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Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Love Life with Matthew Hussey

Get coached by the World?s #1 Dating Expert for Women! Matthew Hussey is a NY Times best-selling author, Cosmo columnist, and The Today Show?s Resident Love Expert. In each bite-size episode of LOVE Life, you'll get practical tips you can use right away to improve all of your relationships ? romantic, family, friends, career and, most importantly, the relationship you have with yourself.


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Just Broke Up? This Conversation Will Give You the Closure You Need (feat. Girls Gotta Eat)

?Is there anything I can do to rekindle the relationship with my ex??

It?s one of the biggest questions we have after a breakup. And if you?re finding yourself losing sleep at night, replaying conversations and events, wondering if there was anything you could have said or done to keep the relationship? then this episode is for you.

It?s an example of a conversation you can have that will empower you to either rekindle your relationship with your ex? or get the closure you want so you can move on.

P.S. I had the best time with Ashley ( and Rayna on the Girls Gotta Eat Podcast! Tap here to subscribe on iTunes! Follow the @GirlsGottaEatPodcast, Ashley @AshHess, and Rayna @Rayna.Greenberg.

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Powerful Lessons In A Crisis (With Ed Mylett)

What can we do when crisis hits? How should we change our goals, our routines, our emotional response when our lives get shaken by unpredictable problems?

As we face the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, Matt had a powerful conversation with renowned entrepreneur, speaker and author Ed Mylett (@EdMylett) to talk about what this means for us and how we can be a for for good in this crisis.

In this episode we cover:

What health routines Ed is using to keep fit while remaining indoors Better questions you can ask yourself to reframe moments of crisis How to do good when others are panicking (even if it's just for one person) What lessons we can learn from losing our usual comforts How to use this moment to set yourself up for a better future

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How To Love After Being Hurt

Ever been hurt or betrayed?   Maybe someone broke your trust, cheated, or took your love for granted...   If so, I?m really sorry. The pain that can come from heartbreak is unlike anything else. It?s sickening. But, there is something even more heartbreaking than heartbreak itself: Allowing the ghosts of the past to trick you into giving up on your next great love story.   If you?re finding it hard to open yourself up to love again? If you are spending your life avoiding rejection right now instead of going after what you really want?   If being vulnerable and letting your guard down scares you to death?   This new video is for you. It?s natural to want to protect your heart?   But if constantly playing defense is preventing you from meeting the REAL love of your life, you?ll never get to see just how much happiness your future still has in store for you. Come on. We?ve got this, you and I.   Let?s be courageous together. No more holding yourself back.   Let?s live!   If you KNOW it's time to finally transform your confidence and get the love you deserve, go to
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Men And Sex: What You Should Know

Pull up a seat. It?s time we had an honest talk about men. When looking for love, I believe there?s no better way to start than by deeply understanding what drives the opposite sex.

It teaches you not only the psychology of attraction, but also, how to avoid the wrong people who are driven by their worst instincts and toxic behavior.

So in this episode, I sat down for a juicy conversation with my good friend Lewis Howes @lewishowes, host of the School Of Greatness podcast, to discuss the truth about masculinity, why certain men become ?eternal bachelors?, and what this means for you as a woman in the dating scene. If you want to know how to spot which guys to date when it comes to finding commitment, you need to hear this?

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The Dumbest Mistake People Make In Dating

Last episode we talked about how to respond to a flakey guy using ?Bliss Point? text messages - which combines being salty and sweet to make someone WANT to pursue you and live up to your standards. 

Except? Some of the more angry responses said things like: ?Matt, why would I even think about being sweet to a guy who flakes on a date?? He should be chasing me already, and if not, I have a right to be angry when I text back??

To tell you the truth, I?m really glad these comments came up (and I kind of expected it). In this week?s podcast, we explain why this response relates to a huge mistake 99% of people make in dating. Make sure you don?t fall into this common trap...

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3 Texts That Make Him Chase You

Most women are used to being told things like: ?You need to make him work for it?, ?You need to have standards?, ?You need to respect yourself? But how do you actually do it?

For example, if he sends you a flakey text on the night of a date, how should you respond to get him chasing again (whilst showing you have self-respect)? In this episode, we're going to give you 3 killer texts that show your standards, put you back in control, and double his attraction for you.

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4 Questions That Tell You Whether It's Time To Leave Your "Situationship"

What is the limbo between being in a relationship and also not being in one? Recently it has been called a ?situationship?: the moment when you?re in something more than a friendship but less than a relationship.

