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A Quiet Mind

A Quiet Mind

Meditation, Self Awarness, Healing, Spirituality


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Embracing the Chaotic, Crazy, Weirdness

Embracing the wacky, craziness that is our world.

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A Podcast About No One

A podcast about nothing and no one.

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The Buddha Never Charged $29.95

There are no steps to enlightenment or nirvana and no one can take you there.

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No One Gets Out of Here Enlightened

In this podcast I take a look at the big questions yet again. Who am I? What am I? Can I become enlightened? Will I ever be happy, whole and complete? How do I get rind of discontent, desire and confusion. It's easy really, just lose yourself.

Get cool stuff and get involved in the production costs for the book and the guided meditations.

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Wow! This spiritual stuff is really great but...

In this episode of A Quiet Mind I will be smashing some paradigms of spirituality, enlightenment and do-goodery.

Get cool stuff and get involved in the production costs for the book and the guided meditations.

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A Walk in the Woods

Take a walk in the woods.
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Just Be. Just be yourself.

There's no "doing" necessary to be YOU.

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A guided meditation.

A guided meditation using the sounds of nature to calm the mind


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Failure, the Other F Word

Life is difficult. There is pain and suffering and at times there is a deep misery or depression beyond our control. Sometimes we fail and sometimes the world just kicks our ass.

It's ok to fail, forget, blow it, lose it and fall. To move forward we must allow ourselves to look the fool, to trip up and make mistakes. The saying goes, fall six times and get up seven but no one tells you how long you can stay down. I say, stay down as long as you need to and you'll know when to get back up.

Just know this: what keeps us down is how we talk to ourselves in our heads. Watch out for self deprecating thoughts and actions but don't try to use positive mantras to get up again. Your job is to just watch and observe where the thoughts come from and become aware of how you may be sustaining your own failures by your thinking patterns.

We can move forward without the harsh inner critic and the condescending mind chatter. Be aware of the difficulties in going against the stream of normalcy and learn how to coast where you need to coast.

Things to remember:

We don't need to feel bliss to be ok in life. That type of thinking denotes that there is someone who is feeling bliss and someone who is not. Bliss just is and we are that.

Create time to be natural and discover what the natural state is without using the mind to define what is natural.

Give yourself permission to fail.

Watch out for holding on to expectations of perfection.

See that it's all perfect when the judgements and expectations are silent.

In life we are goal driven and it's ok to have a goal to pay the bills and put food on the table but we should be weary of holding onto goals of being a perfect person.

Observe without taking notes and labeling your progress. Just watch the one who watches. Once we start to become aware of the witness inside, the pure awareness that we are, we can experience the non dual (our natural state) first hand.

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Everythings gonna be ok

Reminders on the path

Don't worry so much.
Just relax.
You're only doing the best you can.
Fully embrace every aspect of who you are right now.
Rest in being here right now.
Decided to feel good.
Don't try so hard.
Just stop
Just sit
Just be yourself
Be the ONE
When sitting in meditation be comfortable, don't try to meditate.
Watch your breath go in and out.
If you have thoughts, no problem just keep sitting.
If your butt hurts that's fine just keep sitting.
If you can't sit, just sit anyway.

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So you want a quiet mind eh?

Once upon a time there was a thought, and the thought was, "a quiet mind is all you need." A quiet mind is all anyone needs to feel happy, peaceful, whole and complete. If your mind just stops and becomes still, what remains? It?s simple really and anyone can see this. What remains is quiet and quiet by its very nature is peaceful and peace is nice. Peace feels good, it feels serene, and who doesn't like serene?

Boy oh boy, what a crazy thought (to quiet the mind) because now there was a goal and a mission, an impossible mission at that. I must tell you, if you give the hyper analytical mind of an obsessive being such as myself a goal, you better watch out because it will stop at nothing to achieve said goal. So began the twenty year quest to achieve the impossible, to achieve having a quiet mind.

