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81. Taking the pulse on Regtech in Stockholm 2021

In this episode, we are joined by two Regtech experts, Richard Rosenholtz and Zaliia Gindullina to talk about the Regtech scene in Stockholm, Sweden. Both guests have recently contributed with their expertise within Regtech to the Stockholm Fintech Guide provided by Invest Stockholm. 

Both Richard and Zaliia works in the Regtech scene in Stockholm and are active in the Nordic Regtech Association. 

During the conversation, we get to listen to our guests discuss and share their knowledge of the Regtech industry in Stockholm. We cover topics such as: what are the main barriers to enter the Regtech space and how could you overcome them, how did the global pandemic impact this space and what trends do we see in the coming years. 

If you want to read the Stockholm Fintech Guide, you will find it through this link:

Guests Linkedin Profiles:
Richard Rosenholtz:
Zaliia Gindullina:

Podcast hosts:

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80. Taking the pulse on Insuretech in Stockholm 2021

In this episode, we are joined by three fantastic guests, Michal Gromek, Angelica Klerfelt, and Markko Waas to talk about the Insuretech scene in Stockholm, Sweden. All three of the guests have recently contributed with their expertise within Insuretech to the Stockholm Fintech Guide provided by Invest Stockholm. Angelica is working as a manager at EY within the Insurance Industry. Markko is CEO and Co-founder at Claims Carbon which is an Insuretech startup that is helping decarbonize insurances and in that way bring more sustainability into the insurance industry. Michal Gromek, who has been in the podcast before, is a well-known fintech enthusiast and ecosystem contributor and is also working as Chief Compliance Officer at Safello.

During the conversation, we get to listen to the three guests discuss and share their knowledge of the Insuretech industry in Stockholm. Angelica shares interesting insights from the perspective as a consultant helping large insurance institutions and insured techs, and from Markko we get to hear about how it is to actually be that Insuretech startup that is challenging the industry with new perspectives, ideas, and views on sustainability.
We hope that you will enjoy this conversation as much as we did.

If you want to read the Stockholm Fintech Guide, you will find it through this link:

Guests Linkedin Profiles:
Marko Waas:
Angelica Klerfelt:
Michael Gromek:

Want to know more about Claims Carbon? The you find their website here:

Podcast hosts:

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79. Buy now pay later - making sense of the hype

In this special episode of Fintechpodden, the two host, Gustaf and Johan tries to make sense of the latest development in the Buy now pay later space. With nearly daily headlines about fundings, acquisitions and new collaboration, the Buy now pay later space has never been as hot as right now. In this episode, we are trying to understand the underlying development, why this is happening right now, what differs from the traditional check-out options in the market and who the users are. This and much more you will hear about in this episode, enjoy! 

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78. Central bank digital currencies - CBDCs with Kim Engman from TietoEVRY

In this episode we have the pleasure of having Kim Engman from TietoEVRY joining us for a deep down into Central bank digital currencies, CBDCs. There is currently a lot of hype around this area with many countries running pilots or planning to run in the near future. Together with Kim we are trying to break down what is happening and how the future development might look like. We also get an introduction from Kim on the role of central banks and a short history of money.

Learn more about CBDCs by reading this blogpost by Kim:

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77. Earn interest on your cryptocurrencies with Sten Ivan from Hodlnaut

In this episode, we had the great chance to speak to Sten Ivan who is working as Head of Growth at the cryptocurrency startup Hodlnaut. Sten went into the role and the whole cryptocurrency market not that long ago and shares his experiences so far. We of course also talk a lot about Hodlnaut, what they do and what risks come with working with lending in the crypto industry. We hope that you find it as interesting as we did.

Hodlnaut Homepage:
Sten on Linkedin:
Juntao on Linkedin:
Johan on Linkedin:
Gustaf on Linkedin:

Don't forget to check out Hodlnauts recently launched iOS app and their latest interest rates which you find in the app and on the web. Users can earn up to 12.74% (previously 10.5%) APY and 7.5% BTC (previously 6.2%). 

