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The Voice of 5G

The Voice of 5G

Podcast about 5th generation mobile networks from Ericsson.


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Episode 79 - 5G-connected disaster response vehicle

Ericsson and Verizon are paving the way for secure, mobile critical communications response services in the form of mobile on-site networks and 'networks on wheels'. We explore what's happening in the THOR project with Blaze Vincent from Ericsson and Carlo Thompson from Verizon. The THOR (Tactical Humanitarian Operations Response) project is a rapidly deployable emergency response network solution, with 4G and 5G capabilities, as well as microwave and satellite links. These vehicles provide the communications that are needed in emergencies and allow other technologies to connect, in order to extract data and implement communication solutions quickly. To read more about this award-winning solution, check out Blaze's blog here:
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Episode 78 - Why 5G Transport matters

The 5G Transport Summit brings together experts from all around the world, to share findings on 5G and collaborate to create new ideas. We explore the niche realities of using 5G transport networks and the big questions about what the future of 5G transport looks like with summit attendees and speakers Mika Heikkinen, Head of Product Line Transport at Ericsson, Fabian Josefsson from Telia Norway and George Skiadas from Cosmote, Greece. We dive deeper into energy saving techniques, automation, synchronisation and more, highlighting the importance of implementing changes in a industry that is progressing rapidly. Check out the Ericsson Microwave Outlook Report for more information here:
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Episode 77 - The 5G ecosystem

As cellular technology can be used to connect everything from electrical grids to shipping containers, understanding the ecosystems is a central skill for anyone dealing with 5G, IT or specific industry verticals. In this episode we have Ericsson's Peter Linder and Harald Baur on to talk about the transforming technology landscape where understanding and navigating the ecosystems grows more complex, and also more important. Find and subscribe to their new blog series here:
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Episode 76 - Edge Computing

Edge computing is said to be the thing that truly makes 5G into more than just a bigger data pipe. But what is it really, and how do you know that you're "on the edge"? Let's dive into the area of edge computing together with Ericsson's experts Carlos Bravo and Jitendra Manocha who can both explain the basics and dive into why it's important to get the right service at the right moment, wherever you are and whatever you're connecting! Read their blog about the 5 key success factors for edge computing infrastructure:
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Episode 75 - New 5G stats & IoT with Telia Company

We have updated figures and forecasts for 5G from Ericsson Mobility Report, with executive editor Peter Jonsson joining to talk us through the highlights. One of the articles in the report is co-written together with Staffan Eriksson, Senior Portfolio Manager at Division X, the IoT section of Telia Company and he tells us both about what happens with their 5G roll-out in Sweden as well as some amazing IoT use cases they have been working on and which are also covered in the article. Read the full report here:
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Episode 74 - Scottish 5G initiative

5G coverage in city centers where capacity is in high demand seems to be prioritized by the service providers - but why is 5G also of importance to rural areas? Paul Coffey, CEO of The Scotland 5G Centre, lets us know how they bring universities, start-ups, businesses and providers together to work on solutions for great connectivity in the highlands - and why 5G is increasingly important also for less populated areas. Get inspired, and check out their site here:
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Episode 73 - The Big 5G Event and Cradlepoint

We're back and we're visiting The Big 5G Event in Austin, Texas, USA, together with Cradlepoint's CMO Todd Krautkremer talking 5G for enterprises - what's different when it comes to supplying 5G to enterprises compared to smartphone users? As cloud data becomes more important for our everyday work and life enterprises are looking for improved connectivity - is 5G the solution? And if you want to know more about 5G spectrum for local industrial networks that Paul mentions, here's the whitepaper:
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Episode 72 - Should we care about peak 5G speeds?

Reiner Ludwig, strategic product manager, has worked for Ericsson for over 25 years and he's on a mission to redefine how we measure the performance of mobile networks. It's not just the top speed that's relevant - it's "time to content"! Listen to him explain, or read all about it in his blog here:
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Episode 71 - What's happening at Mobile World Congress 2022?

