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F1: Beyond The Grid

F1: Beyond The Grid

Beyond The Grid, delivers great stories, fresh insight and amazing anecdotes from the world of F1. Each week Tom Clarkson brings you in-depth, personal conversations with the biggest names in the sport, from current superstar drivers and leading team bosses to legendary figures from history.


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87: Technical director Andrew Green on giant killing with Racing Point, surprising with Jordan and more

When it comes to giant killing in F1, few have done it better than Racing Point in recent years ? in fact in 2016 and ?17, with the smallest budget on the grid, the then Force India team outperformed many well-healed opponents to finish fourth in the constructors? championship. One of the architects behind that success was long-running Technical Director Andrew Green, whose F1 career started in the very same squad in 1991, in their Jordan guise.  On this week?s show, Tom chats to Andrew about what makes Racing Point such a lean, mean fighting machine, why under an Aston Martin re-brand they could become race winners, what it was like seeing Michael Schumacher drive an F1 car for the first time and much, much more?
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86: Stirling Moss: A life lived at full speed (with Mia Forbes Pirie)

On the 12th April, the world of motorsport lost a giant with the news that iconic 16-time Grand Prix winner Sir Stirling Moss had passed away aged 90. In the final few years of his life, Moss stopped doing public appearances and interviews because of his health. But he did sit down for a chat with Mia Forbes Pirie, a close family friend, for what is believed to be his final in-depth interview, providing us with a compelling and poignant first-hand account of an incredible life lived at full speed.
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85: Martin Brundle on the best F1 cars of each decade

F1 turns 70-years-old on May 13, so to celebrate we have invited perennial favourite Martin Brundle back on the show to discuss the best F1 cars he?s ever driven. The Englishman, a nine-time F1 podium finisher, is one of the only people on the planet to have driven race-winning cars from every decade of the sport, so he?s perfectly placed to describe how the unique challenge of driving flat out has evolved over time?
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84: Daniil Kvyat on podiums, pressure and phone calls from Helmut Marko

Few drivers have experienced as many ups and downs as AlphaTauri?s Daniil Kvyat in his near century of Grand Prix starts, from the elation of three brilliant podium finishes to the dejection of demotion and losing his F1 seat. This week, the Russian opens up on the mental resilience needed to bounce back in F1, why his sabbatical year with Ferrari inspired him to fight back, that redemptive podium in Germany last year, and his thoughts on Red Bull supremo Helmut Marko?s school of hard knocks?
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83: BONUS: Introducing F1 Nation

F1 may be on hiatus, but we know your fandom burns as strong as ever. So to help fill the void, we?ve launched F1 Nation ? a new podcast that aims to unite like-minded fans around the world with a mix of chat, special guests and plenty of laughs? Search for F1 Nation on your favourite podcast app and make sure you subscribe so you don't miss out on new episodes. 
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82: Julian Jakobi on looking after Senna and Prost, and the art of driver management

You may not be familiar with this week?s guest, but all of you will be aware of his work in F1. As one of the most successful driver managers in the history of the sport, Julian Jakobi has worked with the very best ? including managing rivals Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at the same time! Currently managing Racing Point?s Sergio Perez, Jakobi ? who oversaw some of F1?s biggest ever deals - gives us the lowdown on how an F1 driver?s contract is drawn up, plus regales us with some must-hear anecdotes about Senna, Prost, James Hunt, Michael Schumacher and more!
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81: ?Quick Nick? Heidfeld on his fastest team mates, his toughest rivals and the best F1 car he drove

This week?s guest was one of the quickest and most consistent drivers of the 2000s. In fact, Nick Heidfeld stood on the podium 13 times, which is the most any driver has in history without winning a race. But don?t think of that as a dubious honour, more a reflection of the quality of a man who went toe-to-toe in equal machinery with the likes of Robert Kubica, Mark Webber and Kimi Raikkonen and frequently came out on top.  On this week?s show Quick Nick chats to Tom Clarkson about his 183-race F1 career;  the cars, the teams and the rivals who impressed him most ? plus what it was like to grow up in the hot bed of driving talent surrounding Michael Schumacher?s home kart track?
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80: Technical genius John Barnard on his revolutionary F1 innovations, working with Ferrari, and more