What a wonderful journey it has been. I have seen so much and learned so much. I'm literally bursting with things to share with you at this plateau of understanding, you the listeners, you the fellow travelers. If I haven't said it before or often enough, I want to say it again and again. Thank you, fellow adventurer from the bottom of my heart for being here, for being my listening ears. I bow to you all with the deepest, heartfelt gratitude. Without you my friends, I would never have been able to make such a difficult journey.

How can one achieve a quiet mind and feel peace, happiness and contentment all the time? Those questions and many others will be answered in this next series of podcasts that will deal directly with how to quiet your mind. What do you need to do? All you need to do is show up and listen. I?m here to remind you that you are what you seek and happiness is your true nature. We are THAT and a quiet mind can bring peace, happiness and contentment to your life. Is that the end? No I think it's only a good start but it's a powerful start. So together let?s do this thing.

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Lizard Brain is Behind the Wheel

Do you have lizard brain behind the wheel? Scared? Fearful? Angry? Defensive? This podcast addresses our survival instinct we may have while driving and how we can evolve beyond a scared reptile into a calm, kind and compassionate traveler. Know the warning signs of lizard brain driving:

Feeling a lack of control Anger Rage Feeling trapped or powerless Feeling suppressed Outbursts of anger like shouting, cursing Using your car like a shell or shield for protection Using your car as a weapon or threat Identify with your car as an extension of you

You are not your car; this is not your hermit shell that needs protection. Do you want to defend your car and your opinion or do you want to feel peaceful and calm in this moment? Remember you are not your story, your feelings, emotions, thoughts or possessions. You are something much bigger than that. Your co-pilot is calm.


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The Highway 101 Blues

It's Monday morning and your late again. Your stuck in bumper to bumper traffic and losing it. That jerk in the convertible just cut you off and that crazy person behind you is ridding your ass. Your trapped behind a Wal-Mart truck that is spewing diesel fumes into your passenger side widow making you choke and tear up. The widows rolled down because the air conditioner is on the fritz again and your spritzing like an animal. You can feel the rage beginning to build up inside you.

It's hot, smelly, overcrowded and insane. Your on the edge?

How can you possibly meditate or relax in this situation? Listen to this podcast to learn some ways to help you navigate through the chaos and noise. Explore some innate abilities that help you cope and relive your suffering, dis-ease and stress.

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Heart Mind

When the attachment to thoughts subsides our mind naturally gets quiet and we begin to experience gaps between thoughts. In these gaps we can hear the soft -spoken voice of the heart. This soft-spoken voice is a compass, that can point us to the direction we need to travel - inward.

In life sometimes we need guidance and advice so we may look outward to our friends and family for counsel and wisdom. My advice to you is this, seek the inward path to your own inner teacher, it?s there for us at anytime and any place. This guide has always been there within us we were born with it, at times it?s just difficult or impossible to hear. The voice of the heart is quiet, soft and non intrusive. On the other had the external noises of life are often so harsh and loud that the soto voice of our heart is drowned out completely.

What can we do to hear our inner guidance? Daily seek a place of solitude and calm and simply stop. Set everything down. Be still. Take several long slow deep breathes in and out. Allow yourself to settle. Each day we have the opportunity to acknowledge this inner stillness and the soft voice of our can our heart-mind. Each day we can make this moment of stillness a priority. It?s up to us.

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Happiness Now

In every moment there is the opportunity to see that your true nature is happiness. There is no need to seek for what is already yours. The treasure is within you.

Spend quiet time alone contemplating nothingness See that you are perfect in this moment Accept things as they are and be gracious Change is a constant Thoughts will come and go You are much bigger than you know Practice being still The felling you have that everything is OK is not wishful thinking In the morning be aware of the morning Grinch telling you that everything is miserable, you are miserable, it's all miserable. Who or what is that voice inside you? Enquire, be curious and know your true Self
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How to Wake Up

Everyone wants a clear and concise "how to wake up" method, this is impossible without the willingness of the participant to jump in and take the necessary risks to give up their old ways of thinking and seeing.


The Podcast is at the bottom of the article


If you want to know the truth about who you really are and what this is really all about you have to be willing to give up the old methods, to reach beyond thought and thinking mind and to take the dive into the unknown.

