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Fun Kids Science Weekly

Fun Kids Science Weekly

Exploring the coolest and most incredible stuff in science, from way back when dinosaurs roamed the Earth to a future where humans live in space! Fun Kids Science Weekly is hosted by Dan and is the perfect science podcast for kids and families everywhere.

Each week, you'll find episodes from series like Deep Space High, Age of the Dinosaurs and Professor Hallux. There's also a special guest, top experts answering all your science questions and Dangerous Dan - something scientific that’s also a little bit deadly!

If you like this, you can listen to Dan on Fun Kids Radio (weekdays from 1pm) on DAB Digital Radio across the UK, on the free Fun Kids app and online at


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Why do we have freckles? And the Dangerous Blister Beetle!

Why do we have freckles? What gives the Blister Beetle its name? We hear on what in music makes us groove and answer your science questions on this weeks Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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Why Does Cheese Give Us Nightmares?

Why are we seeing more spiders? How do touch screens work? Author of Everything Under the Sun and QI Elf Molly Oldfield joins us on the podcast to uncover the answers to some amazing science questions and we learn all about the deadliest and cutest creature there is! See for privacy information.
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How to Turn Plastic to Vanilla!

Why is the sky blue? How fast does our brain work? Joanna Sadler joins us to chat about a recent study where she used bacteria to turn plastic into Vanilla flavouring! Find out all of this and more on this weeks Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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How does an astronaut's toilet work?

What is sweat? How do wings work? These science questions are answered, we hear about the giant hairy scorpion and Rebecca from the Science Museum joins us in this weeks Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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The Deadliest Cheese and why do Elephants have Tusks?

Be careful eating this cheese, it might kill you! Why are mosquito bites bumpy? And Charlotte from the Royal Institution all about the anniversary of 200 years of the electric motor! See for privacy information.
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How to breathe like an Olympian!

Why do cheetahs purr? What is the creepiest fish in the sea? And Nevsah Karamehmet on how can we breathe as well as an olympian!  See for privacy information.
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An Animal that Poos out Cubes?! with the Pooseum!

Ever wondered what is the worst smelling poo is? Or why the ocean is blue? We learn all about Poo in this episode of the Science Weekly as well as answering your science questions and finding out what Science is going on this week in the news! See for privacy information.
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How is Lightning Affecting the Edge of Space?

Why do we get car sick? How are bee's fighting back wasps with heated balls and what is the future of space travel looking like?     See for privacy information.
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What does fossilised DINOSAUR POO teach us about the past?

Ever wondered why don't we get pins and needles in our sleep? Plus, Martin Qvarnström joins Dan to chat about what bugs in fossilised dino poop are teaching us!  See for privacy information.
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The Danger Of Anteaters & Are Computers Capable Of Sarcasm?

If you thought anteaters were a danger just to ants, then this podcast will prove you wrong ... Plus, we're joined by a super computer expert about sarcasm! See for privacy information.
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Let's Meet A Venom-Stealing Snake & A Plastic-Eating Enzyme

Dan comes face-to-face with the snake that pickpockets its poison. Plus, he is joined by Amy Griffin of Diamond - what can actually eat plastic? See for privacy information.
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Why Did Medieval People Have So Many Bunions?

What is sick made of? Some amazing discoveries in space and one of the deadliest prehistoric creatures is uncovered in this weeks Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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Science is a Superpower with Dr William Haseltine!

Is toothpaste a solid or a liquid? Can we learn in our sleep? Learn all about the density of the dangerous Pulsar and the incredible age of the Dinosaurs in this weeks Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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A New Sense for Dogs and What is Sweat?

What is snot for? A rare bird has been spotted again! And Anna Balint chats to us about an extra sense that dogs have! All on this weeks Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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What Are Bones Made From and Code Ninjas!

A parasite that is deadly to rodents, why do plants need water and Ardavan from Code Ninjas chats about their Grand Opening on July 10th at the Wylloytts Centre! See for privacy information.
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Tree Farts and a Special Announcement!

Why do trees fart and what is it doing to the climate? What are butterfly wings made out of? An extremely dangerous ancient shark and a plane in space?! All of this on this week's Fun Kids Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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Adam Kay Answers YOUR Body Questions and A Movie in Space!