This week?s guest on Beyond The Grid can stake a claim to shaping all modern F1 cars. Not only was John Barnard responsible for victoriously introducing the now ubiquitous carbon fibre chassis to F1, he also was the brains behind the semi-automatic gearbox that is now an integral part of every Grand Prix car.  On this week?s show he gives us an eye-opening look into these innovations, as well as describing what it was like to negotiate setting up a Ferrari factory in the UK with Enzo Ferrari, what it was like to work with the likes of Michael Schumacher and Alain Prost, and the remarkable story of how he discouraged Ayrton Senna from joining Benetton?
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79: David Brabham on growing up as Black Jack?s son, Imola 94, and the potential of Brabham returning to F1

Like Damon Hill, Jacques Villeneuve and Nico Rosberg, David Brabham knows only too well what it?s like to forge a path to F1 under the shadow of a famous father, in his case triple world champion Jack Brabham ? the only driver to win the title in a self-made car.  On this week?s show, Brabs tells us about his unconventional start to racing, the perhaps surprising influence of his father, his stop-start Grand Prix career, the legacy of Brabham, and that dark weekend at Imola in 1994, when his team mate Roland Ratzenberger was tragically killed?
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78: Mark Blundell on F1 in the 90s, friendship with Martin Brundle, filling Mansell?s seat and more

Fans of F1 racing in the Nineties will remember Mark Blundell well as part of a brilliant ?Brit pack? of racers including Damon Hill, Johnny Herbert and his pal Martin Brundle. The gritty racer reached the podium in underdog machinery three times in that period, whilst also acting as test driver for the two best teams at the time: Williams and McLaren.  On this week?s show he discusses all of this and more, including the financial realities of racing for a back-of-the-grid outfit, his ?useful? friendship with Brundle, filling Nigel Mansell?s hastily vacated seat at McLaren, learning from Ayrton Senna and much more?
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77: Flavio Briatore on crashgate, Schumacher vs Alonso, and winning the title for ?a t-shirt maker?

He may have been out of the sport for a few years now, but how could anyone forget Flavio Briatore? The former Benetton and Renault boss was one of the biggest and most controversial characters in F1 throughout the Nineties and Noughties, but he was also one of the most successful, with his inimitable style leading Benetton and Renault to multiple championships.  On this week?s show he opens up about his unlikely journey from the fashion business to F1 team boss, about working alongside Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, locking horns with McLaren boss Ron Dennis, and that most controversial topic: crashgate...
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76: Pedro de la Rosa on spygate, Hamilton vs Alonso, and racing Christian Horner

As a racer, Pedro de la Rosa competed in more than 100 Grands Prix, and drove many, many more miles as an F1 test driver for the likes of McLaren and Ferrari. And on this week?s show the Spaniard gives host Tom Clarkson a fascinating perspective on F1, from life behind the scenes during the explosive 2007 season at McLaren, to what it was like being in the garage during Lewis Hamilton?s maiden test.  Then there are stories of Fernando Alonso and Kimi Raikkonen, racing against Red Bull boss Christian Horner, life as a test driver, and what happened when he handed in his resignation to Ron Dennis?
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75: Lando Norris on the quirks of his lifestyle, Twitter trolls and his pre-F1 meeting with Helmut Marko

Beyond The Grid is back, and to kick off the new season Tom Clarkson sits down with a driver who proved a rookie sensation last year, both on and off the track: McLaren?s Lando Norris.  In a revealing conversation, the British racer opens up about his hopes for 2020, whilst also discussing his love of gaming, his relationships with other drivers, dealing with Twitter trolls, and his rather extreme approach to cleaning the house...  
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74: Beyond The Grid returns March 11!

