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Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Yoga Girl: Conversations From The Heart

Rachel Brathen, known as Yoga Girl, is an international yoga teacher and speaker, bestselling author and serial entrepreneur who inspires millions every day. Now ? Rachel offers an even more intimate look into her life and the inspiring journey. Weekly episodes of storytelling and talks from Rachel (sometimes alongside special guests!) dive into topics such as love, trust, finding balance, overcoming adversity and of course, yoga and well-being. The light you are seeking is within your own heart. Join Rachel as she helps you uncover it, from her heart to yours.


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What Helps You Remember that Your Body is Sacred?

In this episode, Rachel finds herself in a place of shame after realizing she has gained weight during quarantine. But here?s the thing - she felt no shame at all, in fact she felt great in her body, until she stepped on a scale. What was it inside of her that caused that shift?  This pandemic has brought with it a lot of change, and many of us are seeing changes in our physical bodies. The minute we feel shame, we have a tendency to try changing ourselves. But no matter how we try to change, whether it is through hardcore dieting or through yoga and green juice, it will all be rooted from the same place - a place where it is not okay for us to gain weight or be anything other than what society expects of us. We can also approach ?changing ourselves? in a completely different way. Maybe it is not our bodies that need to change, but our mindsets instead, and the years of conditioning that society has fed us. Instead of dieting, or judging, or feeling shame - come back to that practice that reminds you that your body is sacred. Do things that serve you. Keep growing. Society has told women to shrink themselves for too long. This episode will remind you of the tremendous gift your body is and the wisdom it contains. Your body is divine, your body is sacred, and your body is an asset to your enlightenment - not a hindrance. Tune in to shed the layers and come back to a deep rooted self-love that has been inside you all along.
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You Have The Power To Change Your Life (and here is how to begin!)

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the patterns and relationships that haven?t been serving her throughout her life. There is one common thread between them all: she played a role in the decision making. The pace of her life, the people she invited into it, and the work she focused on was ultimately decided by her. What if this is true for all of us? Are we are all actively playing a part in the things that don?t serve us in life?  As society slowly starts moving again, there is a lot for us to make sense of ? but ultimately, we are in control. The truth is, we don?t have to continue being the same person we were pre-corona virus. We have the chance to implement changes around infrastructure, relationships, self-care, and mental health, and we can water the areas of our lives that we want to nourish and grow.  What changes do you want to make to align with everything that you truly desire? Have you noticed anything come up that is keeping you separated from your heart?s purpose? Are there areas of your life that you feel you are neglecting, or not having the hard conversation, or looking the other way? This episode will remind you that if you want a different kind of life, now is the time. If you want to make a difference, start with caring for yourself, setting clear intentions and goals, and aligning with your deepest desires. You may notice that once you come into alignment, everything around you begins to flourish, too.
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Setting Boundaries and Showing Up for Yourself

How often has your intuition warned you that the exchange (physical or energetic!) between you and another individual was unfair, unbalanced or absolutely exhausting? More importantly, how often have you ignored your intuition to benefit that other individual?s needs before your own? In today?s episode, Rachel discusses the importance of setting and keeping boundaries for the sake of your own mental health. It can be so hard to set boundaries and stick to them. As women and mothers especially, we are taught that we are here to serve. But setting boundaries is a radical form of self-care ? and when you are at your best self, everyone around you benefits, too. Doing what you need to do to take care of yourself and show up for yourself is a way to heal both yourself and co-dependent relationships. This week?s episode will help you take a deeper look into areas of your life that may need some firmly set boundaries and show you exactly how to set them. Tune in to learn one ultimate truth of life: you don?t owe anyone anything that drains you. The world can only benefit from you choosing yourself, each and every day.
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A Garden as a Metaphor for Love, Loss and Life

We are all subjected to one ultimate truth of life: nothing is permanent. Plants, people, jobs, relationships, and homes ? everything that surrounds us is fragile and fleeting. In this week?s episode, Rachel has been watching her garden be assaulted by lizards, dogs, white flies, mildew and a multitude of other challenges, and she is suddenly hit with the realization that her garden represents a metaphor for all of life. We may not have control over the eventual outcomes, but we do have a choice when we are faced with obstacles or opportunities. We can choose to show up and nourish the plants regardless of the hardships, or we can give up and miss out on the joyful process of the journey. This episode will remind you that the magic of being is found in the journey itself, not in the final destination. We cannot let the fear of pain, grief, or loss hold us back from doing what we love. After all, it?s the fragility of life that makes it so valuable. All we can do is immerse ourselves in as much life as we can while we are here.
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A Coming Back to Earth: How to Live a Life that Sustains You

We are on the cusp of a major life transition. We can choose to stray away from ourselves, or we can make decisions that put us in alignment with our soul?s true calling. But how can we know what that calling is? In today?s episode, Rachel reflects on the times in her life when she felt actual peace and genuine happiness. She realizes that all of those times have a common thread - they were the times she was able to slow down and come back, again and again, to yoga, to baking, to gardening, to the things that brought her into the present moment. As we have been socially isolating for the past few weeks, many of us have been able to return to the things we enjoy most, and it is sparking a world-wide epiphany. What was keeping us from doing what we enjoy in the first place? Was it a drive for success? For wealth? For social standing? Were we trying to ease the feeling of not being safe in our own skin? Whatever is holding you back from the life you are destined to live, now is the time to release it. Tune into today?s episode to make your peace of mind a priority, to put the ?being? back into the ?doing?, and to connect with your intuition before you act. Maybe the true adventure is presence - and maybe the answers to our questions will come if we are quiet enough to listen for them. 
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The Spiritual Path is the Human Path: Messy, Real and Raw