There are obvious reasons one would choose this not-quite-a-relationship state of affairs for themselves. It?s flexible. It doesn?t ask you to give up huge chunks of your time. It lets both of you decide to get together only when you need temporary intimacy, or casual sex, or just a person to hang out with at the weekend.

All well and good?in theory.

The hard part is keeping things that way...

Here are the 4 questions that tell you when it's time to leave your situationship and find the right person for you! 

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Why Men Don't Open Up (And What To Do)

Let's talk about masculinity.

In 2020, there is still such a gap of understanding between men and women that deeply affects our romantic relationships and prevents us expressing our love fully and honestly.

In this episode Matt explains:

- How men struggle with vulnerability vs. expectations of "being a man"

- Why men are afraid to be honest about their fears and inner feelings

- What men AND women can do to make men feel safer expressing their honest emotions


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Why Do Happy People Cheat?

There's no easy way to talk about infidelity. It's a painful, difficult topic that evokes a strong emotional reaction. But it's also one that so many people face that I wanted to bring you one of the wisest voices out there on this topic: relationship expert, psychotherapist, and bestselling author Esther Perel! (@estherperelofficial)   Listen as we talk about why even happy people can be driven to cheat, what to do about it, and whether there is ever a path to recovering a relationship after infidelity.      Email your thoughts at [email protected]
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Don't Let Your Vision Of A Healthy Relationship Be Compromised

When you fall in love, it's way too easy to start trying to fit someone into your world, even if their behaviour compromises your deepest values. You start to go off track, for weeks, months, years, until you're left asking, "How did I get here?"    If you've ignored the red flags for too long. Stop. Pause. Make a decision that NOW is the time to get back on track and listen to this message...
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The Big Question: How Are You At Your Worst??

You might be the kind of person who is funny, joyful, and amazing to be around when you?re in a great mood.

But what about when things get tough? Or stressful? Or when there?s conflict and problems?

It?s time to ask the really important question that defines so many relationships: ?how are you at your worst???

Listen to the episode to find out why this is one of the most defining parts of yourself you can ever work on to improve your love life...

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Why The WRONG Guys Always Approach You

*NEW SERIES* Could it be true? After 3+ years off the air?is our podcast ?Love Life With Matthew Hussey? really back??


And what?s really exciting is that this time around I am joined by my brother, and co-writer of the New York Times bestselling Get The Guy book, Stephen Hussey! (@stephenhhussey)

In fact, he?s going to be introducing each episode as we go on this new podcast adventure together.

Exciting times!

So whatever you?re doing right now, you don?t even need to stop it. Just fire up episode 1 in your car, or while you?re doing chores
around the house, and let us know what you think!

Today we talk about: Why The Wrong Guys ALWAYS Approach You.

If you?ve wondered how to get the attention of the guy you really want instead of the ones you don?t, this episode for you!

Send us your thoughts and feedback via email to [email protected]


Matthew x

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Awkward! How to Deal When You See Your Ex


After you break up with your ex (unless you flee to another state or get an entirely new group of friends) chances are good you?ll run into him again. So let?s get you prepared for this inevitability. I?ll be honest ? there?s no way it won?t be awkward, but if you get yourself in the right state of mind, it will be a lot less awkward. I?ll even give you a line to say to your ex that will immediately break the tension and make you both laugh. Think of this episode like a mini-survival guide; Use my advice and you may even leave the interaction feeling better about your breakup, and yourself, than before.

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Men Live for the ?Maybe?

Ok? let?s answer this age-old question once and for all: Do men prefer women who are ?hard to get,? or do they just want a woman who will take control and be the aggressor? The answer is ? drumroll please ? NEITHER! In this episode, I explain what ?Men live for the ?Maybe?? means, and tell you how you can attract the guy you?re interested in and challenge him to pursue you. In other words, you get to do the choosing, while he does the chasing. Hey, looks like the answer to that age-old question isn?t ?neither,? but ?BOTH,? after all. ;)

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?He Won?t Commit ? But He Won?t Let Me Go?

You love him. You want to be with only him. But he wants to keep his options open. He knows how much it hurts you that he can?t give you the commitment you want, so why does he stay in touch and keep stringing you along? The reason is simple. What you need to do about it, well, that?s the hard part. In today?s LOVE Life, I take a call from a young woman named Julia who?s in this painful situation. I explain what?s going on in his head and tell her how to respond. If you, too, have ever found yourself holding onto hope that a man will give you more because he?s not kind enough to let you go, don?t miss this episode.

