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Uncanny County

Uncanny County

Mystical truck drivers. Robots gone haywire. Killer clown demons. And pie. So. Much. Pie. This quirky, darkly comic, Southwestern-flavored anthology brings you a new paranormal audio play every month. Sit back, open your ears, and hold on tight. Because you're about to take a quick detour...through Uncanny County.


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S2 Ep23: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 11: Bread

Written and produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland.
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S2 Ep22: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 10: Old Man Guthrie

Written by Amanda F. T. Bowen, produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland, Todd Faulkner as Hank and Dan Truman as Old Man Guthrie.
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S2 Ep21: Tales From A Distance, Dispatch 9 - Pet Store

Written and Produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Tom Bartos as the store owner, Tess Gill as the customer and Ruth Weber as the Kittens.
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S2 Ep20: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 8: Lockup, Lockdown

Written by Alison Crane and produced by Todd Faulkner. Featuring Katherine Puma as Amy, Tom Bartos as Calvin and Todd Faulkner as Jake.
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S2 Ep19: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 7

Written and produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland.
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S2 Ep18: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 6

Written by Alison Crane, Produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring William Franke as Lawyer Bill and Nicole Greevy as Destiny.
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S2 Ep17: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 5

Written and produced by Todd Faulkner. Featuring William Franke as Deputy Dillard.
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S2 Ep16: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 4

Written and produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland and William Franke as Deputy Dillard.
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S2 Ep15: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 3

Written & produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Griffin Robert Faulkner as the Angel.
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S2 Ep14: Tales From A Distance - Dispatch 2

Howdy y'all, hope you're well. Here's another piece of our ongoing mini-season where we take a peek into the lives of your favorite County residents during this situation.
Written and produced by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland and William Franke as Deputy Dillard.
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S2 Ep13: Tales From A Distance Of No Less Than Six Feet - Dispatch 1

Howdy y'all, hope you're well. Here's part one of a special bonus mini-season. Written by Nicole Greevy. Featuring Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland and William Franke as Deputy Dillard.
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S2 Ep12: Santa's Last Stop (S2, Ep12)

Happy Holiday Hullabaloo from Uncanny County! Here's an early holiday treat - a bonus mini-episode featuring a ex-con serving his community service as a helper to the Man in Red and White, only tonight - his sentence is up. And now, this non-saintly Nick is ready to use his magical powers to turn the tables on all the good folks on his list - until an encounter in Uncanny County changes him for all time? Suitable for the whole family. A transcript is available at
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S2 Ep11: The Clowning (S2, Ep11)

Susan Pasternak?s five-year-old son Tyler was conceived the night she and Sheriff Rowland fought off an invasion of clown-like creatures from another dimension. During the attack, Tyler?s father was murdered by the white-faced monsters. And now Susan?s about to discover that monsters can take many forms, and they often appear where you least expect them. Especially? in Uncanny County. Trigger warning - CLOWNS. Stand-alone episode, but technically a sequel to the season one episode Coulrophobia, by Todd Faulkner. Written and produced by Todd Faulkner, recorded and mastered by Kevin Ramsay. Original score by Kori Celeste.  It featured Alison Crane as Susan, Nicole Greevy as Sheriff Rowland, and Griffin Robert Faulkner as Tyler, along with the vocal talents of Todd Faulkner, Babs Winn, Uma Incrocci, Jenny Kirlin, Emily Battles, Christian Pedersen, and William Franke. The song No Accidents was written and performed by Ned Massey. Available on iTunes.
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S2 Ep10: Imperfect Storm (S2, Ep10)

Rocky Mitchum is a storm chaser. He drives head first into dangerous weather whenever it appears. Like all of us, he?s lookin? for something. But sometimes the thing you?re lookin? for is also lookin? for you. You just might not recognize it?in Uncanny County.
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S2 Ep9: Wichita Starman (S2, Ep9)

Summer, 1975\. Russ Matheson?s life is about to change in some very big ways. A county lineman, Russ spends his days - and often his nights - working on telephone lines, keeping other folks connected, while he slowly but surely drifts away from the ones he loves. But a strange encounter will send him off on a new journey ? one that flies straight through the heart ? of Uncanny County? Marked "explicit" for mild language.
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S2 Ep8: Wellness (S2, Ep8)

A new workplace is full of unfamiliar faces, sights, and sounds. But every office has its usual suspects, and anyone eager to stay employed gets to know the lay of the land as quickly and enthusiastically as they can. Of course, that land isn?t always what it seems? especially in Uncanny County. Written by Amanda Maciel, produced by William Franke and mastered by Kevin Ramsay. Featuring Nicole Greevy as New Girl, Kirk McGee as 575, and Alena Acker as HR, with the vocal talents of William Franke, Sky Smith, Todd Faulkner, and Amanda Maciel.
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S2 Ep7: Our Better Angels (S2, Ep7)

A lone man flees into a strange house, seeking refuge from the darkness. An angel offers safety, if it can just get through an interdimensional portal. But time is running out. Marked explicit for very mild language and brief semi-graphic violence.
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S2 Ep6: Wish You Were Here (S2, Ep6)

Crab spends his days developing other folks' vacation photos, but he really wants to see the world for himself. When he unexpectedly discovers a new means of travel, he embarks on adventures of his own. what cost?
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S2 Ep5: Host in the Machine (S2, Ep5)