Being human is messy! We are intricate, deeply emotional beings with the ability to feel so many things - and so many conflicting things - at the same time. We swing on a pendulum between productivity and numbing ourselves, between giving too much and shutting people out, between our ego and our soul taking control in the driver?s seat. But - it is all okay. This is exactly what doing the work looks like! In today?s episode, Rachel reflects on this period of isolation, the ups and downs she?s faced, and all the emotions that have come and gone. All of it has led her to one realization: we have been given an incredible opportunity to change our lives. We now have the space and time to check in with ourselves more than we ever have before. We are at a precipice on our path to healing and our journey to enlightenment - we just have to anchor into faith and take the leap. Today?s deeply spiritual episode shines light on exactly what it means to be human - messy, real, and raw. The path to healing, to evolving, and to enlightenment is not linear or easy, but it is the human path. Tune in to understand, embrace and accept your own triggers and patterns of behavior and come back again and again to those tools and resources that can help you make it through. It all comes together in this beautiful journey that is only your own. If you can anchor into the faith of that notion, you can begin.
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Begin Your Path to Self-Healing Today with Dr. Nicole LePera

Are you struggling with feelings of anxiety or is your nervous system exhausted from being stuck in fight or flight? In this time of quarantine, we may have found ourselves with the opportunity to explore our inner landscape and do some deep self-healing work, and that is exactly what this week?s episode is about! This week?s show is a perceptive and resourceful conversation between Rachel and holistic psychologist Dr. Nicole LePera, founder of the self-healing, inspirational Instagram account @the.holistic.psychologist.   Together, they unpack trauma and talk about how to identify it, how to manage the effects of traumatic events and how trauma can be more than big traumatic experiences. They also talk about our three core needs, how we embody pain and how it plays out in our daily routines, relationship patterns, decision making and generational behavior.  While psychology focuses mostly on treating the mind, holistic psychology focuses on our being as a whole and balancing the body in order to treat the mind. There are so many elements to trauma and self-healing, and this week?s episode will help you to recognize your triggers, notice behavioral patterns, and create conscious daily lifestyle choices in order to generate self-healing. 
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Isolation as a Spiritual Bootcamp

How are you doing in quarantine? Have you asked yourself that question lately, and then allowed yourself to sit with the answer? Are you having a hard time being present with your surroundings?  In this week?s episode, Rachel unpacks the collective quarantine experience of slowing down, removing distractions and doing our inner work. While being faced with that regardless of the social isolation, there is a voice inside her head that still wants to get up and go, do, create, work, bake, keep it moving, Rachel has big realizations about her childhood wounds and how they relate to her fears around this pandemic. What if for each of us, this could be an opportunity to look within? To step onto the path of healing, without anything distracting us?  This is not a time to to be productive or dive deeper into work but a time to rest, to reset, to sit and become aware of the slowing down and the opportunity return to what?s truly important. The goal is to enjoy the simple art of being. To be able to recognize our triggers, discomfort, fear, anger, sadness, and to breathe through them. To lean in to the unknown and trust. To look up to the sky and have faith in the divine timing of our path. To know that the earth is healing, and that there will be a rebirth after this loss. This episode will remind you that it's ok to let yourself feel, to breathe, to trust, and to look forward to whats on the other side of where we are now. A new world where we value human connection over the dollar, where we are growing our own foods, and taking the time to sit and do the inner work to heal.
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How To (Not) Kill Your Spouse During Quarantine - Our 10-Year Anniversary Episode!

This week?s episode is a special one as Rachel has on the ultimate guest, her hilarious and down to earth husband, Dennis Schoneveld! Rachel and Dennis are recording from Aruba on their 10th wedding anniversary as they have found themselves at home, like the rest of us.  Tune in as they discuss everything a husband and wife would discuss during this time of isolation, from how they reacted to Luna getting tested for the virus to Dennis? opinion on the amount of rice they currently have in the cupboard. Ultimately, as they work to protect their team and business during this challenging time, Rachel and Dennis share how to be of service to those in need. Of course, it wouldn?t be a Rachel and Dennis episode if they didn?t address your Instagram questions. Find out if they will have another baby, if they use any form of THC to calm down, and if Dennis thinks of himself as ?clingy?. Tune in for a family quarantine episode not to be missed - funny, heartfelt, honest, and real.
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A Social Isolation Survival Guide

Tune in today as Rachel shares more than ten of her best tips to bring normalcy to your day, to move stagnant energy, and to clear your mind of repetitive thoughts so you can get through this period of isolation feeling whole. From doing yoga to making your bed, these small, day-to-day practices can keep you healthy and grounded in a time filled with so much uncertainty and loss of structure. The key to getting through this time is found in accepting the dualities of life; work and rest, moderation and excess, and reality and divine intervention. On one hand, Rachel expresses the need to acknowledge what is happening, honor the human suffering taking place, and not bypass the emotions that rise within us - only then can we be of service to the world. On the other hand, we need to pray, lean into trust, and put our faith in that intuitive power within us all that guides us on our path (as Rachel sees for herself through her garden, solar panels, online platform and even her burnout!). On days where you feel fragile and vulnerable, this podcast will remind you that together we are strong. You are not alone. We are all walking this journey together, and we can get through it together by taking good care of ourselves.
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Testing for COVID-19, Working Through Fear and Making Sense of a Global Pandemic

As coronavirus has the entire world in its grip, this global energy of fear has left many of us in a place of uncertainty. Will there be a resource shortage? Why isn?t everyone self-isolating? And what if the most unlikely happens, as it seems to be happening every day? In times of such uncertainty, many of us are feeling emotions we have never felt before ? and many past traumas may find themselves resurfacing. In this week?s episode, Rachel shares the series of events that brought the small island of Aruba, and her own family, from indifference about the coronavirus to complete pandemonium. Living on a desert island that has three grocery stores dependent on imports, and one hospital with four ventilators, Rachel found herself spiraling into familiar feelings of lack, grasping for control and fearing the unknown. It all cumulated into one of the hardest days of Rachel?s life ? when her daughter experienced her first trauma after being called to be tested for the virus by the Aruban government. As this virus creates harder days for us all, and especially the most vulnerable, we have to do what we can to find a balance between indifference and pandemonium, between severity and humanity, and between holding on and letting go. The answer can be found in creating community wherever we can, in feeling our feelings and holding space for others to feel theirs, and in rooting ourselves in knowing that some days may be harder than others ? but we can take it one day at a time.
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GaryVee Shares the Secret to Success + Why Happiness is Part of Your ROI!