Mark your diaries ? Beyond The Grid is back Wednesday March 11. Make sure you subscribe today so you don?t miss out on Tom Clarkson in conversation with McLaren ace Lando Norris.
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73: SPECIAL EPISODE: Inside the thrilling world of F1 Esports

In a special one-off episode, we look back on the thrilling 2019 F1 Esports Series, speaking to everyone from drivers to organisers to explore what makes F1 Esports one of the most compelling and fastest growing racing series on the planet.
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72: The Best of 2019: Tom?s favourite moments from Season 2

So here it is folks: your final episode of Beyond The Grid of the year. And what a year it?s been, with great guests every week from March to December. So what better way to bid farewell to 2019 than with Tom?s selection of his favourite moments of the season?  We?ve stuffed a Christmas cracker full of anecdotes from the likes of Jenson Button, Kimi Raikkonen, Rubens Barrichello, David Coulthard and more. Unwrap and enjoy!
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71: Daniel Ricciardo: ?If I?m going to strap myself into a car every weekend, I?m not doing it justice unless I?m all in?

 He?s that rarest of creatures: a multifaceted, outgoing personality who also happens to be a world-class competitor, beloved by fans, media and even his fellow drivers.  On this week?s show we go deep with Daniel Ricciardo on his life on and off the race track, from his present with Renault to his past with Red Bull; his relationship with Max Verstappen to his relationship with music, food and ultimate fighting. You asked for it, here it is: F1?s most colourful character in extended, unfiltered conversation.
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70: Bernie Ecclestone: "I'm now enjoying doing all the things that perhaps I should have done years ago"

To many people, Bernie Ecclestone is the Godfather of Formula One. He transformed the sport from being the expensive indulgence of rich amateurs in the 50s into the global phenomenon it is today, watched by hundreds of millions of people on television and online.  On this week?s special show, we speak to Mr E about his incredible career, including his attempts to qualify for races as a driver, managing the interests of tragic world champion Jochen Rindt and running Brabham ? including withdrawing the famous fan car! Then there?s the highs and lows of running the sport as its grand supremo?this is one chat you don?t want to miss!
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69: Rubens Barrichello: ?Even now, I feel sick not being in an F1 car. I miss the buzz?

This week?s guest is F1?s original iron man ? a veteran of 19 seasons in the top class of racing and a record 322 Grand Prix starts. Over the course of that career, Rubens Barrichello experienced every emotion under the sun: from the despair of being injured and losing hero and countryman Ayrton Senna on the same weekend in 1994; he experienced the euphoria of winning races for Ferrari and Brawn, and also the disappointment of being forced to give up race wins for a team mate.  The affable Brazilian speaks about all of the above, as well as the time Senna pranked him as a rookie in 1993, the time he ?married? Michael Schumacher on a night out, the elation of sealing a drive with Brawn in 2009 and much more!
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68: Special episode: Aldo Costa - The man with more world titles than anyone else

This week?s guest is a man whose name may not be immediately familiar to everyone, but it probably should be. Why? Well quite simply this is a man who has won more world titles than anyone in history - 26 in total.  In a glittering career in F1, Aldo Costa was a key engineer for both Ferrari and Mercedes throughout their dominant dynasties, and on this week?s show he spills the beans on what it was like to be on the inside of both historic runs; the similarities, the differences and much more besides...
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67: Mika Hakkinen: ?I carry the emotions of winning the world title every day?

He is regarded as one of the fastest drivers to ever grace an F1 racetrack, and arguably the rival Michael Schumacher feared the most. Not only was Mika Hakkinen?s commitment in a racing car absolute, particularly on a qualifying lap; he somehow came back from a horrifying accident at the end of 1995 not only to win races, but two world championships.  On this week?s episode we catch up with the Flying Finn to discuss his truly remarkable career, including that rivalry with Schumacher, ?kicking Senna?s ass? on his McLaren debut, recovering from a life-changing crash, what it took to win the title twice, and much more?
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66: Franz Tost: ?I don?t think I?m hard on drivers ? but I expect to see results?