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If You Would Never Marry Him, Should You Date Him?

Today?s caller has a really interesting question: She knows for certain that she wants to marry a man who?s Jewish, but she just ?accidentally? had a great date with a man who isn?t. What should she do? We all have our dating deal breakers, religion-based or not, so this is an issue most everyone can relate to. I break down this tricky situation and, together, we?ll weigh the pros and cons of enjoying the now vs. cutting things off quickly before anyone gets hurt. 

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Define Who You Are

You may be surprised by my message today. After all, I?m the first person to encourage you to be ambitious.  But I want to warn you of the danger of trying to be good at too many things or, at least, the tendency to label yourself as an expert in too many areas. I give you a real example from my own life, and share a brilliant quote from the infamous Jameson (who you may know from my YouTube videos) that will inspire you to stay focused on your passion.

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How to Protect Your Heart from a Rebound Relationship

Is it wise to date a guy who just got out of a relationship? How can you know if he?s actually ready to get serious with you now or if he?s still too hurt from the past? Actually, I can?t answer that for you? but HE can. Grab a pen, because in today?s episode, I?m going to give you 3 questions you can ask Mr. Recently Single to uncover his true feelings about his breakup and reveal what?s in store for you if you get involved with him now. I also give you an important warning and my #1 tip for protecting your heart while his heals.

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If You Want THIS, it?s Never Too Late?


We all have insecurities about qualities we don?t have. Sometimes, gaining confidence is simply a matter of appreciating the other amazing qualities we do have. But today I want to share an even BIGGER secret to overcoming feelings of inadequacy about the things you want most, but lack. It begins with a simple mindset, and only takes one belief to become a reality. Before you tell yourself you can?t do something or put a negative label on yourself, please listen to this episode. It?s never too late?

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The Rejection-Proof Way to Ask a Friend Out

Our caller, Karen, has a crush on her friend. She thinks there?s a chance he likes her too, but he?s very shy. Is there a way she can test the waters without risking too much, she wonders? Absolutely! In today?s LOVE Life, I?m going to give her ? and you ? my #1 strategy to take a friend from a familiar context to a flirty one (aka an actual date) without ever risking rejection. Before you know it, you?ll be on the road to romance, with the Friend Zone in your rear view mirror.

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The Ultimate Secret to Overcome Weakness

Recently, I picked up an iconic book for the first time that you likely read in your youth. (You?ll have to listen to this episode to find out what it is.) In this book, and the actions of its famous main character, I uncovered one of the most important life lessons that I also teach in my live seminars. I want to share it with you today because it?s a quick illustration of exactly what to do when you?re feeling low, abandoned or depressed? and gives you the secret recipe for overcoming weakness any time you feel it taking over. So grab a glass of wine and join our own (5-minute) mini book club for two!

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This Makes You INSTANTLY More Approachable

See that handsome guy over there across the bar? He actually wants to approach you. But he?s way too terrified of being rejected to take a shot in the dark. He needs the right signals from you to make his move. In today?s episode of LOVE Life, I?m sharing 3 tips you can use tonight that make you instantly more approachable, along with a fascinating little fact about men that will literally change the way you look at them forever. Intrigued? Have a listen? But be warned, you may have to start turning the men away!

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3 Compliments Every Man is Dying to Hear

I?m going to let you in on a secret: Men desperately want to feel like real men. Even though we proudly use ?product? in our hair and aren?t ashamed to cry at Pixar films, there?s still a part of us that loves it when our masculinity is validated by the women in our lives. So today I?m handing you 3 shockingly simple compliments you can give to your guy that will make him feel amazing around you. Say them cheekily, say them sweetly, it doesn?t matter ? as long as you say them ? and watch as he swells with pride and affection for you. (Yes, we really are that simple sometimes.)

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He?s Got a Close Female Friend? 2 Things that Will Help You Deal

It?s only natural to feel a little jealous of the ?other woman? in your man?s life. But if your relationship is worth it, you can deal with a close female friend. However, the key is NOT his expecting you to just ?get over it? ? he?s got to meet you half way and be part of the solution. In today?s episode, I explain how you can adjust your attitude toward the situation, plus reveal the two, non-negotiable things you need from your partner to protect your ego ? and your relationship.