Straight from the biggest 5G event of the year - Mobile World Congress in Barcelona - we have Cecilia Atterwall, head of Ericsson Networks Marketing & Comms, and tech thought leader Dr Sally Eaves on the podcast to get their first impressions as well as expectations about what they will hear and see in the Ericsson hall. You can #ImaginePossible yourself in this interactive demo, which is an online version to the one on site - and see what Sally and Cecilia did after the podcast here:
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Episode 70 - The future of 5G

In this episode we look into the future of 5G! We have Anette Lundvall, project manager for Ericsson Mobility Report, and Michael Björn, head of research agenda at Ericsson's Consumer & Industry Lab, with us to talk about what trends they see in mobile connectivity in the next 5-10 years. You can read the new 10 Hot Consumer Trends report about the "Everyspace Plaza" here: and the Mobility Report here:
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Episode 69 - Mobility report anniversary

We're back with one last track before the year ends - and it's all to celebrate 10 years of Ericsson Mobility Report, the twice yearly update on statistics and forecasts for mobile networks around the world! With Mr Mobility Report himself, Patrik Cerwall, and Bengt Nordström, Managing Director of Strategy & Consulting at Accenture - we talk about how the mobile networks have developed from the 80ies until now, and what 5G brings to the game.
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Episode 68 - 5G in the United States

US service providers were among the first to launch 5G and we have Ericsson's head of 5G marketing in North America, Peter Linder (known as @onelinders on Twitter), on the podcast to give us an update on what has happened, what's happening and what's about to happen with 5G in the near future in the United States of America.
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Episode 67 - Half a billion 5G subscriptions

Half a billion 5G subscriptions by the end of 2021? Let's take a look at the latest mobile network statistics! We have Anette Lundvall, project manager for Ericsson Mobility Report, on the podcast to give us an update on the progress of rolling out 5G technology in the world. You can download the report here:
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Episode 66 - mmWave 5G

What's so special about millimeter wave 5G? And what do they mean when they talk high band? In today's episode we have Ericsson's mmWave product experts Anders Helsing and Laetitia Falconetti with us to explain all about mmWave, and why it's so special. They call it "the icing on the cake" in this blog:
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Episode 65 - Silicon, under the hood of 5G processing

What's going on inside the 5G equipment? What's the difference between having purpose-built hardware for 5G processing and putting the computing into the cloud? We're visited by Michael Begley, Head of Ericsson's RAN Compute, who will explain why processing is increasingly important in 5G, as well as what Moore's law brings to the table. More about Ericsson Silicon here
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Episode 64 - 5G Spectrum Sharing

How is 5G spectrum allocated between 4G and 5G in the best, most dynamic way? Once again we have Dr Sibel Tombaz - or Mrs Ericsson Spectrum Sharing as she's also known - joining our podcast, this time together with Hannes Ekström, to talk about the latest development withing Dynamic Spectrum Sharing. What's happened during the last year, is it in use, and what do the service providers say about it? More about Spectrum Sharing - and a video with Sibel - can be found here:
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Episode 63 - 5G Network Slicing

We're diving into the area of slicing 5G networks together with experts Pehr Claesson, marketing director at Ericsson with focus on enterprise opportunities, and Ajay Gautam, strategic product manager for RAN slicing, also at Ericsson. Find out more about Network Slicing on our website here:
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Episode 62 - 5G in Europe and Latin America

We've called in Ericsson's Head of Networks for Europe and Latin America, Christian Leon, to give us an update about what has happened in these regions when it comes to 5G during 2020, and what we can expect in 2021. One unexpected thing that happened between the time of the interview and this week was that Sweden - at last - finalized our 5G midband spectrum auctions!
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Episode 61 - The 5G year of 2020

Together with Cecilia Atterwall, head of Ericsson Network's marketing and communicationss, and Hannes Ekström, head of Ericsson's 5G access products, we look back on the year of 2020 - what happened within the area of 5G and 5G technology for us during the year? What were the highlights in this year riddled by the pandemic? And what are we looking forward to seeing more of in 2021?
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Episode 60 - 5G for Startups

How can enterprises, small businesses and startups use 5G? We get this question quite a lot, which is why we've invited Cristina Pandrea, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Consumer Lab, and project lead for Startup 5G program, and Jasmeet Sethi, Head of Ericsson's Consumer Lab, to this podcast to talk about their new program Startup 5G! More info here:
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Episode 59 - Cloud RAN

We're visited by colleagues Eric Parsons and Gabriel Foglander from Ericsson's Cloud RAN team who will talk about moving functionality from the Radio Access Network, the RAN, to the cloud - ie moving it to connected, virtualized servers. Why is this such a hot topic right now and why is this important for 5G latency? Read more about what they have just launched here:
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Episode 58 - 5G for Public Safety