Morgan McNeil grew up idolizing newscaster Connie Ambrose, a local news giant and a legend around these parts. But when she finally meets her childhood idol, Morgan may just find that being a local legend takes an awful lot more than she bargained for, especially on the airwaves -- of Uncanny County...
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S2 Ep4: Locked In (S2, Ep4)

Jill and Stephanie's wedding plans are put on hold when Jill suffers a tragic accident. Jill is rushed to the hospital, where her mom and fiancée hold vigil by her bedside. But the treatment she receives makes Jill realize that not everyone is keeping their oath to "do no harm." (Marked "explicit" for mild language and adult themes.) CONTENT ADVISORY: This episode contains plot elements that (although metaphorical) may be disturbing to some members of our audience. For more information, please see our website.
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S2 Ep3: The Last Wigwam Christmas (S2, Ep3)

Christmas Eve, 1970. Wally's Wigwam Motor Lodge is on its last legs, but a series of troubled travelers may find the accommodations to be exactly what they need.
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S2 Ep2: Homecoming Queen of the Damned (S2, Ep2)

1985. Kimber Spaulding - the new girl at Heller High School - is convinced that if she were just popular, her life would be a teenage dream. But a stolen magic charm may help her to remember that not all dreams are happy ones, especially - in Uncanny County? (Rated explicit for mild language.)
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S2 Ep1: The Ridgeway Motel (S2, Ep1)

Ellen has spent her life trying to help her screw-up of a brother, Larry. Or has she? At the Ridgeway Motel, she'll discover why he is who he is... and it's not what she ever expected.
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Season 2 Trailer!

Howdy! We'll be back in your dimension starting next week. In the meantime, here's a sneak peek at our upcoming season.
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Special Dispatch from Uncanny County-4/15/2017

Special message for our listeners (recorded WITHOUT the approval of our Reptilian Overlords). Please, listen now -before the Great Scaly Ones make us take it down! #audiodrama #weird #tales #paranormal
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S1 Ep12: The Ballad of Bobby Blue (S1, Ep12)

Bobby Blue is the most popular crooner in the tri-counties. Folks come from as far away as Good Hope Farms to hear his dulcet tones. But, Annie and Lana are there for a different reason. They're on a mission where there's no room for distractions. But distractions are Uncanny County.
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S1 Ep11: On A Christmas Uncanny (S1, Ep11)

Sheriff Rowland tries to capture her annual visitor ? a mythological creature that's been raising a ruckus on early Christmas mornings since she was a small child? Suitable for all ages.
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S1 Ep10: Home Is Where The Spice Is (S1, Ep10)

Lydia Hanlon always dreads her annual trip home for Thanksgiving. This year, unbeknownst to her, she has a really good reason?
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S1 Ep9: The Tub (S1, Ep9)

Ashley wants her aging parents to move into assisted living. Reed and Cheryl have other ideas, and want to retain their independence in their golden years. But when they move into a house with strange amenities, they soon realize that Reed?s ?senior moments? are the least of their problems...
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S1 Ep8: Burnin' For You (S1, Ep8)

Chester and Henry lead a nice peaceful life as fire lookouts, especially since they haven't seen a single fire in five years. When the lookout tower closes, both must adjust to life on the ground. But things are never that simple in Uncanny County.
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S1 Ep7: Rainbow Magic Kittens (S1, Ep7)

Twelve year old Treve wants a pet. But not just any pet. He wants something special, something unusual, something different. Because Treve?s felt different ever since his dad died two years ago. But the pet he?s chosen- well, let?s just say it comes with a price he may not be able to meet.
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S1 Ep6: The Boy Who Cried Martian (S1, Ep6)

In 1938, Orson Welles terrified the nation with a false tale of a Martian invasion. One year later, after being all but driven from the industry, Orson is back on the air and about to face the most challenging broadcast OF HIS LIFE!
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S1 Ep5: Irreconcilable Differences (S1, Ep5)

When Calvin is unexpectedly released from prison, his new wife, Amy disappears. Calvin's desperate search for his bride reveals Amy's dark secret and leads to a deadly confrontation...with Jake.
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S1 Ep4: Coulrophobia (S1, Ep4)

Ted Crider is terrified of clowns. But he and his fiancée, Susan Pasternak (herself a professional clown) are off to spend the night in the local Clown Motel so he can conquer his irrational fear and they can begin their new life together. Assuming, of course, that his fear turns out to be irrational?
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S1 Ep3: Mother Loves You (S1, Ep3)

Margaret and Beth have grown up with a mother who can, and does, do everything for them. They're about to find out what makes her so capable. They're not going to like it.
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S1 Ep2: Eleventh Hour (S1, Ep2)

Business is bad at Bill's Law Firm & Car Wash. Bill's about to shutter the business, when he gets an envelope from a mysterious client. Things are looking up until he makes a deadly mistake, causing the client to reveal their surprising identity...and an impossible choice.
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S1 Ep1: A Thing For Machines (S1, Ep1)

Sally?s ?helper robots? practically run the small town of Junction Falls, but much to the consternation of her longtime boyfriend, Hal, they also take up a lot of her time and attention. Feeling increasingly neglected, he confronts Sally ? and makes a shocking discovery.
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New Podcast: UNCANNY COUNTY: Teaser Trailer 1

Robots gone haywire.  Killer clown demons. And pie.  So. Much. Pie.  This quirky, darkly comic, Southwestern-flavored podcast brings you a new paranormal audio play every month. Sit back, relax, and hold on tight.  Because you're about to take a quick detour...through Uncanny County.
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