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JNUC 2023 Preview

Our co-hosts, Kat Garbis and Sean Rabbitt are joined by Jeff Ovik and Anna Hedstrom, Jamf Senior Event Specialists to unpack what to expect for JNUC 2023.


They reveal updates around sessions, getting more technical at JNUC for the pros, Braindate networking, differences of attending virtually and in-person. And they fill us in on some fun insights on the Jamf Nation Party!

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Special Edition: WWDC 2023

Join our co-hosts, Kat Garbis & Sean Rabbitt with special guest, Aaron Webb (Sr. Product Marketing Manager - Security - Jamf) as they unpack all the excitement from WWDC. They uncover benefits of same-day support, highlight features, where these features will be supported by Jamf and where they'll be appreciated in the market. If you're a fan of WWDC, this special segment is just for you.

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Join our co-hosts Sean Rabbitt and Kat Garbis once again as they unpack the world of education with guests Mat Pullen (Sr. Product Marketing Manager ? Jamf ) and Suraj Mohandas (VP of Product Strategy ? Jamf).

Our guests talk about how tho the education year is coming to a close, this is the time that those in K-12 and HiED use to plan for the upcoming year. In today?s discussion, they cover Jamf Safe Internet, trends we?re seeing in supporting customers in education and what to do, IDP integrations, Jamf education apps, TikTok, and more. Finally, they discuss the upcoming conference ISTE and what attendees can expect from Jamf.  If you?re in education and wrapping up the school year, or looking to get ahead in what to consider for your autumn planning, this recording is for you. 

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An update on the RSA Security Conference and the Jamf Spring Event

This episode, listen to  guests Matt Benyo, Matt Woodruff and Jaron Bradley to discuss the latest in how Jamf is helping customers in the security landscape as well as unpack what they presented on and learned at the RSA security conference. Then, hear from Sr. Director of Product Marketing, Jen Kaplan to further hear more about the Jamf Spring Event. Jen elaborates on Jamf Safe Internet and Trusted Access.

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Jamf Trust Employee Badge with Jamf and SwiftConnect

Our hosts Kat and Sean talk about how SwiftConnect extends the concept of Trusted Access into the physical workplace with Josh Jagdfeld from Jamf and Brandon Arcement from Swift Connect.

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An update on Jamf in Healthcare

Our co-hosts welcome back the Jamf Healthcare team who was last on the podcast in 2020. Hear from current and new members of the team, both technical and product experts, as they discuss the various ways Jamf has grown and evolved in the space. It's no secret the pandemic was a disrupter in the healthcare industry. The Jamf team shares how this demanded new and innovated solutions, various use cases, as well as tackling emerging security efforts.


The team the highlights what to expect at the highly anticipated healthcare conference, HIMSS.


Guests this week are: Kari Chase, Adam Mahmud, Breean Moreno and Tim Knox

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Current Mobile Security Landscape

Hear from global Jamf subject matter experts on what they're seeing in security, phishing, supporting customers and how Jamf is offering to help. Understand trends in security, mobility, BYOD and more.

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Employee Resource Groups at Jamf

Jamf After Dark is back from a holiday hiatus! In this episode, we explore Jamf's Employee Resource Groups, which bring Jamfs together with deep engagement on topics of inclusion and diversity, advocating for accessibility, and sponsoring the occasional disco dance party. Join us as we talk through ERGs with Erin Ogren and Haddayr Copley-Woods.

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macOS Threat Detection with Matt Benyo

In a preview of his upcoming JNUC 2022 talks, Detections Developer Matt Benyo joins the Jamf After Dark Podcast to talk Black Hat, bug bounties, and the difficulties of being friends with IT when your job is to find malware.

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Jamf Engineering meets WWDC, with Jennifer Briggs

WWDC is exciting for a lot of reasons at Jamf, and our Software Engineering organization spends a lot of time getting ready for it. Jennifer Briggs stops by to tell us about how her teams prepare for this epic event, year after year.