You must ask yourself, ?What do I want?? and then be willing to risk it all to have that.

So what do you want? If you want peace, happiness and serenity, what are you willing to give up to have that?

Are you willing to give up your attachment to thoughts, memories, concepts, judgements and beliefs to have peace?
Sacrifice is part of the path of no path.

You don?t have to give up everything and walk into the woods (though I?ve done that) to discover the truth, but you may have to give up trying to think your way to the truth. There comes a time when we have to leave behind our precious beliefs and open to newness.
I?m not talking about Robert?s way, I?m talking about rediscovering your own innate wisdom, happiness, and contentment that you arrived with.
I can only point to this truth and MY way means nothing at all.

All I ask of you is this -

Can you look deeply into your own heartmind and see that you had it all along, that nothing is broken in you and nothing needs to be fixed. Your OK The way to IT is simple. It?s down beneath the thinking mind and it?s found in silence.

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Listen below

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Returning to Intimacy



Return to the one that is not touched by the circumstances of the world. The one that lives in this world but not of this world. Drop the meditator, drop the form and just sit without any rigid model. There is no reconnection or creation of an experience or paradigm, it's ordinary and easy to do.

Just sit Don't try to do anything Accept, accept , acccept Be compassionate with the mind noises Invite them in for tea and cake Don't try to create a quiet mind Don't try to let go Don't try to do it right Be breathed No special tools required No special words or prayers needed Just be you. A stillness practice does not need to be another task or your list, just sit and be there with what is and don't resist whatever comes up. Just embrace all arrising phenomenon as it is and sit with what is. You are not here to accomplish anything or get anything right,  just be and remember all thought is just thought and all pain  is arising phenomenon. Breathe and accept. Breathe and be. Breathe and return to intimacy.
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Barking Dog Mind

Do you have a barking dog mind that wont shut up?
Are you trying to distract it with treats, and other bribes? Do you ignore is barks and try to drown them out with other sounds? Do you numb out with television, alcohol, food, games, internets or other drugs? Are you tired of the non stop yapping? Are you ready to learn how to quiet your inner barking dog? Then read on. At present we can observe that we have a very noisy mind, it barks day and night, even in our sleep. We?ve tried a million things to quiet it and it never stops and in most cases it gets even louder. If we can be honest with ourselves and see that the present methods of taming the inner canine have failed then we have reached the first step accepting what is so. Up to this point your methods have failed, or they are temporary and fleeting at best. Can you drop your old ways and open to something new? That is the second step. The third step is to introduce new ways of thinking about your mind barking.
So we have these steps to take. Accepting old methods are not working. Make room for some new ideas Introduce a new way to look at your present state of being.

When we accept things and stop fighting our own minds the brain has a chance to rest and settle. When it settles we can reach a point of clarity and stillness that allows for a certain freshness, a hollowed ground so to speak, a place to plant new seeds?

When we let go of ideas and preferences we can make room for newness to enter into our experience. When our minds are full there is simply no room for new ideas. Can you suspend your beliefs and have an open mind? If so continue on.
Congratulations you have moved on and you are ready to test out some new ideas and concepts. That?s right we are going to test things out for ourselves. A wise teacher once said, ?You don?t have to take my word for it. Simply try it for yourself.? And this is very true, we should always try a teaching for ourselves and see if it fits.
New ideas. You are not your thoughts. You are not who you think you are. You can be free from you barking dog mind. Know that most of what we see and experience in others is also barking dog mind. Presently we think that we are the thoughts that stream through our minds. They come and go and sometimes never leave us alone. These thoughts are just like radio signals, we can choose to tune in, or tune out, or tune off. Can you try out this new way of thinking?
The new way to think is, ?I?m not my thoughts, or the voices arising from this mind and I can let them pass?
Try this out for a week and report back to share your insights.
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Ego schmego!

The invitation to arrive in this moment is constantly being offered to you. It's up to you to take it.