In this episode Antti Kauppinen of Finish Erillisverkot is visiting the podcast to tell us all about the Virve 2.0 project, providing connectivity to the public safety workers in Finland together with Ericsson's Head of Mission Critical Networks, Manuel Ruiz. Manuel will be one of the speakers at the Critical Communication Week, an online event you can join here:
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Episode 57 - Bringing 5G to Power

There are a multitude of applications - or as we call it "use cases" - for 5G, and today the time has come to power utilities! What can 5G bring to power - well that's actually the headline for a report from our Consumer & Industry Lab and we have their senior researcher Patrik Hedlund as well as Marcus Törnqvist who is strategic product manager for Ericsson's IoT platform services with us in this episode to talk about this topic. Here's the link to the report:
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Episode 56 - Soft 5G

5G is not just about hardware! In this episode we talk about software features which are already improving 5G coverage and capacity! We're talking massive MIMO, Uplink Booster and carrier aggregation with Sebastian Faxér and Björn Karlberg from our product management team - what are these features doing for 5G and will we see more software upgrades going forward?
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Episode 55 - New 5G Antenna Integrated Radio launches

A press release went out this week with the heading "New Ericsson AIR solutions to accelerate 5G mid-band deployment" - and we have David Hammarwall, head of product line Radio at Ericsson and Mikael Eriksson, who heads up the antenna business from our Kathrein acquisition to talk about these launches. Learn more about Antenna Integrated Radios and why mid-band spectrum is crucial from these experts - and if you want to see these antennas, watch the live broadcast from earlier this week here:
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Episode 54 - COVID-19 impact on mobile networks and 5G

New Ericsson Mobility Report is out with a special section about the impact of the pandemic on mobile networks and network roll-outs and in this episode we have both the Patrik Cerwall, executive editor of that report, and Jasmeet Singh Sethi who has studied how ICT consumers are impacted by the pandemic. You can find Ericsson Mobility Report here: and the ConsumerLab study here:
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Episode 53 - Cellular IoT and Dedicated Networks ? an update

Returning guests Marie Hogan and Thomas Noren reached out to give us an update about all the fascinating things happening in the area of IoT - and especially in the Critical IoT area where dedicated networks play a vital part. The article mentioned in this episode can be found here:
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Episode 52 - What is needed to provide 5G beyond mobile broadband?

Let's talk some strategy! We have guests from Ericsson's Strategic Customer Engagements team with us today to talk about their new report "Capturing business opportunities beyond mobile broadband" which is a guide for communication service providers wanting to venture into the B2B sphere of providing connectivity not only to smartphone users, but also enterprises. Dowload the report here:
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Episode 51 - Sweden is live with 5G!

We were waiting for spectrum auctions, but commercial 5G in Sweden jumped the gun and launched already in May 2020! We have Ericsson's Head of Marketing and Communications in Northern & Central Europe, Thomas Johansen, on the line to talk about how the biggest service provider in Sweden, Telia, has started rolling out their commercial 5G network - what happened, what are they doing, and what's coming?
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Episode 50 - Is 5G energy efficient?

We're talking to Ericsson's head of sustainability, Mats Pellbäck-Scharp, about how 5G can "break the energy curve". The expectations might be that as 5G means more data being transmitted, it will also use more power. But is that true? Here's the report we're talking about:
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Episode 49 - Spectrum sharing update

Under lock-down, Dr Sibel Tombaz returns to give us the latest updates on Dynamic Spectrum Sharing - and especially our own Ericsson Spectrum Sharing solution. She visited us in episode 3 when we were talking about 5G spectrum - at a time when 3GPP 5G was still not launched, and there were no 5G phones... To learn more about our spectrum sharing solution, follow this link:
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Episode 48 - 5G Roll-Outs and Network Services

It was 4 AM in Texas and 8 PM in Melbourne when we recorded this podcast with two remote guests - Sören Marklund, Portfolio Strategy for Support Services and Andres Torres, Strategic Product Manager for Network Roll-out services - while we were keeping ourselves away from the ongoing pandemic in our studio. This is the case with TDC, Denmark, mentioned in this episode:
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Episode 47 - 5G speed

We visit a record breaking 5G speed test and talk to Ericsson's Head of High-Band and Active Antenna Systems, Sibel Tombaz, as well as test expert Anthony Paravati, who is guiding us through the setup of a speed test. You also get some information about different speed tests and what to look out for from Paul, we talk URLLC, and introduce our sister podcast The Startup 5, which will share the same stream.
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Episode 46 - 5G Sites, what's happening out there?

