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The Trade Guys

The Trade Guys

Trade experts Scott Miller and Bill Reinsch break down the buzz around trade, how it affects policy, and how it impacts your day-to-day. The Trade Guys is hosted every week by H. Andrew Schwartz at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS), a nonpartisan think tank in Washington, D.C. Email your questions to [email protected]


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Midterms, Social Media Stress and Biden-Xi

This week, the Trade Guys give you a post-election readout and what it means for trade, CFIUS reviews on social media (Twitter and TikTok), and U.S.-China relations in the wake of G-20.
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A Little Confused Overall

On this week's episode of the Trade Guys, they break down what we know so far about the results of the midterm elections. They also discuss trade as a driver of green growth in the context of COP27 in Egypt. The Trade Guys also evaluate the Mexican proposal on corn and biotechnology. 
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Schoolhouse Rock Version of the Global Trade

This week, the Trade Guys do a stock taking of trade policy, evaluating long-term trends and foundational shifts in our globalized world, looking at supply chains, industrial policy, and national security.
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A Spanner in the Works

On this week?s episode of The Trade Guys, Bill and Scott talk about the U.S. and E.U. Technology Council, the TTC meeting to convene for the third time in December, Nicaragua sanctions, and bilateral relations with China. 
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Trade Policy: It?s a Feature, Not a Bug!

This week, the Trade Guys talk about data and digital trade, export controls, and CSIS? annual event with former USTRs last week.  
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Entity List or Enemy List?

On this week?s episode of the Trade Guys, Scott and Bill discuss shipping bottlenecks on the Mississippi River, an expansion of export controls on high-grade chips to China, and rising OPEC tensions.
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Origin Stories with the Trade Guys, featuring Dr. Pru Gordon

This week, the Trade Guys are joined by Dr. Pru Gordon, Founder and Associate Director of ACITI, to talk about the origins of the Trade Guys podcast and its mission of making trade accessible to all.
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A Neverending Washington Soap Opera

On this week?s episode, the Trade Guys discuss the economic situation in the UK and how it affects trade, a possible outbound investment review mechanism, and enforcement of the MC12 fisheries deal.
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No Gossip Like Trade Gossip

This week, the Trade Guys talk about the G20 Trade Ministerial meetings, the Biden administration?s biomanufacturing announcement, and CFIUS.
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Nothing is Complete Without a 301 Investigation

This week, the Trade Guys talk about IPEF, the new European forced labor prevention act, and bracing for the upcoming beer shortage.
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Tariffs Get Sticky for a Reason

This week, the Trade Guys talking about UFLPA, IPEF, and Section 301 tariffs.
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Trade Policy: Tomorrowland or Fantasyland?

On this week?s episode of the Trade Guys, they discuss bilateral trade relations with Taiwan, technology transfers to China, and what Ambassador Tai?s recent remarks in Iowa say about U.S. trade policy.
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One of These Things is NOT Like the Other

This week, Scott and Bill talk about export controls and technology transfers to China. Then, they tee up what to anticipate in terms of trade policy in the fall in Washington.
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Rain or Shine ? Commenting Away

This week, the Trade Guys discuss Africa trade, WTO reform, and electric vehicles.
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You Can?t Fire Me, I Quit!

This week, Bill and Scott talk about Nicaragua and CAFTA-DR, the EV tax credit, the Inflation Reduction Act, Chinese economic coercion, and trade with Taiwan.
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When Are You Going to Like What I?m Doing? Maybe Never.

This week, Scott and Bill talk about the Nicaraguan sugar TRQ decision, the lapse in the rule for trade adjustment assistance, and Senator Whitehouse?s new proposal for CBAM.
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Sleeper Issue on US-China Trade

This week, the Trade Guys have a special episode devoted to the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act, which has now taken effect in the United States.
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Trade Guys Never Rest (There?s Always a Trade Crisis Somewhere)

In this episode of the Trade Guys, they discuss inflation as it relates to trade, nearshoring, and the Great Mexican Beer Crisis.
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It?s a Big Climate Club, and You Ain?t in It

This week, the Trade Guys talk about the G7, the Bipartisan Innovation Act, and UK steel tariffs.
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A Shot in the Arm

On this week?s episode of the Trade Guys, we talk about how the glass is half full in Geneva, the Chinese response to evolving US trade policy, and what?s happening in global energy markets.
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Trade Guys, Together Again

Together for the first time since the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic, the Trade Guys discuss MC12, the U.S.-Kenya free trade agreement, and food security.
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There is NO Free Lunch!

The Trade Guys discuss shrinking the trade deficit, the Americas summit, solar, and more! 
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How Do We Make Lemonade out of Lemons?

The Trade Guys discuss the latest European sanctions on Russia, what?s next for the IPEF, and Canada.
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Making Friends in a Dangerous Place

This week, the Trade Guys host Gerard de Graaf, Director for Digital Transformation in the Directorate-General for Communications Networks, Content and Technology of the European Commission.
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Don?t Put All Your Eggs in One Basket

This week, the Trade Guys talk the baby formula shortage, last week?s ASEAN summit, and the TRIPS waiver at the WTO.
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On a Different Gauge ? an Equal Opportunity Rant Program

This week, the Trade Guys talk about Ukraine, solar issues, and Globalization 2.0.
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Running Fast & Tripping Competition

This week, the Trade Guys consider the China bills circulating in Congress and how China is pushing back on them, plus the latest WTO disputes.
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Smart Sanctions? Dumb Sanctions?