Breathing in I accept what is so in this moment. Breathing out I accept what is so in this moment. No resistance to what is so. Just being in this moment radically accepting what is so. Know the rat-mind, from the heart-mind. Embrace the path of no resistance.

The mind wants to believe that we can't live without it and when we begin to see that we can, it's soft underbelly is exposed and vulnerable. In this state it's first reaction is to strike back against it's attacker and use all of it's defense mechanisms. These defense mechanisms come in varied form but in most cases it uses fear as it's primary weapon. It may also use numbing tactics like immersing oneself in a mindless television shows, playing a video games, or getting drunk, or high.

What can we do?

When we use our breath to come home and check in we can catch ourselves before we use a tactic, habit or substance to escape the rat mind. When we catch ourselves before we engage in that habit we can instill this practice, the practice or activity of just observing. Observing silently, without judgment and letting the thoughts pass by. Try sitting today for just two minutes. If your mind say's it's bored, then just sit there and be as bored as you can. Do boredom all the way. If your mind wont stop spinning, just let it spin and don't try to do a thing. Do nothing all the way everyday for just a few minutes. There is no need to have a formal meditation practice, just sit quietly, watch, listen and breath.


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Fire your ego and call off the search. You are home and you have arrived.

There is nothing to discover There is nothing to remove There is nothing to add There is nothing to see You are fine and there is nothing to fix There is no one to save You are whole and complete The journey is over You are home You have arrived
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Learning to breathe.

*At the bottom of this post is a link to hear the podcast. If you think about it we were never taught to breath, isn?t that strange? We have been living out our whole lives without the basic instructions on how to breathe properly. Isn?t that shocking? Most of us breathe like little chipmunks that are being chased by Mr. Twinkles the neighborhood cat. That type of breathing is fight or flight, or panic breathing. We are all running from Mr. Twinkles in our own way throughout the day.

Some examples of using panic breathing would be:

Rush hour traffic someone cuts you off. The boss yells at you in front of your whole team. Your child runs into the street. You have a confrontation with a co-worker, friend, or spouse that erupts into a full fledged argument. You are in pain from a stomach ache, injury or severe illness.

In all the instances we are usually taking very short and shallow breathes that only worsen the circumstance or situation. So what can we do? We can learn to breath properly. Here are some steps to proper breathing and recognizing the warning signs of panic breathing.

Your body tenses up, clenched fist, or clenched jaws. Your sweating, shaking, tensed in the neck or shoulders. You have body aches in neck, shoulders, or hands. You have stomach aches, ulcers, or allergies. Trouble eating, sleeping, relaxing.

The signs are there and I recognize them, now what do I do? Stop and check in with yourself. Become aware of the signals you are receiving. Excuse yourself from the circumstance or situation and find a quiet corner. Exhale all the breath from your body and let your head, shoulders and stomach relax. Take a long, slow, deep breath and do this several times. On your exhale try saying to yourself, ?In, I?m breathing in. Out, I?m breathing out.? Notice the minds casting about habit to find ways that it may make itself right. It may use tactics that include saying things like this: ?He was wrong and treated me with disrespect!? ?That jackass cut me off. He?s going to kill someone!? ?No one can treat me like this, I?m going to report that jerk!? Gently bring your attention back to your breathing. Repeat until calm and don?t give in to the minds demands.
A note:
This is not about pushing these feelings or emotions down, or to be in denial of your personal rights, freedoms etc. This is about calming the ego/mind before you respond using your emotions, rather than calm reason. This is about creating a platform for a proper response. The concept I?m presenting here is about not been run by the emotional outbursts that our ego may throw out there to defend itself. We are calming the mind in order to relax back into our natural state of being before we respond or act on impulse. Just breathe...
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What is your heart's desire? With Mallika Chopra

Here are the four questions we asked Mallika Chopra.

What would your answers be? 1. What is you heart's desire? 2. What motivates you? 3 How do you stay on track when you feel like giving up? 4. What is the biggest secret to following our heart's desire?

Please share your thoughts, feelings, insights and wisdom here.