Putting aside Frank Williams, who is no longer in the active role at Williams he once was, Franz Tost is the second longest-serving team boss in the pit lane, behind only Red Bull counterpart Christian Horner. In his 14 years at the helm of Toro Rosso, Tost has overseen the team?s maiden pole and victory, nurtured talents like Sebastian Vettel, Max Verstappen and Daniel Ricciardo, and helped rehabilitate the careers of those moving the other way in the Red Bull pyramid.  On this week?s show, Tom sits down with the affable Austrian to discuss all of the above, plus his early years in F1 with Ralf Schumacher, his involvement with BMW during the Williams years, his famous altercation with Scott Speed, and even his own racing days?
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65: Mario Andretti: ?I was driven by a burning desire to pursue the impossible dream?

As motor racing stories go, Mario Andretti?s is pure Hollywood. Born in what was war-ravaged Italy in 1940, and later a refugee, he would rise to not only become arguably the greatest all-round racing driver in history, but also a household name, synonymous with speed, across America ? his adopted homeland after emigrating in the 1950s.  On this week?s episode we hear the full epic tale, from the moment he caught the motor racing bug watching hero Alberto Ascari at Monza, to the early years of his career, racing in secret with brother Aldo. And from the glory of racing for Ferrari at Monza to his tragic coronation as F1 world champion at the same track in 1978 ? the incredible stories come one after another.
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64: Takuma Sato: ?When I saw an F1 car for the first time I thought it was outrageous?

He?s regarded as arguably the fastest Japanese driver of all time, and yet it could all have been so different for Takuma Sato. A bike racing champion in his youth, Sato caught the racing bug watching Senna at Suzuka in his youth, and though he didn?t start racing until much later than almost all of his rivals, his talent and sheer bloody minded determination lifted him all the way to F1.  On this week?s episode, the Indy 500 champion tells us about his brave switch from Japan to Britain early in his career, his breakthrough performance for Jordan on home soil, his memorable podium finish in the USA, beating Fernando Alonso in his unfancied Super Aguri, and much more?
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63: F2 PODCAST: Mick Schumacher ? Living up to the name

Alex Jacques catches up with a young driver who has the biggest name in all of motorsport. Mick Schumacher exclusively talks to F2: The Road to F1 about his career so far, his passions away from the track and the influence of his father. The German also talks about his future ambitions, as he aims to one day compete in Formula One, where Dad, Michael, won seven world titles.
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62: Ralf Schumacher: ?Would I have made it to F1 without Michael? I don?t think so?

He was a driver for whom much was expected, arriving in F1 as the younger brother of a double world champion. And though today Ralf Schumacher doesn?t rate his achievements that highly, those who raced against him will tell you the six-time Grand Prix winner was one of the quickest and most under-estimated of his era.  On this week?s show, Ralf discusses being a racing dad to up-and-comer son David, what it was like to race brother Michael at the highest level, why he was never friends with team mates, and much more...
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61: Jenson Button: ?My title was the perfect story ? they need to make a movie of it?

Our guest this week is someone who lived through one of the sport?s biggest fairy tales when, in 2009, he won the world title with Brawn, less than 12 months after the team had been put out of business by Honda. But though that season has come to define Jenson Button?s F1 career, in reality it was just one small part for a racer that clocked up more than 300 Grand Prix starts.  On this week?s episode, Jenson discusses his remarkable career journey, including why the most enjoyable part was pre-world title, how frustrations in the early days shaped his future, the positive and negatives of his silky smooth driving style, beating Lewis Hamilton and much more?
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60: Valtteri Bottas: ?Beating Lewis isn?t easy. But I don?t like anything easy in my life...?

As Lewis Hamilton?s team mate at Mercedes, Valtteri Bottas finds himself consistently measured against a driver many consider the best of all time. But far from being overawed, the gritty Finn actively relishes the challenge, and has become a consistent race-winning threat.  On this week?s show Bottas opens up about mental resilience, motivation and self-development, and also gives us a fascinating look into his private life: beards, dogs and - yes - porridge...
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59: Cyril Abiteboul: ?I live F1 physically. I don?t sleep for two nights after a race?