Are you looking to grow your business - or are you struggling to start one? Having a hard time balancing work and family life? Trying to use social media to grow your business but wondering how to stay authentic in the process? Then this podcast is for you!  In this week?s episode, Rachel is joined by the king of entrepreneurship, Gary Vaynerchuk. Gary shares his knowledge on how he stays so extremely positive by tapping into the macro perspective of health and well-being, and not getting stuck in those micro negative moments.  As an entrepreneur, Gary has built the foundations for many successful businesses, and breaks down the pros and cons of social media, the importance of staying authentic, and doing the micro work for the greater good of the macro goals. With 900+ employees and a resume that?s miles long, Gary shares his most valuable advice for creating abundance and sustainable growth. This podcast will teach you how to be strategic and innovative so that your business can compete with the best of the best. Tune in for a look into the GaryVee business and lifestyle model!
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Healing Childhood Wounds Through Parenthood

How can you know yourself deeply if you?ve never touched the depths of your anger or reached the height of your joy? We have to feel our emotions to process them in a healthy way ? and our ability to do that is often impacted by how our parents led us through sensitive moments as children. But what if our parents left us with empty spaces in our hearts? A beautiful opportunity for healing presents itself when we cross the threshold into parenthood. What if by parenting our children, we can parent ourselves? In today?s episode, Rachel is home after a trip to Costa Rica and trying to get her daughter back on her normal schedule. The result is an epic tantrum that lasts hours and emotionally drains Rachel and her husband. When it is all over, Rachel is left staring at the wall and wondering what it all means. Why do toddlers have meltdowns? Is there a purpose to it all? How can we be there for our children in the most challenging moments? If you?re a parent, then you know there is no easy way out when your child is having a major emotional tantrum. All you can do is love them, be there for them, and put your patience to the test. As you do that ? you may just find you are holding your own inner child as well. By supporting them you are giving yourself the support you didn?t get when you were growing up. Loving them means you are healing old wounds and filling empty spaces in your own heart. Tune in to today?s episode to find healing in the hard moments and safety in your own unconditional love.
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What Life Lesson Are You Learning Right Now?

In this moment - right here, right now - you are on the cusp of a major epiphany. The struggles you are moving through today are teaching you something hugely important, the way every lesson hides a blessing. What if you could get so present with your inner world that you could find nuggets of gold in every challenge you come across, no matter how mundane? What if the path to freedom isn?t found in some holy place far away, but available to us through the vulnerability of being human? In this week?s episode, Rachel contemplates boundaries, parenthood and the challenge of having a toddler go from total peace to total chaos, as well as the idea of ?spirituality? and how to use day-to-day challenges to evolve and grow. It is the most painful lessons that lead us to our big life purposes. Maybe the way to spirituality is not through bypassing our humanity ? it?s through connecting with it on every level. 
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Marie Forleo on How To Overcome Whatever Life Throws Your Way

Are you struggling to find your purpose, looking to find genuine ways to be of service, or trying to figure out how to cultivate a fulfilling life that celebrates all of your passions? This week?s podcast guest can help you with all of the above! New York Times bestselling author and multi-passionate entrepreneur Marie Forleo joins Rachel this week to discuss why everything is ?figureoutable?. Marie shares how to apply your gifts to the world and the tools you have to figure out all of life?s challenges. When you look at life with a positive mindset, everything is possible! This podcast will remind you that you don?t have to listen to anyone but your own inner voice. You can define your own version of success as long as you follow what lights you up and allow your passions to evolve and change - while figuring everything out along the way. 
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Healing Tools For Free, For Everyone, Forever - Yoga Girl x 29k

Up until now, having the tools to heal past pain has been something afforded only by a privileged few. What if there was a way to make tools for personal development and healing accessible to everyone? In this episode, Rachel is joined by her dear friend, 29k co-founder and expert on happiness research, Erik Fernholm. Together with the 29k team, they have created an app that offers the tools and processes of therapy, for free!  Most of us need some form of support to cope with our human experience. 29k is an app that you download that offers you tools, connections and exercises scientifically proven to help you heal ? all you need is access to the internet and a smartphone. 29k?s goal is to change 5 million people?s lives in 5 years. Right now, we are living in a system that is built on sorrow and pain, however the birthplace of a sustainable future starts with our mental health. Once we heal the parts of ourselves that are broken, we become better neighbors, friends, parents, humans. This episode will help you to understand the background behind 29k and how it works, as well as why this is so incredibly important for the future of humanity. If you heal your pain it impacts the rest of your life, creating a ripple effect that will be the birth of a more sustainable future. When we heal, the world heals too. Find 29k on the App Store, or click this link:
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To Heal, We Have to Feel