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Everything you need to know about JNUC 2022

The 2022 Jamf Nation User Conference is coming up fast! Join us for a preview of the amazing content, amazing party venue, and probably amazing tacos. Jeff Ovik and Anna Hedstrom from the Jamf Events team visit the Jamf After Dark Podcast to share everything you want to know.

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Global Education Technology with Valeria Tschida and Kelly Watkins Conrad

Exciting community education updates from Valeria Tschida and Kelly Watkins Conrad, who talk us through efforts to bring technology to young learners around the world.

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Getting to know App Installers with Justin Clark

We're all excited about the debut of App Installers, and how Jamf's new feature will continue to evolve over time. Join us for another episode of the Jamf After Dark Podcast, when we phone ahead to the future and talk to Justin Clark, who has been solving the app update problem for years.

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Customer Success with Laurence Leong

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All About Scripting with Armin Briegel

How do Jamf admins learn to script? By "borrowing" tips from other smart people on the internet. Join us for a rebooted Jamf After Dark Podcast with special guest Armin Briegel, the keeper of!

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On Jamf Cloud With Todd Ebersviller

What is the cloud? Where is it? If you can't see it, how do you know it's there? What makes these clouds so resilient anyways? Join us for another episode of the Jamf After Dark Podcast when we solve all the cloudy problems of the world, with one of the few who can do it, Todd Ebersviller!

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Shipping New Versions Of Jamf Products

So we finish writing some sweet line of code and it just magically shows up in our cloud and on prem instances, right? Obviously not! But how does the machinery work? What are some of the controls we implement to make sure we ship good software? What part does compliance play? Luckily Jon Miller, the Senior Release Manager at Jamf, agreed to join us for this episode - where we unpack all this and more!

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Education Leadership at Jamf

Jamf has always been a leader in Mac management for education. We continue to improve our footprint and hopefully impact in that space. Today's episode digs into some of the ways we do that, routes we have for educators to improve their skills, and how we see the future of device management in the space!

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Here Comes JNUC 2021!

The Jamf Nation User Conference, or JNUC, is the largest gathering of Apple administrators on the planet. Maybe even in the universe! And it's free this year!

In this episode we get behind the scenes a little with Jeff Ovik and Katie English to discuss what worked in the first remote JNUC last year, what we'll be changing, and get a sneak preview into some of the aspects (and sessions) they're most excited about!

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Product Feedback Programs

Mike Scafide, the Manager of Product Feedback Programs at Jamf joins the podcast this week to talk about Beta programs, Release Candidates, and how we route feedback from early releases!

We talk Jamf Nation, product - and how Jamf managed to be lucky enough to have him join us around 10 years ago! Oh and as a bonus - he tells us a little about his first Mac!

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Jaron Bradley's Holistic Malware Detective Agency

Malware. It happens. And when it does, we're really lucky to have a global community of security researchers that help identify, reverse engineer, and mitigate the impact of these nasties. In this episode we are joined by Jaron Bradley who is the Manager, MacOS Detections at Jamf and author of the book "OS X Incident Response: Scripting and Analysis" to tell us a little about the contributions he and many others, spread across a number of companies, make to help keep organizations and humans safer from bad actors.

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Streaming logs and cmdReporter, with Dan Griggs

Once upon a time, we tried to pipeline logs to centralized syslog hosts. And it was never great. Then, Apple gave us unified logging and the amount of logs skyrocketed. So the cmdReporter team took a step beyond that and built some amazing tooling to flow logs off Macs and into whatever SEIM an organization needs! Today, we talk with Dan Griggs about the philosophies, some of the tactics, and the massive case statements underneath cmdReporter! OK, so just kidding about the case statements but it was a super-fun episode!

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Talking Security with Jamf's CISO: Aaron Kiemele

What does the rest of 2021 have in store for security on Apple devices? What's the top thing Apple admins need to know about the state of security for the platform? What really defines crafty? And what face tattoos should we get?!?!

Jamf's Chief Information Security Officer Aaron Kiemele joins the Jamf After Dark Podcast to answer all these crazy questions and... spoiler alert - by the end of the episode Annie threatens to take her thermostat out of the wall (hopefully after winter)!