Visit Mallika's site

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Who or what am I?

An interesting question to ponder is, "Who or what am I?" If asked silently to oneself alone in a room the answer can be dare I say it, enlightening. Be curious, be daring, be open. Empty your cup and see what happens.
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Where I become a test subject for following your heart's desire.

I'm jumping in and taking you with me! Join me on the journey of following your heart's desire. Let's step into the unknown together and take the leap of faith. In this podcast we talk about: Embracing your own inner teacher/guide and waking up to your full potential.
We create an experiment to see what happens when we turn around 180 degrees and go in the direction we are guided to go.
Embracing the opportunity to wake up and see our true self.
The void we feel. The disconnect is nothing more than a thought or thoughts arising that we decide to hook in to, give meaning to, embellish and create the story we call 'self'. We look at being content, happy and peaceful by dropping the concept that something from the outside will make us whole. (If only I could change such and such about myself, I could feel good and be happy.)
If you no longer attached to these thoughts and you dropped thinking all together, what would your life be like ?
We came in here complete, needing nothing but the basics in life. We complicated this by constructing a separate self. That is the idea of a self that is separate from all others and all things. We can dissolve this separate self and experience life the way it was meant to be experienced. Happy, blissful and full of joy!
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Heart's desire or just more mind stuff?

Are you following your heart's desire? How do you know that it's you heart that is speaking to you? Is it just more mind stuff, or is there something driving you beside your ego and your desires. This podcast features an interview with Jonathan Mead from Illuminated mind. Here are the four questions we asked Jonathan. What would your answers be?
1. What is you heart's desire? 2. What motivates you? 3 How do you stay on track when you feel like giving up?
4. What is the biggest secret to following our heart's desire?

Please share your thoughts, feelings, insights and wisdom here.

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Bow in gratitude

The practice of gratitude is honed over time with patience and humility at its? core. A good way to experience this practice is bowing in gratitude. This doesn?t have to be the physical act of bowing (but that helps); you can just bow in your mind. When you see something arising in the mind where you see yourself stuck and desiring something you don?t have, stop and bow to what you already have. If you find yourself in the old habit of grumbling, complaining or finding fault in something, stop and find something to be grateful for. Look around you at those that are in need and give something to them. The ego resists this practice so we know we are chipping away at something of substance. I bow to you all.
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Success is in the eye of the beholder

How do we define success? In our society success seems to be measured by what we have done, created, or collected rather than what we have given or shared with our fellow sentient beings.
I had always seen success as money, cars, big houses and fame. I lived most of my life in pursuit of all of these material things and it wasn't until I had many life changing experiences that my opinions on what success was dramatically altered. One of these life changing experiences happened while living on the Big Island of Hawaii and I relate that story in this podcast. So do we need a life altering experience to change the way we see things? Yes I believe sometimes we do. How can we have a life altering experience? Stay open and don't be afraid to look deeply into your heart. Assess your life daily and see where you can change current beliefs and opinions to bring about more compassion and empathy. Open yourself to new ways of thinking and seeing. Sit quietly on a daily basis. It is in solitude that we can begin to open to a new way of looking at our ourselves and our intention. How do we re-define success?
Who gives the most. Being happy in each moment regardless of the circumstance. Putting others before ourselves. One who follows their heart to serve others without expectation of the outcome.
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Tweet my Facebook status on MySpace

Are you using social networking to avoid being social.

Have you noticed yourself Tweet-ing and Facebook-ing in social situations to avoid talking and interacting with people? I'm constantly observing people in line at the store, at the airport, on a plane and in the elevator engaged with their device. We are immersing ourselves in a medium that is helping to create social barriers with our fellow beings. A new distraction that keeps us from meeting our true self in the form of those around us that manifests as our peers. Our peers can represent aspects of ourselves we may be having trouble accepting and we don't want to confront that because it's uncomfortable.

put your phone down at lunch in the elevator put the phone down and smile at someone make a time at night to turn off all devices and sit quietly for five minutes leave your phone at home one weekend day or part of that day

Take it slow, take your time and be easy on yourself.

