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The TED Interview

The TED Interview

Head of TED Chris Anderson speaks with some of the world?s most interesting people to dig into the provocative and powerful ideas of our time.


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Johann Hari challenges the way we think about depression

Author Johann Hari offers a deeply personal and surprisingly uplifting perspective on how to tackle depression.

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Yuval Noah Harari reveals the real dangers ahead

Historian and futurist Yuval Harari has a story about the future that?s profound, exciting, and unsettling.

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Tim Ferriss on life-hacks and psychedelics

Life-hack master Tim Ferriss gives an intimate look into the darker moments in his life, his Stoic philosophy and his new passion for psychedelics.

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Monica Lewinsky argues for a bully-free world

Monica Lewinsky reveals the very personal price to public humiliation and explores how we can all do better.

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Sylvia Earle makes a passionate case for our oceans

Dive deep into the fascinating, horrifying, hopeful story of the ocean with world-renowned marine biologist Sylvia Earle.

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Andrew McAfee on the future of our economy

Is the future of our economy scary? Exciting? MIT research scientist Andrew McAfee argues that it's both.

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Susan Cain takes us into the mind of an introvert

Self-confessed introvert Susan Cain delves deep into this complex personality trait, offering ideas for better offices, better schools and better relationships.

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Kai-Fu Lee on the future of AI

Technologist Kai-Fu Lee describes the high-stakes battle between the West and China in artificial intelligence and what it means for the future of work.

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David Brooks on political healing

NYT pundit David Brooks describes a plan to rebuild broken communities and offers actionable steps to live a more meaningful life.

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Amanda Palmer on radical truth telling

An intimate conversation with one of the most unique voices in music today. Amanda Palmer shows us how the future of creative work means asking for what you want.

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Bill Gates looks to the future

Microsoft founder Bill Gates takes us deep into his remarkable history and propels us into the future of technology and philanthropy.

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Roger McNamee takes on big tech

Recorded live at TED! Roger McNamee?early investor in Facebook turned outspoken critic?sits down for an extended examination of big tech's missteps and where we go from here.

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Bonus Episode: Chris Anderson on the Ezra Klein Show

Today, something a little different. Ezra Klein, the founder of Vox, recently spoke with Chris on his podcast, The Ezra Klein Show. Editor to editor, aspirational human to aspirational human. We?re sharing it with you now because we think listeners of this show might appreciate Ezra?s thoughtful style.

Chris and Ezra discuss religion, the nuanced complexity of human nature, and why Chris believes ideas matter now more than ever. Which ideas, overshadowed by the day?s headlines, are quietly reshaping the world we live in? Perhaps more than any politician? And, in an age of tribalism-fueled skepticism, how can we keep people open to hearing ideas that may nudge them out of their comfort zones?

To find out more about TED, please visit

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Sir Ken Robinson (still) wants an education revolution

Do schools kill creativity? Back in 2006, Sir Ken Robinson posed this question to the TED audience ? and boy, did it touch a nerve. More than fifty million views and a decade later, Chris sits down with Sir Ken to dig into the changes and progress that have been made, and see if the answer now is any different. How are educators thinking about creativity these days? And why should creativity be a focus at all? With his characteristic verve, wit and sparkle, Sir Ken explains all.

To find out more about TED, please visit

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Daniel Kahneman wants you to doubt yourself. Here?s why

What shapes happiness ? the experiences we have, or the stories we tell ourselves about them afterwards? When and how does our intuition reliably fail? And why is overconfidence the fatal flaw we should all watch out for? In this fascinating, far-ranging conversation, Chris digs into the questions that really matter with Danny Kahneman, Nobel laureate, godfather of behavioral economics, and one of the most influential psychologists alive.

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Ray Kurzweil on what the future holds next

Join Chris for a very special conversation with legendary inventor and computer scientist Ray Kurzweil, recorded live onstage at TED2018. Listen in to hear what the man who makes a living from predicting the future arc of technology thinks is coming our way next ? including the specific prediction of when he thinks technology will finally gain human levels of language understanding.

