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Love to Sew Podcast

Love to Sew Podcast

Helen Wilkinson and Caroline Somos host Love to Sew, a fun weekly podcast about making clothes, sewing community, and small business. They talk about their passion for sewing a handmade wardrobe and their daily lives as creative entrepreneurs. Listen to interviews with indie business owners and inspiring sewists who totally understand your obsession with sewing.


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Episode 190: Mystical Stitches with Christi Johnson

Christi Johnson is a textile artist and teacher. We talk with her about mystical empowerment through wearable embroidery, clothing vs. fashion, and her new book!

Show Notes

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Episode 189: Cutting Patterns & Fabric

Cutting is a big part of every sewist?s life. In this episode, we share tips for cutting patterns and fabric, recommend the best cutting supplies, and have a Team Rotary Cutter vs. Team Scissors smackdown!

Show Notes

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Episode 188: Tailoring for Them with Emilia Bergoglio

Tailoring for everyone! Emilia Bergoglio makes amazing tailored garments. In this episode, they chat with us about tailoring techniques, degendering fashion, and their favourite learning resources.

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Episode 187: Lining

Linings can make your clothes last longer, make sheer fabrics more versatile, and even make your jackets warmer. In this episode, Helen and Caroline review how to sew linings, how to draft linings, and how to choose the perfect lining fabric for your garment.

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Episode 186: Transforming Thrifted Textiles with Francisco Diaz

Francisco Diaz is an artist, slow fashion sewist, and upcycler extraordinaire! In this episode, we pick their brain about sewing with thrifted fabrics, painting and drawing on garments, earth day goals, queer creator collabs, and more.

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Episode 185: Fabric Stash Organization

An organized stash is the key to enjoying your fabrics! We share small-space strategies, listener tips, cataloging methods, and more in this comprehensive episode. Big stash? Small stash? We?ve got ideas for any stash!

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Love to Sew Favourite: Create your Dream Wardrobe

This episode was originally released on August 26, 2019. What does your style say about you? From assessing your current style to designing your dream wardrobe, we will have you inspired to create the looks that best suits you.

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Love to Sew Favourite: Thread

This episode was originally released on March 23, 2020. This Love to Sew Favourite is all about thread! We discuss the different types of thread, their properties and weights, and how to find the right thread for your sewing project. We also discuss top tips for finding a good quality thread and ways to strengthen your thread when hand-stitching!?

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Love to Sew Favourite: Know Yourself Better with Gretchen Rubin

This episode was originally released on November 19, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, Gretchen Rubin joins us to talk about her Four Tendencies framework and how it relates to our creative hobbies. We talk about knowing yourself better, finding accountability, facing your fears, and how colour can influence our everyday lives. Gretchen is a happiness expert and she gives us loads of tips on how to be happy and productive in our sewing practice.

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Love to Sew Favourite: Linen

This episode was originally released on July 6, 2020. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we discuss the fascinating history of linen, common characteristics of linen, and the many great pattern suggestions for sewing with linen. We also touch on some tips and tricks for sewing with linen and our favourite linen makes!

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Love to Sew Favourite: Designing Vogue Patterns with Carlos Correa

This episode was originally released on October 28, 2019. In this Love to Sew Favourite, Vogue Patterns designer Carlos Correa gives us a behind-the-scenes preview of the making of Vogue sewing patterns! Carlos also chats about his own sewing journey, his love for high fashion, and his approach to making a handmade wardrobe.

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Love to Sew Favourite: Why Do We Sew?

This episode was originally released on May 20, 2019. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we share the wonderful, heartfelt, and surprising reasons why we sew. Listeners all around the world wrote in to tell us their ?why? and celebrate this wonderful hobby with us!

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Love to Sew Favourite: Block Printing with Jen Hewett

This episode was originally released on September 17, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, Jen Hewett shares her passion for block printing and tells us how we can print our own fabrics! She walks us through how she got started with block printing, why she loves turning her printed fabrics into garments, and what makes a good block. We also discuss listening to your body while you work, wearing prints, and why not to turn your hobby into a business.

