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Clean With Me

Clean With Me

Cleaning motivation and entertainment as you trudge through those mundane household chores. Get productive as the host gently talks you through cleaning each area of your home, keeping you focused and on task. The original host?s daughter is the host in Season Two, and she brings a fresh new perspective to the show. Support this show on Patreon:


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Season 2 - Episode35 - Clean your car with me!/ or organize a hot spot

Clean your car with me or organize a hotspot in our quick 15 minute Sunday Episode!
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Season 2 - Episode-34- whole house Cleaning walk through and update on my life

Cleaning the whole house step by step
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Season2- Episode 33 I HAVE NO KIDS!! Whole house cleaning

Talking about transitioning into being a working mom and doing a whole house hour long cleaning session!
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Season-2 -Episode 32- Cleaning With Me in 20 min! Let get out the door!

Quickly cleaning your house with me in a 20 minute straightening session
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Season 2-Episode 31- Cleaning your whole house with tips focusing on things that usually aren?t in your normal routine

Whole house cleaning walk-through,
With tips on cleaning the little things and how they make an impact on how clean our house looks
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Season 2- Episode 30 -20 min House Rescue

Clean with me for 20 minutes and get your house straightened before you leave the house.
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Season 2 Episode 29-Cleaning your whole house And not letting getting behind discourage you

Cleaning Your House and not letting s
Getting behind discourage you (the ending was weird because my phone cut it short)
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Season 2 Episode 28- Cleaning With Me Quick Sunday House Straightening

Quick Straightening of the House
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Season 2 Episode 27 - Whole house Clean with back to school organization tips

Season 2 Episode 26 - Cleaning with COVID 19! Quick Straitening

20 minute house straightening With tips on how to clean and manage kids with Covid (or just sick!)
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Season 2- Episode 25 Whole House Cleaning which tips on staying organized

Season 2 -episode 24 Cleaning while in a depressed or low energy state of mind

20 minute speed clean with tips on how to maintain the house during a depression
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Season-2 Episode_23 (Whole House Clean Session) + Making a schedule and sticking to a routine)

(Whole House Clean Session) + Making a schedule and sticking to a routine
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Season 2- Episode-22 Speed Cleaning (with cleaning up after a trip tips)

Speed cleaning your house with tips on cleaning out your car after a road trip
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Season 2-Episode 21 Whole House w/ Guest Co-Host (Raani)

Whole House Cleaning Walk through- differences between Cleaning with kids or in an all adult household. Co-hosting with the creator of clean with me, my mom.
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Season2- Episode 20- Decluttering and Organizing tips decluttering and organization
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Season2 - episode 19 LIVE!!!! Episode! Whole House Cleaning

Season2-#18 Getting Out The Door In 20 Minutes!

Getting out of the door!
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Season 2- #17 I?m Back! With A Whole House Cleaning Walk-Through

Getting back at it during hard times and playing catch-up
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Season2 - #16 What Motivates You and What Discourages You From Cleaning

outer area walk through and pep talk. What works for you?
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Season2- #15 Speed Clean With Tips and Hacks

20min episode with tips and hacks
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Season2-#14 Cleaning while going Through A Hard Time (whole house cleaning) user cleaning tips for when you?re going through depression
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Season2- #13 20 min cleaning session with lots of cleaning hacks

Speed cleaning episode with a lot of my favorite cleaning hacks sprinkled in
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Season2- #12 Staying On Task/ Whole House Cleaning

Cleaning your entire house and not getting distracted or off task
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Season2 - #11 Outer Area Speed Clean

20 min outer area speed clean
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Season2-#10 One Hour Cleaning Session

1 hour cleaning walk through
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Season2- #9 Whole House Cleaning

Step by step whole house cleaning in Hobbs, New Mexico
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Season2 - #8 Decluttering Your Worst Hot Spots

Season 2-#7 Entire House Cleaning

Cleaning your entire house step by step
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Season 2-#6 20 Min Speed Cleaning

20 minute Speed cleaning for a busy day or company
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Season2 -#5 Whole House Cleaning

?Cleaning your whole house looking for problem areas?
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Season 2- #4 Speed Cleaning For A Busy Day

20 min Speed cleaning For A Busy Day
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Season 2- #3 Whole House Cleaning And Decluttering

Season 2- #2 Cleaning Your Car

Cleaning Your Car (mini episode)
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Season 2- #1 - Whole House Walk Through With Jessica

Cleaning talk through/ introduction to the new host
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Passing the Torch / Bedroom Overhaul

The old host Raani passes the torch to her daughter, Jessica. Clean your master bedroom as you listen to them discuss this exciting new season of the show!
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Let?s Clean And Organize Your Pantry

Single project episode where the host talks you through cleaning and organizing your pantry. Join the host?s inner circle:
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Cleaning Tips for Parents

Whole-house cleaning talk through with some tips for parents thrown in. Support this podcast on Patreon:
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Get Started on Cleaning Some Key Areas

Housework talk-through, Recorded live, this episode only covers the entryway and kitchen.
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No Time to Clean? Do These Things!

This episode was recorded live. Clean along as I talk you through a few of your chores and tell you about my husband?s open heart surgery.
Housekeeping Resources Blog Post:
Link to supporting my podcast on Patreon:
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Decluttering As You Clean

Recorded live: Clean and/or declutter as the host talks you through it. Support the show on Patreon:
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Short Episode: Start Some Laundry & Do Dishes (recorded live)

Sorry I had to cut it short...If you?re new, please try another episode after this
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I Tested My Show

Recorded Live: The host talks about how to get the most out of cleaning along with this show. This show is geared toward women with various schedules who are in all different stages of life. Do the dishes and clean your entire house as you listen. Support my show here:
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Lack of Structure

Recorded live

If you enjoy cleaning along with my podcast and want to join my inner circle, you can gain access to bonus episodes and content by supporting me financially on Patreon:
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20-Minute Rescue

How to Speed Clean your house and how to make any soup or stew in the Instant Pot
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Recorded Live: Taking a Housewife Day

Live episode about getting caught up!
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3 Kid-Friendly Food Ideas (Cleaning Talk-Through)

Clean your whole house while getting easy food preparation ideas for kids and adults alike!
Products mentioned: Join my inner circle by supporting my show on Patreon:
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How To Declutter a Room

Decluttering episode for the new year!
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New Year?s Resolutions

Get your housework done as the host talks about New Year?s resolutions such as getting out of debt, losing weight, and keeping up on laundry. Pet messes caused by mud and moldy window tracks are some of the other topics discussed in this motivational episode where she talks you through cleaning each room of your house. Join Raani?s inner circle and gain access to bonus content:
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Last Minute Advice About Cleaning For Guests!

Are you running out of time amidst the holiday hustle and bustle? Listen to this episode while you cook, clean, or wrap presents. Stay busy or just relax while I give you some last minute cleaning tips. Focusing on the priorities I mention in this episode will help ensure that you?re house is presentable before your doorbell rings. To join my inner circle and receive unedited bonus content, you can support my show on Patreon:
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