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The Instance: The Podcast for Lovers of Blizzard Games

The Instance: The Podcast for Lovers of Blizzard Games

The Instance: Weekly radio for fans and lovers of World of Warcraft and all things Blizzard. We don't take sides, we don't whine, we just give you the facts, news and tips that you want and need for your favorite online addictions. Come meet us at the stone for another Instance!


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The Instance 552: Vote Baine in 2020

What if 2019 is the best Blizzcon of all time? A breakdown of what we have seen in patch 8.1.5 including war campaign story, redone battlegrounds, and a little talk about PortalGate 2019. Hati is back for hunters btw. The WoW classic release plan is out there now. All the news around blizzard and more!
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Break week, take a look at CORE!

Break week, take a look at CORE! Back next friday!
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The Instance 551: Fake Bacon Accent

No one wants my Azerite gear. We have a date with Trolls and Pirates! The art stream was really well done. Classic also got some news! A look around blizz and more!
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The Instance 550: Eminemsplaining

Come to Vegas and play with us! Also, Metzen wants your suggestions! Scott gets a nice mount without even trying! Get your troll and fat pirate soon! Wowhead knows how to make a nice tool. Everything Blizz does getting shaded by last week's layoffs? More about blizzard plus your emails!
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The Instance 549: Blizzard Conditions

A DEEP dive into everything we saw and heard this week. The layoffs, the future of blizzard, and what an angry player base is talking about. This is one to listen to for sure.
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The Instance 548: Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun

Method has the method and gets it twice! Hunters can ride a pet soon and Hati fans are happy about it. Zandalari and Kul Tiran get starters. Some hot fixes and changes are here on the live server. Let the yearly Love Rocket Farming begin! Stuff brewing with Baine and Derek Proudmoore on the PTR. All around blizzard, your emails and more!
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The Instance 547: Mike and the catch up mechanics, or, Swine Flew

Get your mythic and raid finder on this week. What do you do if you are just shy of i350? We will probably have to buy that pig. Wanna be Kul Tiran or Zandalari? Good, cause now we know what you have to do. Ion had some cool stuff to say about the state of the game in a german interview. Heroes is bumming us out. Diablo is scratching some itches again. Overwatch also has itch scratch happening with a new Paris map. Hearthstone gets hard nerfed. Your emails and more!
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The Instance 546: Tinker Toy Dingle Dorf

The Battle of Dazar'alor is upon us, so get in there. We talk all about it, and some of story stuff it came with. We take a few points from the recent Q&A. Blizzard made a pretty big hire in January. Your emails and more!
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The Instance 545: Old Zoners

Raid testing, what Bungie leaving might mean for Blizzard, letting you do ANYTHING in old zones, and way more.
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The Instance 544: Wineglasses and Free Haircuts

Scott and Garrett try to make sense of the latest in Blizzard and WoW news, as well as think about the old days of Wrath Gate. Also, we kinda know what Second Dinner is up to now. And so much more.
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The Instance 543: Directional Cheese

Some deep talk about 8.1, and the cloud that currently hangs over blizzard at the moment. I think we hit some pretty thoughtful stuff so check it out. Also a look at games around blizz, and what the upcoming raid will do for WoW. And lots more!
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The Instance 542: Pagans what dunit

Tides of Vengeance Arrives Starting December 11. Are we ready? Battling for the trees of Darkshore. Assaulting the factions is fun maybe? Do YOU wanna look like a Blood Elf NPC? The raid is coming soon enough. Around Blizzard and more!
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The Instance 541: We didn't start the fire

What the crap does Warcraft Go look like anyway?? Kotaku goes hard. 8.1 thoughts. The Sylvanas retcon and Saurfang predictions. Around blizzard, your emails and more!
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The Instance 540: Immortal and Infamous

Our BIG blizzcon wrapup is here and now! All the stuff we saw, all the stuff we liked, and a few things we didn't. A full crew today as well. Enjoy!
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The Instance 539: Brack Classic

Hold the door, and get on the train, and fiddle! Also, everything we know and don't know about Blizzcon next week. Also how the WoW classic thing is gonna work for you VT holders. And loads more!
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The Instance 538: Kill Mother Just One More Time

We know what Blizzcon looks like, and it looks a little different than we were predicting. Ion talked to Forbes about WoW and there's stuff to mine in there. A whole lot more so check it out!
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The Instance 537: Mike LessHaime