What if we grew up with the tools we need to be able to feel the full spectrum of emotion? What if we were taught how to check in with ourselves and process the heavy parts of life? In this episode, Rachel opens up about the existential life crisis she is having - on purpose! It involves the act of tuning in and becoming really present with your emotions so you can recognize what you are feeling, when you feel it, and why you feel it. The only other option is to lock things deep within ourselves, which usually leads to far worse outcomes. The practice of checking in with yourself is so valuable and it?s something you should do everyday, too! Rather than suppressing heavy emotions, can you begin to become present with your emotions, shine light on your feelings, and give yourself space to feel? Can you take a moment, step back, recognize the trigger and sit with it? That is how feelings get processed - and that is how we move on. This episode will remind you that you deserve to live in the full spectrum of feeling absolutely everything. If we shut down one piece of our hearts, we shut out the ability to open up to the magic of the universe. It is our responsibility as humans to feel, and to heal. Tune in to give yourself space to feel your feelings and process them so they can be let go. Only then will you be able to open your heart fully.
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Netflix, Chocolate Cake and The Cycle of Shame

Are you exhausted from battling your inner critic all day? Are you struggling with limiting beliefs leading to a cycle of numbing behaviors? In this episode Rachel shares about the struggle with her own inner critic, the behaviors she has been using to cope, and how she is learning to find peace in slowing down. We all cope with some type of self-medication. Who doesn?t want to sit on the couch, drink wine, eat cake and watch Netflix after a long exhausting day? Most of us are guilty of trading yoga for an evening on the couch in our yoga pants or choosing a tub of Ben & Jerry?s over that kale salad. It?s not so much about what you do, but why you do it! Ice cream, wine and chocolate cake are wonderful things to enjoy, but when we use food and alcohol as a way to numb ourselves chances are we need some help to come back to ourselves. Consciously moving from a place of numbing your feelings to feeling your feelings and prioritizing the practices that help you care for yourself are critical keys to feeling good in our day-to-day.  This podcast will remind you to listen to your inner best friend, find compassion for yourself along the way, feel your feelings, talk it out, go to therapy, give yourself a break, journal, and use all the healing tools you need to consciously quiet that inner critic. 
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Seek Discomfort - A Story About Privilege and The True Meaning of Freedom

We are one people. We all have the same beating heart inside our chests. We are all born with the same longing to be loved and free. However, our freedom only extends as far as our privilege, and some of us are born with more privilege than others. In this episode, Rachel shares the story of how she found herself faced with the challenge of having her US ESTA visa revoked and the eye opening process that followed. She is no longer free to travel to a country she pays taxes in, has multiple businesses in, and has visited countless times before. As Rachel travels to the nearest US embassy to apply for a new visa, she is faced with a stifling situation. She watches applicant after applicant be denied entry to the US; family members who have not seen their children in years, only to be sent home heartbroken. The whole situation is emotionally draining and exasperating, yet Rachel leans into the discomfort and brings light to what unites us. So much more connects us than could ever separate us - and the world is made up of much more than border lines. This episode will remind you that with privilege comes the responsibility to help other people. After all, we often don?t even notice our own privilege until it is taken away. You can help by donating to, an organization helping families separated at the US border, created by Glennon Doyle.
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How To Stick To Healthy Habits and De-Clutter Your Life with Gretchen Rubin

Are you struggling to cultivate the habits that you intended to create in the New Year, or do you find it hard to create and stick to healthy habits in general? Maybe you just haven?t found the method that works specifically for you! On this week?s podcast, Rachel is joined by happiness and habit expert and best-selling author, Gretchen Rubin.  Together, they break down the types of habits you can form to help you to reach your own happiness goals. How can you create inner order for outer calm and find balance with your family, partners, loved ones? The key is to figure out your nature, then frame and cultivate healthy habits that work for you. They also dive into the refreshing topic of decluttering and creating order in your life. What is the secret behind organizing and cleaning out your home? And how can we stop accumulating things we don?t need for good?   This episode will help you frame your life in a way that sets you up for success. Learn how to discern what your true nature is, cultivate and commit to healthy habits, follow through with commitments, de-clutter your home, and accept what you can?t change. There is a big truth waiting to be found!
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How To Manifest from a Place of Ease

As we move deeper into the new decade, we have a chance to shift our lives and choose goals to work toward. This year, can you break down your intentions so that you have the ability to live a simpler life while manifesting your dreams? Can you give yourself the option to live a more intimate life and take time to be present with your loved ones and community? Being busy doesn?t equal being accomplished. In this week?s episode, Rachel talks about the benefits of giving yourself space to choose the projects you want to work on, rather than loading up your to-do list with endless tasks. Once the pressure is off, you can manifest from a place of ease. This week?s episode will remind you that it?s ok not to finish everything on your list! It?s much more important to prioritize what?s actually important and to cultivate habits in your daily life that lead to happiness. Maybe the trick is to work smarter, not harder. Tune in to figure it out.
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You Are More Than What Happened To You - Identifying and Healing Trauma with Shubhaa Kassima Fisher

So many of us are struggling to heal from traumatic events that took place in our past. If you have suffered through loss, separation, disease, abandonment, abuse, neglect... You are not alone.  Trauma is not identified by what happened to us, but by our ability to respond. We often minimize trauma by saying ?it could have been worse?, but when something comes our way and it?s too fast, too much, and too soon it can leave us in shock and suffering for years to come.  In this episode, Rachel is joined by trauma therapist, psychologist and Path of Love leader Shubhaa Kassima Fisher. Together they identify and unpack trauma, dive into how to begin the road to healing, and answer many questions around the topic of trauma and overcoming adversity.  Life is full of ups and downs, valleys and peaks, highs and lows. Those lower vibrational emotions, such as anger, frustration, and loneliness can get trapped in our hearts. The process of healing will only begin once we acknowledge them, and once those feelings are validated and metabolized. If you?re reading this, you have probably already felt the desire to heal!  There is no better time than now. This episode will help you to acknowledge your own trauma and shine the light on a path forward to help bring you closer to healing. Shubhaa also shares a profound example of the power of healing trauma in her own post-partum recovery story. Tune in to begin the journey!  For more information on Shubhaa, please visit To sign up for Path of Love, please go to this affiliate link: and use code YOGAGIRL (for every person signed up, we get a kickback to use toward scholarships for people who cannot afford to go).
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Intention Setting Ceremony - Goodbye 2019, Hello 2020!