The longest fart on record, the grossest creature on Dangerous Dan and how a movie filmed in space is going to be made! All this and more on this weeks Science Weekly! See for privacy information.
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Could Humans Be Venomous?

Agneesh Barua tells us how humans could be venomous, why is the sea colder the deeper you go and could we survive without any animals on the planet? All on this week's Fun Kids Science Weekly? See for privacy information.
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Crash Landing Rockets and Unbelievable Fun Facts with Kate Hale!

What was the first animal to be extinct? Why are bubbles white in the bath? One of the largest and deadliest birds that has ever lived and some amazing facts with professional fun fact finder Kate Hale! See for privacy information.
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Real Life Devil-Snare and How Our Brains Work with Betina Ip!

Neuroscientist Betina Ip tells us how the brain works, we learn why our teeth are so strong and why we can't see air! This week we learn about a dangerous plant that was the inspiration for Devil-Snare in the Wizarding World and some of the latest science news! See for privacy information.
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Why is the Platypus so Dangerous and Eco-Friendly-Football with Dale Vince

Why don't birds get electrocuted on wires? How do fish see so deep in the ocean? Photographing the Mars Rover with a helicopter and learning how to make football carbon free, all on this Science Weekly Podcast! See for privacy information.
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A New Dinosaur Just Dropped and The BIGGEST Snake in History!

13 year old inventor Dylan Sandy joins us this week to make smart watches even smarter! Why do we vomit on rollercoasters? Learn about a drone on Mars and a new type of dinosaur that has been discovered! See for privacy information.
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Why Can't We Look at an Eclipse and Saving the Turtles!

Learn about the deadliest island, how do we hear songs, why the seals are returning to the UK and Environmentalist Ashwika Kapur! See for privacy information.
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The Cute but Deadly Red Panda and Gold is from Space?!?!

Planetary Scientist Suzie Imber and Author of Little People, Big Dreams Maria Isabel Sanchez Vegara join Dan this week. How is CandyFloss made? And this weeks big science stories! See for privacy information.
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NASA's Bekah Seigfriedt on the Mars Perseverance Rover!

What is nothing? Where did humans start? The weirdest and cutest deadly creature around and will we be destroyed by a deadly asteroid? See for privacy information.
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How Do Birds Fly and Saving the Environment with Cel Spellman!

Learn about the worlds deadliest tree, how bluetooth works and how come woodpeckers don't get a headache when hammering their beaks all day! We are also joined by Cel Spellman to learn some tips on how we can save the environment! See for privacy information.
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Why Do Old People Have Wrinkles and a Robot That Makes Tea!

Dan talks to Amy, the creator of Broogle, a robot that is combatting loneliness amongst the elderly over lockdown as well as learning about the deadliest bean and answering your science questions! See for privacy information.
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Ant Zombies and Amazing Science at Disneyland with Len Testa!

See for privacy information.
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Our 2 Millionth Download Special and the Grossest Animal Alive!

Maddie Moate, Greg Foot and experts from the National Space Centre, ZSL London Zoo and Chester Zoo join Dan this week to answer your science questions and we have the grossest Dangerous Dan EVER! See for privacy information.
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A Barracuda and Why Do We Swim?

Dan speaks to Bonnie Tsui about why we as humans can swim. Also, meet the deadly barracuda! See for privacy information.
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Glow-in-the-Dark Animals and Acid Rain!

What planet has the deadliest weather? How does breathing work? Tom Iwanicki from Hawaii answers why some animals are bioluminescent and what that means! See for privacy information.
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Artistic Artificial Intelligence and the Dangerous Daffodil!

Ashley from OpenAI talks about DALLE who draws pictures from text, Why do Whales sing and where do rocks come from? Podcast art: AI's drawing of "a transistor radio with an aerial and analog dial on the surface of the moon with colorful planets in the background" See for privacy information.
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The Most Deadly Shark and How Did the Dinosaurs Die?

