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The John Campea Podcast

The John Campea Podcast

The John Campea Podcast features John Campea and guests as they discuss the news and trends in the world of movies as well as other topics that catch their interest from TV shows to sports to world events.


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Starcraft Movie Chances, Click Bait: What It Is And Isn't - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #66 Recorded Wednesday July 26th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails: 2:28 Chip Jordan - Hey John love the podcast and make sure to watch it everyday. I wanted to know why Marvel can't just buy the rights to all of their characters and have their version of the characters and other studios (Fox and Sony) could have theirs. I mean it makes sense to me. 8:19 Sean Burtt - Why the hell does everyone believe Ben Affleck when he said that he loved being Batman. He looks in physical pain saying that it's so clearly bs but the click bait sites jump all over it saying oh Ben Affleck confirms he's staying as Batman 19:04 Jeff Griffith - With Bond 25 now having an official release date in 2019, I find myself thinking about that rumor about the Bond producers wanting a 007 Cinematic Universe. What would you think if certain Bond characters got the spin-off treatment? 20:30 Robert E Smith - I know that you have said that you were a big fan of warcraft in the past, and while the movie may not have been the best, I want to know your opinion on if any of blizzard's properties could be adapted to the big screen? the starcraft franchise in particular could make for a great movie if done correctly. 23:47 Golden age - Do you think we will ever see Calvin and Hobbes get a movie, a special or anything on screen? I know the creator ,Bill Watterson, isn't a big fan of those types of things but it would be nice to see my favorite comic strip get animated. 26:24 Marc Coutanche - Reviewers and fans talk a lot about movie directors, who often receive praise or blame for a movie's success or failure. Why do we not hear more about scriptwriters? It seems to me that a scriptwriter can sometimes be equally, or even more, vital to a movie's success. Has it always been like this? Why do the writers get no love?
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Defenders Expectations, Justice League Reshoots - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #65 Recorded Tuesday July 25th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails: 2:30 The Canon - Can you talk a little about your expectations for The Defenders? I know it might be crazy to say, but I came away more impressed with the Defenders' trailer than anything else at Comic-Con. I wasn't a fan of Iron Fist or Luke Cage...but there is something to be said about a team up of fully fleshed out characters over multiple seasons. 7:17 Frank Johnston - After the Infinity War movies, do you see the MCU taking a break for a year or 2? I am wondering if after a massive payoff after 10 years of movies if they'd take a break, in order to stop potential fatigue? (I don't believe comic book movie fatigue is out there yet, as you've said many times). Or do you think the MCU will keep rollin'? 11:11 Robert Kessler - With the success of The Simpsons Movie a decade or so ago, why hasn't there ever been a Family Guy movie? This could be a good way to being Seth McFarlane back to the big screen. 13:46 Topher Doll - Prior to Comic-Con we heard rumors from sites normally known as reliable that the Justice League reshoots would take months and would be considerable but we learned at the panel they were brief and almost completed. What are your thoughts on this now that we know the Whedon's role seems to be accenting the film Snyder made rather than remaking it? 23:14 Kailas Menon - What are the chances that we will see a movie adaption of the play, "Harry Potter and the Cursed Child"? The play has been a hit since its release.A year ago there were rumors from Warner Bros about the possibility of a movie being made after the "Fantastic Beasts" series ended. 25:34 Madoka Aburaya - A few years back we had Les Miserables which was good, but a lot of the singing was mediocre compared to professional and experienced broadway actors. Do you think broadway actors or regular actors should star in these adaptations of musicals into movies?
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WHo Won Comic-Con? Why Is Fox Doing Doctor Doom? - The John Campea Podcast #64

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 64 recorded Monday July 24th 2017) John takes the following viewer emails: 0:47 Who Won Comic-Con? 6:41 Lina DeMammon - This week at Comic-Con Noah Hawley said that he was going to be making a Doctor Doom movie. Why is Fox still trying? Is it pride? Is it money? Do they actually think they have a good idea this time? Isn?t it time for them to give up on the Fantastic Four stuff? 15:18 MrYazMan300 - Who are some of the director or actors you think the media is overhyping them as the next best thing even though you don't think they are. My pick is Adam Wingard, I don't think he's as good as everyone is making him to be. 18:53 Erwin Marlin - Do you think box office and news media as a whole will ever recognize the fact that films do not open on Friday, but they open on Thursday night? I always see ads saying that "X" film opens "Y" day, but it is never true. Is there any reason why Thursday night is not acknowledge as opening day? 22:04 Jason Dolan - I was showing my dad Captain America the First Avenger for the first time and in the opening scene with Red Skull... he makes reference to Hitler digging up trinkets in the desert, possibly referencing the events of Raiders of the Lost Ark... and of course, Indy is now owned by Disney. Could we EVER see a crazy Indiana Jones crossover in the MCU? 23:54 Austin Caspar - I have noticed that the Dark Tower marketing team is pedal to the medal with trailers and tv spots since June and doesn't look like they will stop till the release on august 4th. I honestly forgot there was a trailer for justice league released at SDCC in 2016. I hope this is the new trend moving forward with having a 2-3 month push, what is your opinions on the how a movie should market itself? 27:05 Thomas Markey - My question is regarding Michael Fassbender. He has the ability to be a great actor but probably hasn't had a strong movie since 2015's Steve Jobs. His last few movies have been Alien: Covenant, Assassins Creed, Song to Song, The Light Between Oceans, and X-Men Apocalypse. Do you think The Snowman will get his career back on track? Thanks!
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Why The Last Jedi Won't Beat The Force Awakens - The John Campea Podcast Ep 63