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76. Everything about Card Payments with Mario Blazevic from TietoEVRY

In this episode, we are very happy to be joined by a true cards specialist, Mario Blazevic, from TietoEvry. Mario has a very interesting background starting as an entrepreneur and co-founder to a semi-conductor provider in Norway. After that, he has spent many years within the fintech industry and especially within the cards business. In the episode, we get to listen to Mario share his knowledge and insights from the industry as well as his take on the current market situation and what Mario believes will happen to go further into the future. At the end of the episode, Mario also shares how interesting stats about card payments, so make sure to stay till the end!

Link to Mario on Linkedin:

Marios chosen fintech (which you can hear more about in the end of the episode):

Link to TietoEVRY:

Link to Johan's LinkedIn:

Link to Gustaf's Linkedin:

Link to Fintechpodden website:

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75. Financial crime prevention with Jonas Kullgren from TietoEVRY

In this episode of Fintechpodden, we are pleased to have Jonas Kullgren, Head of Business & Product Development, within financial crime prevention at TietoEVRY. Jonas has a long experience in the financial crime prevention space and shares some of his knowledge about this hot topic. We discuss the latest trends and what differentiates fintechs from traditional banks in how they work with this topic. We also discover some of the coming trends and what areas criminals are focusing on. Listen in to learn more about this and much more. 

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74. SME financing with Fredrik Ulvenholm from Vilja solutions

In this episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of having Fredrik Ulvenholm, CEO at Vilja solutions joining us. We discuss why SME historically have had problems accessing good financing solutions and what is currently happening on the market. Listen in to learn more about the current development and where the market is heading. 

Learn more about Vilja solutions here:

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73. All you need to know about cryptocurrency scams with Erica Stanford

In this episode, we are joined by Erica Stanford who is the founder & CEO of Crypto Curry Club - a community from London full of expertise within crypto. You can check out the club here: Erica has spent recently spent a lot of time researching how scams have happened and evolved within the crypto space since its inception and that is what we talk about in this episode. Everything from mt.gox to one coin and many other types of scams that have occurred within crypto. Erica shares a lot of valuable insights and we also talk about what can be done to avoid getting scammed and what the industry can do in order to protect itself against the scammers. Erica has written a book called Crypto Wars: Faked Deaths, Missing Billions, and Industry disruption - which we of course talk a lot about in this episode. We hope that you will enjoy and learn a lot from this episode.

If you would like to get your hands on Erica's book, you can find it on Amazon here:

Erica on Linkedin:

The cryptocurryclub:

Gustaf on Linkedin:

Johan on Linkedin:

Fintechpodden website:

Fintechpodden on Linkedin:

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72. Cashless society with Micaela Vernmark & Jonas Brännvall from TietoEVRY

In this episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of once again having Micaela Vernmark och Jonas Brännvall from TietoEVRY. We will together discover the topic, cashless society. How did we in the Nordics become one of the most cashless societies in the world? What factors did play in, and how will it evolve in the coming years? What differentiates the Nordic region from the rest of the world? Has the development only been good, or does it have downsides as well? This episode will cover this and much more. Enjoy. 

Read more about TietoEVRY here:

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71. Building the best digital identity solution with Kristofer von Beetzen from FrejaEID

In Sweden and most other Nordic countries, we have something called BankID. It is a digital ID solution that almost everyone has and you use it to login and give consent to almost everything you do online. Everything from logging in to governmental websites, to your bank, to your favorite fintech, and many other places too. It is very nice and convenient, but it lacks challenges and today we are delighted to be joined by Kristofer von Beetzen who works as Chief Product Officer at one of the challengers, called FrejaeID. They are building a digital identity solution that is giving more power to individuals to take control of their own data. Bring your data with you from app to app, bank to bank, or any other place. FrejaeID has grown fast over the last few years and continues to do so and this conversation that we had we Kristofer was a true learning and inspirational experience that we hope that you will enjoy!

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70. Building the platform for alternative investments with Ludwig Pettersson from SaveLend

In this episode, we are delighted to be joined by no one else than the CEO of SaveLend, Ludwig Pettersson. Ludwig has a super interesting background as an entrepreneur. He started building his first company when he was just 11 years old and has since then kept his passion for building companies. After high school, he started playing poker and did so successfully for many years before diving deeper into the fintech space with his company SaveLend. Today SaveLend has grown to one of the leading p2p investment platforms in Sweden and we had the great chance to sit down and talk with Ludwig about the IPO, his experiences, and a lot more super interesting stuff. We hope that you will enjoy the episode!