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Where Strategy and Product Management Meet

Cynthia Williamson and Nick Amundsen join the podcast in this episode, to talk through the difficult task of translating company strategy into shippable increments of products that customers  want. We discuss balancing quality, roadmaps, company strategy, and working through the evolving landscape of a growing engineering and product organization.

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A Journey from the Apple II to Customer Success

Linnea Olson joins Annie and Charles for an episode to tell us all about her favorite game on the Apple II, how she's stayed sane during quarantine, and tell us a little about what happens when customers respond to those customer success surveys. We'll talk through NPS, movie clubs, and dealing with keeping twin 4-year olds at home!

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The Language of Design Systems

Deb and Krzysztof join the podcast to talk design! In this episode we go from how design language informs how we work to how design systems help an organization consistently apply those frameworks. We talk user experience, design, and try and get at the heart of the matter: when we can get the neon lime green (or maybe brushed metal) back!

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Jamf Now and a Small Business Update

Few people understand that intersection between small businesses and Apple Device Management as Karen Goss. She was kind enough to join the podcast for this latest episode talking through Jamf Now, some stats on the state of affairs for small businesses, and one more thing... a marketing tip for any small business owners listening in!

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Services, Travel, And Snakes!

Annie and Charles are joined by Daniel MacLaughlin to tell us a little about what it's like jetting around the Asia Pacific countries, deploying all the things - and of course we get him to tell us about snakes and the creative naming schemes Australians use for them (which is not unlike many a naming scheme used for packages over the years)!

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Jamf Cloud Migrations With Kelly Watkins Conrad

We were lucky enough to convince the most excellent Kelly Watkins Conrad to join us on this episode of the podcast. After spending years in support and sales, she has all the info on moving to Jamf Cloud. In this episode, she talks DNS, certificates, and of course - doodling!

It's a blast and we are so happy to get our final episode of 2020 out to everyone. We hope everyone has a safe and wonderful holiday season and see you back for the fourth season of Jamf After Dark soon!

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Education Strategy with Dave Saltmarsh

Dave Saltmarsh joins Annie and Charles in this episode to talk about how things are going in education, what an education strategist does, and share some of his knowledge from decades of experience in the classroom and then enabling edtech for others. It's a great journey, with lots to think about (which is pretty much every conversation anyone has ever had with him).

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The Role Of The Product Owner

We've talked to UX, product managers, engineers, and all kinds of other people on the podcast. But never a product owner. So Sara Graves joins the Jamf After Dark podcast to talk about product owners, how they help teams succeed, and one of the more intriguing aspects to many a customer, how they help prioritize work to be done on products!

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Security Updates from JNUC 2020

In the final installment of our post-JNUC podcast takeover, hear about all things security from Patrick Wardle and Andrew Medearis!

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The Jamf Marketplace and Redeploy Updates from JNUC 2020

Our post-JNUC podcast takeover continues, this time to talk about Jamf Marketplace and Jamf Nation Redeploy with Josh Jagdfeld and Sam Weiss!

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JNUC 2020 Recap Sam Johnson

Join us for a special podcast takeover featuring CCO Sam Johnson! This is the first episode in a three-part series airing this week to talk about some of the biggest news coming out of JNUC 2020.

Also, stay for the Mad Libs. They're a blast!

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Jamf At Home

Jamf has had a relatively smooth process in what seems fast approaching to be the "new normal" in the business world: working from home. So we were pretty stoked that Garrett Denny and Allen Houchins could join us on the podcast to take us through what steps had been taken before and after sending the company to work at home. What worked? What didn't? What technologies were necessary? How did we keep everyone and their data safe? Join us to hear some of our war stories and feel free to write in to share some of your own!

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Jamf Nation User Conference 2020

A lot of people are involved in putting on a conference that is attended by thousands of people. Join us to hear from two of them (Jeff Ovik and Katie English) about what it takes to put on a conference in San Diego, aaaand then pivot to a virtual conference! Hear about sessions, what's in store, and of course, swag!