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This Kind of Intimacy is Wasting Your Time


We all understand by now what ?Late-Night Booty Call Guy? wants from you. But today we?re looking at a species with a different, much more confusing motive: ?Man Who Just Wants to Cuddle.? What is really going on here? Does he want a girlfriend, or just a warm body to keep him company? I take a call from a brave woman named Nicky who admits she?s in this baffling situation with a man she really likes, and I give her advice on how to confront him and find out what he?s really after. Because if he literally wants to ?Netflix and Chill,? that?s wasting her time when she could be out there finding someone who wants to cuddle? but only after the kind of intimacy that happens in a real relationship.

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Just One of These Will Change Your Whole Love Life

In today?s episode I take a question from a listener named Ashley, who believes that she?s doing all the right things to meet men, but can?t seem to understand why guys aren?t approaching her or asking her out. The bad news? She actually does need to make more of an effort than she realizes. The amazing news? She is actually only one millimeter off from meeting more men than she could possibly know what to do with! It only takes a tiny adjustment in what she?s (and probably you?re) doing right now. I explain exactly how to make this shift and even give you the cutest phrase you can use on a guy you like ? stolen right from my own real-life story!

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Use This Management Technique? on Your Man

As a business owner who oversees a large team, I?m always striving to improve my skills as a manager. But, let?s face it: even when I?m in ?boss mode,? I never really take my ?relationship coach? hat off. So, the other day, when I was utilizing a management technique designed to give constructive criticism to staff while still inspiring them to do their best, it occurred to me ? this technique would work wonders with a romantic partner, too! In today?s episode of LOVE Life, I?m going to share this simple, two-step technique that will help you communicate better with your man when you want to let him know you?re unhappy with his behavior? and get better results, every time.

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My #1 Tip to Take Control of a Tense Situation

I?m never too proud to use a personal anecdote to illustrate my point, even when the experience was a near-disaster. So, if for no other reason than you?re curious to hear the story of my failed TV show and the moment that a nasty contestant tried to tear my credibility to shreds in front of a live studio audience, you should check out this episode. But you should stay for my advice, because I?m going to use my own example to show you how to step into your personal power and control any tense situation without taking on anyone else?s negative energy. It?s my ultimate secret to having impact, and I?m sharing it with you today.


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?Am I Just a ?Hook Up? to Him??

Our caller, Halima, is worried. She?s got a huge crush on a guy at work. And while that situation brings all of its usual complications ? what if she makes her feelings known and gets rejected?and then it?s awkward in the lunchroom? What if they end up dating but it doesn?t work out, and then he?s ?the guy at work that dumped her?? ? she?s got an even bigger concern: She wants a relationship but is concerned he?s just after a ?hook up.? In today?s LOVE Life, I break down the situation, help her figure out how to read his signals, and decide whether it?s worth her putting in the ?work? to make it happen (pun intended) ;).

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My Valentine?s Day 3-Step Survival Guide

Confession: I don?t really care much for Valentine?s Day. But it is upon us, and the sappy engagement ring television commercials and greeting card stores won?t let us forget it. So no matter how you feel about the holiday ? romantic and hopeful, jaded and cynical or, like me, just plain indifferent ? let?s take this opportunity to learn three simple things that will instantly improve your love life today. Oh, and we might as well eat some chocolate while we?re at it. 


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Mistakes Can?t Hurt You if You Remember This


I made a colossal mistake the other day on national television. Want to hear the embarrassing story? I?ll tell you in this episode. Not just because I?ve gotten good at laughing at myself for moments like this (though I have ? and that?s one of the lessons here), but because it will teach you 3 crucial things to spare you from hurt next time you make a mistake. (Which you will. Because you?re human.) And how do you deal when other people think you?re a screw-up? I give you one amazing piece of advice on how to prove them wrong. 

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How to Overcome the Most Painful Rejection

There are few things in life that hurt worse than loving someone who doesn?t love you back. It can make you question your own value: If someone I hold in such high esteem doesn?t think I?m worthy of a relationship with him, then something must really be wrong with me. In today?s LOVE Life, I?ll help you understand why this isn?t true, and we?ll take a look at some of the real reasons why it didn?t work out. I?ll also give you my best advice on what to do while your heart is healing and how to know for sure when the right person for you comes along.

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These 6 Words End Any Argument

Contrary to popular belief, arguments themselves aren?t what damage relationships; it?s the amount of time that we take to recover after an argument. But no matter how compatible you are with your partner, disagreements are inevitable. So today, I?m going to teach you my secret weapon to end an argument as quickly as possible using six powerful words. When you say these, you?ll immediately switch from being adversaries to teammates and get right into solving the problem?so you can shift your focus from fighting to the fun part: making up.

