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The Colin and Samir Show

The Colin and Samir Show

Hey, We?re Colin and Samir, YouTube creators and podcasters that break down the latest news in the creator economy from a creator's perspective. We have a long history building communities and brands through digital content. New episodes of The Colin and Samir show go live every Monday morning at 9AM EST on Spotify and


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?? it?s Samir

A quick update from Samir
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Let?s talk about the Metaverse

Colin and Samir unpack the Metaverse, Crypto and NFTs
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Dude Perfect?s struggle with YouTube

This week we explore the journey of Dude Perfect and how they found success on YouTube
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Jack Conte: The Unexpected Story of Patreon

This week we chat with Jack Conte about his journey from musician to founder to a $4 billion dollar valuation with Patreon. 

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Elle Mills: Life after Burnout

This week Colin and Samir sit down with Elle Mills to discuss life after YouTube burnout. 

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How Squid Game saved Netflix

Colin and Samir discuss how Squid Game Saved Netflix and what creators can learn from the storytelling tactics Squid Games used to keep our attention. 

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The Future of YouTube: A Conversation with YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl

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In this episode Colin and Samir chat with YouTube Chief Business Officer Robert Kyncl about the future of the platform and how creators can build long term businesses with YouTube. 

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The Silent Genius of Khaby Lame

Khaby Lame is the second biggest TikTok creator in the world, but different from Charli D'amelio and Addison Rae, he doesn't speak... Colin and Samir breakdown why he's grown so much over the past year going from factory worker in Italy to 114 Million Followers on TikTok. 

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Predicting the Future of the Creator Economy

Colin and Samir talk through their predictions for the future of the Creator Economy. These predictions are directly from our newsletter, The Publish Press, subscribe here:

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The Dark Side of the Charli and Dixie D'amelio

This week we chat about the new D'amelio show and the dark side of social media stardom. This story was covered first in our newsletter, The Publish Press, subscribe to get creator economy news in your inbox every tuesday and friday - 

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The Full Story of MrBeast

This week we sit down with MrBeast to hear his full story, talk about his new $10M studio and his upcoming endeavors. Subscribe to our weekly Creator Economy newsletter, The Publish Press at 

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A Conversation with MrBeast?s Mom

This week we're chatting with Mr. Beasts Mom to learn about her perspective on how her son went from being Jimmy Donaldson, to Mr. Beast. Subscribe to our newsletter at
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Dear Emma Chamberlain, You've Changed

On this weeks episode we explore Emma Chamberlains change in style on YouTube. Subscribe to our Creator economy newsletter, The Publish Press for creator news every tuesday and friday: This weeks show is supported by Storyblocks. 

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Why the Paul Brothers are Saving the Boxing Industry ft. Hayden Hillier Smith

This week we interview Logan Paul's editor, Hayden Hillier Smith about how Logan and Jake Paul are impacting the Boxing industry. Subscribe to The Publish Press to get creator economy news to your inbox every tuesday and friday: 

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The Wildly Lucrative world of Ice Cream TikTok ft. Dylan Lemay

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And check out Dylan Lemay on TikTok to follow along with this interview! 

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72 hours with the most popular YouTuber on the planet, Mr. Beast.

We spent 72 Hours with Mr. Beast and here's what we learned. 

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why does everyone leave the Hype House?

Partner with Jellysmack and tell them we sent you! ? Today on the channel we're talking about creator houses and how the Hype House has found a way to thrive after stars like Charli D'Amelio and Addison Rae have moved on.

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He sold his company to Amazon for $970,000,000 ft Justin Kan

We interview Twitch Co-founder, Justin Kan about his story, selling his company to Amazon and why he's starting a YouTube Channel. 

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?? Hey It?s Samir.

A quick update from Samir. 

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Tai Verdes: The making of a modern day popstar

This week we interview Tai Verdes to talk about how he rose to fame on TikTok and build an fan base for his music. We caught up with Tai a week before he headlined Lollapalooza 

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The TikTok Cult Leader - Victoria Paris

NOTE: This episode includes Explicit Language. 

This week we are interviewing TikTok creator, Victoria Paris. We Chat with her about how she grew from 0 to 1M subscribers in 6 months and how she plans on growing her business from here on out. Subscribe to our Creator Economy newsletter, The Publish Press. 