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episdoe 63 recorded Sunday July23rd 2017) John takes the following viewer emails: 4:25 Frans Stal - Could you talk about the Box office performance of Cars 3 it seems absolutely catastrophic for Pixar but no one is talking about it. 9:28 Michael Pement - Hi John, love the show! I watch it every day. What are your thoughts on the trailer for Darkest Hour? It looks like Gary Oldman could be getting his first Oscar (though, like you say, we won't really know until we see the movie). Thanks. 13:17 Keith O'Neil - Going on what you said about the Force Awakens' opening weekend record, do you think the Last Jedi has a shot at even coming close to it? I think it will ride the momentum from the Force Awakens and come up a little short, maybe around $220 million. TFA had Phantom Menace level hype around it, which I don't think we will see ever again. 17:58 Dan Lynn - I noticed you gave your ranking of the Spiderman movies but I want to know whats your ranking of the 3 actors to play Spiderman? I remember when Civil War had just hit theaters and you said it was too early to say Tom Holland was the best Spiderman portrayal but now he has had a spidey movie all to himself how do compare him to Tobey Maguire and Andrew Garfield? 23:49 Duncan Butler - My question is regarding Bladerunner 2049, not to spoil anything from the original film but do you think we'll get a better idea of who Harrison Ford's Deckard is in this new film? Also, I know you aren't the biggest Bladerunner fan, but how are you excited for this sequel? 27:27 Chris Flener - Do you think Avengers Infinity War will be the movie where we finally get to see and hear Captain America yell out his famous line "AVENGERS ASSEMBLE"?
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Ranking The DCEU Movies, Would Removing MARTHA Scene Bettered BVS - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #62, recorded Monday July 17th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 3:45 Daniel Taylor - In almost every film I've seen this year, there have been people blatantly using their phones during the movie. Some of the more popular movies even had entire rows of people on their phones. Do you think it's time for Drive-in theaters to return in order to combat this problem? Because the understaffed theaters in my area don't seem to be capable. 7:21 Optimus TheGamer - Hey John, when do you think the new trailer for Jurassic World 2 will pop up? Don't you think it was a little rush since it took 4 months only? 10:58 Noot - Greetings john my question is since Warner brothers owns all the dc characters why did it take so long to create a shared universe? i mean marvel with all their obstacles were able to create a shared universe with its heroes. was it a lack of vision? or innovation? you would think dc/WB would have done this years ago, would love to hear your thoughts. 15:44 Tampa Movie Guy - Been following you since Man of Steel review in 2013. My question is, what do you think of the recent Netflix movies War Machine and Okja? While these get talked about a lot when they are announced due to the talent involved, I feel like upon release on Netflix, they get no where near the attention that theater-released movies get. No one is talking about them. Does that mean no one is seeing them? 19:00 Tim Duplisea - Hey John love the new podcast. You have mentioned many times how much you like Batman V Superman and I am total agreement with you. I also know that we are in the minority. If the infamous " Martha" scene never happened do you think it would have been more widely accepted? To me it is the only part of the film where I found myself rolling my eyes. Anyways keep up the great work 25:21 Jeff Steinbeck - Hello John, big fan. Since we have four films in the DCEU, how would you rank them so far? Thanks for taking my question and keep up the great work.
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Justice League Image, Which Spider-Man Villains Can Marvel Use? - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode #61 recorded Friday July 14th 2017) John discusses the following topics: NEWS TOPICS 0:45 New Justice League image 2:28 The Layover Trailer 4:21 Mama Mia adds Lily James VIEWER QUESTION 6:42 Brandon - My question is: as follows: Was The Force Awakens? $247 million opening near the physical limits for an opening weekend? Many theaters had showings all night to fill demand, and could not do much more than they did for TFA. What is the max opening weekend you think is physically possible if demand were not an issue? 9:25 Matt Varney - With the Sony / Marvel partnership details still blurry at best, has there been any confirmation on which members of Spider-man's rogues gallery Marvel has access to? Clearly Venom, Black Cat & Silver Sable are off limits, but has there been any deal made for Marvel to have 1st draft on the other villains and of so, who? 11:00 Flemming Jensen - Hi there, I'm a great fan of your channel. I have a question about the Valerian movie. When not many movie viewers know about the french graphic novels it was based on, do you think the audiens will see it as a copy of Star Wars, Guardians of the galaxy, Avatar etc. when its the other way around? And do you think it could influence the success of the movie? 13:01 Tristan El - With Disney recently announcing that they have yet to cast the lead role in their live action release what do you think are the chances of them casting Dev Patel? I personally have been advocating for he and Freida Pinto in the lead roles way before Disney announced a live action release in a "what if.." scenario having a Slumdog reunion. What are your thoughts?
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Charlize Wants More Mad Max, Tarantino Making Manson Family Movie - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday July 12th 2017) John talks about the following: 2:30 Warner Bros frontrunner for Suicide Squad 2 is Jaume Collet-Serra 7:15 Charlize Theron wants to do another Mad Max. 9:43 Quentin Tarantino targeting a Manson Family movie. 11:29 THE TICK trailer drops for Amazon 13:05 Frank Calderon - Hey John! Love the podcast! My question to you is 'What is the latest on a Matthew Vaughn directed Man of Steel sequel? He is my first choice for this and I hope he is still in the running. If he doesn't get the gig, however, who would you like to see come in and direct it? My second choice is JA Bayona who has publicly stated what a fan of the character he is' 16:42 Bryan Kruse - Dunkirks run time was just officially revealed to be only 107 minutes. Does that sound way to short for a war movie and a Nolan movie? I was thinking 2 and a half hours at least. 18:39 Bomb Squad - Hey John, with San Diego Comic-Con just around the corner, do you think that Marvel will drop any Infinity War footage? Last year, all the chatter was about DC, with Justice League and Wonder Woman. Does Marvel drop Infinity War, Thor, or Black Panther? 21:51 Thomas Stimpson - Hello John, my name is Thomas and I was wondering what your feelings on 'The Wire' are? I heard Josh Macuga say you had started watching it a little while ago. I believe it's the best show ever made and the people I know who have seen it all agree. How would you compare it to 'Breaking Bad'?
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Can DC Catch Up With Marvel - The John Campea Podcast Episode 59