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Mellody Hobson challenges us to be color brave

Talking about race can be difficult. But Mellody Hobson argues that we need to do it anyway ? boldly and often. Mellody is the president of Ariel Investments, a firm that manages more than 13 billion dollars. And throughout her career and in her personal life, she?s experienced just how corrosive it can be when people choose to be ?color blind.? In this candid conversation, she shares her vision of a more harmonious, diverse America ? and the difficult truths we need to swallow (and discuss) to get there.

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Robin Steinberg?s passionate quest to reform cash bail

On any given night, 450,000 people in the United States stay in jail without having been convicted of any crime. Most of them are there because they don't have enough money to pay bail. Exasperated at what she saw as a systemic design flaw that primarily affects poor and marginalized people, public defense lawyer Robin Steinberg came up with a plan to fix things. As she explains in this sparky conversation with Chris, that idea is about as bold as they get.

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Steven Pinker argues that our pessimism about today's world is profoundly wrong

Was 2017 really the "the worst ever," as some would have us believe? Cognitive psychologist and linguist Steven Pinker shares data that shows: actually, it was one of the best overall. At TED2018, Chris sat down with Steven to take a closer look at the data that suggest the world is improving, and to unpack why so many people find this idea so challenging. To find out more about TED, please visit

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Dalia Mogahed on Islam in the world today

Just after 9/11, Dalia Mogahed asked: what do 1.8 billion Muslims really think? In a grand research project with Gallup, she interviewed more than 50,000 Muslims about their lives, their dreams, and the state of their religion. Today, she continues her research on Muslims as the director of research at the Institute for Social Policy and Understanding. In this intimate conversation with Chris, she opens up about her own faith and shares what she believes are the most common misconceptions of the world?s second-biggest religion. To find out more about TED, please visit

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Sam Harris on using reason to build our morality

Many philosophers draw a hard line between the worlds of facts and values, but not Sam Harris. In this thought-provoking conversation with Chris, he makes the case that reason can indeed answer moral questions, and then explores the many controversies that emerge from that claim. Moral superiority? Cultural superiority? How about moral progress? Chris and Sam dig in to discuss the right ways to think about defining right from wrong, and reason?s role in it all. To find out more about TED, please visit

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David Deutsch on the infinite reach of knowledge

It can be easy to believe that humans are insignificant. We?re specks of dust on a random planet in a vast universe. Less powerful than elephants. Fewer than ants. But David Deutsch believes that?s all beside the point, because humans possess one unique skill: attaining knowledge. David Deutsch ? Oxford professor, father of quantum computing, recluse ? convinced Chris years ago to take over leadership of TED with his ideas about knowledge. In this mind-bending conversation, the two dive into his theory that the potential reach of knowledge is infinite. They explore how knowledge first developed, why it sets us apart and what all of these heady concepts really mean for our present and future. To find out more about TED, please visit

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Elizabeth Gilbert shows up for ... everything

As a writer, Elizabeth Gilbert is notorious for placing her heart squarely on her sleeve. Her best-selling memoir, ?Eat, Pray, Love,? was a sensation precisely because of her eloquent, open-hearted descriptions of fear, divorce and wanting everything life had to offer. When she spoke at TED back in 2009, she charmed the audience with her frank descriptions of what happened after the book became a runaway success and her lyrical ideas of the nature of creativity. Nearly ten years later, in this extraordinarily intimate conversation with Chris, she shares why openness, transparency and creativity are still central to her philosophy of life ? even when faced with moments of desperation and personal tragedy. To find out more about TED, please visit

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Coming Soon: The TED Interview

Deep dives into great minds. Season one of this interview series hosted by TED's Chris Anderson launches October 16th, featuring conversations with beloved TED speakers such as author Liz Gilbert, philosopher Sam Harris, Islam scholar Dalia Mogahed, educator Sir Ken Robinson and many more. To find out more about TED, please visit

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