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Overtake F1 Podcast

Overtake F1 Podcast

A podcast for NEW fans of Formula 1 racing. Hang out with Ted and Tom to get familiar with the names, places and basics of one of the fastest growing sports. Together we can expand an international obsession into popular American culture.


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Madness in Canada as a penalty on Sebastian Vettel robs Ferrari of their first win this season. Hamilton takes home his 5th win of 2019 and 7th overall in Canada, but not without controversy! We recap everything that happened during and AFTER the race as well as highlight Renault's resurgence into the midfield battle, Lance Stroll's hometown heroics and Haas' continuing battle against Pirelli.
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2019 Canadian GP Preview

#F1 makes its annual jump across the pond for a brief stint in North America. The Merc 1/2 streak was broken by Verstappen in Monaco, but the heavy power track will prove tough sledding for Red Bull and Ferrari. Can Vettel match his win in Canada a year ago? Will McLaren continue their recent dominance in the midfield? Who's bringing upgrades???? Preview the #CanadianGP right here with us!
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2019 Monaco GP Recap

A thriller from Hamilton, a frenzy in the midfield and heartbreak for Leclerc. Let's dive in to everything that happened at the 2019 Monaco Grand Prix.
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2019 Monaco GP Preview

2019 Monaco GP Preview by @OvertakeF1Pod
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2019 Spanish GP Recap

Mercedes finish 1 & 2. Sound familiar? Ferrari run suboptimal strategy. Sound familiar? At least the midfield is shaping up to be fantastic competition as Haas, McLaren and Toro Rosso all get in the points. We break it all down from Barcelona.
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2019 Spanish GP Preview

2019 Spanish GP Preview by @OvertakeF1Pod
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2019 Azerbaijan GP Recap

What's new? A Mercedes 1, 2 in Baku. The story of this season is the midfield. McLaren and Racing Point double in the points while Kimi drives that Alfa Romeo from the pits to 10th! The WCC might be a wrap, but Formula 1.5 is a battle between 4 teams through 4 races. Recap the Azerbaijan GP right here with us!
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Pre Azerbaijan 2019

With Ted out for work, Tom takes over to document the craziness that is Baku! Does Ferrari get back into the competition by winning their first Azerbaijan Grand Prix? Or doe Sergio Perez stand on another podium? Whatever happens, we know there will be overtakes, there will be crashes, and there may be someone outside the Big 3 on the podium
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2019 Chinese GP Recap

Another Mercedes 1, 2 finish in the 1,00th race in Formula 1 history. Ferrari blows it with their strategy once again, Red Bull lack the pace to compete for the win, reliability issues continue to plague Renault and Alex Albon wins your driver of the day. Recap the Chinese Grand Prix right here with us!
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2019 Chinese GP Preview

#Formula1 has come a long way since Silverstone way back in 1950. The 1,000th #F1 grand prix will run at the Shanghai International Circuit. Will LeClerc get redemption? Will #Renault get back on their horse? Will one of six drivers currently with no points end his drought? Preview the 3rd race of the 2019 calendar with Ted and Tom. #Race1000
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2019 Bahrain GP Recap

The #BahrainGP was bonkers! Heartbreak for @Charles_Leclerc , humiliation for #Renault and another #Mercedes 1, 2 finish. Recap the madness from the Middle East right here with us.
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2019 Bahrain GP Preview

#Ferrari and #Renault need to rebound. Can they get it done in the desert? The second leg of the #F1 seasons bring us to Sakhir for the #BahrainGP.
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2019 Post Australian GP

One race in the books. #Mercedes finish 1 & 2 at Albert Park. Will it be the same story as last year or can #Ferrari rebound after a rough weekend? Is #RedBull fast enough to scrap with the big boys and what do we make of the midfield? We recap the #AusGP from top to bottom right here, right now.
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2019 Australian GP Preview

#Formula 1 is back! Preview the 2019 season and the #AustralianGP with Ted and Tom. All the driver shakeup. All the drama between teams. All the expectations heading into another season with the fastest cars on the planet. Everything you need to know to get your ready for Sunday is right here. Join us!
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Pre Singapore

2017 Singapore GP Highlight:
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Post Belgium/Pre Italy

Back to back races coming out of the summer break so we are going to give you one show with everything to need to know to wrap up the #BelgianGP and preview the #ItalianGP. #Vettel cuts into #Hamilton 's lead in the WDC, the halo proves to be life-saving, and Kimi gets screwed again. On to #Monza where #Ferrari need a strong showing to continue momentum as we exit Europe for the season. Belgian GP Highlight: Drivers Standings: Constructors Standings:
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2018 Midseason Awards + News!