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Episode 184: Pants Sewing and Fitting

Pants! We love to sew them and we love to wear them. In this episode, Helen and Caroline talk pants sewing techniques, pants patterns, pants fabrics, and the pants fitting process!

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Episode 183: Petite Sewing

In this episode, Helen and Caroline chat with three amazing petite sewists: Simone Nelson, Shontae Buffington, and Lauren Digby. They share their petite sewing strategies, tips, and stories to help other sewists find their perfect fit!

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Episode 182: Personal Style with Terrance Williams

Terrance Williams is a sustainable fashion entrepreneur, style icon, content creator, and activist! In this episode, Helen and Caroline chat with him about his business, his personal style journey, and creating change in the sewing world.

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Episode 181: Lyocell/Tencel

Lyocell/Tencel is lovely for garment sewing...but what is it? In this episode, Helen and Caroline completely demystify this beautiful, comfortable, and sustainable fabric: how it's made, how to sew it, and how to care for it!

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Episode 180: Zero Waste Sewing

This week, we are delving into zero waste sewing! Helen and Caroline discuss how to revolutionize your sewing practice with waste-reducing techniques, zero waste patterns, and sustainable habits.

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Episode 179: Marking Tools

Mark our words: marking tools are important! Helen and Caroline break down all the different kinds of marking tools so that you can choose the best ones for your projects.

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Episode 178: Beginner Q&A

Hooray for beginner sewists! Helen and Caroline cover your beginner questions in this Q&A--from machine threading to fitting muslins!

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Episode 177: Commercial Sewing Techniques with Saremy Duffy

Saremy Duffy from Sew Sew Live joins us to talk about commercial sewing techniques and how she started live-streaming sewing projects on YouTube! Saremy talks about her extensive experience in the sewing industry and shares her top tips for bringing commercial sewing practices into home sewing.

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Episode 176: Sewing Vocabulary

Need to brush up on your sewing vocabulary? We are here to help! We cover some of the most common terms in home sewing and share some helpful tips and tricks along the way!?

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Episode 175: Leatherwork with Treasure from Nikki&Mallory

Treasure Mallory from Nikki&Mallory  joins us to talk about leatherwork! Treasure shares what you need to get started, how to overcome beginner challenges, and the differences between garment sewing and sewing with leather. She also shares her inspiring entrepreneurial journey and her best advice for small business owners.

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Episode 174: Pressing

Press play to hear all about pressing! We discuss the pressing techniques, tools, and tips that result in beautiful finished garments.

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Episode 173: Past Guest Pep Talk

We have assembled a fantastic pep squad of sewists to reignite your sewing passion! In this episode, there are nine pep talks from former guests Brooks Ann Camper, Jasika Nicole, Elise Blaha Cripe, Aaronica Cole, Jenny Rushmore, Julian Collins, and Denise Archer, as well as your hosts, Helen and Caroline.

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Love To Sew Favourite: Fearless Making with Jasika Nicole

The episode was originally released on December 5, 2017. In this Love to Sew Favourite, Jasika Nicole joins us to chat about shoemaking and red carpet DIY. She?s a fearless maker who will try anything! 

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Love to Sew Favourite: Sewing with Knits

This episode was originally released on October 9, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we cover different types of knit fabrics, the tools you need, and tips for getting a professional finish while sewing. You will be making your own tees, leggings, and sweaters in no time!

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Love to Sew Favourite: Fabrics 101

This episode was originally released on February 6, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we cover all the basics such as construction, content, weight, drape, and stretch. We also offer tips for successful fabric shopping online and in person.

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Love To Sew Favourite: Start Now with Elise Cripe

This episode was originally released on January 1, 2019. In this Love to Sew Favourite, Elise Cripe joins us to talk about setting and achieving goals! Elise also shares her sewing journey and what led her to create the Get To Work Book, the ultimate planner for your life and your creative projects.

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Love To Sew Favourite: Sewing Coats

This episode was originally released on December 11, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we discuss everything you need to know about sewing a coat, from beginner tips to advanced tailoring techniques. We also discuss wool coating fabrics and how to mentally prepare for a big project like a coat!