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 59 recorded Tuesday July 11th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 2:11 Jake Cleveland - Hey John I have a questions about property rights, I was recently watching the first Spiderman movie and I noticed Aunt May told Peter he's not Superman. I was just wondering how a Spiderman movie that is made by Sony could reference a DC superhero owned by Warner Brothers? Would love to hear your opinion or am I just over complicating this? 3:57 Jim Casey - It seems after watching the movie that Marvel really wove Spider-man into the MCU. What happens if after Homecoming 2 Sony and Marvel decide not to continue the deal? For Marvel it seems easy, they just don't put him in anymore MCU movies. For Sony how would they unravel Spider-man out of the MCU without having to do yet another reboot? Thanks for your time and love the new podcast! 8:11 Daniel Fitzpatrick - Hi John loving the new resurgence of the channel lately. My question is about why studios release certain movies a lot later in some countries. For example Cars 3 is only opening here in Ireland this forthcoming weekend whilst it opened in the US a few weeks ago. 11:14 Joshua Langston - Hey John! Here's one I hope you can talk about! Do you think we'll see any more movies set in Middle Earth? I understand that New Line Cinema has just the rights to the Hobbit and the Lord of the Ring and not the Silmarillion unfortunately. Do you envision a return to this world someday on the big screen? 13:24 Chris Debord - It's obvious that DC is trying to have the same success the MCU has had. Do you ever think that DC will be as successful and intricate as Marvel has been able to be? With a lot of projects they are working on seemingly being stuck in development hell, I just don't see the DCEU lasting much longer than Justice League 2. 19:11 Hardybuck14 - Thoughts on the Borg vs Mcenroe trailer? And do you think Shia Labeouf is a capable oscar winner?
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Comic-Book Movies To Blame For Lack Of Originals? Ranking Spider-Man Films - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 58 recorded Monday July 10th 2017) John takes the following viewers questions: 0:48 Sebastián Lerda - Hi John, love your podcast, watch it daily. My question to you is, what is your take on the Dark Tower movie? Do you think it'll be far different from the books? Do you think it'll be a trilogy and series? 5:40 Julia Vermoothe - Just saw Spider-Man Homecoming and I absolutely loved it! It might be my favorite movie of the year. My question is: Is this the best Spider-Man movie ever? How would you rank the existing Spider-Man films? Thank you and bring on the filthy! 9:16 Rory Hogan - Hi John, my question for you is: Do you think all films can be considered art, or do you think that many blockbuster franchises such as Transformers are merely made to sell tickets and have no artistic intentions whatsoever? Thanks! 14:30 Bradley Davis - Bradley Davis- Hello John. I think we might be in for a down year when it comes to animated films. The only great one I can think of right now is The Lego Batman movie. So with that in mind, what are the chances that The Lego Batman gets nominated for best animated film? 17:58 Callum Morrison - After seeing the news of Daniel Day Lewis' retirement I am curious to know who do you believe can take up the mantle of, or is the best working actor today? 23:02 Humphrey Rogers - Superhero films are big. While I love them to death, do you believe they are indirectly to blame for Hollywood's reliance on brand-name (franchise) filmmaking? Many 'original' films have to be auteur driven while a film like Battleship gets greenlit instantly. What are your thoughts, John.
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Han Solo Movie: Who Gets Credit For Directing? - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 57, recorded Saturday July 8th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 1:19 Miljan Tani? - We've just got Peter Parker as Spider-Man in the MCU but, many people have been clamoring for years, wanting to see a movie-version of Miles Morales. Now since Sony is making their own Spider-verse, and since I really can't imagine Spider-Man villains in their own movies without any trace of Spider-Man (it would be bonkers)... is it feasible that Sony makes their own Spider-Man with Miles Morales? 6:34 Philip Jacobsen - Loving the "new" channel and content. My question is regarding the comedy genre. Is the pure comedy genre dead? I remember back in the 90's and the early 00's feeling like there was a stream of gut-busting comedies released every year. Now I struggle to name a handful of comedies from the last 7-10 years that have come close to the comedies of the 90's and early 00's. 9:50 Rondale Williams - Do you think Spiderman: Homecoming will out earn Wonder Woman at the box office this weekend? Why or why not? 13:35 Ryan Clarke - Ready Player One has been done filming since late last year and is currently in a heavy post production stage. With the film slated for a March 2018 release date, when do you think we will get our first footage from the film? 15:42 Hampton Sipper - Hey John! I've been following you for a while and thoroughly enjoy listening to your insight. I wanted to ask your thoughts on the TV show, The Office. I've never heard you talk about it and just wanted to hear your thoughts. Thanks man and God bless! 19:38 Kenny Drew - I have a question about who will get directing credit for the both Justice League and the Young Han Solo movies, as they seem to be similar situations. Will both Zack Snyder and Joss Whedon receive directing credit on Justice League? And will Ron Howard and Lord/Miller share credit on Han Solo?
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How WB/DC Will Win Comic-Con - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 56 recorded Friday July 7th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 0:59 David Pyle - I just read that the new Tomb Raider reboot has recently wrapped shooting, and I wanted to hear what your thoughts were about its prospects? What are your thoughts on Uthaug's directing ability, and the movie's potential to infuse the video game movie genre? 3:04 Trey Davis - Comic Con is coming up later this month. DC only has two movies with official release dates coming out, Justice League in November and Aquaman next December. Assuming DC will be there, do you think they will focus their time on those two movies, or will they also announce future movie and tell us about movies like Batman, Batgirl, and Flash? 9:04 Bryan Kruse - In a recent podcast you mentioned your wife is an exec at hasbro. Im curious, does she get a little offended at you and your former Collider colleagues bashing of the Transformers movies? 12:54 Jenny Dunn - I read on Deadline that Spider-Man Homecoming is tracking for around a $100 million domestic opening weekend. That can?t be right can it? I thought it would be closer to $180 million or something like that. 16:19 William Bento - How much is/should the message of a movie be considered when talking about oscar consideration? For example an amazing movie that happens to be nazi propaganda. 20:11 Pardis Jesudasen - Do you think the reason that Disney/lucasfilm didn't show anything about Han Solo at celebration due to the behind scenes?
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Drago In Creed 2, Atomic Blonde In John Wick Universe - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 55, recorded Thursday July 6th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 0:43 Brandon Torres - I am beyond excited for Atomic Blonde later this month. Since it?s being directed by one of the John Wick directors, what do you think the chances are that we see Charlize visit a Continental hotel while in Berlin. 3:20 Charleston Thomas - I recently heard RDJ interviewed and he said he wants to hang up the iron Man suit before it gets embarrassing. Do you think RDJ wants to leave the MCU? Or that he simply wants smaller roles in the MCU, like he does in Spider-Man Homecoming? 6:18 Kishawn Lewis - Ghost in the shell was no "Movie of the Year", but I don't think people actually realize how successful this film is being a live action anime adaptation coming out of hollywood. I've also observed the unsatisfactory reception of most movie critics, but as a fan of the series do you think these responses could hinder a possible sequel, and is Paramount and Rupert even in talks to continue? 8:43 Anthony Perez - My question is regarding this facebook post Sylvester Stallone recently put up implying that the sequel to CREED will involve Adonis fighting the son of Ivan Drago, or even Drago himself. while this idea is all kinds of awesome, it does raise a question...... is Stallone writing and directing CREED 2 himself? 12:13 Micah Delgado - Alien: Covenant stands as my favorite film of the year thus far, and Ridley Scott has stated that he plans to make at least 2 more films in this Alien Prequel series. However, the film overall was a box office disappointment, and the critical reception was about the same as Prometheus. With the disappointing returns of Covenant, and Ridley Scott coming up on 80 this year, will we see another Ridley Scott Alien film? 15:12 Chris Clough - With Universal releasing the Director's cut of Fast & Furious 8 exclusive to digital, is the studio signalling blu-ray is dying?
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Why Patty Jenkins Wouldn't Return For WONDER WOMAN 2 - The John Campea Podcast