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Peace can't be obtained

How can we obtain that which we already have? Should we drop the goal of obtaining peace as a result of our meditation practice? Can we just sit without wanting something to happen and just be with what is? Having a gaining idea can lead us into a circle of suffering, pain and confusion. Nothing is permanent, so trying to reach a state of permanent peace is an unreachable goal. Can we accept that we will never have a continuous, blissful state of oneness? Can we call off the search and see that the thing we are looking for is right here, right now, in this moment? It can be nowhere else but here because only this moment exists. Everything else is only thought. The one who seeks peace doesn't exist. The one who is looking for enlightenment doesn't exist. The one who wants to keep peace blocks the peaceful state that already exists. It's not possible to attain a perfect, constant state of peace. That which thinks it's not at peace will never attain it. We must ask who or what is seeking peace. Who or what is not at peace or is agitated with present circumstances.
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The true essence of mind

Don't be fooled by the carrot life is dangling before you. That which you seek is inside of you waiting to be discovered. There is no need to look outside yourself for happiness, love, bliss or completeness; everything that you seek, you already possess. Look no further than your next breath.

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Are you a spiritual seeker?

Are you a spiritual seeker? Do you want to control your own destiny, the universe or just your dog? This podcast may have the answers that you seek

Who are you? Where did you come from? Where do you go when you die?

Big questions aren't they? Have you ever asked yourself who is the one asking these questions? Who is the one that is seeking something? Who is the one that is looking for the answers? Who is the one that I call myself, me? Who is the one that we call "I". Want to learn more? Listen to the podcast.

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What to do with pain, heartache and loss.

In our daily lives we have so much distraction and stimulation that we barely have the time to feel. What do I mean by feel? Feeling our pain, loss heartache, frustration anger etc. Our society is built up in a way that we don't have the time that we need to get in touch with our emotions.

Make time to be quiet and alone. Loose the distractions by turning off the TV, phone, computer etc.

Find others to talk with about how you feel.

Learn how to identify the signals that you need to wind down and check in. Anger, sadness, depression, agitation etc. Watch for body signals as well. Backache, neck tension, jaw clenching, upset stomach. These signals are there to remind us to check in, wind down and listen.

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What are you willing to give up to feel peace right now?

In our lives we are attached to many things. We are attached to objects, feelings, emotions, opinions, thoughts and desires. When we are attached we are imprisoned by our own mind's limited perceptions and expectations. When we become detached we open ourselves to possibility, spontaneity and freedom from suffering. We are no longer limited to our minds old habits and paradigms.

When we suffer we are confused, muddled and collapsed. To become detached is to become free. Detachment is freedom from suffering.

Look at what you can give up to feel the peace that is present in this moment. Are you holding onto anger, fear, loneliness, sadness, expectations or desires? Ask yourself, "Do I want to feel anger, fear, loneliness or depression more that I want to feel peace right now?"

Peace is always present Freedom is always present Stillness is always present

Get out a sheet of paper and put this down at the top: What am I willing to let go of to feel peace right now? Look at what you are feeling right now and ask yourself for each emotion, thought or feeling: Would I rather feel this or would I rather feel peace?

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If the birds are doing ok right now, why can't I be ok right now?

When everything is crazy, nature can help soften the blow.

Out in nature, things make sense. It's balanced, harmonious and abundant. When we feel at our wits end, sometimes just a short walk in the woods can clear our heads and help us get back on track.

Walk mindfully.

Observe the abundance all around you.

Listen to the wind, the birds or the sound of running water.

Recharge yourself by releasing your problems and your concerns into nature.
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How can you best serve Humanity?