Savelend is currently just weeks away from going public on the Nasdaq Stock exchange, you can read more about it on their webpage here:

Ludwig on Linkedin:
Johan on Linkedin:
Gustaf on Linkedin:

Fintechpodden website and contact:
[email protected]

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69. Turning data into insight with Aleksandr Peussa from TietoEVRY

In this episode of Fintechpodden we have the pleasure of having Aleksandr Peussa, Chief Data Scientist & Director Data Science at TietoEVRY financial services joining us. Aleksandr is responsible for driving AI initiatives and increasing data science maturity within TietoEVRY financial services. In this episode we discuss what steps large organisations need to take to become more data driven. We also explore what competencies an organisation need to have in place to be able to work more data driven. In the end of the discussion we cover what products and areas in the financial service industry that will gain the most by adding AI elements. 

Startup mentioned by Aleksandr:

To learn more about TietoEVRY see their webpage:

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68. Ingredients of a successful AI implementation with Mattias Fras from Nordea

In the latest episode of Fintechpodden we have the pleasure of having Mattias Fras, Head of AI Hub at Nordea, joining us. Together with Mattias, we discuss some best practices and learnings from successful AI implementations, what is important for large organizations to think about and how they can utilize their employees in an AI transformation. We also cover what areas and product within a bank that are most suitable for AI implementations today. 

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67. Meet the Women Behind Meet Her She Knows Payments

In this episode, we are pleased to be joined by Camilla who is the Director-General (Community) and the co-founder of EPA Asia. She has a long career in the financial technology industry and often talks about coming home when she started her work in the payments industry. Payments is the part of the financial services that touch people?s lives every day, and through EPA Asia work lives can be improved. The payments industry offered her an opportunity to combine her passion for fintech and humanitarian questions. She is also the founder of a boutique consultancy firm Suite2Go which specializes in assisting international Fintech to be succussed in the APAC market.

In 2020 Camilla founded and lead the project Meet-Her She Knows Payments which is an initiative to encourage female thought leadership in the payments industry to secure diversity as a prerequisite for innovation.
Want to know more? Here is their website:

Camilla serves on the Board for the Swedish Australian Chambre of Commerce, and she is a mentor for young entrepreneurs. You can reach out to Camilla on LinkedIn here:

Fintechpodden homepage:
Johan on Linkedin:
Gustaf on LinkedIn:

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66. What are non-fungible tokens ?with Christoffer Nilsson

In this episode, we have invited Christoffer Nilsson to talk about NFT's (Non-Fungible Tokens). Christoffer is working as digital strategy lead @ TietoEVRY and has a background with studies at Chalmers technical university. He wrote his master's thesis on blockchain and has since continued to deepen his knowledge in the subject. In the episode, we talk about non-fungible tokens. What they are. The latest and biggest happenings in this space and what use cases he sees around the corner for NFT's. Christoffer also openly shares his thoughts on the future of NFT's and what impact they might have on different industries as well as individuals. Join our discussion about this hot trend and learn more about it with us. We hope that you will enjoy the episode.

Christoffer Nilsson on LinkedIn

A few of the most popular and top NFT platforms:
Open Sea:
Enjin Marketplace:

Short explanation for what NFT's are:
An NFT is a non-fungible token which means that it is a unique item that you cannot replace with something else. An example of an NFT is a one-of-a-kind trading card, such as a digital artwork, in this episode we talk about NBA sportscards as another example, that you simply cannot replace with any other artwork. Today, the majority of NFTs are digital which makes it very easy for creators to give their supporters something unique and rare. While they are similar to Bitcoins and other cryptocurrencies, they are non-fungible and non-divisible.

Do you want to reach out to Fintechpodden?
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65. Digital Identities for startups with one of Europe's fastest growing companies Signicat

In this episode, we are joined by our friend from Signicat, John Erik Setsaas. We talk about the latest trends within digital identities, fraud, money laundering, and a lot more. We dig into what has happened since we last talked, how covid have changed the landscape for online fraud and what businesses can do to help their users avoid being exposed to fraud in financial products. John Erik also shares valuable information about Signicat express for startups - a program for startups to get up and running with developer-friendly Identity APIs in minutes. As a startup, you get the first 6 months free and we really think it could be great if you are a startup within fintech. Check it out in the link below.