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How College Athlete Vloggers became Millionaires Overnight.

This week, we're talking about how College athletes can now monetize their name image and likeness, most notably - through Social Media. 

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The High Price of Airrack's Success

Part 2 of our interview with Airrack. 

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How Much Money Airrack Makes with 1M subscribers on YouTube

Today we speak to YouTuber Airrack about his business after hitting 1 million subscribers by collaborating with creators like Logan Paul and MrBeast. Partner with Jellysmack and tell them we sent you! ? If you're a creator looking to grow your audience and your business, definitely check out Jellysmack   
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The Disney-Fication of the Nelk Boys

This week we discuss the Nelk Boy's new venture - Happy Dad Seltzer and talk about how they are following a similar strategy to Disney. If you want a visual reference for the episode, just search Walt Disney's synergy map from 1952. 

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Being a YouTuber in India ft. Sejal Kumar

Sejal Kumar is a talented YouTube Creator from New Delhi, India. We speak with her today about YouTube in India and her trajectory as a career creator. Thanks to Storyblocks for sponsoring the episode, Check out

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We played Roblox so you don't have to...

This week, we explore the wild world of Roblox 

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Ryan Trahan: From college dropout to the YouTube trending page

This week we interview Ryan Trahan about his rise from college dropout to full time creator. 

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Is TikTok Ruining the Music Industry?

TikTok has become the modern Radio, this week, we talk about it's impact on the music industry as a whole. Thanks to Slip Stream for sponsoring this episode, Head over to and enter your email in to access 1000+ free tracks. Subscribe to get access to the biggest music catalog on the internet - the tracks are great, check out and let us know what you think!

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Why Creators are opening Hotels ft Shelby Church

The next wave of Creator merch is here - and it's experiential. We're seeing creators transition from the digital space to the physical space - In this episode we talk to Shelby Church about why she's opening an Airbnb. Thanks to for sponsoring this episode, Sign up at and get started with $10 in free stock, also follow Colin... ?

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How Dixie D'Amelio Murdered Late Night

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Talk shows like Dixie D'Amelio's Early Late Show are taking over YouTube. Others include Impaulsive, Tiny Meat Gang, and WVFRM.

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Selling our first NFT pt 1

This episode is all about how we minted our first NFT and put it up for auction. Check out the Auction here:

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How much YouTube has paid us since the beginning (14M views) ft. Li Jin

On this episode we're joined by Li Jin to discuss all things creator economy, and to chat about how much money YouTube has paid us last month as well as in our full lifetime as a channel (5 years) 

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Why Emma Chamberlain is the new Casey Neistat

This week we're talking about Why Emma Chamberlain is the new Casey Neistat. We talk about the difference between a Relationship Based Creator and an Idea Based Creators as well as what opportunities arise from both. Watch the episode on our YouTube channel: 

Check out Peter Mckinnon's Kickstarter Here:

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How Nas Daily makes $8 million a year with Facebook video

Nas Daily quit his $120k job to make videos, he uploaded 1,000 videos in 1,000 days and built a business that is currently doing $8M / year. He's a truly inspiring creator and we loved chatting with him! 

Watch the full episode here:

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The Problem with Buying Stock in Logan Paul (BitClout)

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Today on the show we're talking about BitClout, the decentralized crypto social network that allows you to buy "stock" or coins in your favorite creators.

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The Mr. Beast Interview: Spending Millions of Dollars for Billions of Views

We interviewed Mr. Beast about his latest ventures and talked to him about the future of YouTube. Also... You heard him... we will be giving away $1,000 to someone who subscribes to our YouTube channel in the next 5 days! 

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Meet the Girls Saving Clubhouse and Social Media

On this episode we talk to the creators of the hit Clubhouse show "NYU Girls Roasting Tech Guys" and break down what makes good social media content in todays world. 

Watch the episode here:

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Charli D'amelio is selling out... (of Cold Brew)

Breaking down Charli D'Amelio (110M followers on TikTok) and her partnership with Dunkin' Donuts. What does this mean for the future of the Creator Economy? Will Corporations build Creators? or will Creators build Corporations? 

