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The Run-Up

The Run-Up

Elections are about more than who wins and who loses. The New York Times reporter Astead Herndon takes us beyond the horse race to explore how we got to this fraught moment in American politics.


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The Blueprint

How the Republican grass roots got years ahead of a changing country, and whether the Democrats can catch up.

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The Guardrails

Why we can?t understand this moment in politics without first understanding the transformation of American evangelicalism.

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The Republic

In kicking off the midterms, Joe Biden talked about American democracy as a shared value, enshrined in the country?s founding ? a value that both Democrats and Republicans should join together in defending. But there is another possible view of this moment. One that is shared by two very different groups: the voters who propelled Biden to the presidency ? and the conservative activists who are rejecting democracy altogether.

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The Autopsy

It?s March 2013. The G.O.P., in tatters, issues a scathing report blaming its electoral failures on an out-of-touch leadership that ignores minorities at its own peril. Just three years later, Donald Trump proves his party dead wrong. Today, how certain assumptions took hold of both parties ? and what they?re still getting wrong ? heading into the midterm elections.

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The Stakes

?I?m worried that democracy is being eroded.? 
?The voting system is not secure.? 
?It?s like the land of no more moderates.? 
?Nothing in this country here really gives me hope.? 

As voters are feeling a new level of political disconnect, Astead Herndon asks how we got here and lays out the stakes of the 2022 midterm elections.

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Introducing 'The Run-Up'

The midterm elections are usually a referendum on the party in power. This year, they?re about so much more. ?The Run-Up,? starting Sept. 6.

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