John Erik on Linkedin:

Signicat Express for Startups: 

Signicat's homepage:

Fintechpodden's homepage:

Gustaf's Linkedin:

Johan's Linkedin:

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64. Uncovering the latest trends within capital markets with Hugo Sundkjer from TietoEVRY

In this episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of having Hugo Sundkjer from TietoEVRY joining us to discuss the latest trends within capital markets. Never before has the capital markets been so accessible to so many people around the world. TietoEVRY is one of the largest providers of services that powers the Nordic capital markets. We discuss some of the latest numbers on the Nordic capital markets development; for example, did you know that 80% of Swedes save in funds, but the number is way lower in Norway? We also look into some trends and the future development in this area. 

Learn more about TietoEVRY at

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63. The building blocks of the future of banking with Fredrik Ulvenholm

In this episode, Johan and Gustaf are joined by Fredrik Ulvenholm who is the CEO of the company called Vilja Solutions. Vilja core banking platform is lots of things. Intuitive. Compliant. Innovative. Standardized. Automated. And Cloud-native. It?s all designed to keep you ahead of your competitors. By giving your bank better building blocks to work with.

We talk about Fredriks journey to where he is today and also a lot about financial super apps and what is needed to be able to create super apps. What is a 'super app'? and who will be the player that creates a 'super app' in Europe first? About that and a lot more in this episode.

Fredrik on Linkedin:
Vilja's website:
Fredrik's favorite fintech, Gojek:
Fintechpodden website:

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62. Bitcoin Special with Eric Wall, Crypto Hedgefund Manager at Arcane Assets (part two)

This episode is the second half of our interview with Eric Wall. In this part, we continue our discussions about bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. We talk a lot about Ethereum and how it differs from Bitcoin. We also discuss Decentralized Finance, why mining cryptocurrency mining could actually be positive for the environment in the long run and Eric shares his predictions on where Bitcoin will be in five to ten years.

Fintechpodden Website:

Eric Wall on LinkedIn:

Eric Wall on Twitter:

When we talked about Decentralized Finance we especially talked about the following smart contract protocols:

Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol Compound:

Decentralized Finance Lending Protocol Aave:

Decentralized Finance Smart Contract Asset Swop Protocol:

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61. Bitcoin Special with Eric Wall, Crypto Hedgefund manager at Arcane Assets (part one)

In this episode, we are delighted to be joined by Eric Wall. Eric is a computer scientist that currently works as a crypto hedgefund manager at Arcane assets. With Eric's academic background and time that he has been into the crypto space (which is longer than most people have), he is a great person to talk to about Bitcoin, Ethereum, Decentralized finance, and the whole crypto space. We talk about everything from what bitcoin actually is. Eric tells us his best explanations. We also talk about inflation and how it affects the world and bitcoin. Why bitcoin is a digital upgrade of physical gold and a lot of more interesting things on this topic.

The recording of this episode become long, so we have divided it into two podcasts, making this the first part of a series of two.

Fintechpodden has a new website:

Eric on Linkedin:

Eric on Twitter:

Arcane Assets website:

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60. Recap of 2020 and predictions for 2021 with Fintechpodden

In this episode, the two hosts of Fintechpodden, Gustaf and Johan, share their highlights of fintech news of 2020 and are delivering some predictions for 2021. Enjoy the episode. 

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59. Updates from the financial super app Revolut with Hanna Karolina Johansson

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Hanna from Revolut joining us once again. She has been on the podcast two times before and always brings some exciting updates. We will listen in on the latest numbers, product updates, and how corona affected Revolut. 


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58. The battle of the cloud giants with Micaela Vernmark & Jonas Bränvall from TietoEVRY

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Micaela Vernmark & Jonas Bränvall from TietoEVRY joining us to discuss the latest within cloud in the financial service industry. We discuss the latest development and the ongoing battle between the large public cloud providers. In the middle of the episode, we have a special appearance from Harald Walden, CTO from Brite, a fast growing Swedish fintech in the payment space. We discuss together with Harald both the pros and cons of developing financial services in the cloud and listen in on Haralds hands on experiences.