We dive deep into the legacy of Mike Morhaime as co founder and president of blizzard for 27 years. What will Brack do? Got that new book! Azerite power gets addressed. The Blizzcon schedule has some interesting stuff in it. Your emails and more!
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The Instance 536: Full Pants Defense

Big week for WoW stuff, so dive right in! Changes coming with Tides of Vengeance. Lots of quality of life improvements. System improvements. Addressing account-wide rep grinds, etc. More about that book. $77.94 is a weird amount for a promotion. And loads more!
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The Instance 535: Diablo Pyramid Scream

Scott is playing more Warcraft than in the history of the game, and he's not sure why. LFR reports are good. Warfronts are...weird. Virtual Tickets are known and more expensive this time around. We also know what's in the goodie bag now. All around blizzard and more!
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The Instance 534: Wipe off your Druid

Gettin that 370 gear is fun! Scott whips out his old Druid and plows thru Legion zones...again. Uldir is out and it's pretty cool. World bosses are the world. Warfronts are not all that if you are horde right now. Forgot about the pull-back on armor sets this expansion. Blizzard waves the ban hammer. Around Blizzard, your emails and more!
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The Instance 533: Old Cod makes a Fish Kerrigan

Gearing up and runnin them dungeons yo. Azshara's story gets told. Dark Iron and Mag'Har people are available! How wow was made back then. Next week has loads of new content. BFA breaks records. And so much more!
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The Instance 532: Don't get your Bwonsamdi in a bunch

We sum up week one of Battle for Azeroth, and have lots to say about Loas, Bwonsamdi, haunted alliance quests, scary Genn and so much more. This is a big one folks.
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The Instance 531: Eyes in the back of his head

Join Scott Turps and Garrett! We are one week away! Malfurion can sure take an axe to the back and live. Battle for Lordaeron was this week. What we thought! Where's our 3rd Warbringers? Metzen interview takeaways. So many new Zap characters. All around blizzard and more!
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Special Interview: Chris Metzen 2.0

Another sit down with Chris Metzen to talk about fandom, when it gets toxic and why, and lots of other great stuff. Hop in and thanks for listening!
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The Instance 530: How sour is your fang?

What happens when you start all over again? We talk about the fire and the tree, and then we talk about the Orc and his new Troll buddy. Our thoughts on War of Thorns thus far. And so much more.
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The Instance 529: Raging Nostalgia

Scott and Turps get down and dirty with the War of Thorns, and find out what is behind all this horde aggression. Warmode is fun! Commercials and tv spots galore for BfA. Jaina is the new hotness. You don't have to pay for the base game anymore. Returning players solution, and a look around Blizzard!
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The Instance 528b: Before The Storm Spoiler Show

Garrett and Patrick sit down and have a chat about Before The Storm, spoilers and all! Enjoy!
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The Instance 528: Dollars for Races

Everyone is getting the BfA itch it seems. The Duelers League thing is real. The new book so far. New wow doc put out by Wired and Blizzard. Allied races and what you might pay for them. How that free weekend went. Wasteland in heroes. There's a hamster in OW. New HS tease coming. Your emails and more!
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The Instance 527: Gesticulating Magni

Blizz wants to bring you all back this weekend for free. They also wanna give you deals on character services. We now have a basic plan for Classic Servers. New login screen looks a lot like WCIII. We now have an end game for your Legion weapons. PVP getting overhauled and we have the deets. More around blizzard and your emails!
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The Instance 526: Azeroth in Two

The new title music is out and it's pretty ok! Or is it? What we learned from Ion in the latest Q&A. What we learned from the E3 story panel the WoW team did. The new book is out! Around Blizzard, and your emails!
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The Instance 525: Three Sisters is a crowd

Copy your main to the beta now! BfA will launch in all regions at the same time, a first for the game. WoW story telling on display at E3 next week. Movie props go for big cash if you are a Warcraft fan. Three Sisters is pretty good. Dusting off that old monk. Around Blizzard update, and your emails!
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The Instance 524: Long Time Listener, First Time Phisher

So you might wanna hear this beta key story. WoW gold is worth a lot in South America. Your feedback about launcher changes. Will we see Arthas's sister? There might be a new well of eternity. 13 to 23. Will Blizz ever do another base building RTS? Probably not. Why OW will never get a campaign. And more!
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The Instance 523: Get Off My Launcher