How did the meteor wipe out the dinosaurs? Why do our phones vibrate? Design tips from Hannah Goldsmith Queen Elizabeth Prize of Engineering Trophy Competition Prizewinner, and what is the most deadliest shark to humans? See for privacy information.
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The Deadly Irukandji Jellyfish and Dog Domestication with Maria Lahtinen!

We explore how dogs were domesticated with Maria Lahtinen and learn about the tiny and very venomous Irukandji Box Jellyfish! See for privacy information.
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The Pineapples Deadly Cousin and The Internet Explained!

Dan is joined by internet expert Chris Woodford to answer all of your questions as well as learning how a rocket works and why farm animals should be terrified of the pineapples deadly cousin!  See for privacy information.
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24 Planets Better for Life than Earth and the Fearsome Megladon!

Dan is joined by astrobiologist Dirk Schulze-Makuch to chat about 24 planets better suited for life than earth as well as asking your own Science Questions! See for privacy information.
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How is Lightning Made and Weather Presenter Judith Ralston!

In this weeks Science Weekly Dan answers Why are we scared of spiders? How is lightning made? As well as being joined by weather presenter Judith Ralston! See for privacy information.
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The Pinocchio Rex and Dr Hannah Fry on 5G!

This week Dan tells us about the dangerous cousin of the T-Rex and speaks to Dr Hannah Fry about the possibilities of 5G! See for privacy information.
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Best of 2020!

In this episode we explore the best bits from 2020! See for privacy information.
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Why Do We Dream and Bubble Scientist Dr Helen Czerski!

This week Dan talks bubbles with Bubble Scientist Dr Helen Czerski as well as answering your science questions and discovering the deadliest things in the world! See for privacy information.
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Deadly Armoured Fish and 'Gut Garden' Author, Katie Brosnan

Dan is joined by Katie Brosnan, we learn about a deadly armoured fish, we answer your science questions and get our weekly science news! See for privacy information.
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False Monkey Facts and 'Cats React to Science Facts' Author, Izzi Howell!

Dan speaks to Izzi Howell, author of 'Cats React to Science Facts' and teaches us about the worlds most dangerous bird as well as giving us the truth behind some false monkey facts! See for privacy information.
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The Deadliest Mountain and Geophysicist Mike Kendall!

This week Dan chats to geophysicist Mike Kendall about the Royal Society Young Peoples Book Prize as well as learning about the deadliest mountain and answering your science questions! See for privacy information.
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Why is the Sun SO Hot and How Clean Air Makes Us Smarter with Larissa Lockwood!

In this weeks Science Weekly we learn how Clean Air can make us smarter and remember more with our guest Larissa Lockwood as well as answering your Science Questions! See for privacy information.
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The Worlds Largest Snake and Known Unknowns with Christopher Lloyd!

In this weeks Science Weekly Dan is joined by author of the Britannica All New Childrens Encylopedia, Christopher Lloyd to talk all about facts! See for privacy information.
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Dara Ó Briain talks Life in Space and The Worlds Deadliest Crossing!

This week Dara Ó Briain joins Dan to discuss life in space as well as answering some of your scientific questions! We delve into the world of the Dinosaurs and learn about the Worlds Deadliest Crossing! See for privacy information.
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The Pandemic Pathology Special!

This Special Edition of Science Weekly is all about Pandemic Pathology! We speak to scientists Dr Rachel Wheeler and Dr Guiseppe Pichierri to learn more about viruses and the impact that they have on our bodies! See for privacy information.
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Dinosaurs in the UK with Dino Expert Cindy Howells!

In this weeks Science Weekly we speak to Cindy Howells who has found Dinosaur Footprints on the beaches of Penarth in Wales.    See for privacy information.
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The Acidic Bombardier Beetle and the Power of Seaweed with Olavur Gregersen!

In this weeks Science Weekly we learn about the power of Seaweed with the director of Ocean Rainforest, Olavur Gregersen! We also answer your Science questions and hear about Wildlife Photographer of the year! See for privacy information.
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The Worlds Best Hunters and Dr. Tammo Reichgelt on Mummified Plants!

In this weeks Science Weekly we learn about the worlds best hunters, we visit the age of the dinosaurs and speak to Dr Tammo Reichgelt who has found some mummified leaves that can tell us the future of the planet! See for privacy information.
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