Find more about TietoEVRY here:

Find more about Brite here:

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57. What's next in Open Banking with Rune Mai from Nordic API Gateway

In this episode, which was recorded in August 2020, Johan and Gustaf had the pleasure to be joined by the Founder and CEO of Nordic API Gateway. NAG is active within the world of open banking and they recently launched its new platform, Aiia. A platform that removes all obstacles from powering your solution with open banking so you can make your open banking idea a reality within days without having to acquire a PISP or AISP license. Rune Mai exclusively shares insights with Fintechpodden into why this product is a perfect fit for open banking innovation across industries and how it will change the landscape of open banking as we know it. In the episode, we talked about the current situation for open banking in Europe and in the world. Rune shared his insights from being at the forefront of the development in Open Banking - What's working good and not so good with the PSD2 Regulation in Europe and most interestingly what is around the corner in the future of Open Banking. We hope that you will enjoy the episode as much as we did. 

Link to Nordic API Gateway:

Rune Mais Linkedin page:

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56. Embedded finance with Per Dahlqvist from Liberis

In this episode we have the pleasure of having Per Dahlqvist from Liberis joining us. Per is a seasoned financial service professional and at Liberis he is currently head of business development. Liberis is a fintech that is specializing on helping SMEs with flexibel financing solutions and embedded finance services. Embedded finance is a very broad area so in this episode we are trying to scope it down and give some real examples. We are also exploring the future of embedded finance and what industries we will see adopt it next. 

Link to Liberis:

Mentioned in the podcast:

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55. Banking the Unbanked in Africa with Espen Kvelland from Wakandi

In episode nr 55 we had the great chance to sit down and talk with Espen Moen Kvelland from Wakandi. Wakandi is a startup from Norway that is active in Africa with the goal to make the 328 million people who are either without a bank, called unbanked, or with very little access to banking services, called underbanked, to get access to basic and fundamental banking services. What are the existing challenges going forward in Africa and how does it look today, how far have they come? Wakandi was born out of a company called Akeo, a leading blockchain company in Norway. Moreover, Espen shared his thoughts on Facebook's digital currency project, Libra, and what effects that can have on the fintech industry and landscape in Africa. We also got the chance to talk about Central Bank Digital Currencies and the possibilities for startups and businesses that come with that. We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did and that you learn a lot about the Fintech scene in Africa and about Wakandi.

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54. Demystifying Cryptocurrency & Challenges In The Swedish Fintech Ecosystem

In this episode, we are joined by fantastic Michal Gromek. Michal has a long background within the Fintech industry and is currently working as Head of Operations and Compliance at Safello. He is also very active in the Swedish Fintech Ecosystems where he is a public speaker and he is also contributing to Forbes where he shares his thoughts and opinions on the Fintech landscape. Earlier this year he was one of the main persons behind Stockholm Fintech Week. Given Michal's commitment and involvement in the Swedish Fintech Ecosystems, it is not surprising that he is nominated for the Swedish Fintech Ecosystem Hero of the year 2020 by nordicstartupawards. You find a link below where you can vote on him. In the episode, we get to listen to  Michal when he demystifies Cryptocurrencies and how we can combat the Dark Side of Fintech and Crypto with Blockchain Analysis Tools. We also talk about challenges with the Swedish Fintech Ecosystem.

Here is where you can nominate Michal Gromek:

Michal Gromek on Linkedin:

Fintechpodden on Linkedin:

Fintechpodden website:

Safello website:

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53. How any company can add fintech in their services with Hanna Raftell

Hanna Raftell from Fimento is back in Fintechpodden. She previously joined us in episode nr 43 where we talked about Open Banking. In this episode, we have a follow-up topic, Embedded Finance, or put in more simple terms - how any company can add fintech into their services. Hanna talks with us about what Embedded Finance actually is, which players are involved in the ecosystem that enables for embedded financial solutions. We talk about what non-fintech companies are offering fintech services today and what the benefits of doing fintech in non-fintech are. We also touch on UNs Sustainability Development Goals and how fintech can support several of the goals. If you want to learn more about embedded finance, how it works, and where to start if you are a company that is interested in offering fintech services - then join this episode. We hope that you find it as useful and interesting as we did.