Do you struggle with setting clear goals for the coming year? In the last episode of 2019, Rachel shares a powerful practice designed to get you super clear, focused and centered around what you need to release from 2019 so you can call in your hearts true longing in 2020.  You will need a quiet space, a journal, a pen, and anything else that will support you in this sacred practice. Rachel will guide you through a series of exercises designed to get clarity in all areas in your life from 2019 by using helpful questions as writing prompts to feel into your heart space.  Then you will clearly define your intentions for 2020. What do you want to manifest? What are you looking to create? This is a potent practice that will support you in defining the lessons and blessings of 2019 so you can manifest an absolutely amazing 2020! 
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From Triggers to Trust - Christmas is a Time to Heal

Are you struggling with feeling like you constantly have to do more, perform better, work harder, parent perfectly, care for yourself, cultivate your relationships and maintain your career? In this episode, Rachel talks about mom guilt, burn out, the inner critic, and the art of slowing down and cutting yourself some slack! We all have an inner critic - that loud voice in the back of our heads that tells us we sent good enough. Regardless of our parents best attempts at providing us with a perfect childhood, we all have wounds that create an inner critical voice that haunts us in adulthood. Getting to the root of the inner critic is the work we are all here to do, and as the holidays is often a time spent around family, now is a good time to look within. Finding that childhood wound and becoming aware of our patterns and triggers is the solution to quieting all that inner judgment - and ridding ourselves of self hate. This episode will remind you that there is no way to get everything perfect, it?s ok to let your kid eat mac and cheese once in a while, and that we can consciously choose how to react to what comes our way. Christmas is a perfect time to start! The work is in how we choose to respond by holding space for ourselves, choosing love over fear, and letting go of the limiting beliefs that stand in our way.
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Calling in Authentic, Genuine Relationships (with yourself and others!)

As the year comes to a close and we reflect on the events of the past year, did you surround yourself with authentic people that really lift you up? Did you do the things that make you feel the most alive? In this episode, Rachel reflects on the past year, everything she has learned, and what the year 2020 will bring. She explores what it feels like not to be in charge of everything, and the value of surrounding yourself with authentic, genuine relationships.  The truth is, in a big spiritual sense, we are not in charge. We can control the day to day tasks, but the universe is reflecting back the energy we put out. We are only in charge of our own energy, and the energy we put out into the universe.  This episode will remind you that its ok not to be in charge, to ask for the frequencies you want to bring into your life, and to surround yourself with genuine, heartfelt relationships. 
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Get Ready For 2020 with Astrologer Debra Silverman?!

On today?s episode, Rachel is once again joined by expert astrologer Debra Silverman! If you are interested in astrology but overwhelmed by the amount of information out there, this episode is for you. Join Rachel and Debra as they answer all of your questions about astrology and how to apply it as a practice to improve your life. How can we get to know ourselves and our personality traits better? Astrology will help you to understand yourself, your friends, your family and your partner. Learning about your astrological configuration gives you a permission slip to be EXACTLY who you are, the way you were born. Astrology helps you to define yourself, your purpose in life, and gives you a map (your natal chart) on how to navigate life! Debra helps us to understand the meaning of the elements in astrology, sun, moon, and rising signs, and then leaves us with an astrological forecast for each sign for the year 2020. A cosmic episode not to be missed!
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#MeToo, Yoga and Protecting Your Energetic Space

In this episode, Rachel is in Tulum on vacation with her family and trying to slow down. After receiving some interesting news and getting kicked off a magazine cover shoot after speaking up on the topic of #MeToo in the yoga world, Rachel does what she usually does: she speaks out for justice and stands with those who have been subjected to trauma. This is Rachel?s mission in life, to use her platform and voice to spark real change in the world. Actually, this is all of our missions! We can all be of service in different ways in the world. However, being of service takes energy, and Rachel shares a story of a defining moment in her life when she realized it was all too much. This episode can show you that to do good in the world, you have to make sure you are not spreading yourself so thin that you have no energy left for your own heart. Sometimes the universe is hitting us on the head with a big sign, and it?s important that we listen to it. Only by filling your own cup first will you be able to bring your best self to the world, and that is exactly what is needed.
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How To Go From Hurting To Healing

Are you feeling hurt? Betrayed? Upset by the actions of someone close to you (or a perfect stranger)? Wondering how to get to the root of your emotional triggers? In this episode, Rachel talks about unpacking emotional wounds through the use of observing, recognition, holding space, therapy, and putting the pieces of the wounded puzzle back together again.  Don?t get lost in obsessing over other people?s actions. You can?t control what other people do - you can only control how you react what comes your way. Every time you feel hurt is an opportunity to move closer to healing. Taking the time to hold space for your emotions, to express yourself openly, to observe and recognize your triggers can fully change your life. These wounds actually create our realities and are the source of the stories we tell ourselves. This episode will help you get past hurt, stop wasting energy on people who are stealing your energy and help you open up to feeling more compassion for yourself and the healing work you are doing. 
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Stop Minimizing Your Pain!