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Should You Force a Friendship With An Ex?

You broke up with him?and broke his heart. But time has passed, and now he wants to try to be friends. You miss hanging out and having a laugh with him, so what?s the harm? After all, you?re totally over those romantic feelings. The problem is, he isn?t. Is this ?friendship? a good idea? What if he has ulterior motives to try to get back together? That?s what our caller, Tyrie, wants to know in today?s episode of LOVE Life. Whether you?ve been on one side of this relationship or the other, I know you?ll relate to the ?friends with an ex? dilemma too, so be sure to listen in for my advice on how to handle this situation with honesty and compassion so no one reopens the wounds of the past.

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Don?t Fall into the ?T0-Do List? Trap


We all do it: Make To-Do lists a mile long and then tell ourselves we?ve had a productive day if we?ve checked off a bunch of ?stuff? before our head hits the pillow. But is that really the measure of a significant life? In today?s episode I argue that working hard doesn?t necessarily equal growing, and accomplishing tasks doesn?t necessarily equal real accomplishment. I offer a different way to look at your ?to-dos? and suggest a series of questions you can ask yourself to ensure you?re getting the balance and sustainable success that brings true meaning to your day ? and your life. 


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Do Something Right NOW

Stop everything and listen to this episode right now. In it, I?m going to give you a quick tip that will get you immediate results with that nagging ?to-do? you?ve been putting off forever. (You know which one I?m talking about.) Overwhelm has stood in your way of accomplishing something important for way too long, and today we?re going to ?break the seal? and just start the damn thing. OK? OK! Hit ?play? and let?s go?

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How to Date Your Friend?s Ex (And Not Kill the Friendship)

So you?ve got strong feelings for a guy? He?s funny, he?s handsome, he?s kind, but there?s just one tiny problem: he just so happens to be your good friend?s ex-boyfriend. What do you do? Is it possible to date him and NOT screw up your friendship forever? In today?s episode, we look at the two issues at the core of this tricky dilemma, and I give you the only solution that could possibly make the situation work. I even hand you a script you can use to talk it out with your BFF that might just get her on board with the idea so you can actually have it both ways. (You?re welcome.)

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What?s Really Behind Your Booty Call?

Should you be ashamed of The Booty Call? If you?re just having fun, and you?re really ok with a casual fling, then I say, go for it. The problem is, there?s often more going on behind this so-called ?arrangement? ? feelings, expectations, unexpressed hopes?and emotional issues that run very deep. Who?s to blame when the balance of power goes awry? And what should you do if you decide you want more? We unravel this sticky entanglement in today?s LOVE Life, and I help you decide if your Booty Call really makes you happy, or if you should hang up on him for good.

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This is a Really Gross Question, But You Can Learn From It

As someone who gives love advice for a living, I?ve heard it all. Or so I thought? until I got this insane email question from a listener. Now let me clarify that the question is gross not in a raunchy way (although there is a sexual component to it; nothing too scandalous)? but because of the self-centered, transactional nature of the relationship it depicts. At this point you?ll probably tune in because I?ve piqued your curiosity, but I encourage you to listen because there?s a lesson we can all learn here about ? if nothing else ? what NOT to do in a healthy relationship.

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It Should Take Exactly THIS Long to Get Over Your Ex

Ok, here?s the formula to calculate the time it should take to get over your breakup: Grab a pen. I?ll wait?OK, now add the number of months you were together, and divide it by the number of fights you had about getting married and then? Come on, you know as well as I do that there?s no magic number when it comes to grieving the loss of your ex. But there IS a secret to lessening the pain and moving on to an exciting new beginning. In today?s episode, I tell you how.

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Why ?Be Yourself? is Awful Advice

?Be yourself.? To most people, this means, ?you?re perfect, just as you are.? (Or, at worst, it?s considered a harmless cliché.)  But I believe this is awful advice, and in today?s LOVE Life I?m going to tell you why.  By the end of my rant ? ahem, by the end of this episode ? you?ll discover the mindset that will actually allow you to stretch beyond the ?you? you always have been, and to grow, achieve, and become the absolute best version of ?yourself.?

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Is Passion Overrated?