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52. The digitalisation of the mortgage market with Emmy Jansson from stoEr

In this episode, we have the great honor of being visited by Emmy Jansson from the fintech company stoEr. Emmy has a long experience within the fintech industry and above all the digitalization of the mortgage market. Before joining stoEr, Emmy was working as a product specialist within lending at Avanza Bank and worked on their new digital mortgage together with Stabelo AB. Now, Emmy is working as Product Operations & Partner Manager at stoEr. During our talk, we discuss the change that is taking place within the mortgage market and what stoEr is building on when it comes to the digitalization of the mortgage market. What challenges does still exist? How will the mortgage market look like in the future and a lot more. We hope that you enjoy the conversation as much as we did!

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51. Discussing Payments, Open Banking and Apples acquisition of Mobeewave with Christoffer O. Hernaes

Christoffer O. Hernæs has a long background within banking and Fintech with his latest position as  chief digital officer of Sbanken, Norway's first digital-only bank and leading challenger bank. Christoffer is also and has been a frequent fintech blogger in Norway with many thoughtful blogposts over the last years. In this episode we got the chance to talk with Christoffer about Apples acquisition of Mobeewave and what it means to the payments and banking industries. We also of course talked about the fintech landscape in norway and the fundamental mismatch between bank's and fintech's when the go into collaborations. Christoffer gave us some advice for how fintech's should avoid wasting their time when trying to collaborate with banks. Finally we got to listen to why Klarna is so great and one of the fintech's in the world with the brightest future.

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50. Helping people pay less for their credits with Mikael Hussain, CEO and founder of Anyfin

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Mikael Hussain, CEO and co-founder of Anyfin joining us. Anyfin is a Swedish fintech helping customers lower their interest rate on existing credits by utilizing data to take better credit risks. On average Anyfin helps customer lower their interest rate with over 50%. Listen in to learn more about the story behind Anyfin and the plans ahead. 

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Anyfin's Website:

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49. Best Of Fintechpodden Interviews part one

This episode is one of a few in a series of best-of-conversations that we have had in Fintechpodden. Over a couple of episodes we have put together some of the highlights in all the interviews that we have held with different founders and leaders within the fintech industry. In this part, we get to listen to excellent Daniel Döderleinn when he passionately talks about his entreprenuerial journey founding mCash which later became the technology behind Vipps and what he thinks about PSD2 and how startups should do to get a PSD2 License. We also talk to Che Sidanius about Financial Crime, Green Crime, Blockchain, Cryptocurrencies and a lot more. Chris skinner speaks about what the world for banks will look like after the PSD2 Pandemic and why he likes Klarna and Stripe so much. Finally super nice Michael O'Loughlin tells us about Open Finance, PSD2, How far the banks have come within this space and the true meaning of banking the unbanked. We hope that you enjoy this episode!

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48. 2020 half year fintech news review

In this episode, the Fintechpodden hosts, Gustaf and Johan sits down to discuss the biggest news and development of the fintech space in 2020. Topics includes the Wirecard scandal, Visa's acquisition of Plaid, the open banking development in the Nordics and much more. 

Fintechpodden will be back with some new exciting episodes in August. 

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47. The future of Financial Crime Prevention with Taavi Tamkivi from Salv

This episode is the last episode from Sthlm Fintech Week 2020 that we recorded in february. The guest in this episode is no one else than Taavi Tamkivi from Salv which is a company that help financial institutions combating crime by providing a flexible AML platform. Taavi is a person with an interesting background with previous positions at Skype and he has also been studying mathematics for many years but dropped out of his PhD when starting at Skype in its early days. We talk about the problems that exist in todays environments when it comes to fighting against fraud and money laundering. We also discuss what the future will be looking like and how Salv really can make a difference in the field of financial crime prevention.

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46. Helping customers put their economy on autopilot with Gustav Berghog from Zmarta

In this episode, we have the pleasure of having Gustav Berghog from Zmarta joining us. Zmarta is a service that helps customers lowering their mortgage, insurances, electricity bills, and much more. 