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 54, recorded Wednesday July 5th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 0:58 James Phung - I loved Wonder Woman and I would love for Patty Jenkins to come back to direct the sequel. However, I'm setting up myself for disappointment that she won't be back. A year ago, everyone loved Deadpool and it made massive amounts of money. We know now that director Tim Miller is no longer attached. Could we be getting our hopes up so soon with possibility that Patty Jenkins will be back? 9:17 Igor - Please tell me are you excited about an upcoming movie Death Wish staring Bruce Willis? I remember you once said on Movie Talk that the only upcoming picture staring Bruce you are excited about is Glass. 12:51 Justin Fawcett - I've really been enjoying your new videos, Youtube channel, etc! You've said before that you're a digital movie purchaser....well, after reaching critical mass with my movie collection I've seen the light and am in the process of converting 1/3rd of it to digital. (and eventually probably 50/50) I am primarily an Itunes user...but there are other formats that I'm unfamiliar with...Ultraviolet, Flixster, etc. My question is....what is your preference for digital purchases/renting? 17:00 Andrew Odette - My question regards fantasy movies. With the current adoration for Game of Thrones, there is clearly a desire for the fantasy genre, yet since the Lord of the Rings trilogy, we have yet to see any cinematic phenomenons. Is there a reason we have yet to see something as easily accessible as Star Wars or Marvel from a fantasy stand point in the mainstream of blockbusters and is there anything you would like to see from a pre-existing IP? 20:49 Zbigniew Zabinski - Do you think Lucasfilm would take the risk of killing off Luke Skywalker in The Last Jedi, forcing the newer cast members to try and carry episode IX on their own, without the help from anyone in the original trio? 22:39 Duncan Butler - I know when actors sign up for roles in large franchises like the MCU, they often sign multi-film deals. My question is, does Chris Evans small cameo on the tv screen in Homecoming count against his deal? Or are there exceptions to the size of the role for it to count against a contract?
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Spider-Man & MCU Too Reliant On Iron Man - The John Campea Podcast 53

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 53 recorded Tuesday July 4th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 1:09 Jonathan Stubbs - Please discuss the recent rise of studios blaming outside factors (marketing, critics) in films failing at the box office. 8:06 Tony Dingwall - With Iron Man being a massive part of the new Spider-Man film, do you think the MCU are relying too heavily on the Iron Man character? 10:40 Ryan Peabody What is your favorite John Goodman performance? 12:27 Eloy Vasquez - If they reboot the Transformers movies would Peter Cullen return as Optimus Prime? 14:36 Ulysses Mayorga - Will we see the marvel studios intro in Spider-Man homecoming or just the Sony pictures intro? 15:32 Brendan Day - Who's your favorite character on Game of Thrones?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 52 - Was Spider-Man A Good Deal For Marvel?

On this installment of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 52, recorded on Monday July 3rd 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 0:42 The Canon - Now that we have had some time to see the Mavel-Sony deal play out a little, from the outside looking in, do you think this was a good deal by Marvel? We can assume Marvel is sharing profit on some level for homecoming, we also can safely say Civil War would have been a blockbuster with or without Spider-Man, and on top of all that Amy Pascal hasn't exactly made the PR of this deal any easier. 5:58 Steve Rogers - Thoughts on the first trailer for Breathe. I've not heard anyone mention this film once even though it's Andy Serkis' directorial debut? 8:38 Angry Goats - Hey John! I hope you are doing well! My question is one that I know we've all wondered many times before. It's this: will we ever see a Real Steel 2? What are the odds that we do see one? Has it been too long? I think it's a extremely charming, heart-warming film that shocked me at how good it was. It would be a shame to just let it be. 11:26 David Pyle - I just went out to see Wonder Woman yesterday, and was a little surprised I read a lot of reviews about how Wonder Woman was such a strong female superhero. To be honest that is not how I felt walking out of the theater. While yes, the character of Wonder Woman is a complete badass when it comes to fighting, but am I the only one that felt like Wonder Woman was clueless for 90% of the movie? She seemed more like a lost puppy to me until the final act. 14:23 Ben Robinson - Hey John, you mentioned recently that Sons of Anarchy was one of your top 3 TV shows of all time. I recently watched the whole series on Netflix and I have to agree that it's a great show and surprisingly underrated. My question to you is, why do you think it's such a great TV series? What puts it above Breaking Bad or The Sopranos in your opinion? 18:39 Joshua Morris - With Antman and the Wasp being released in between Infinity War and Avengers 4, what timeline do you think it will be? Will the effects of Infinity War effect it? Or do you think there is a chance a lot of it could be set in the past with Hank Pyms Antman and his wife?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 51 - Captain America in Small Roll In Infinity War