?There?s so much PASSION with this new guy I?m dating! We can?t keep our hands off of each other!? ?I just want a job I can feel PASSIONATE about?? People throw around the ?P? word every day, and it certainly sounds like something to strive for. After all, you should feel strongly about the important things in life, right? Well, in this episode of LOVE Life, I share my opinion on the topic of passion. It?s slightly controversial, but I think you?ll agree with me when you understand my reasoning behind it. So let everyone else chase the ?sugar rush? of passion. Meanwhile, you can pursue something worthwhile that actually lasts.

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A Totally Counter-Intuitive Mind Hack to Get More Done

Ok, you?ve got a million things to do today, and you?re not going to rest until you get it all done. So you work and you grind and you keep checking off your list until?you just hit a wall. You?re out of energy, you?re out of motivation, your list is still a mile long and ? wait ? what? It?s only 11am? We?ve all had days like this, and when they happen, we either a) just give up or b) try to ?push on through? to get it all done, at which point we? just give up. Well today?s message is a must-listen, because I?ve got a totally counter-intuitive mind hack that?s going to help you squeeze much more productivity out of a less-than-motivated day. You?ll be shocked to learn what it is. Hint: You may even get to knock off with a cocktail at 4pm.

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The Power of Keeping a Promise

?Can you make it to my birthday tonight,? asks your friend who?s planned an annoyingly hipster ?drinks thing? in a totally inconvenient neighborhood, starting at 11pm on a rainy Friday night when you?re exhausted and all you want to do is go home and binge on Netflix in your PJs. Do you say ?yes? to spare her feelings?and bail later? Or be honest up front and risk disappointing her? What about when your boss asks if you can complete that big project by Monday? Do you agree even though you doubt you?ll have the time or the resources to follow through? In today?s episode of LOVE Life, we?re talking about why your word is the most important thing you have, and why the people who count on you will respect you more when you say the difficult thing first rather than let them down later.

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Don?t ?Drunkenly? Follow Your Dreams

I strongly believe we all have the power to create incredible lives. I even designed a 5-day Retreat process that helps thousands of women around the world, twice a year, do it in a radical way. So why am I, of all people, warning you against ?following your dreams?? In today?s episode, I explain why motivational speeches and Instagram quotes actually set you up for failure. But don?t despair ? I also share the real path to getting what you want most in life. It may not be dreamy, but it works.

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3 Insider Tips to Negotiate Like a Pro

Oh, hey, you left something on the table there? it?s ALL OF THE MONEY YOU?RE WASTING by not negotiating for the things you want! I know, it can be intimidating to ask for a discount or a raise, but a confident person knows her worth and speaks up to get what she deserves. Which is why I?m sharing with you today my 3 Insider Tips to Negotiate Like a Pro. I?ll even give you an opening line you can use with anyone to start the conversation off on the right foot, while still making sure YOU walk away on the winning end of the deal. 

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This Quick Tip Will Transform Your Relationships Forever

Grab a pen and paper, because I?ve got a (fun) little assignment for you today! I?m going to give you a tip that you can use today that will transform the most important relationships in your life, year-round. You?ll be surprised to learn how simple this tiny, yet powerful, action is to implement, and how much it will mean to the people you care about.

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My Holiday Travel Rant

You know me by now. So you know that once in a while I just can?t hold back. I have to rant. And today, my friend, you?re going to hear it. We?re talking about holiday travel. Specifically, airline travel. But I?m not going to do that overdone schtick about airplane food or security lines. I?ve got something original to complain about. But you also know that behind my rants I always have a deeper message to share with you. So buckle up and listen in: I?ve got a challenge that will make not only your holiday travel easier, but your whole life more enjoyable as well. 

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Want More Than a Friendship With Him? Then You Need THIS?

In today?s LOVE Life, I take a question from a caller named Crystal who wants to know why she?s 28 and can?t seem to find long-term love. I catch her off guard with a few unexpected questions, but before long I get to the root of what?s really going on.  I reveal the one essential element that makes men see a woman as more than a friend, and share how to create it even in the trickiest circumstances. If you?re interested in a serious relationship, don?t miss this episode.

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Meeting His Family? Your 3 Step Survival Guide

Meeting your boyfriend?s family for the first time can feel like a lot of pressure? especially when he saves your introduction for a big holiday get-together. What should you say? How should you act? Should you bring a gift and, if so, what??? First of all: breathe. You?ve got this. I?m going to take you through my simple, 3-step survival guide that will tell you exactly what to do. I?ll also share a secret that will take all of the pressure off. Hint: You actually don?t have to worry about impressing his family after all. 

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