus, two episodes of fine jazz to enjoy this month.

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Charlie Christian Replay

Happy New Year 2019!  Here's a relay of our Charlie Christian episode for your listening pleasure.

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Jazz Clarinet and Christmas

This Episode features the early recordings of jazz greats such as Jimmie Noone, Benny Goodman, Pee Wee Russell, Johnny Dodds and more!

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Lester Young- Revisited

The great Lester Young is featured in this rebroadcast with a little treat at the end.

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The Jazz Piano

Learn a little bit about the early history of the Jazz Piano, from Scott Joplin, Thelonious Monk and more!

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Benny Carter

Learn about the great jazz musician Benny Carter and hear a bit of his music.

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Slim Gailllard

Listen to his music and learn about slim's fascinating life.

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Clarence Williams

Learn a little bit about the man and the music of Clarence Williams

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Jump Jazz

Check out the honking sound of Jump Jazz from California with Illinois Jacquet, Dinah Washington, Jimmy Witherspoon and MORE!

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Jazz City- Paris

Check out the birth of jazz in Paris with Django Reinhardt, Coleman Hawkins and MORE!

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Big Band Voices

Hear the early music of Frank Sinatra, Bing Crosby, Ella Fitzgerald and MORE. Learn a little about the evolution of Jazz Singing.

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Joe Venuti & Eddie Lang

Tune into the swing machine of Joe Venuti's violin and Eddie Lang's guitar for a taste of solid swing.

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The Evolution of the Jazz Guitar- Part I

Hear Django, Charlie Christian, Les Paul and MORE!

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Evoluition of the Jazz Guitar Part II

Featuring Charlie Christian, Eddie Lange and More

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Early Be-Bop

Listen to some of the forefathers of Be-Bop Jazz break the chains of swing and make people listen.

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Jazz In Britain

Listen to the early pioneers of Jazz in Britain and a track from the New Jazz Explosion in Britain.

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Monk & Powell

Learn about the music and lives of Thelonious Monk and Bud Powell

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Muggsy Spanier

Learn about the music and life of the great cornetist Muggsy Spanier.

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52nd Street Revisited

Enjoy the sounds of Coleman Hawkins, Lester Young and other jhazz Greats as they invade 52nd St. NYC!

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West Coast Jazz

Explore the music of Stan Kenton, Lionel Hampton (with Charles Mingus at 25) and Woody Herman.

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New Orleans Revival

Learn about the revival of New Orleans traditional jazz in the 1940's.


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Mildered Bailey

Singing songs that touch the heart, Mildred Bailey never achieved the fame she deserved.

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Earl Hines

Learn a little about the man and the music of Earl 'Fatha' Hines.

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Duke Ellington Part 2 Encore

Learn about the music and the man in his later years.

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Bix Beiderbecke

Bouncing with Bix

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Encore: Duke Ellington-Jazz Royalty

Learn about Duke Ellington's life and music.  Part I of II

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Jimmie Lunceford

The life and music of the great Jimmie Lunceford

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The Duke's Men

Learn a little about four jazz greats, Johnny Hodges, Cootie Williams, Rex Stuart and Barney Bigard, all important members of Duke Ellington's Orchestra and great band leaders of their own right.

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Red Alan

Listen to the music of Red Allan and learn a little about his life.

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Jazz City- Chicago

Learn about the early history of Jazz is the great city of Chicago.

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Count Basie Revisited

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Yanks in Britain

Learn a little bit about the history of American Jazz greats playing in Great Britain

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The Dorsey Brothers

Learn a little bit about the life and music of the infamous Dorsey Brothers.

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Bessie Smith

Learn about the life and music of the legendary Bessie Smith.

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Swing Celebration

Get your foot tappin with some great swing for the holidays

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Bob Crosby

Meet Bing's little brother Bob.  He could swing the ragtime band!

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52nd Street

Take a little journey down 52nd Street in New York City during the late 30's and early 40's.

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Jazz City-Kansas City

Learn a little about how the jazz born in Kansas City influenced the evolution of jazz.

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Art Tatum

Learn a bit about the life and hear the early music of the great Art Tatum.

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Jazz City-New York City

Delve back into the early days of jazz in the Big Apple.

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Fats Waller

Learn about the man and the music of the great Fats Waller.

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Johnny Dodds

Listen to one of the best Jazz clarinetists of the 1920s and learn about a little about his life.

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Charlie Christian-

Learn all about one of the first jazz electric guitar players.

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Dizzy Gillespie Take II

Swing into the Bebop Era with Dizzy!

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Jack Teagarden

Learn a little about the great Texas trombonist and vocalist, Jack Teagarden.  Listen to a few of his best tracks.

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