Watch the episode on YouTube:

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The $69M Digital Painting: Beeple, Explained

Mike Winkelmann is an American graphic designer. In May 2007 he drew an image of his Uncle Joe, called it Uber Jay (Mike's nickname for his uncle) and shared it online. The next day he made another image and once again posted it online. He did the same thing the next day, and then the next day. Last week Christies Auction House sold one of his paintings for $70 Million dollars. On this episode we talk about how that happened and what it means for the creator economy.  Watch the episode here:
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The MKBHD Episode

This week we interview MKBHD about his career on YouTube

Watch the episode here:

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The NFT Episode: How Logan Paul made $5million selling air

On this episode of The Colin and Samir Show we explore the world of NFT's (Non Fungible Tokens) and talk to some experts to get to the bottom of what exactly NFT's are and if creators should think about getting involved with them. We also explore how Logan made $5,000,000 selling his own NFT's. 

Watch the episode on YouTube:

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YouTuber Products: Winners & Losers

Today on The Colin and Samir Show we're ranking YouTuber products from David Dobrik, MrBeast, Peter Mckinnon, Amanda Rach Lee, MKBHD, and Vsauce (Curiosity Box).

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David Dobrik's $100 Million Dollar Deal with Spotify

Today we're talking David Dobrik's podcast views and why we think Spotify will acquire it like they did with Joe Rogan. Check out the pod channel on YouTube:
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Elon Musk, Clubhouse and going to the Moon ?

Our thoughts on audio only voice app Clubhouse, Elon Musk's ability to sway markets, and Super Bowl 2021 commercials. Also check out our Podcast YouTube channel here:

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How Graham Stephan makes $4,578,896.32 a year on YouTube

This week on the Colin and Samir Podcast, we?re Joined by Graham Stephan. Graham is a real estate agent turned YouTube creator who has amassed over 3 million subscribers across 3 YouTube channels. He?s been covered by CNBC, Bloomberg and a bunch of other outlets as the ?Millionaire YouTuber? he?s very transparent about the money he generates through his YouTube Channels, which in 2020 was over $2M just from YouTube Adsense alone? and overall, well you?ll have to listen to the podcast to find out how much he made in total, but it truly is jaw dropping. Graham makes videos about personal finance, investing, stocks, and credit cards all with the goal of helping his audience become more financially literate. We talk about how he got into YouTube, and how he thinks about his channel, the strategies that have helped him get to over $2M in revenue from YouTube. If you?re listening to this episode, we do have a visual version of the podcast that?s available on YouTube - if you just search the Colin and Samir podcast you?ll find it - alright enjoy this weeks episode feature Graham Stephan.

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How Mr. Beast turns $Millions into Billions

This week Colin and Samir talk about Mr. Beasts storytelling style and how he takes millions of dollars and turns them into billions of views 

Watch the episode on the Podcast YouTube Channel:

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Reviewing our worst Brand Deals

Colin and Samir break down some of their worst influencer brand deal offers and talk about what makes a good creator brand partnership. Subscribe for new episodes every Monday:

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Predicting the Biggest Creator Trends of 2021

Colin and Samir predict the biggest YouTube Creator trends of 2021.  We discuss the creator economy and big YouTubers like Mr Beast, Dream, David Dobrik, and Addison Rae.  Subscribe to our podcast YouTube Channel for new episodes every Monday:

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Building a better world for Creators ft Joe Albanese

This week on the Colin and Samir Podcast we?re joined by Joe Albanese - Joe is the founder and CEO of Stir, a company that?s building tools & software that help creators run their businesses. Joe and his team have been making quite a few headlines this year to name a few - they?ve raised $4M dollars in funding for this project from firms like Ludlow ventures and creators like Casey Neistat, Joe was recently named to Forbes 30 under 30 list, and they?ve been trending multiple times for releasing a number of one-off ?drops? such as which helps creators understand how many people who pay for their content, or OnlyTweets which creates a paywall protected twitter account for creators.

On this episode we talk to Joe about his journey into the creator world, how we went from the founding team at YikYak to the product team at Facebook and then eventually why he took the jump to leave his stable job and pursue building Stir.

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