What's this new invader on the Blizz launcher? Lots of blizzard stuff on a leaked memo that may not be real at all. That WoW DDoS attacker in Romania faces actual justice for his crimes. We are running a contest for BFA beta keys! (Thanks, Blizzard!) That SC2 Diablo II remake is way better than you think. Happy 2 years, Overwatch! Why waiting in line for Blizzcon tickets is hard! And so much more!
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The Instance 522 - War Mode On

That prepatch is close and we get a taste. War Mode sounds amazing and we are all kind of in on this new way of doing PVP. Where did Brode go? Why that stock dip? And so much more!
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The Instance 521 - Get More Dark Iron

Join Scott, Turps and Garrett today as they talk about why Dark Iron Dwarves are rad. Why arcane torrent is getting nerfed. Giving Blizzard Balance to your friends. Voice coming back to WoW. Why BfA mounts seem so crazy. More around blizzard, and more!
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The Instance 520 - Blizzcome 2018

Blizzcon tickets are coming and we have a date. Why it's hard to get around the con and see it all! More on why that mobile stuff is complicated for WoW players. Is WOW the biggest selling entertainment product of all time? WCIII goes all wide screen. Witchwood is out! Cain is on deck! Not enough story in OW, and your emails!
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The Instance 519 - Drop That Date

We have a release date folks! And we know what the collectors edition is gonna look like and cost. No Trolls for you on launch day. What we heard at PAX this week. Where you'll get all your Azerite. No more remote AH. The rest of Blizzard and more!
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The Instance 518 - The Song of Storms

Stormsong Valley is open and it looks incredible! Warcrat Chronicle is out in it's 3rd volume, and brings things pretty current! Family Guy gets it's wow on this weekend. Blood Elves get yellow eyes! How professions get leveled in BFA. Recaps on this week's happenings in OW, HS, and Heroes. Your emails and more!
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The Instance 517 - Babius Interuptus

Turps is in the US for GDC, and Patrick is in full baby mode, but here we are anyway! Let's take a deeper look at the allied races and what blizzard has planned for them in the future. Artifact weapons are going away but also not entirely...we explain. Personal Loot is here to stay. Island Expeditions go into full test mode! Around Blizzard and more!
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The Instance 516 - Click The Horse in Your Bag

What is up with that Zandalari moonkin form?? Seething Shore is seething with battleground goodness. Duncan Jones had trouble with Warcraft. A look around blizzard and more!
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The Instance 515 - It Burns

There are some interesting new insights into the future of Alliance and Horde that we get into today. Item squish is in effect. No more first aid? Looks like it. Year of the Dog gets WoW as well. Is Twitch helping or hurting? All that and more with Scott and Turpster!
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Instance 514 - Alpha Males

An alpha landed and we played it so we are gonna talk about it! Lots about allied races, pre-orders, etc. It's all that and more with Scott and Turps on The Instance!
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The Instance 513 - This time, with more antlers

LOTS to talk about this week with the new patch and the expansion up for sale. What does it all mean for you today? Find out with me and special returning guest, Garrett Winezurple!
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512 - Kristian Nairn's Chicken Checkbook

Our episode with Kristian Nairn, aka Hodor and house dj master! He's still playing WoW and has all kinds of thoughts on the state of things! Enjoy! Scott Patrick and Turps are here too!
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511 - Who's gonna save WoW for history?

Druid alts for no good reason. Tuesday is patch day. Unlock those races but know what you need to do. Should warcraft be free? How big is your classes unit? Your emails and loads more!
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510 - Forward Momentum

Our end of year listener call-in episode! We talk the past, present, and FUTURE of World of Warcraft! Happy New Year!
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509 - Deep Dungeons

Garrett joins Scott today for some talk about what makes dungeon runs so great, and why WoW lost one to the HS team! We know what happens to your weapons now. Antorus 3rd boss is a jerk. What's happening around blizzard! Your emails and more!
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508 - Antorus for Us

Antorus is live and full of terrors. Can we talk about the sword? Raid Markers have a birthday. Lots of PTR goodness this week. A look around the rest of blizzard, and some great emails to boot!
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507 - Wrynn Body Spray

We take a break from news this Thanksgiving weekend and sit down with Scott and Turpster and talk about the new expansion in terms of lore and character trajectory. Enjoy!
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506 - The Battle for Talking About Azeroth

Our post-Blizzcon episode where we dig deep into The Battle For Azeroth!
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