What the heck are we doing here?
What is our true purpose in life?
What is our deep driving desire?
These questions are the big questions in life right? I myself have been asking them for years and I know that I'm not alone in wanting to know the answers. I have read hundreds of books ranging from contemporary esoteric thought, to ancient texts such as the Bhagavad Gita, The Tao and the Bible. All of these books had answers to theses questions and not surprisingly they were very similar. After many years of self study, meditation and literary research I have come to a conclusion. In most cases the simplest answers to life's most difficult questions are usually correct.
Ask yourself these questions:
Why do I think that I'm here? What does my intuition tell me? What are my talents? How do I best serve Humanity? Work on developing your insight into these questions by doing the following: Meditate on opening your heart to your inner Buddha, Joy, God, Spirit. Make a list of your talents and dreams and carry it with you. Look at the blocks you may have created around your dreams.

Remember to open yourself to all possibilities.

Play and laugh like when you were young: Make a date to do something you enjoyed as a child. Draw a picture. Goof off.

What do you think of this? Please comment on this post or join the forum and tell us how you feel about your special talents.

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A Guided Meditaiton to open the heart to giving

This podcast is a tool for opening the heart through allowing.

This is a guided meditation with images I have photographed in Sedona.
There are no opening or closing credits in this podcast, so that you may
be able to use it without distractions.

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Are you getting what you want?

Try giving to receive.

Are you not getting what you want out of life, your relationships and your job? Have you ever tried to give what it is that you want?
If you give what it is that you want from life to others, you will receive all that you want out of life and more. We all want love, kindness, safety, security, health, wealth and well being and we know that as truth.

So if we know what it is that we want, we can easily see want others want too. In these tough times we tend to curl up in out little cocoons and hide away 'till the storm passes. We need to break out of our shells, step forward into the great unknown and do the impossible. One truth that I know that will explode your spiritual growth is this:

The next step that you are afraid to take is exactly the step that you need to take.

Follow these simple steps to get what you want by giving what you want:

* Practice empathy by understanding all people are suffering and have experienced loss.
* Commit to a full day of giving from your heart.
* Meditate on opening your heart to giving.
* Give something small like a compliment or a hug.

Work on developing your insight as to why you do what you do and ask yourself these questions around giving:

* Am I coming from a place of lack?
* Am I coming from fear?
* Am I projecting poverty consciousness?
* Am I being selfish?

Remember not to condemn or judge yourself, just observe.
Why does giving work?

Giving works because it emulates nature and nature is always giving and abundant. Can you feel yourself as a giving and abundant being like nature? Observe nature, spend some time out there in it and see first hand its never ending supply that is given without expectation of any return. Can we give this freely and openly? Practice opening yourself to what others want by observing these facts:

* People often give exactly the opposite of what it is that they want.
* Most reactions are conditioned and habitual. "They know not what they do."
* People are wearing masks that protect them from attacks.
* Suffering is often projected by others as fear, anger, or frustration.

When you open yourself to what others want you stretch yourself out beyond your safety zone and this creates growth. This growth mixed with wisdom and discernment practiced openly sets the example of love and kindness.

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Look Mom, I can meditate all the time!

Meditate always, with these simple steps.

Do you have the time or patience to meditate twice a day for two hours? Most of us just don't have that kind of time, energy, or focus. So how the heck will we ever become the perfect person we can be if we can't meditate daily? In this podcast we learn a few things about meditating while on our feet, doing our job, eating our lunch and brushing our teeth. How can that enlighten us? You'd be surprised. Why not try these few little steps and see what happens for yourself.

Today when you brush your teeth, just brush your teeth. Whenever the phone rings, treat it as a meditation bell. Take three deep breaths before you answer and relax. When passing through doorways notice them. Walk with mindfulness to your car, the bus or from the couch to the fridge. Be gracious for something or someone in your life. Help a stranger. Give yourself some approval.

What do you think about these steps for mindfulness? Do you have any stories, ideas, suggestions or little tricks for mindfulness you can share on our forum?

If so, join the Part Time Buddha Club and be a part time enlightened being:)

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Guided Meditation on facing our fears

In this podcast we do a guided meditation to face and over come our fears.
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My gift to you! Two tracks off my CD, Flight of the Hawk

It's with great pleasure that I announce the re-release of my CD, Flight of the Hawk!