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Love To Sew Favourite: You Can Hack It

The episode was originally released on May 28, 2018. In this Love to Sew Favourite, we break down our favourite simple and advanced hacks that will let you get the most mileage out of your patterns! Everything you need to know, from must-have hacking tools to how to mix your favourite patterns. You can hack it!

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Episode 172: Sewing Motivation

Do you need some sewing motivation? We discuss the many ways you can reignite your sewjo, and share our personal experiences in staying motivated to sew!

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Episode 171: Sewing Revelations

Has a tool or resource completely changed your sewing practice? We share your revelatory stories on what has altered your sewing game, and ours too!

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Episode 170: Sewing Accessories

We discuss the many exciting options for sewing your own accessories! From sewing bags to making your own shoes, we round-up some amazing project ideas and share our favourite me-made accessories too.

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Episode 169: Sewing for Kids

Planning on sewing for kids? We discuss some differences between sewing for kids and adults, considerations for making kids garments, and special techniques you may encounter in the sewing process. We also share our tips and experience in sewing for young ones.

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Episode 168: Sewing and Chronic Illness with Andie Wells

Andie Wells joins us to talk about their sewing practice and how the community can better support sewists living with chronic illnesses and disabilities. They also discuss fat sewing, who they love following in the online sewing community, and some of their favourite sewing resources!

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Episode 167: Elastic

Learn all about elastic! We dive into different types of elastic, and which ones you should be using for your next project. Plus, we share our tops tips for sewing with elastic, along with our favourite elastic sources!

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Episode 166: Feedback Fest 5

We share some of the amazing feedback we have received over the past 6 months in this semi-annual feedback fest! We cover sewing confessions, sewing tips, helpful resources and so much more!

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Episode 165: Sewing Loungewear

Get comfortable because we are chatting all about loungewear! We talk about the importance of sewing loungewear as a form of self-care and what sewing patterns you can sew up for maximum comfort!

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Episode 164: Wool

Learn all about wool! We discuss common characteristics of wool, how to care for your wool garments, and why you should wear wool even in warmer weather. We also touch on some tips and tricks for sewing with wool and our favourite wool makes!

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Episode 163: Maker Affirmations with Maressa Fernandez

Maressa Fernandez joins us to talk about maker affirmations! She shares how maker affirmations can help us to work through creative struggles, and also inspire a breakthrough in your creative practice!

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Episode 162: Sewing Undies

We discuss our favourite sewing tips for sewing undies and the supplies you need to sew your own undies. From period panties to boxer briefs, we?ve got you covered in our sewing patterns round-up too!

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Episode 161: Social Justice Sewing Academy with Sara Trail

Sara Trail from the Social Justice Sewing Academy joins us to talk about how SJSA?s workshops and programs support youth in their exploration of social justice issues through quilting as textile artivism. We also talk about the SJSA business incubator and exciting ways that you can help and get involved!

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Episode 160: Free Sewing

From sewing patterns to online educational sewing content, we cover lots of free sewing resources to help you save costs and keep sewing!

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Episode 159: Punch Needle with Arounna Khounnoraj

Arounna Khounnoraj joins us to discuss the beautiful craft of punch needle! She shares what you need to get started, how to overcome beginner challenges, and some top tips for punch needle success.

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Episode 158: 3 Year Anniversary Q&A

It?s our 3 year anniversary! Join us as we catch up on our businesses and day-to-day lives, along with answering all your questions in a special Q&A!

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Episode 157: Pins and Needles

Learn all about pins and needles! We cover different types of needles and pins and what you need to know when considering pins and needles for your projects.

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Episode 156: Black Makers Matter with Julian Collins

Julian Collins joins us to chat about his sewing journey and the Black Makers Matter coalition. We discuss how the sewing community can support Black makers and help to ensure companies big and small make it clear that they value their Black customers. Julian also talks about the confidence he gets from wearing handmade garments and his SewManly Facebook group! 

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Episode 155: Fabric Shopping Online

Learn how to fabric shop online! We discuss our top tips for online fabric shopping so you can find that perfect fabric for your project.

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Episode 154: Sewing Confessions

We share your favourite sewing confessions, from sewing over pins to not pre-washing your fabrics, we?ve got them all!

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