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (Episode 51, recorded Sunday July 2nd 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 1:35 Charleston Thomas - I remember 3 months ago when Chris Evans was interviewed by Ellen, he said that he'd start shooting his part of Infinity War in May. But Infinity War has been shooting since January or February. So my question is, do you think Chris Evans has a small role in Infinity War? 5:20 Matej Viher - With many movies now taking inspirations from the same parts of history (WW2) or legends (Arthurian legend), do you believe that at some point Hollywood will explore other lesser known events. Personally I'd love to see the siege of Szigetvar put to the big screen. 9:50 Joseph Powell - Hey John been watching your show from the amc days and this is my first question, do you think Jared Leto's performance as the joker was so poorly received because of his inability to portray the character or was it David Ayers inability to get the best out of him as a director? Thanks for your time and keep up the great work. 13:05 Christopher O'Neal - With the great success WB is getting with the Lego movies and the fact that WB owns the rights to Harry Potter, what do you think the chances of getting a Harry Potter Lego movie? Thanks for taking my question and keep up the great work! 16:04 Scott Ring - Do you think Kathleen Kennedy and Lucasfilm will directly address the Han Solo Film Director Controversy at D23 and if so what do you think the best move would be? 20:25 James Raynard - I was wondering if you would see a possibility of there being another movie about Jim Morrison/The Doors being made? 21:28 Michael Alfredson - With the Last Jedi coming out in December, many of us fanboys are of course waiting to see a big moment from Luke. Would you prefer a single but lengthy moment where we get to see how powerful he has become or would you prefer to see him use his skills throughout the film on more than one occasion?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 50 - What Can Improve The Transformers Movies?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Thursday June 29th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: 3:38 Michael Pement - Hey John, I have a question for tomorrow's The John Campea Poscast. Lionsgate just released the first trailer for the My Little Pony movie. My question is, is this movie coming out a bit too late? I don't watch My Little Pony, so I can't say for sure, but I don't think it's nearly as big as it was a few years ago. Will people pay to see it in theaters? Would love to hear your thoughts. Thanks. 6:19 Jon Wheeler - Hey John, as a fellow poker player, what are your favorite poker or gambling related movies? Mine is Rounders, hands down! 7:53 Tom Perkins - do you think we will ever see Han, Luke and Leia share the screen again? Granted it's quite difficult now with Han Solo's demise in the TFA and the passing of Carrie in December. But with CGI used in Rogue One for Tarkin and the Princess, do you think we could ever see a return of this technology in a future film, perhaps within the next two saga films as a flashback to when they were all together last? 11:13 Cody Reed - Do you think the Transformers franchise would be better off if each movie was around 90 minutes? It could condense the story and allow for more screenings per day 14:07 Nikhil Shirsat - Are Marvel and fox sharing custody of the maximoff twins? Fox has Quicksilver and marvel has Scarlet Witch and killed off their Quicksilver. Is it an agreement that they came to to resolve the dispute over who owns the rights to the characters? 16:35 Michael Klock - What do you think is motivating studios to pump out lazy, big budget spectacles that don't bring profit? Much smaller budget movies like get out and dead pool made more money and profit than bvs, suicide squad, the mummy, and transformers 5 20:54 Thomas Levesque - In honor of The House, what's Your favorite Will Ferrell Movies? 23:46 Damon Morton - With the success of guardians 2 and wonder women, who is now the most successful Chris? Pine, Pratt, Hemsworth, Evans?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 49 - Is A DC/Marvel Crossover Movie Possible?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday June 28th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: Geoffrey Taylor - Do you think the incredibles 2 could surpass it's predecessor brad bird stated he would only make a sequel if he thinks it's as good or even surpasses the original I think it has a very high chance. Gabriel Martin - With the increasing cooperation between studios using characters in shared universes, can you see a DC/Marvel Crossover movie event in the next 5-10 years? Miguel Angel Montoya - What did you think of the foreigner trailer with Jackie Chan Alex Antu - Last of us movie....... any news about that? Chris Corcoran - Are you excited for Star Wars Battlefront 2? I know you weren't too thrilled with the first game, but I think this one might be even better. What are your opinions on the trailers released so far? Clayton Scott - How well do you think Jurassic World 2 will do compared to the first one? Brent Fish - Having seen War for the Planet of the Apes how would you rate the trilogy overall? One of the best, okay, not so good? Also with John Wick Chapter 3 getting ready to be filmed, Do you think if the movie is at least as good as the last 2 it should be included in the all time trilogy conversation? Thanks and bring on the filthy. Barry Kowalski - Whats your fave horror movie of all time?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 48 - Changes To Justice League Insensitive To Zack Snyder?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Tuesday June 27th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: Alex Carrillo - What do you think about an acting coach coming on to the set of HAN SOLO so late ? Devonte Brown - What did you think of the Pitch Perfect 3 trailer?? Michael Thompson - How much do you and Jeremy Jahns hang out outside of work? Chris Clough - Do you and Rocha get along... rarely see you two together Will J-Rev Brandt - Should we expect some problems at SW/Disney? After all they are not perfect. Raul Andres Hernandez - Will Dunkirk get Christopher Nolan his first oscar? What are the chances? Should he have won for Dark Knight, inception, or interstellar? Daniel Smith - Do you think that there is chance for a Warcraft sequel, and if so,when do you think the plot would be? Shaun Wren - I've been hearing people say Justice League will be a Joss Whedon film and that has me worried. I don't believe WB would be incentive to Zack Snyder's hard work and personal tragic. So do you think JL will still have Snyder's DNA throughout with support from Whedon? Kasen Rogers - What are your thoughts on the news of the Accountant sequel and do you think Anna Kendrick will return as well as Jon Bernthal? Redd Dizon - If Sony sells its movie division, are the rights to Spiderman included in the sale? or would they revert back to marvel?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 47 - Is Zendaya Mary Jane? The Best Nolan Movie?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday June 26th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: Tristan Durant - Do you believe that just to throw the 1 to 3 percent of the nerd audience off about Zendaya's character in Homecoming she really is Mary Jane? My theory is that her first name is "Michelle" and her full name is "Michelle Mary-Jane Watson," she'll shed the Tom boyish exterior a little by the end of the film, dye her hair red or at least a streak of red, and we'll hear her say to Peter the iconic line "Go get em tiger." Sam Macias - What are your thoughts of an Watchmen series on HBO? Tony Willis - Film vs digital? Gage Lee Sweeney Do you have a favorite pick as to who could play Carnage in the Venom solo film? If not who's your favorite pick to be the next Spider-Man villain? Dylan Delgado Stardust was an awesome movie, what other movies do you recommend that not many people have seen or talked about? John Marie What is your favorite Christopher Nolan movie that isn't in the dark knight trilogy? Efren Guzman · Best RoCom you have ever seen???? Jason Bogacz · Do you think TF5 had a good chance at hitting 1 billion globally given the reception and opening weekend b.o. or where do you think it will land? Jamie Ross Lyons · In honor of the Great Adam West ..Who is the Greatest BatMan of All Time? I Personally Believe Michael Keaton is the Best Dark Knight! Shane En Lee - Will you do some review with guys and gals of Collider or appear as guest on Collider shows like Heroes? Thanks and keep up the Great work Mr. Campea Deokarran Baldeo - Do you think Baby Driver is the better film over Logan? Josh Howard · Have paranormal horror films killed the slasher film genre
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 46 - Is This Transformers Really Bay's last?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (#46 recorded Saturday June 24th 2017) John takes the following viewer questions: Michael Kaye - Aside from just getting rid of Michael Bay, what would it take for the Transformers movies to improve creatively? Dominic Holloway - Haven seen Baby Driver and knowing that Edgar Wright was in talks to do ant man for the longest time what's a film franchise you'd love to see him tackle if he had creative control Pedro Fernandes - will they release a new trailer for The Last Jedi in D23 or SDCC? Justin Pinsker - Will this transformers film actually be Michael Bay's last? Tristan Durant - Do you think there will be a Gone Girl Sequel? If so do you believe Fincher will return? Paul Byrne - If Han Solo film is scrapped and started again from the beginning how will the actors schedules fit in if they have other films in pipeline? Justin Square - Thoughts on this past season of Supernatural, the series as a whole, and the possible 300th episode if the show makes it to season 14. Conor O'Leary - Audiences sick of shared universes being forced on them by studios?
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 45 - Han Solo Director Drama

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast, John discusses the Han Solo director drama (please note, this was recorded prior to the Ron Howard news) Carnage in the Venom movie, Daniel Day Lewis retiring and questions from the listeners. All this, and more!
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 44 - Wonder Woman's Effect On Justice League

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast, John discusses the misconceptions around THE MUMMY, GODZILLA 2 starts shooting, how WONDER WOMAN's success will impact JUSTICE LEAGUE and much more!
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John Campea Podcast Episode 43 - Venom Is In The MCU

