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Failed Architecture

Failed Architecture

Failed Architecture is a podcast on architecture and the real world. By opening up new perspectives on the built environment, we seek to explore the meaning of architecture in contemporary society. FA challenges dominant spatial fashions and explores alternative realities, reaching far beyond the architectural community. We combine personal stories with research and reflection, always remaining committed to the idea that architecture is about social justice and climate justice, pop culture and subculture, representation and imagination, and everything that happens after the building?s been built.


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#11 Architects Unionise!

Architects have up until recently remained rather reluctant to organise and act collectively, but in light of the erosion of their working conditions, is it time they began to think seriously about unionising?

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#10 Mecca to the Max: The Holy City Transformed

With Islam?s most holy city undergoing rapid development, this episode delves into the complex city that lies beyond the mosque.

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#09 Listen to the City, It’s Trying to Tell You Something

Recording and discussing the city through sound offers a vital means through which to challenge the dominant ways in which architecture and cities are represented. In this episode, we begin to explore the possibilities of audio-only urban representation.

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#08 Speer in Qatar or: How Architects Stopped Caring and Learned to Love the Client

From Hitler's favourite architect Albert Speer to the present-day controversies surrounding the Qatar World Cup, this episode considers what responsibility architects have for the wider societal structures within which they work.

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#07 Incompiuto: Italy’s Most Prominent Architectural Style

What to do with the abundance of unfinished structures currently dominating the Italian landscape?

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#06 Architects in Calais: On Border Systems and Self-built Cities

Calais, a town in northern France, functions as a hard border where migrants end up building their own cities. How do architects relate to this complex geopolitical situation?

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#05 London Undone: Gaika and Ash Sarkar Discuss the City’s Past, Present and Future

Gaika and Ash Sarkar discuss London's near future and its recent past, particularly as it relates to the legacy of the London Riots.

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#04 Alexandra Lange: Judging Architecture and How We Design for Kids

Alexandra Lange is the architecture critic at Curbed and writes for media outlets such as New Yorker. Her latest book is The Design of Childhood.

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#03 Modernism Distorted: Selling Utopia From Kleiburg to Keeling House

While modernist housing estates are still being despised and demolished, a renewed interest is nowadays making their commodified preservation possible.

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#02 City Gameplay: the Influence of Video Games on Our Urban Experience

Video games have changed the way we interact with cities and space. If we neglect this fact then we leave an increasingly vital cultural medium open to reactionary representations of the world around us.

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#01 Data Space: the Architecture and Impact of Data Centres

In this podcast episode, we go inside Amsterdam's designer data tower and talk to several experts about the architecture, environmental impact and cultural significance of data centres.

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