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Muscle Car Radio

Muscle Car Radio

Welcome to Muscle Car Radio, hosted by veteran car enthusiast Harry Christian. Each episode we bring you special guests ranging from race drivers, industry experts and event promoters. We speak to listeners about their rides and feature a car for sale. From GT?s to Monaro?s to Chargers?Aussie and American, we?ve got you covered. Special cars - Special Events - Special Rev Heads?Listen in for your horsepower fix!


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The Dentist and the XA Phase 4 GTHO

This week we talk Turbo's, F1, Supercars and more.."The Dentist"...Owner and custodian of the Unicorn!...The XA Phase 4 GTHO.. One of the nicest of blokes in the car scene shares his story and gives us his time?And Rosanna joins us in the studio to talk to us about the upcoming event raising funds for The Dravet Syndrome Foundation.
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New Muscle Car Club and a Malaka with Attitude..

This episode we catch up with George Kapiniaris..Malaka with Attitude, Graham Boyd from the newly formed Mid Week Muscle Car Club and Len Pennisi, long time owner of HDT vehicles. Jason gives us an update on the Supercars and the new TCR series. We stroll down memory lane, remember Peter Brock and shoot the revs? Car of the week is a VL Group A Plus Pack! Tune in...!!!
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F1, F2 and F3 - Talking Phase 111 Odyssey and Falcon GT Nationals

Welcome to the first episode of Muscle Car radio for 2019.. Your host Harry Christian (F1 - Fat One) is joined by Con Christian (F2 - Fat Two), Jason Brownlee (F3 - Fat 3) and young Nathan Georges?The boys catch up with the crew from the Phase 111 Odyssey, a bunch of mates touring around Australia in their GTHOs raising money for charity. They finish up at the 18th Falcon GT Nationals in Adelaide over the Easter weekend!?We talk F1, Supercars, and even Mitsubishi Starions?Hahaha?enjoy and stay tuned for further episodes!
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George Kapiniaris and Chris Boribon

The boys are back in the saddle with the first episode for 2018. They catch up with comedian George Kapiniaris to chat about cars and comedy. Chris Boribon from Shannons dials in to preview the up and coming Melbourne auction.And this weeks feature car is the classic Ford Landau.
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Record $$ for Muscle Cars. We catch up with NRL Legend Brad Fittler and the boys from Grand Tourer restorations

On this episode Harry and Marco look at some of the record prices that have been paid of late for Muscle Cars.
The boys from grand tourer restorations share with us what kind of money is being spent on a resto and with the NRL season upon us, Brad Fittler talks about his old Buick convertible as well as his recent charity ride for Fr Chris Riley and 'Youth Off The Streets". 
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Muscle Car Masters Preview and 50's Americana

Tune in to Episode 2 of Muscle Car Radio. This week  the boys catch up with Group Nc Racer Brad Tilley as he prepares for the Muscle Car Masters at Eastern Creek this weekend, Phil Harrison Muscle Car masters event organiser tells us all what to expect over the weekend and Special guest Glen Jennings tells us all about his lifelong passion for collecting all things US 50?s. Glen walks us though his amazing 'Lost in the 50?s museum?cars memorabilia and Happy Days?.Kick back and enjoy!
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Episode 1 - HDT Legends John Harvey and Joe Felice

We catch up with HDT legends John Harvey and Joe Felice ahead of the HDT Legends night at Rydges Parramatta on November 5.We also look at the latest car auctions with Stephen Short and chat with Sam Bonaccorso and Rob Losurdo about some of their prized Holden's in their collections
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