He?s a man with one of the toughest jobs in F1: tasked with leading one of the sport?s grandee teams back to the top, under the weight of huge public expectation. But if anyone knows Renault, it?s Cyril Abiteboul. The Frenchman has worked in a variety of positions for the French marque over the years and, though just 41, is now in his fourth season as Team Principal.  On this week?s episode Abiteboul discusses how the oft-talked five-year rebuild is going, the pressures of the job, the inside stories of signing Daniel Ricciardo and Esteban Ocon, and why he struggles to sleep at night...
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58: Jos Verstappen: ?My own F1 career could have gone better, but I?m happy, because what I learned I gave to my son??

This week?s guest is Dutch, caused a major stir when he first jumped into an F1 car, and has the surname of Verstappen? but we?re not talking about Red Bull star Max, we?re talking about his father. Jos Verstappen had the same meteoric rise through the junior formulas as his son, culminating in an F1 debut alongside Michael Schumacher at Benetton in 1994. He?d end up making more than 100 Grand Prix starts and scoring two podiums ? although it?s fair to say it was something of a rollercoaster career, and by the time it was over he?d switched his attention to nurturing Max?s prodigious talents.  On this week?s episode he gives us the full story, describing in detail how what he learned along the way was vital for helping his son get ahead...
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57: Alex Albon: ?Adversity has given me a strong personality??

A year ago, Alex Albon didn?t have an F1 drive, and his prospects of getting one looked slim at best. He had no affiliation with an F1 team and, despite shining in F2, he was having to looking at alternative series in which to earn a living. It was not the first time his career faced a crossroads, but this time, things were turned upside down when he got a call from Red Bull ? the same Red Bull that had dropped him years earlier ? about driving for Toro Rosso in 2019. On this week?s show, the British-born Thai talks about that rollercoaster journey to the top, as well his sensational blockbuster promotion to Red Bull, his childhood obsession with Michael Schumacher and much more.
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56: Pastor Maldonado: ?Sometimes I went over the limit. No more than others, but my mistakes were always on the front page??

Pastor Maldonado was always a headline maker. The Venezuelan arrived in F1 in 2011 with Williams as GP2 champion, and the very next year delivered the team a first win in over seven years with a dazzling performance in Spain. But for all his speed, and all his talent, Maldonado also found himself on the end of a large amount of criticism, sometimes from his fellow drivers, sometimes from the press, for his flamboyant and always committed approach. This week on Beyond The Grid, Maldonado pulls no punches as he discusses the highs and lows of his F1 career, including that famous victory in Barcelona, his run-ins with other drivers, being labelled a pay driver, the pressure from his homeland and much, much more.  
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55: Tony Brooks: ?If you made a mistake in my day, you were in the lap of the gods??

He raced in an era of heroes; a time when cars had no seat belts, yet could still be raced at averages of 150mph. Many he raced against in the 1950s ? the first decade of the world championship ? perished in pursuit of speed, but Tony Brooks emerged unscathed with six Grand Prix victories, having come ever so close to winning the world title his talents surely deserved. This week on Beyond The Grid, we caught up with this giant of F1, now 87, to look back over his remarkable career, which saw him move from the world of dentistry to going toe-to-toe with the likes of Fangio and Moss, driving for Ferrari, mastering the treacherous Nurburgring and much more.
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54: SPECIAL EPISODE: Six of the best anecdotes from Season 2 so far!