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast, John talks about the announcement from Sony's Amy Pascal that the Venom movie is indeed going to be in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. John also talks about a recent loss and takes a bunch of questions from the listeners.
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 42

The John Campea Podcast recorded Tuesday September 20th 2016
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 41 - John Returning To Movie Talk, Leto's Joker

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday September 5th 2016) John talks about the following: 1) Ann?s dad 2) John Williams concert 3) New schedule with joining Movie Talk Again FAN QUESTIONS: Philip Dagostino writes: Hey John, really excited you?re making your triumphant return to movie talk this week,but as a long time fan I have to ask: why do you keep leaving and returning? Isn?t this like the 3rd time? Are you sticking around this time? Not trying to give you a hard time, just really needed to ask. Chris Warden writes: What up John? I hope you & Anne had a great summer. Is there any chance you can publicly debunk this rumor going around that Suicide Squad needs to make 800 million dollars at the worldwide box-office just to break even? I personally can't see any studio head greenlighting a film project that needs to make that much to break even as the risk is just too high. John Michael Klobuchar writes: What are your thoughts on people who say Star Wars The Force Awakens, will receive the same backlash as The Phantom Menace over time? Personally I think thats nonsense. Yuhan Houth writes: Just a quick one. What are some films that come to mind whenever someone complains about lack of original content from Hollywood. It really annoys me whenever I see this complaint on message boards. Ben Davis writes: My question is regarding Jared Leto's joker. I'm a huge 30 seconds to Mars fan and a huge fan of Mr. Leto himself so I was pretty excited when he was first cast. Now after the movies release and reception I've had time to reflect upon his performance and I gotta say I loved it! He was in two of the best scenes in the entire movie (club scene/Harley and the chemicals scene). However it seems to me his performance has kind of a split reception with some liking it and some hating it. Do you think this will hurt us seeing him in another movie? Scott Wooldridge writes: Love listening to you talk everything movies! This summer was definitely a little disappointing for movies. My question is... even though we had a below average summer do you think we are in store for an amazingly strong fall? It seems like with Telluride and the Venice film festival, movies like Hacksaw Ridge, Loving, The Arrival, and La La Land are all getting lots of buzz. I feel like maybe more than previous years?
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 40 - Jeremy Jahns

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast John welcomes popular YouTube film critic, Jeremy Jahns.
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 39 - Critics VS Audience Ratings, Where's Gambit?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday August 8th 2016) John talks about the following topics: 1) Delays on Gambit 2) Jimmy Smits appearing in Rogue One FAN QUESTIONS: Winnie Cooper writes: Hi John, I wanted to get your unique perspective on an angle of the DC vs Marvel critical reception that I haven't heard anyone talking about specifically. And that is the critic/audience approval ratings difference for Marvel and DC movies. Let me show you what I mean. When you look at critics vs audience ratings on Rotten Tomatoes for Marvel films they are pretty much in lock step, with most of the films at 0-5% difference between critics and audiences. In fact, in 13 movies only one (Thor 2) has a double digit difference (of +12% for audiences), with Marvel movies averaging +1.77% for audiences. But the differences are drastic with DCEU movies. +20% audience approval for MoS, +38% for BvS and as of the date of this email a whopping +47% for Suicide Squad. That's an average of +35% audience rating for DCEU movies. Meaning that critics like Marvel movies on average almost as often as audiences, but like DCEU movies far far less than audiences. So the question is, why? Are critics being unusually harsh on the DCEU movies or are audiences just more forgiving of weak films? Itamar writes: hi john, about suicide squad, first of all, i didn't like the movie. the bad stuff just was too much for me. but my question is, don't you feel this movie was suppose to be R rated? the entire time, it just felt weird that these group of psychopaths and bad guys never cussed once. felt out of character for them. i feel this should've been a R rated movie not just because the R, but just like deadpool, a R rating would fit these characters and the story. would've been way cooler Ben Rainer writes: Big Fan hear, and I respect your opinion very much. I have seen Suicide Squad already and I really really enjoyed it. Any way my question is do you thing that critics subconsciously review DC movies harsher than Marvel movies. I am not even saying they do it on purpose or even are aware that they?re doing it. I?m just wondering if Suicide Squad Movie comes out under the Marvel name I wonder if it would be getting slightly higher reviews. I am very curious to hear your thoughts, and I am loving your podcast.
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 38 - Getting To Know Ann Campea & Her Thoughts On Suicide Squad

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Saturday August 6th 2016) John is joined by his wife Ann Campea as the two talk about seeing Suicide Squad last night, how they met and how their relationship ticks.
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 37 - Suicide Squad Review, Idiotic Rotten Tomatoes Petition

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday August 3rd 2016) John is joined by writer/director Jon Schnepp and together they discuss: 1) Suicide Squad thoughts 2) Rotten Tomatoes petition FAN QUESTIONS: Rox Baicea writes: I know you liked Suicide Squad, but judging by what other people are saying I feel like half the things we've seen in ads, trailers and behind the scenes footage are not in the movie - Joker slapping Harley and her pointing a gun at him, Joker throwing a grenade and disappearing into the background, the line where he says "I can't wait to show you my toys", Joker patting a black case, Joker looking at his phone, Harley choking her bat like a gun, the scene where she asks everyone what they'd like to drink - apparently none of these things are in the movie. My question is how can we explain this? Why would WB release an incomplete Suicide Squad movie after releasing an incomplete BVS movie and being criticized for it? A Klay writes: Does The Jungle Book have a shot at being an Oscar contender? I feel like it absolutely deserves it based on its groundbreaking visual effects and it's strong direction and writing. However, I fear that it will be overlooked. Thanks! John Feinstein writes:As I'm sure you've noticed, the early Suicide Squad reviews were pretty negative, and that kinda brought everyone's spirits down. However, now that Jeremy Jahns has given the movie a pretty good review, a lot of his fanboys are flocking to anything Suicide Squad-related, saying things like "Jeremy said it was good, so fuck the critics." I would love to hear your thoughts on these people who seem to hold one man's opinion in higher regard than the opinions of 50 certified RT critics. (No hate for Jeremy, I just don't think he's the messiah of movie reviews)
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 36 - Suicide Squad Expectations, Where is Mickey Rourke