Are you carrying around pain, exhaustion, or moving through life from a wounded place? Soldiering on without giving yourself permission to feel? In this episode, Rachel speaks about how minimizing our pain actually creates more of it, and how holding space to feel and heal wounds (large and small!) actually can expand your capacity for compassion and service.  We are taught at a very young age to minimize our feelings, to act like everything is ok, and to hide from our pain. This episode will help you to reprogram your mind and heart to actually feel your pain, get to the root of your internal wounds, and give yourself permission to process negative emotions. Until we heal the wounds inside of us, the universe will keep creating similar situations until we consciously choose to change old patterns.  Pain can be transmuted into lightness of being. When you heal your wounds, you free up emotional space in the heart for compassion and the ability to heal others. This episode will remind you its ok to feel, help you to become more compassionate, and be of service to those who genuinely need it!
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Conscious Entrepreneurship - The Art of Doing Business With a Heart

How do you find a balance between remaining authentic while manifesting abundance? Are you struggling to grow your business, or putting a lot of energy into something but not receiving the energetic return?  In this week?s episode Rachel reflects on the art of doing business from the heart, why you should be paid fairly for your efforts (including in the yoga industry!), and the energetic exchange of time, effort, and money. Having just released her own line of jewelry, Rachel shares her own early insecurities around money and how she found the confidence to trust her own intuition and move forward in her career. Your vision, offerings, services, and businesses take inspiration, time, money and effort to create. Aiming to have an abundant life is not a shameful thing. Don?t let the fear of other people?s reactions hold you back! This episode will remind you that it?s ok to make money, to want abundance, to create something from the heart and put it out into the world of business and commerce.
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Turn Failure and Shame Into Success and Worthiness

What is your relationship with failure? How can we use our failures as spiritual lessons? And what are the limiting beliefs you live by that are actually holding you back?  Throughout her life Rachel has believed that she has to succeed at everything she does - even to the point of exhaustion. In this episode she reflects on the concepts of failure, limiting beliefs, and how to let go of control. Doing the inner work around our relationship with failure and shame can help us become aware of the patters in our life that are holding us back, and with that awareness, we can change. For Rachel, this means reflecting on what it feels like to loosen her grip of being in control and what a relief it is! The mind can relax and life can be a little messy. We are all humans with successes, failures, struggles, losses and gains. What matters the most isn?t what you do or what you accomplish but who you are. You don?t need to do anything to be worthy of love! This episode will remind you to release limiting beliefs and settle into the knowing that it?s ok to be human. You don?t have to prove your worth. You are already enough.
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Generational Trauma: Heal Now What You Couldn?t Heal Then

In this week?s episode Rachel candidly unpacks some of her generational trauma and how it has influenced her life through her work ethic and motherhood. By becoming a mother, she is given the gift of watching her generational story unfold in the way that she cares for herself and her family. Through therapy and a lot of personal development work, she is recognizing the need to heal her childhood wounds - and that the time to begin is now. We always makes sure our children are so loved, cared for, protected, nourished and well rested. Everything we are providing for our kids, we must also provide for ourselves! Tune in for an episode that will remind you to care for yourself the way you care for your family, take your rest seriously, prioritize your time, and find balance between work and play. Trust that you can heal your own generational traumas by digging in, unpacking, and doing the work in order to grow. 
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Battling Burnout - Hard Lessons and Big Blessings

This episode finds Rachel sharing something that is really hard for her to say: lately, she hasn?t been feeling well mentally. As someone who provides healing to others in her courses and retreats, and as someone with an incredibly blessed life and so many exciting events surrounding her; the hardest part about the anxiety Rachel has felt has been having no clear reason as to why this is happening. Sometimes we are drowning in a feeling of failure and unworthiness for no reason, and this is ultimately what brought Rachel to her first therapy session. The path toward healing can be a dark one, especially when you cannot see the insight, lesson or epiphany that is waiting for you at the end. Tune in for an episode that will reinforce the importance of asking for help when you need it and allowing yourself to feel what you feel. It is possible to live an incredibly blessed life and still not feel like yourself sometimes, and that?s okay.
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Give Yourself Permission to Feel! Live from NYC

This week?s podcast is a special Live show recorded in NYC! This podcast begins with a hilarious open from Dennis, and is filled with courageous, heart centered sharing and stories from both Rachel and audience members. Rachel reflects on what it means to consciously feel our feelings and how to consciously navigate your emotions, every day. It?s so important to give yourself permission to be the way you are! Learn how to lean into uncomfortable feelings, and process and do the work around your wounds and triggers. If you keep doing the work, you will gather enough healing moments where you can appreciate your feelings, and truly begin to work through the lessons they are teaching you. Grab a pen and your journal as Rachel guides the audience through stream-of-consciousness journaling and a heart opening sharing exercise. The audience has a chance to share with Rachel, and this episode is filled with beautiful, heartfelt stories while Rachel holds space for all to breathe, heal, feel, release and grow.
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Self-Promotion as a Spiritual Practice

In this week?s episode, Rachel reflects on consciously having to make the effort to slow down during challenging weeks before diving into the delicate subject of self-promotion. It?s hard. Super hard. It takes courage to get out there and promote your work, while staying authentic to your truth, heart and passion. After some negative comments on the promotion of her book, Rachel reflects on how to stay authentic, what might be triggering this reaction to her work, and the act of self-promotion from a heartfelt space. Promoting yourself is taking the work you created and putting it out into the world, opening yourself up for judgement, criticism, negative comments, and people possibly not liking your work. It takes a strong sense of self-worth to be able to have the confidence to promote yourself! It becomes a spiritual practice. Looking within and determining whether you are promoting for validation or promoting from a heartfelt place is a good place to start. This is where the work comes in! Is what you are promoting is authentic, are you proud of what you do, does it come from a heartfelt space, does your work offer something to the world? This episode will help you to gain more confidence in your work, navigate self-promotion, and tune into the art of promoting what resonates from the heart.
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What Matters Is Who You Are, Not What You Do