This CD was recorded in Sedona, Arizona in 2000 and then re-mastered by an old and dear friend of mine, Kevin Peterson (thanks Kev!). It contains music performed on the Native American Flute, drum, didgeridoo, and guitar, all performed by me and accompanied by nature sounds. This CD is very special to me as it has some recordings that were created in a little cabin in one of the most inspirational and spiritual places that I know. The magic and wonder of Sedona comes through strongly in this recording and I do hope that it heals, brings peace and a little joy into your lives.

Flight of the Hawk is available by download from Amazon, Itunes and many other distributors on the Internet. As a gift to you, my valued listeners, I am making two of the tracks available at no charge for your enjoyment.

If you have a coupon for this CD from a previous sale that had not gone through, please contact me and I will make sure that you get your copy. It's available only in digital format at this time.

Enjoy a few tracks from Flight of the Hawk by clicking one of the links below, when you do so it should open your web browser.


Cry of the Loon

If you vist A Quiet Mind You can download the mp3's to your hard drive as seen in the illustration below. Control click on the audio mp3 bar and choose "save as".

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New Year or new moment?

Learn in this new podcast how to come from the moment by connecting with your inner guidance and make decisions based on new habits we create through awareness and calm.
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Merry Christma-Kwanza-Hanukkah!! to you all!

From all of us here at A Quiet Mind we wish you all a very Merry Christma-Kwanza-Hanukkah- Diwali-Rohatsu, and a very Happy New Year! We love you all and we are very grateful to have you in our lives.


Robert, Tanya, Arlo, Tooney and Crusita.

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Live Meditation

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SPAIN Builds the first Solar Concentrator Tower in Europe

Earlier today the BBC World announced a groundbreaking event for all humanity. Solar Power Concentrator Power Station - the first of its kind! Until recently ideas for such solar power stations were considered a mere science fiction and dreaming about our near future, but no longer. Engineers and Scientist joined forces in Seville, Spain and made the first solar collector power station. The system is made from 642 giant mirrors that focus sunlight into a single spot - the top of a 40 story concrete tower. The concrete tower is covered with water pipes and due to the intensive heat (sometimes more than 400 degree Fahrenheit) its converted into steam. The steam then goes to Steam Power Turbines which produce the electricity.

read more

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Why be Quiet?

Why sit quietly when the whole world is going crazy!

In this episode we take a look at the positive effects of sitting and gaining insight into the "self " benefits not only ourselves but the people we love, and the rest of the planet.

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Forgive and Forget

Let's turn the other check this week! I rhymed, how cleaver. Forgiven and forget and feel free and at peace. Quiet the mind by letting go of the bullsh*t.
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Live Meditaiton Update

LIVE Podcast Saturday @ 8:30 am Pacific!.

Join me this Saturday for a live meditation @ 8:30 am Pacific time. This time we will use Yahoo! Live which is a very cool interface and looks like it will be very easy to use. Looking forward to seeing you and please share your comments on which Live video chat application you like the most.

1. Remember to breathe.

Pause at least three times today and become aware of your breath for a short time. Try counting each breath or simply be aware of your chest rising and falling and as you do this be thankful for each breath you take. It is a wonderful thing that we can breathe.

2. Notice doorways.

Each time you walk through a doorway today notice that you are walking through that doorway by bringing your attention to it. You can do this by repeating to yourself "I'm walking through this doorway now." This brings present moment awareness to your conscious mind. (You can choose not to say "I" if you really want to see something interesting.)

3. Be Gracious

Pause three times today close your eyes and be thankful for three things in your life. You can write them down if you wish and remember to smile as you are doing this. Being gracious proliferates happiness.

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Stuff is coming up!

Accepting what is so can be a very difficult task, especially when all of your board members are involved. Discover a new tool for gaining more peace around acceptance in this new podacast.
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Transform Part 2

In this episode we begin to study the Seven Spiritual Steps to a quiet mind. We start with acceptance.
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Transform Part 1

In this episode we begin a series which will delve deeply into transformation and also the exploration of Zen Buddhism. I'm working on a longer post that will follow in about a week. Stay tuned.
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