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Tuesday August 2nd 2016) John talk about the following: 1) Channing Tatum in SPLASH remake 2) Suicide Squad 3) GSP coming back to UFC? FAN QUESTIONS: Kathy Lin writes: Considering MOS (which i love, made me love superman), kick-started the DCEU, i cant help but feel sorry for HC and superman, getting pushed aside in favor of batman. HC's superman just don't get enough love with many hating his superman portrayal. His performance was so forgotten and underappreciated by many with many calling him a bad, bland, wooden actor. Lately, i read that WB suggested having HC to be Tarzan but David Yates didn't want him because of his high profile. I cant help but think of the number of projects he might have missed out on because of his fame or 'infamous' as the cinematic superman everyone in Hollywood seems to dislike or care about. As much as i love him as superman and very excited with the DCEU, but i'm worried for his career. Thoughts? Tom Shotter writes: I listened to your podcast about comic con moving to Vegas and it makes perfect sense. However, do you think comic con is under pressure from San Diego city council or whatever it's called over there because if you move comic con to Vegas how much money will the local businesses lose? SamDean writes: Hello John loving podcast, with Warcraft failing to make the $500,000,000 that needed to break even, does mean future in film for now is dead. Thanks & May Force Be With You! Dejan Borjanovic writes: Where is Mickey Rourke? He had a long-time absence but then had a great resurgence with 2008's The Wrestler and then Iron Man 2, but now he has disappeared again. Why do you think that is?
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 35 - Sausage Party, Female Directors

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Saturday July 30th 2016) John is joined by Collider Video's own Wendy Lee and together they talk about the following: 1) Sausage Party thoughts 2) Spoiler news about Suicide Squad 3) The following questions from the listeners: Patrick Sowemimo writes: I am a big fan of your reviews and always value your opinion before seeing a movie. My question for you is the concern I have for the Flash and Arrow tv series. Both shows are great but a major concern I have is that the heroes always question every decision they make and it really gets on my nerves. when it was introduced I liked it because it kind of made them relatable but as I kept watching it showed a lack of character development because if a hero questions every decision why did they become heroes in the first place. Brian Knight writes: After all the great trailers and teasers from Comic Con, both DC and Marvel, and the poor showing at Star War's Celebration does Disney and Lucas Films need to put out a trailer for Rogue One soon? I think Rogue One anticipation got buried after all the news from Comic Con this year. josh tedeschi writes: After Brie Larson was announced/confirmed as Captain Marvel at Comic Con, almost immediately I was seeing people offering up suggestions for who is going to direct and write this movie. The majority of the suggestions I saw were for female writers and directors. I guess my question is, does the director of Captain Marvel(And other big blockbuster female lead movies) need to be helmed by a female director? Personally I don't think it HAS to be, it just needs to go to whoever at the time is the right director for this sort of project. Justin Fawcett writes: Just wondering if you've noticed the lack of Mel Gibson in the poster and trailer for Hacksaw Ridge. On one hand I can understand it, maybe even Mel agreed to keep his name off of the marketing...keep the initial focus being on the film itself. On the other hand, I'm very angry about this...I think this is BS and they should've put his name front and center. Curious on what your thoughts are, you do work for Lionsgate so I understand if you'd rather not get into specifics. But I believe you're rooting for Mel as I am, we love our comeback stories! Braveheart was a coming of age movie for always will be, nothing can replace it.
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The John Campea Podcast Ep 34 - Wonder Woman Excuses Who Won Comic-Con

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday July 27th 2016) John talks about the following: 1) People making excuses for some not liking Gal Gadot?s acting 2) Other Comic Con Trailers 3) No Charlie Hunnam for Pacific Rim 2 (John Boyega) 4) The Joker isn?t Jason Todd FAN QUESTIONS: After Comic con and Star wars celebration I have been hearing many stories of people waiting over 7 hours and still not get in to see certain panels. That is a really long time where you could be doing something else and enjoy the rest of the convention. Personally, I find this to be one of the biggest reasons to separate the cons. I get the allure that everything is in one place but is it worth it if all you get to see is one thing all day. ~Raymundo I know you are a huge fan of the TV Flash, which I am as well it's my favorite comic book TV show, my question is do you think Flash are becoming over reliant on Speedster villains? and do you think it could put casual fans off watching the show because it's the same formula? ~James Hope you had a great Comic Con! I thought all the trailers that were released at Comic Con by Marvel and DC were great with the highlights being the Wonder Woman, Dr. Strange and my favourite being the Justice League footage and the first group photo of the Justice League together! But being in the midst of it yourself, which studio did you feel have the most buzz going... or in other words, who do YOU feel won Comic con? ~Faiyaz Amit A non sdcc their prime Boxer vs. MMA. Mike Tyson vs. Brock Lesnar? I'll with MT. My thought being Brock is to ground based. ~Joe
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The John Campea Podcast Ep 32 - Chris Hemsworth Returns In Star Trek 4 Ghostbusters 2 Coming

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday July 18th 2016) John discusses the following topics: - New Netflix series STRANGER THINGS - Star Wars Celebration letdown - Han Solo funeral in Episode VIII - No opening crawl for Star Wars Rogue One - Ghostbusters 2 almost confirmed And the following questions from the viewers: With Matt Damon recently saying he would join a superhero project if Ben Affleck were to direct him, do you think there is a possibility that he might show up in Affleck's 'Batman' film? ~Lewis McAllister My question is what are your special SDCC "surprises"(something unexpected that blows everyone's minds like the BvS announcement or Godzilla 2k14 in previous panels) that you would like to see announced this year? I would personally love to see WB finally put some clarity on their Mortal Kombat reboot after all those years of rumors. ~R Crz Hi John. In the past you have talked about Movie Pass. I was just wondering if you had any thoughts on the new pricing structure that they are trying to implement. I do not recall if you stated you stopped using the service or if you continue to use it. do you think this product can actually work? ~Fred Tuytens What's up John? Hope you are well. With CBS announcing a new Star Trek tv series for 2017. Do you think Star Trek Beyond will be the final film in this current film universe starring Chris Pine? ~Chris Warden Follow John on Twitter/Facebook/Instagram @JohnCampea Subscribe to Comic-Con HQ at:
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The John Campea Podcast Ep 31 - Rogue One Trailer Fail Wonder Woman Pics

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Saturday July 16th 2016) John discusses the following topics: 1) Star Wars Rogue One missing trailer 2) Rebels season 3 trailer 3) Wonder Woman pictures 4) Suicide Squad tracking for $125 million 5) Transformers: The Last Knight And the following viewer emails: What do you think about Tim Duncan retirement? ~ B Wayne What do you think will be the better showcase for Andrew Garfield; Mel Gibson's "Hacksaw Ridge", or Martin Scorsese's "Silence"? Keep up the awesome work, you're one of the best! ~Aaron Teters Hi John. I'm really excited for Justice League with all the news and stuff but my fear is with all that fun and light tone in the movie do you think that they will ruin the character of Ben Affleck's Batman? Like in Batman & Robin. ~Vader Little I have a question for your podcast next week. I know you liked the movie Batman v Superman despite its flaws and I agree with you that despite those flaws it isn?t that bad of a film. My question for you is what would YOU have done to make the movie better? What would have taken out or in to the film to make it a hit at the box office? ~Jim Gillentine Follow John on facebook and twitter at @JohnCampea
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The John Campea Podcast Ep 30 - WB Games Bribes, Pokemon Go Movie