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Consulting And The Road To Jamf

This episode features Gerard Allen, the Director of Field Engineering for EMEIA at Jamf. Ger is a special human, who's been in the Apple community for a long time and in this episode, Annie and Charles discuss his journey from Apple to consulting to Jamf. We laugh, we cry, and we are privileged to get to experience his amazing story telling abilities along the way!
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Jamf in Healthcare

A very special thanks to Adam Mahmud for joining Annie and Charles to talk about Jamf in Healthcare. In this episode, we unpack what Jamf does to help in the new remote world of remote healthcare delivery and the inspiration for his passion to help aid in those efforts. A great and well informed guest - thanks for joining us!

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Jamf Heroes

Jeni Asaba joins Annie and Charles to talk about Jamf Heroes and how she came to lead such an awesome initiative. We talk through why it's more than just customer engagement, what to expect, and whether or not we can get your voicemail recorded in the voice of Annie!

Join us for lots of laughter and a pretty darn fun episode!

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Scaling Jamf In Schools

Eric Johnson joins the pod to talk about his experience scaling Apple deployments in some of the largest school districts in the world. We talk through thundering herds, making your fingers bleed, and of course a good old fashioned origin story!

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Evangelizing The Jamfs

We love to talk to people in a lot of different areas of Jamf. In this episode we interview Kat Garbis about what an Evangelist does and where that came from, as well as what the Evangelists are hearing from customers and the broader Apple community. We might have also talked about comic books, science fiction, and martial arts. It was a blast, and we hope you enjoy!

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Managing Macs: The Death Of The Kext

In this episode, Jon Malm joins Annie and Charles to talk about the death of the kext and what that means for Apple administrators. And of course, to tell us a little about how his transition from Digital to Jamf has been going!

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A Little Jamf History

In the latest episode of the Jamf After Dark Podcast, we interview Sam Johnson. Sam has been with Jamf about as long as anyone and he clues us in on some of the early wins and misses (like having to go by an assumed name due to a bad business card run). Sam is one of our favorite Jamfs and we hope you enjoy this episode as much as we enjoyed creating it!

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Identity Buzzwording with Joel Rennich

Join us for the latest episode of the Jamf After Dark Podcast. In this episode we have Joel Rennich back to take us through demystifying much of what a ?modern? identity really means in the back-end. It?s a pretty technical episode. But don?t worry, Joel does a great job explaining it all in a way that even Charles can understand. Also, it?s worth noting that the Jamf ID is shipping on February 21st, not January 21st. Apologies for that!

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Jamf School for the Masses

Jamf School was made generally available back at JNUC. How much work went into rebranding and hosting and accounting and all the things that go into something like that and what does this mean for schools around the world?


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The JNUC 2019 Recap

Join Garrett Denney and Kaylee Carlson in today's episode, where we review some of the announcements from JNUC 2019 and logistically when we think they might matter to you!

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Developing Development

Join us to hear from Beth Tschida. In this episode we talk about the evolving software engineering organization here at Jamf, how that's changing and a little about what you might expect from us in the future!

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Conditionally Accessing All The Things

In the latest installment of the Jamf After Dark Podcast, we bring in Blake Pierce and Kyle Hammond to tell us all about how the Conditional Access integration in Jamf Pro works, how it's used, and a little inside baseball on how it came to be!

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Jamf Nation User Conference 2019

The Jamf Nation User Conference is the worlds largest gathering of Apple administrators. In this episode we talk to the two heroes responsible for coordinating all the things and (spoiler) find out that Captain Kirk really is the best of the Doctors.

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The Jamf Solution Partner Program For ISVs

Jamf has a new Solution Partner Program to allow us to streamline how we work with software developers that want to build integrations with Jamf Pro. In this episode, Annie and Charles interview Josh Jagdfeld the Director of Alliances at Jamf to learn more about the program and how Jamf plans to help promote tools that work with our products. Max is busy getting an ingrown toe removed from his shoulder, so couldn?t join us for the episode.

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