We will hear Gustav tell his experience of unifying three different brands under the Zmarta umbrella and how to build a new company culture. We will also hear more about how Zmarta in the future can help customers with even more savings and also becoming the customers own CFO. By using Zmarta's services a Swedish household can today save over 4000 ? per year by challenging their current mortgage, insurances, and electricity bills. You will learn more about his and much more in this episode, enjoy! 

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45. Knowing your customer versus Know your data with Per Andersson from FCG

In this episode we are joined by Per Andersson who is CEO at Reg&Tech Solutions, FCG. Per knows many of the more than 400 fintech companies just in Sweden, Stockholm. We discuss what the regulatory challenges and opportunities, what FCG does and how they help both fintechs and larger financial institutions with reg and tech solutions. We discussed what Know You Client/Customer actually means and compares it with Know your Data. Questions such as what is needed to understand your data. What can you do to understand your data better? What are the low hanging fruits? And of course how Per can help clients with this. We also had time to listen to Pers view on the market and where we are heading in the near future. Join our discussion in this short but very informative episode!

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44. Building trust in the blockchain and crypto industry with Sven Martinsson from Valegachain

Valega Chain Analytics have made it easier for everyone to analyse and prevent illegal activities in crypto and blockchain related transaction. In this episode we get to talk to Sven Martinsson, CEO and founder of Valegachain. We talk about the dark side of fintech and to what extent blockchain and crypto is being used for illegal activities today. We also talk about the fintech ecosystem and what needs to be done to prevent fraud and fraudulent transactions and what role blockchain can take in the future of a transparent financial market. Join us in this interesting episode with smart and humble Sven.

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43. Increasing your ROI through the use of SaaS in the financial service industry with Hanna Raftell

In this episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of having Hanna Raftell joining us. Hanna has a long history within the financial service industry and is now the CEO of the Swedish fintech company Fimento. Fimento is a modular cloud technology platform that delivers open banking and data analytics services. 

In the episode, we talk about customer benefits from using a SaaS model and how it can increase their ROI. We talked about how Fimento has helped its customers scaling more rapidly, reduced time to market, and lowered the cost of integration. We also cover how the industry is moving more and more towards value-based pricing models and why this benefits the customers. 

Listen in to learn more about this and much more. 

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42. Mobile payments and the Chinese Fintech landscape with Magnus Dettmar

In this episode we get to listen to Gustaf and Johan talking with Magnus Dettmar directly from China. Magnus guides us through a full day, from waking up until going back to bed in Shanghai, China with a specific focus on the way he uses mobile payments and fintech solutions during a normal day in China. Discussions are around the big giants Alibaba and Tencent with their respective fintech "super-apps" Alipay and WeChat pay that have become very popular at a historical speed of innovation. Magnus also shares a lot of interesting insights from China covering everything from the scene of cryptocurrencies, e-commerce and live shopping, to open banking and financial inclusion. Join Gustaf, Johan and Magnus in this super-episode on the fintech landsape and mobile payments in China delivered directly China by Magnus who lives and breath Chinese digital solutions in Shanghai.

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41. How fintechs and banks are doing digital with Chris Skinner

In this episode, Johan Lindskog and Gustaf Hård af Segerstad sat down with Chris Skinner to talk about his new book, Doing Digital. The book is about how fintechs and banks are actually doing digital. What are incumbents doing good and what do they not do so good? What is the best fintechs in the world doing and how have they become so successful? That and a lot more such as the future of banking and what the post-corona business as usual will look like in this top episode! Enjoy!

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40. Interview with Kristin Lindmark, CIO at SPP about collaboration between insuretechs and traditional players

In this episode we are guested by Kristin Lindmark who is working as CIO / Head of Tech at SPP Storebrand. Kristins openly shares things she has learned from her long experience within the insurance industry ranging back manager position at Accenture and experience from If Insurance. We also discuss how traditional players within the insurance industry can collaborate with younger insuretechs and what needs to be done in order to make those kind of collaborations possible. We also touch upon topics such as IT Management, change management and the future of insurance. We hope that you enjoy this episode as much as we did!

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39. Swedish FSA on why launching an innovation center for Fintechs with Per Nordkvist

In the latest episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of Per Nordkvist from the Swedish FSA joining us. We talked about their innovation center and how they can help both large established players but also smaller new challengers to navigate the regulatory aspects of the financial industry. 