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the process of becoming an author, the importance of making the New York Times bestselling list, and the healing properties of creation. When Rachel published her first book, Yoga Girl, she made the New York Times bestselling list and for the first time understood the importance of it in the world of books. This time around, Rachel has been waiting all week for the list to come out. Will her agent call her with good news? What if she doesn?t make the list? How will she manage her expectations and disappointment if she doesn?t? She realizes that regardless of the list, she has created a beautiful book, and through this journey of telling her story, she was able to heal. Her worth is not determined by doing, but by being. By looking within and sharing a story that she hopes will help other people moving through similar things, she realizes that creation comes from simply BEING in that state of flow, tuned into the heart.  If Rachel has touched one single person, or just brightened one person?s day with this book, that is all that matters! This episode will remind you that your worth is not determined by doing but that your worth resides in the quality of your being. You don?t have to accomplish anything to be worthy of love. You are already so absolutely lovable - just the way you are.
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A Meditation For Self Acceptance

In this episode, Rachel leads you through a guided meditation focusing on the breath. For this episode, find a quiet place to sit where you can close your eyes and bring your awareness inward. This practice will help you use your breath to create space in the body, let go of anything not serving you and release tension. Use this guided meditation to help you focus the mind, breathe into the present moment, and let go. We have the ability to set a positive cycle in motion! The mind is very powerful, and by taking the time to drop into stillness, we can change the cycle of the thought process from negative to positive. Allow yourself to invite a sense of ease through the breath, a sense of grounding, and open up to a creative flow. Invite the things that you want and need into your life. This episode will help you ease into a sense of self-acceptance and leave you with a feeling of deep peace. 
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Help Heal The World (and your heart!)

In this episode, Rachel reflects on her present emotional state and the powerful tool of service. As humans, we can quickly become self-centered and only concern ourselves with our immediate problems. As Rachel begins to unpack her emotional state, she takes a closer look into herself and starts to do the internal work. She begins to focus on the aspects of her life that bring her peace: service. The launch of Yoga Girl Foundation is the number one project in her life that brings her peace. After two little boys who lived 15 minutes from her home in Aruba died from abuse, Rachel?s eyes opened to the massive abuse problem worldwide. She created the Yoga Girl Foundation, an organization dedicated to helping abused women and children. Yoga Girl Foundation?s first project is to build a Family Justice Center in Aruba. The goal of this center is to catch the victims of abuse and to ensure that they are safe, loved and free from harm. Yoga Girl Foundation?s focus is to make sure the proper protocol is in place, the victims are well cared for, well documented, well managed, and all of the entities are connected within the system. Being of service is one of the most important offerings you can make to the world. If you would like to learn more about the Yoga Girl Foundation, please visit You can donate directly to the foundation, help spread the word on social media and to your friends and family. This episode will remind you to turn to service in any way possible, and do what you can for the sake of this world! 
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Listen To Your Inner Voice (Not To Assholes)

In this episode, Rachel reflects on the pressures of society and how it affects us creatively. We are all born with a unique gift; a way to be purposeful in life that no one else could ever mimic or duplicate. But how we create and how we find that purpose can get distorted by society and outside influence. Instagram, social media, photo filters and all of society telling us we have to look perfect, be perfect, act perfect makes it so hard to listen to our inner voice and for us to feel good enough the way we already are. If we fall into the rabbit hole of social media, comparing ourselves to others, and concerning ourselves with what others think, how will we ever be able to tune into the heart and create the life we were meant to have?  Rachel reminds us to tune into the heart, listen to our inner voice, and find ways to get into the creative zone. The universe aligns exactly as it was meant to when we are working from the heart and creating with passion, unattached to the outcome or to what other people think; creating for the love of creation!  This episode will remind you to be authentic, create from the heart, listen to your inner voice and anchor into this most important truth: there is not a single thing about you that you need to change. You?re a badass! Don?t ever forget it.
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Turn Self-Pity Into Self-Appreciation

In this episode, Rachel gets personal about her struggle to pull herself out of a dark, fearful place. After staying up all night worrying about Lea Luna, she begins to spiral into a self-pity party, only to be pulled from her funk by a touching message from one of her followers. She begins to process her fear, realizing that she has not taken the time to emotionally work through the release of the book, and that with the book release, her deepest traumas will be shared with the world. But, thanks to the message she received at the exact moment she needed it, she receives the perspective needed to turn the day around, beginning to process her emotions around the book release and upcoming tour. Rachel starts to focus on the positive effects of the book; keeping the memory of her best friend alive, offering her story in hopes that it will help others cope with trauma, and the healing element of connecting with community through her book tour. This episode will remind you to consciously choose to change the negative feedback loop in your mind, give yourself time to process your emotions, become grateful for all of the opportunities in your life, and help you to envision meeting and exceeding your goals.
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How To Win At Marriage with Dennis Schoneveld

In this episode, Rachel is joined once again by her amazing, slightly awkward, sarcastic and hilarious husband, Dennis Schoneveld! Getting hyped for Rachel?s upcoming US Book Tour (Find all details at!), the two discuss travel (and who is the worst one to travel with; the kid or the dog?), the key to a successful marriage, where they see themselves in five years and what their thoughts are about baby #2. With everything they have going on, the two still find time for lots of laughter. Tune in to see just how they make it work - we promise you?ll be belly laughing the entire time.
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Where Your Attention Goes, Energy Flows

In this episode, Rachel has so many dreams on the brink of coming true. Her new book is being released, she is going on tour, the podcast is growing and taking a new spin? But how do dreams become manifested? Sharing one of her own stories (one that?s weird, wild and involves Ringo?s balls and something called Sugarlumps), Rachel shares just how to turn ideas into reality, even the seemingly unachievable ones. The first steps are always to release the fear of failure, focus on what you can gain, and just do the first actionable thing! Tune in for an episode that will inspire you to just go for it.
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Learn How Set Boundaries - It Will Change Your Life