This week, the Trade Guys consider the debate over China tariffs, the continuing reverberations from the Russia conflict, and the de minimis rule.  
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?Cereal? Offenders

This week, the Trade Guys discuss Russia sanctions, trade policy in the China competition bills coming up in Congress, and the new Buy America guidelines.
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Dissecting the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF)

This week, the Trade Guys and their guests, Elina Noor from the Asia Society Policy Institute and Greg Poling from CSIS? Southeast Asia program, discuss the complexities of the Indo Pacific Economic Framework (IPEF).
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National Security is in the Eye of the Beholder

This week, the Trade Guys discuss the invocation of the Defense Production Act, the EU-WTO dispute with the UK on green subsidies, IPEF, trade with Mexico, and more.
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The Rant is Due

This week, the Trade Guys discuss Ambassador Tai?s testimony on the Hill, ongoing fallout from the invasion of Ukraine, and why the trade community should stay calm about a new solar investigation.
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UK-US Deal, Russia Sanctions, and Reglobalization

This week, the Trade Guys discuss the latest developments on the financial situation in Russia, which remains heavily sanctioned by the United States and its allies.
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Russia Sanctions and Supply Chains

This week, the Trade Guys discuss the impact of the Russian invasion of Ukraine on global trade and supply chains and if sanctions on Russia are working.  
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The Whole Enchilada: Sanctions, Semiconductors, and Buy American

This week, the Trade Guys discuss the dual-edged sword of sanctions, the state of the semiconductor industry, and the Biden Administration?s ?Made in America? commitments.
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Ukraine Impacts (Continued)

This week, the Trade Guys dive deeper into the implications of Ukraine for the international economy.
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Ukraine Impacts

This week, the Trade Guys discuss the implications of the situation in Ukraine, along with recent trade announcements from the White House.
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Holy Guacamole, Avocado Trade Being Disrupted?

This week, the Trade Guys discuss solar tariffs, Mexican avocados, and digital trade.
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U.S.-Japan Agreement on Steel, the Indo-Pacific Economic Framework, Trade with China, and Environmental Consultations under USMCA

On this week?s episode of the Trade Guys, they discuss the US-Japan deal on steel, trade with China following the release of new data about purchases under the Phase One deal, and a request for consultations under USMCA regarding an endangered species.
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Infighting and Factions in the White House over Trade Policy

Listen to the Trade Guys discuss the state of U.S. trade policy. Is the situation as bleak as it?s made out to be?
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The America COMPETES Act, Semiconductors, and Sanctions

In this week's episode of the Trade Guys, they discuss the America COMPETES Act, new data from the Commerce Department illustrating the ongoing semiconductor shortage in the United States, and what the administration's options are when it comes to Russia sanctions.
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De Minimis, Rules of Origin, and Breaking the Internet

From possible de minimis level changes to complications involving rules of origin in textiles ? and to breaking the Internet ? the Trade Guys get into a diverse set of global topics in this week?s episode.
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Climate and Trade

In this week?s episode of the Trade Guys, Bill and Scott talk all things climate, including proposed amendments to the EU?s carbon border adjustment mechanism, USMCA auto rules of origin and EVs, and underlying causes of global food prices.
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Dairy Dispute, Walmart vs. China, and 2022 Look-Ahead

In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys talk about the findings from a USMCA dispute panel on Canada's tariff rate quotas in the dairy industry. They also discuss the latest controversy over Walmart pulling products from Xinjiang in their Sam's Club stores. The Trade Guys look ahead to 2022 and predict what the biggest trade issues will be, as well as say farewell to Jasmine for her last episode.
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2021 Wrap-Up and Looking Ahead to 2022

In this episode, Andrew and the Trade Guys recap the year of 2021 in U.S. trade policy. They cover the latest updates on the WTO, the Biden Administration's plan for the Indo-Pacific region, inflation, lingering supply chain issues, and more. Where does the U.S. currently stand, and what lies ahead for trade policy priorities in the new year?
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The EU's New Trade Weapon, EV Tax Credits, and Uyghur Bill in Congress

In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys discuss the EU's proposal for an anti-coercion trade weapon. They discuss politics behind the EU's proposal and what it means for relations with the U.S. and China. They also discuss the ongoing EV tax credit debate in Congress and the House's consideration of the Uyghur bill. 
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Industrial Policy, IPEF, USTR Trip to India, and E-Commerce

In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys talk about the latest updates to the reconciliation bill, a new Indo-Pacific framework announced by USTR Tai and Secretary Raimondo, and new developments in the US-India trade relationship. They also touch on the U.S. decision to join the MC12 proposal to extend the WTO e-commerce moratorium.
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Discussing Listening for America's Latest Report with Cathy Novelli

In this episode, the Trade Guys invite Cathy Novelli, a former trade negotiator and State Department official, for a conversation about Listening for America's recent report. Listening for America is a nationwide listening tour dedicated to understanding how individual communities and businesses view trade and globalization. 
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Digital Trade, COP26, and Fish Friends

In this episode, Guest Host Jasmine Lim and the Trade Guys discuss USTR Tai's remarks on digital trade and gaps in the Biden Administration's policy approach in the Indo-Pacific region. They also give a mid-COP26 breakdown of the latest updates, including pledges from the business community and the outlook for renewable energy sources. And, with the WTO Ministerial Conference coming up at the end of the month, they discuss the most recent developments on environmental goods and fisheries subsidies. 
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Discussing U.S. Trade Policy with Ed Gresser

In this episode, the Trade Guys invite Ed Gresser from the Progressive Policy Institute for a chat on U.S. trade policy in the Trump and Biden administrations. They also discuss worker-centric trade, how globalization has been affected over the last few years, and what the future of trade could hold.
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