Maybe the craziest summer break in #F1 history! Get caught up with everything that happened since the #HungarianGP in preparation for the #BelgianGP. Who's on their way in? Who's on their way out? What is going on at #ForceIndia and who is the real MVP of the first half? All that and more right here.
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Pre Belgium

#F1 is back! Summer break is over. Let's get back to racing. It's been the silliest of seasons with much more news upcoming. Back to racing with the #BelgianGP
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Pre Hungary

One race before the summer break! Who will lead the championships heading in the summer? Who needs the break the most? Silly season is in full swing and you won't believe who is rumored to buy #ForceIndia. Preview the #HungarianGP with Ted and Tom before we say goodbye to #F1 for a month.
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Post Germany

Hockenheim returned to the calendar with a bang! Literally. Sebastian Vettel went into the wall and chaos ensued allowing Lewis Hamilton to charge from 14th place and take the win. Action everywhere on the grid this week. Relive the return of the #GermanGP right here with us. Highlight:
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Pre Germany

Two races until the summer break... Which driver and which team will lead the championships after the next two races? #Mercedes, #Vettel and #Hulkenberg will experience a home race for the first time since 2016. The #GermanGP is back as we return to #Hockenheim.
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Post Britain

#Silverstone delivered another banger! Unbelievable racing from England over the weekend to cap a massive #F1 triple header. Vettel takes the win and controversy surrounds #Mercedes after the post race comments from Hamilton and Wolff. Plus, the movement in the midfield heats up as Hulkenberg jumps back into 7th. Recap a stellar weekend right here.
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French GP Recap/Austrian GP Preview

Was the tri-colored gorilla trophy the biggest surprise of the weekend? The return of the #frenchgp came and went with some big action on lap 1. Was Vettel?s penalty enough? Unfortunately it was a bad weekend for french drivers, but a good one for the french team. We are on our way to Austria so we give you an Austrian GP preview as well. Cheers from the road!
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Pre France

The #FrenchGP returns to the #F1 calendar for the first time sine 2008. Red Bull strikes a deal with Honda for 2019 and 2020. Hartley to remain at Toro Rosso. Can Fernando Alonso capture the final leg of the triple crown? Buckle up race fans, 5 races in 6 weeks. #prayfortheengineers
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Post Canada

Vettel takes the lead in the WDC with a dominant performance in Canada. Winnie Harlow kept everyone on their toes with the early checkered flag, but the race was never in doubt. Join us as we unwrap the #CanadianGP and prepare for heavy #F1 action in the coming weeks.
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Pre Canada

Off to Montreal and back to a power track. Will we see the true form of the hypersoft tire this weekend? Can Daniel Ricciardo win the WDC? Who's the favorite for 4th place in the WCC through 6 races. The #CanadianGP is coming up. Join us as we preview North America's first F1 race of 2018.
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Post Monaco

Boring parade or edge of your seat viewing? Danny Ricciardo gets his revenge in Monte Carlo as the fastest man in all sessions. Even down horsepower, the Red Bull held of Ferrari and Mercedes for his second win of the season. Is Monaco worth keeping on the calendar? What needs to be changed to improve the race? Most teams are more than happy to move on to Canada, but first we break this one down.
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Pre Monaco

The crown jewel for #Formula1 is finally here. #MonacoGP practice is already underway in Monte Carlo and we are here to get you ready for a rowdy weekend at Rascasse. Is it finally time for #RedBull to shine? Will Hamilton make it three in a row? The hypersoft tire makes its debut this weekend and Fernando Alonso decided to be in Europe instead of Indy. Have a listen and get ready for Monaco.
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Post Spain

Spain was a parade for Mercedes more than a race. Is Pirelli to blame? Red Bull and Ferrari struggle, Alonso is in the points again and drama with Grosjean. Recap the Spanish Grand Prix with us.
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Pre Spain

Can this F1 season go 5 for 5 on stellar races? Everyone is bringing upgrades to Barcelona, the site of winter testing. Questions surround every team on the grid so are here to discuss all you need to know heading into the #SpanishGP. Don't mind that dump truck in the background.. you gotta pod when you can pod.
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Post Baku

Was Baku 2018 better than Baku 2017? You be the judge... we are just here to break it all down. Something to talk about for every team. Jump right in! The #AzerbaijanGP has a little bit of everything. Anthony Davidson Red Bull Breakdown:
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Pre Baku

This week, Tom flies solo on this preview of the Azerbaijan Grand Prix. Will the madness of 2018 continue for a fourth race? Last year, the street of Baku gave us the best show of the calendar. What should we expect this weekend. Preview the Azerbaijan Grand Prix right here.
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Post China