 It?s the F1 summer break, and on this week?s episode Tom has trawled through the archives and picked out six of his favourite anecdotes from Season 2 so far. We won?t give anything away, but listen out for gems from Kimi Raikkonen, David Coulthard and Jean Alesi among others. So whether you?re a diehard fan or a new listener to the show, sit back and enjoy some fabulous F1 conversations with the best in the business?
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53: SPECIAL EPISODE: Jo Ramirez on being in the middle of Senna and Prost at McLaren

He may not be a household name, but Jo Ramirez is one of those people who has seen it all and worked with them all. He broke into F1 in the 1960s, working with emerging superstar Ricardo Rodriguez. His Mexican countryman sadly perished before his star had truly emerged, but by then Ramirez was set on a path that would eventually see him work with Jackie Stewart at Tyrrell, Emerson Fittipaldi at Copersucar, and - most famously - with Ayrton Senna and Alain Prost at McLaren in the midst of their bitter rivalry.  This week on Beyond The Grid, Ramirez - a former mechanic, team manager and co-ordinator - lifts the lid of his four decades in motor racing?s premier category, from his early years working alongside a young Ron Dennis and Dan Gurney, to his latter years alongside Mika Hakkinen.
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52: Jacky Ickx: "I lived through an incredible era. I'm a survivor"

He may never have claimed the world championship his supreme talents probably deserved, but Jacky Ickx remains one of the most revered drivers of the 60s and 70s. An eight-time Grand Prix winner, and twice runner up for the title, the lightning quick Belgian also won the famed Le Mans 24 Hours six times in arguably its most brutal era - not bad for someone who never wanted to be a racing driver...  On this week's Beyond The Grid, Ickx reflects on a career in motorsport: Those who nurtured him, like Ken Tyrrell; those who he raced against, like Jackie Stewart and Jack Brabham; and those who shaped his career, like the great Enzo Ferrari. A legendary chat with a legend of the sport - you don't want to miss it!
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51: Alex Wurz: ?On the morning of the day I scored my first podium, I was fired??

He?s one of the most interesting characters in the F1 paddock: a podium-scoring driver who remains just as busy today as he was when he was racing. Then again, Alex Wurz was never your average racer; from his unconventional introduction to speed as a BMX world champion to airbrushing his own helmets to ensure they looked correct. On this week?s episode, the affable Austrian talks about both of those things, as well as the stand-out moments from a fascinating career which included 69 Grand Prix starts, surviving the fastest crash in F1 history, clocking over 100,000 test kilometers and winning Le Mans twice before moving into the world of race track design, heading up the Grand Prix Drivers Association and more.
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50: Jean Todt: ?I?ve been blessed to enjoy success in an world that has always fascinated me. But now I want to give back??

Among F1 fans, Jean Todt is perhaps most famous for leading Ferrari out of their early 90s slump and into a period of unprecedented domination in the 2000s. As mighty as that period was - and don?t forget that Schumacher?s drivers? title in 2000 was Ferrari?s first since 1979 - that success was to some extent only the tip of the iceberg for a man with one of the most impressive CVs in world motorsport. He?s currently President of motorsport?s governing body, the FIA, but in a previous life was a successful rally co-driver, before taking the reins of Peugeot Sport and dominating all forms of rallying and the world sportscar championship, not to mention Le Mans.  In a revealing and open interview, the Frenchman tells Tom Clarkson about all of the above and more, as well as revealing a remarkable mathematical ability...
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49: Derek Warwick: "The bravest thing I ever did was get back in the car the day after my team mate was nearly killed"

From the rock ?em, sock ?em world of stock car racing to the pinnacle of motorsport, Derek Warwick?s career was one hell of a rollercoaster ride. In an F1 career spanning 146 Grand Prix starts, the tough Brit raced for the likes of Renault and Lotus, and stood on the podium four times, albeit always missing out on the top spot. But he?s perhaps best remembered for the bravery he exhibited: not just behind the wheel of some of the most ferocious F1 cars of all time, but for the way he kept going, especially after his beloved younger brother was killed while racing.  So get ready for a thrilling and at times deeply moving look back through the career of one of motor racing?s good guys, from the time Senna stepped in to stop him becoming his team mate to negotiations with Bernie Ecclestone; surviving that big crash at Monza to nearly punching Michael Schumacher?
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48: SPECIAL EPISODE: Ross Brawn on Brawn GP?s fairy-tale 2009 title success