This episode was recorded during STHLM Fintech Week 2020.

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38. Digital signatures with John Erik Setsaas from Signicat

In the latest episode of Fintechpodden, we have the pleasure of once again having John Erik Setsaas from Signicat joining us. We are doing a deep down in digital signatures, how they work, what kind of signatures are out there, and the future development within this area. Now more than ever has the importance for companies and organizations to start offering fully digital customer journeys increased. Digital signatures are an important part of this transformation. Listen in to learn more about this and much more. 

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37. Interview with Betterwealths Chief Investment Officer and Co-founder Henrik Jönsson, about the future of asset management

In this episode we had the chance to sit down and chat with Henrik Jönsson. Henrik has co-founded Betterwealth and is currently working in the position as Chief Investment Officer. Henriks background ranges from studies in mathematics and industrial engineering at Lund and Eidengenössische Universities to job as credit analyst at SEB Bank, and his most recent position before starting Betterwealth was at Blackrock, the worlds largest asset management firm where he worked with risk and quantitative Analysis. For a little bit less than two years ago he co-founded Betterwealth which is a asset management service that strives to revolutionise the investment offer for retail clients. By using AI and simple Machine Learning models Betterwealth can help retail clients with world class asset management in a way that has only been available for institutions and very rich clients until now. Enjoy us in this episode where we discuss more about what Betterwealth is and we get to listen to Henrik talk about his background, thoughts about the future of asset management as well as a couple of tips for other fintech startups out there.

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36. Bringing transparency to the insurance industry with Michael Grönroos from Wedevia

In this episode we got the chance to talk to Michael Grönroos about his career and his company called Wedevia. Wedevia has built a solution that gathers data from different insurance companies and compares insurances for the consumer. This is something new in the industry since it previously has mostly only been possible to compare on soft values, but with Wedevia solution the consumer can compare and insurance based on price, quality and what the insurance actually contains. We also has the chance to chat a little bit about Michaels background as an entreprenuer within the IT industry.

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35. The future of Cryptocurrecies and Central Bank Digital Currencies with Eric Wall and Totte Löfström

In this episode we have a great discussion on the future of blockchain and cryptocurrencies with Totte Löfström and Eric Wall. Totte is the CEO of Swedish first crypto exchange Trijo and Eric Wall is working for the Human Rights Foundation and today more active as Chief Investment Officier at Arcane Crypto Fund. We also talk about privacy and what the different types of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs) there are out there and what China and US is doing in this space. Enjoy this great discussion!

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34. Iceland's indó, the first neobank to challenge the banking model

In this episode, we sit down with Tryggvi Björn Davidsson COO, at the Icelandic neo bank indó. 

After the Icelandic banking crash in 2008 that turned the banking market upside down and impacted the Icelandic economy for a long time the idea behind indó was born. indó tries to redesign the traditional banking model and lets its users deposit money directly at the central bank. Listen in to this episode to hear more about the story behind indó and what services they offering. 

This episode was recorded during STHLM Fintech Week 2020. 

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33. Everyday Climate Action in Fintech with Nathalie Green and Madeleine Sandell

In this episode we talk with Nathalie Green from Doconomy and Madeleine Sandell from Ålandsbanken about the climate, how the Do App help consumers understand their CO2 footprint through their transaction data. We also talk about the collaboration between the new and young company Doconomy and the old and big institution Ålandsbanken - how does the collaboration work and what is important to think about when collaborating. Join us in this episode for an interesting discussion with one of the hottest CO2-footprint apps out their!

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32. What is the future of Identity? With John Erik Setsaas

John Erik Setsaas has a long history within the area of Digital Identity, in fact he started working with this already back in 1995 and have had positions at SAP as senior architect and today he is the Vice President of Identity and Innovation at Signicat. Signicat is a pioneering, pan-European digital identity company with a unrivalled track record in the world?s most advanced digital identity markets. Its digital identity platform incorporates the most extensive suite of identity verification and authentication systems in the world, all accessible through a single integration point. They handle over a million transactions per day and during this episode we get to hear John Erik tell us about the history of Digital Identity, where we are now and what might come around the corner in the future as well as what challenges exists with areas such as Self Sovereign Identities. We hope you enjoy this episode as much as we did.

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