In this episode, Rachel dives into the important topic of setting boundaries for your time and energy. Whether it?s friendships that don?t align anymore or work engagements that are asking too much, it is ultimately our responsibility to tell the world exactly what we can offer? and when we need to take some space. When you know what those boundaries are, stick to them! The moment you break your own boundary is the moment you tell the world there is no line that can?t be crossed. But when we set clear guidelines, we allow others to learn their own self-reliance, and we usually receive nothing but compassion in return. Life is short! Cherish your precious time and energy. Tune in for an episode that will help you align your values, speak your truth and put your foot down.
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Your Healing Journey Starts NOW

In this episode, Rachel contemplates the body and the role it plays in healing along with the patterns, behaviors, and the stories we tell ourselves. So many of us are in a constant state of stress or fight or flight, especially if we have experienced trauma in our lives. The regular activation of our sympathetic nervous system becomes engrained in us. We feel unsafe and the body holds onto it!  How can we train our bodies to process what happened and get back to that place of safety? Ultimately, there is no one who can do the work except for you. You can find people to help or give you tools, but we have to take charge. Recognizing that power can be the difference between staying stuck and finding freedom. Tune in for an episode that will help you recognize your own path towards healing.
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How to Practice Self Reflection (It Will Change Your Life!)

In this episode, Rachel is reflecting on the true meaning of self-care: self reflection. Remaining conscious and present with how we feel, what triggers us and how we relate to others is the most important key to living a balanced life. Continuing to self reflect and do the inner work isn?t easy! It requires us to check in with our heart, to stay vulnerable, and to look at ourselves with truthful eyes every day. Have you ever taken a break from work and felt so low the entire time that you couldn?t even enjoy it? When was the last time you looked at yourself and took care of your own needs? It is our responsibility during those times to do actual self-care; to unpack what isn?t true, to release what doesn?t serve us, to stop telling ourselves old stories, to have the difficult conversations, to let our walls down. To figure out where to go from here. That is what it means to be truly present. That is how you can change your life. Rachel dives deep into this conversation this week, giving examples from her own life and conversations with her husband that showed her that there is purpose in everything. Tune in for an episode that will remind you that the moments where you fall apart are the ones that lead you where you need to go, all in divine timing.
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How to Balance Struggle and Ease

In this episode, Rachel is immersed in her yoga teacher training and is speaking to us from a place of absolute tiredness. Reflecting on her ability to keep going no matter what (really), she ponders something so many of us struggle with: finding the balance between working hard and taking time to rest. Throughout our lives, we fall on different sides of the spectrum between not trying at all and trying too hard. But when we aren?t trying at all - is it due to a fear of failure or are we bravely letting ourselves take some well-deserved space? When we are working non-stop, are we moving toward a place of burning out? How can we find the balance between working, building, manifesting and slowing down, finding peace and keeping our sanity? What if we could find a place of flow and ease in our lives and be able to catch ourselves before we lose it? Ultimately, the universe gives us little clues along the way that hold the secret to a really great life. Tune in for an episode that will help you connect the dots.
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What If Fear Is A Doorway To Healing?

In this episode, Rachel is lucky she can speak after going in for emergency dental surgery! Gaining wisdom after losing a wisdom tooth, Rachel shares on her fears of the dentist, the difficult dental experience she had in the past and how she had built this up to be a really big, gut-wrenching thing when in reality... It was no big deal at all. Sometimes we tell ourselves stories that define our lives; that we will never be able to pull something off, that we are too scared, that certain things are not for us - and these stories often have more power than the reality we are actually in. What?s a story you are telling yourself that isn?t actually true? Tune in for an episode on being uncomfortable and looking your fears straight in the eye. Sometimes facing them can be the biggest moment of healing.
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Anxiety as a Spiritual Practice

In this episode, Rachel is in a pivotal moment of her life. She has been receiving signs from the universe - signs that she is in for BIG CHANGE, both personally and professionally. Change is often not comfortable, but we have to recognize what doesn?t serve us and let it go.  How do you escape feeling your emotions? Is it through food and alcohol, or do you have other ways of avoiding discomfort? Every time you try to escape your feelings, they go somewhere inside you and eventually they have to be released. But the universe always gives us what we need at the moment we need it, and in the amount we need. So today, feel your feelings - no matter what they are. This episode will show you how.
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Turn Resentment into Compassion

In this episode, Rachel gets personal about an experience in her life that recently caused her to harbor a lot of resentment. When our needs have not been met, or we have been wronged, we are often quick to judge and jump to conclusions. But often times, we don?t know the full story! Putting ourselves in another person?s shoes is difficult, but practicing this is crucial - because the truth can surprise you. Tune in to an episode on expectations, character flaws and how to embrace compassion and understanding, especially when something doesn?t go as planned.
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Be Yourself, The World Depends On It with LP

In this episode Rachel is joined by esteemed singer songwriter LP (you for sure know her platinum single Lost on You!). In between tours, LP is home in LA and takes the time to talk with Rachel about life, love and perseverance. To LP, having tools to calm ourselves so we can take all the curveballs of life is the key to being balanced (and calming ourselves is not the same as laziness, as we often think!). She shares insight from her yoga practice and the process of writing music that?s brought her through everything from break-ups, being dropped from record labels, and eventually turning her dreams into reality. Life is a long and winding road full of ups and downs. The important part is to show up for yourself as you are throughout the entire journey. Tune in to an episode that will encourage you to listen to your inner voice and honor who you are at your core.
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