Bottas, Vettel and Hamilton get hung out to dry by the safety car and Ricciardo puts on a show to remember. What a time to be a fan of Formula 1. Relive the excitement from China right here.
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China Trackwalk

Tom takes a stroll through the Shanghai International Circuit.
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Pre China

A quick turnaround and we have China up next! Will Hamilton get his first win of the season? What can we expect from Red Bull? The midfield is better than ever... which team will surprise this week? Throw us a like and subscribe as we get you ready for China.
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Post Bahrain GP

Bahrain was simply spectacular. Vettel puts in a drive for the ages to hold off Bottas. Gasly finishes fourth in the Toro Rosso Honda, McLaren another double finish in the points and Red Bull a double DNF. Wait, Marcus Ericsson got in the points? Relive a fantastic race under the lights right here.
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Bahrain International Circuit Track Walk

Tom takes you on a history tour and preview of the Bahrain International Circuit.
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Pre Bahrain

The first race of the season under the lights has arrived. As the teams travel to Bahrain join us for a preview of all things F1. Rules and regulations are being discussed and we may have some new information to chew on by the weekend. Will Ferrari and Mercedes double down on their threat to quit? We also discuss Haas F1 controversy over information sharing, Force India's chances to rebound and if McLaren can keep up the pace. Perfect times to watch F1 in the U.S. this weekend, so join us for everything you need to know.
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Post Australia

Sebastian Vettel sneaks into the pits under the Virtual Safety Car to steal the victory from an astonished Lewis Hamilton. Did Red Bull have pace? No points for Force India? Fernando Alonso smiles. What a time to be an F1 fan! Too bad ESPN blew it worse than the Haas pit crew. Relive the Australian Grand Prix right here. Right now.
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Pre Australia

Race week is here! We've got your race weekend covered with all you need to know. Join us as we break down the expectations for driver and team. F1 is finally back. Have a listen and share.
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2018 F1 Season Preview

The 2018 season is upon us! Get ready for the latest installment of Formula 1 with Ted and Tom as we breakdown everything you need to know for 2018. We will get you to speed on regulations tweaks, driver changes, broadcast overhauls and the latest hype from Barcelona testing. No season preview is complete without predictions so we've got you covered there as well. Saddle up for another season of racing with Overtake F1.
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Post Mexican GP

Lewis Hamilton wins his 4th World Driver's Championship cementing his legacy in F1. Verstappen takes his second win of the season, Force India solidifies 4th in the constructors and the mid-field battle for 6th is still on!
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Pre Mexican GP

Will Hamilton wrap up the WDC in Mexico? Who is behind the wheel at Torro Rosso? Ted needs to win out to tie in season picks and the mid-field battle is still roaring. Get ready for the Mexican Grand Prix with us on a short week!
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Post United States GP

Mercedes wraps up the WCC and Hamilton gets closer to the WDC title. Best race of the year? You decide! Everyone loves a little FIA drama. Come on in to recap the madness of that final lap!
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Pre United States GP

The final swing of the 2017 F1 calendar is here. Will Hamilton wrap up the WDC in Austin? Who's in for Sainz at Torro Rosso this week and how will the spaniard perform in his first race at Renault? The Haas boys look to shine for the home crowd and the picks are getting close! Have a listen and share.
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Post Japanese GP

The title fight looks all but formalized after another win from Lewis Hamilton. Sebastian Vettel's troubles continued Sunday at Sazuka. Is it time to look forward to 2018 with four races left? Big news for Renault and Carlos Sainz ahead of the US Grand Prix and where you will be watching F1 in 2018.
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Pre Japanese GP

Finally we have reached Sazuka! A jewel of the F1 calendar in the heart of Japan. It's do or die for Sebastian Vettel in the WDC, but it is sure to be crowded at the top of the grid. Trouble again with Force India. Should the team be sold? 5 races left in the 2017 season!
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Post Malaysian GP

At the final race in Malaysia, Verstappen powers to the second win of his young career. Hamilton coasts to second and Daniel Ricciardo caps off a lovely weekend for Red Bull in third. Vettel carved up the field and Kimi didn't exit the garage. Conspiracies abound! Time to put on our tin foil hats and recap the Malaysian Grand Prix.
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Pre Malaysian GP

Race 15 of the F1 calendar reaches Malaysia. 2017 will be the final Malaysian race for the near future so let's blow it out with a bang. Who received upgrades? What new face will we see on the grid? All your fresh F1 news and information is right here.
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Post Italian GP

The Italian GP was a bloodbath. Mercedes increased its lead in the Constructors and Lewis Hamilton is out in front of the WDC for the first time this season. Least surprising of all, Ricciardo ran another stellar race from the back. Verstappen had issues and the Williams finally get it together. Let's talk about Monza.
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