The history of F1 is littered with great stories and improbable comebacks, and Brawn GP?s title-winning season in 2009 is right up there with the best of them. It was late 2008 when Honda surprisingly pulled the plug on its F1 project, leaving a team hundreds strong with a bleak future. That the team not only survived but emerged with a grid-blitzing machine is the stuff of legend, and on the tenth anniversary of that success Tom Clarkson sat down with the man at the centre of the story ? current F1 motorsports chief Ross Brawn ? for the inside story on a true sporting fairy-tale?
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47: Kevin Magnussen: "Racing-wise, I don't care what people think of me. I'd feel weird if everyone was saying I'm a nice guy..."

His F1 career began with a bang, with a podium finish on debut with McLaren in Australia in 2014. Though he hasn't hit those heights since, in the intervening period Kevin Magnussen has established himself as a hard-edged, no-nonsense racer who, after losing his McLaren drive and then spending a year with Renault, is now really hitting his stride with the American team Haas.  Tom Clarkson sat down with the Dane during a quiet period at the Austrian Grand Prix for a candid and honest talk about the highs and lows of his career to-date, including his racing origins, his growth as a driver, and - of course - that famous withering put-down of Nico Hulkenberg...
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46: Patrick Tambay: ?There was a time after Gilles? death I felt he was in the car with me?

He raced for some of Formula One?s top teams, including McLaren and Renault, but Patrick Tambay is probably best remembered as a Ferrari driver. Having arrived in F1 via the circuitous route of downhill skiing, the US college system and the North American CanAm series, Tambay ended up driving for the Prancing Horse after the death of close friend Gilles Villeneuve. He then helped carry the team through one of its most tumultuous periods, famously providing spirit-lifting victories in Germany and San Marino.  This week on Beyond The Grid the amiable Frenchman talks us through his memorable career, regaling Tom with anecdotes of partying with former team mate James Hunt, Villeneuve?s madcap antics off-track and that turbulent Ferrari period?
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45: Jody Scheckter: "When you first get into F1 you?ll do anything. I remember once thinking I'd rather be dead than not drive in F1?"

Jody Scheckter?s life has been anything but conventional. Having arrived in Britain from South Africa in 1970, Jody broke into Grand Prix racing in 1972 with McLaren where he caused a stir with his great speed and somewhat wild race craft. Rough edges polished, he?d go on to win the sport?s ultimate prize - the world title - in 1979 while driving for Ferrari, though in some ways that was just the beginning. Less than a year later he?d announce his retirement from F1, turning his attention instead to the world of business, where he went on to have great success, first with his firearms training company and then with his ground-breaking organic farming business.  On this week?s show, host Tom Clarkson is treated to a trip down memory lane, with stories of Jody?s 70s rivals and the danger of the era, his relationship with Enzo Ferrari and team mate Gilles Villeneuve, how he applied F1 processes to the business world, and much, much more?
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44: Nico Hulkenberg: "Winning Le Mans was unforgettable - but I'm an F1 guy"

He arrived in F1 in 2010 as one of the hottest properties in motorsport, and showed his promise by scoring a sensational pole position before his rookie season was out. Today, Nico Hulkenberg is still regarded as one of the most talented drivers on the grid, despite the fact he's surprisingly yet to make it to the podium.  On this week's show, the driver known affectionately at ?The Hulk? talks Tom Clarkson through his career to date, from his early days at Williams, to his time at Force India and Sauber when Ferrari rumours swirled, to the present day at Renault, where he?s tasked with taking the French marque back to the front. There's also fascinating insight into his Le Mans win, thoughts on his fellow drivers, and revealing information about his life and interests away from the track...
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43: Gordon Murray: "As an F1 car designer I was always looking for an unfair advantage. I still am..."