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday July 13th 2016) John talks about the following: - WB Games pays some YouTube reviewers - Pokemon getting a movie in development - Movies as dates - Batman's role in Suicide Squad - and a whole bunch more!
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The John Campea Podcast Episode 29 - Ghostbusters Troll Babies Gambit Still On

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday July 11th 2016) John talks about the following: - Is the Gambit movie still on - Secret Life Of Pets dominates box office - UFC 200 - How will Ghostbusters do at the box office - The pathetic trolls trying to sink a movie they haven't seen yet - and a whole bunch more
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 28 - Suicide Squad worries, Top 5 of 2016, UFC 200

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Saturday July 9th 2016) John talks about: - Legit reasons to be worried for Suicide Squad - Best 5 movies of 2016 so far - UFC 200 - Questions from the fans Make sure to find The John Campea Podcast in iTunes so you can rate and comment on it! Follow John on all social media (Facebook, Twitter, Instagram) @JohnCampea
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 27 - Cinemark vs Victims' Families, BVS Ultimate Edition

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Tuesday July 5th 2016) John talk about the following issues: - Cinemark going after shooting victim's families - Batman V Superman Ultimate Edition - Game Of Thrones going to IMAX - Kevin Durant - UFC 200 - and much more!
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 26 - Game Of Thrones Season Finale, Independence Day Struggles

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday June 27th 2016) John is joined by Kristian Harloff and Wendy Lee and together they discuss: - The Game Of Thrones season finale - Favorite TV of all time - Independence Day struggles and a whole bunch more!
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 25 - Justice League Set Reports, Independence Day Trouble

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast, John is joined by his FILM HQ co-star Josh Macuga. Sign up for Comic-Con HQ today and watch John's show FILM HQ!
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 24 - Anton Yelchin, Warcraft Bombing, Game Of Thrones

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday June 20th 2016) we talk about: 1) The sad passing of Anton Yelchin 2) Warcraft bombing in North America 3) The NBA finals 4) The CRAZY episode of Game Of Thrones 5) Your twitter questions!
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 23 - Commissioner Gordon Is Jacked!

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday June 8th 2016) John is joined by Collider's Wendy Lee and take listener topics and questions.
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 22 - Summer Sequel Struggles

On this episode of THE JOHN CAMPEA PODCAST (recorded Monday June 6th 2016) John discusses topics and questions brought by listeners. Follow John on twitter/facebook/youtube at johncampea Sign up for Comic-Con HQ now at
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 21 - Star Wars Rogue One Is Not In Trouble

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Tuesday May 31st 2016) John takes question from his Facebook page regarding the rumors of Rogue One being in trouble, if Bryan Singer should step down from X-Men, what direction will Supernatural go from here and a whole bunch more!
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 20 - BvS Hurts Civil War, Next Avengers Movies Renamed

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday May 9th 2016) John talks about the following topics: 1) The Effect of negative BVS reaction had on Civil War 2) Civil War 3) Game Of Thrones S6 E3 thoughts 3) Alden EHrenREich as Han Solo TWITTER QUESTIONS yunglegend1234 @johncampea what do you think about the Infinity War movies being retitled and being 2 standalone stories? #tjcp NolanHiddink @johncampea Hi John, Do you think that Chris Nolan has a good shot of winning an Oscar with Dunkirk #TJCP sithlordthrash @johncampea #tjcp who are your favorite current MMA fighters and who comprises your P4P top 3? Jsilvz24 @johncampea Thoughts on Keanu's box office performance? Do you think Key and Peele will be able to make a box office hit? #TJCP
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 19 - Who Should Run DC For Warner Bros?

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Friday, April 29th 2016) John does a special "Ask Me Anything" session with questions submitted by listeners.
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 18 - The Desctructive DC vs Marvel Fanboys War

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday, April 25th 2016) John talks about the following: 1) The poisonous environment of DC vs MARVEL fanboys war 2) Game Of Thrones premiere 3) RDJ joins Spider-Man 4) No more INHUMANS movie TWITTER QUESTIONS whooleyjames @johncampea #TJCP The Founder trailer. Your thoughts. Does this McNugget interest you? BrianaJtotheA - New X-Men trailer dropped this morning. What does it do to your expectations for the film? allinforfinn Can you elaborate on prowse gets too much praise for Vader and it doesn't matter who's in the suit? Earl Jones more important? Make sure to follow John @JohnCampea Please visit our sponsor www.GeedFeed.Com
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 17 - Spider-Man, Kingman 2, Thor 3 Casting

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Monday, April 18th 2016) John talks about the following topics: 1) Did JJ Abrams say Rey's parents aren't in THE FORCE AWAKENS?!? ?What I meant was that she doesn?t discover them in ?Episode VII,'? Abrams had clarified to EW. ?Not that they may not already be in her world.? 2) Jungle Book hits $103 mil 3) James Cameron says 4 Avatar sequels. 4) Fox confirms Deadpool 2. (Ryan Reynolds, screenwriters Rhett Reese and Paul Wernick, and director Tim Miller all returning). 5) Channing Tatum joins KINGSMAN: THE GOLDEN CIRCLE 6) Variety says Michael Keaton in talks for SPIDER-MAN HOMECOMING. No word on who though. 7) Natalie Portman not returning for THOR RAGNAROK. Follow John on Twitter and Facebook @JohnCampea Support our sponsor www.GeekFeed.Com
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The John Campea Podcast: Episode 16 - Ben Affleck Directing BATMAN

On this episode of The John Campea Podcast (recorded Wednesday April 13th 2016) John talks about the following: 1) Ben Affleck is directing BATMAN stand alone movie 2) Spider-Man Homecoming 3) Doctor Strange trailer drops 4) Underworld Blood Wars Twitter Questions: Chantz Morse ?@chantz_morse @johncampea After Beauty and the Beast next year, what do you think will be the next live action Disney remake? #TJCP Belinda Mitchel I heard a report say Comic-Con will start streaming hall H panels. Is this true? dbustillo @johncampea #TJCP With a month in advance of the screening and good word of mouth spreading, any chance CW comes close to TFA numbers in OW? derecklarge @johncampea I know the trailers for Ratchet and Clank haven't been the best but as a fan of the games, I have hope. Will it be good? #TJCP Follow John on twitter @JohnCampea Support our sponsor www.GeekFeed.Con
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