This week?s guest on Beyond The Grid is renowned as one of F1?s great innovators and technical brains ? perhaps the best. In a 20-year Grand Prix racing career this blue-sky thinker was responsible for introducing such things as tyre warmers, mid-race fuel stops and the ingenious Brabham fan car ? not to mention a host of championship-winning machines and the acclaimed McLaren F1 road car. It?s an amazing resume ? especially given Gordon Murray arrived in the UK from his native South Africa in the late Sixties with not much more than a dream to work in motor racing. So sit back and enjoy hearing the back stories behind some of the best cars in F1 history, anecdotes about working with Bernie Ecclestone at Brabham, fascinating insight into the design process, and what it was like to engineer some of the quickest drivers ever?
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42: *NEW PODCAST ALERT* - Introducing The Road To F1, the new podcast all about Formula 2

On the inaugural episode of Road To F1, join Alex Jacques and Rosanna Tennant as they profile BWT Arden?s Tatiana Calderon, the first ever female driver to race in Formula 2. The Colombian driver tells her fascinating career story; one that began on the roads of Bogota and she passionately hopes will lead to a seat in Formula 1... Make sure you search for F2: The Road To F1 and subscribe to their channel via your favourite podcast app so you don't miss out on new episodes. 
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41: John Watson: ?I learned to calculate risks ? I didn?t go into areas where there was no escape?

He may not be as well-known as James Hunt or Nigel Mansell, but for a good period in the late Seventies and early Eighties, after the former had retired and before the latter became a household name, John Watson was Britain?s Grand Prix hero.  Over the course of 152 starts, Watson reached the podium 20 times, winning five races ? including one from 22nd on the grid! But it wasn?t all roses for the Northern Irishman ? over the course of his career he saw many colleagues killed or badly injured, and that?s one of the topics that?s discussed on this fascinating episode of Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose. There are also stories about his recently departed former team mate Niki Lauda, what it felt like to drive the infamous Brabham fan car, winning in F1?s first carbon fibre chassis and much more?
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40: Felipe Massa: ?I have no bad feelings about 2008 ? but winning the title at home would have been incredible?

As a driver Felipe Massa experienced every emotion under the sun: The joy of winning races for Ferrari; the utter despair of losing a world title at the final race of the year; and the huge uncertainty of recovery from life-threatening injuries. This week on Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, the popular Brazilian bares his soul on all three subjects - and much more besides. Recorded in Massa?s Monaco home, there are stories on his F1 beginnings with Sauber, his relationships with team mates Michael Schumacher and Fernando Alonso, revelations about his 2008 title near miss, and fascinating insight about former team Williams? current plight...
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39: Jean Alesi: ?The day I stopped driving in F1 was the worst day of my life?

With his trademark head tilt and unique grip on the steering wheel, there was no mistaking the driver of Ferrari number 27 in the early Nineties. But then in many ways Jean Alesi embodied the perfect Ferrari driver: passionate, fast and driven by heart-on-sleeve emotion. No wonder he was such a firm favourite of the Tifosi.  This week on Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, the popular French-Sicilian regales host Tom Clarkson with stories from his stellar F1 career, including the tale of his near-move to Williams, his high jinks with team mate Gerhard Berger in boss Jean Todt?s car, the role Nelson Piquet played in his contract negotiations, and the passion of driving for - and winning with - Ferrari...
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38: James Allison: "For an engineer, F1 is an unending work of invention and skill"

Mercedes have been the standard setters in F1 since 2014, and this year they've started the season at a relentless pace. This week on Beyond The Grid, supported by Bose, we speak to one of the key figures in the Silver Arrows' incredible winning machine: Technical Director James Allison. In an F1 career spanning nearly 30 years, Allison has enjoyed successful spells with the likes of Ferrari, Renault and Mercedes, and knows better than most what it takes to win. So get ready for fascinating insight on life as an engineer for three of the sport's biggest teams, the inside line on working alongside great drivers like Hamilton and Schumacher, and an honest appraisal of the rivalries that drive F1's brightest technical minds to push the boundaries ever further...
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