5G is being rolled out right now, but what's happening on the actual premises where the hardware is when 5G is added? We have Shashi Pemmaraju who's busy managing 5G customer solutions for Ericsson across sites in North America, and Martin Högberg who's our head of site solutions, visiting this episode to talk about 5G Sites. More info here:
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Episode 45 - Private 5G networks for enterprises

We're not keeping quiet about private networks! It's being talked about - but what does private networks actually mean? Manuel Ruiz is Ericsson's head of Mission Critical and Private Networks visits us in the studio to talk about this interesting area - what's happening and how will it be used in the future? And if you want to know more about the techy stuff, here's their new whitepaper:
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Episode 44 - First 5G updates this decade

We recap some 5G news from the last couple of weeks - we talk 5G speed record, 5G for water utilities and eSIM among other interesting occurrences. For more on eSIM look here: and as usual, you can reach us on [email protected]
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Episode 43 - The 5G year or 2019

We're summarizing the year together with Ericsson's head of 5G commercialization - Thomas Noren - from the first launches in April until December 19. We also ask Thomas to answer some questions from the live LinkedIn broadcast on November 26! Here you can find the December statistics from GSA, mentioned on the podcast:
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Episode 42 - Live on LinkedIn talking Ericsson Mobility Report and 5G in Korea

Instead of doing one live broadcast and one podcast episode about the latest 5G forecast figures - now reaching all the way to 2025 - we combined the two and actually recorded the podcast live in Ericsson's showroom, with guests Patrik Cerwall and Jawad Manssour. You can see all our pretty faces here: and download the report here:
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Episode 41 - 5G news and tweets

We are excited that the president of the USA is tweeting about 5G - but also about all the interesting 5G news out there and some tweets we got after our last episode about 5G indoors! Paul will dig down and talk a bit about wifi and also explain how building owners can use the Ericsson Radio Dot system to provide multi-operator coverage in for example shopping centers.
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Episode 40 - 5G indoors

When it comes down to seamless connectivity - what about when you take your smartphone indoors? Do you use WiFi, DAS or Small Cells? We have Jessey Huang visiting us in the studio all the way from Beijing, and Lindsay Beall from Ottowa in Canada on the phone - giving us their best sales pitch for 5G indoor coverage! The paper mentioned in the episode is available here:
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Episode 39 - 5G Antennas

What's so special about radio antennas for 5G? We have Ericsson's Strategic Product Manager for Radio with us in the podcast studio and he'll explain all about Active Antennas - antennas with radios built in, and also give us an update on why it was important for Ericsson to acquire the antenna and filter part from our long-time partner Kathrein.
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Episode 38 - Artificial Intelligence in 5G networks

What is AI and what does it have to do in a 5G network? We're joined in the studio by Rickard Cöster, technical expert of data science machine learning at Ericsson Research and Patrik Persson, strategic product manager for "AI in RAN" to give you an overview. You can find out more about the launch here: and contact us on [email protected]
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Episode 37 - 5G at Mobile World Congress Los Angeles

It's the week of Mobile World Congress - this time in Los Angeles, California - and we talk to B2B tech influencer Evan Kirstel who's covering the event for Ericsson on site. What's the highlights he's seen so far? And does he have a 5G phone?
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Episode 36 - 5G in India

We give you a very brief update about what was showing at India Mobile Congress and an interview with Nitin Bansal, Managing Director and Head of Network Solutions for Ericsson in India who talks about what's happening with 5G in the country which GSMA is expecting to have 88 million 5G subscriptions in 2025.
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Episode 35 - 5G business potential - a market compass

What areas can service providers expect to be making money on with their 5G connectivity? We have Martin Ekstrand in the studio guiding us through a new study called "5G for business - a 2030 market compass", looking into potential revenues for 200 use cases across 10 industries - and find that industry digitalization could be a USD 700 billion opportunity by 2030. Download the report here: and register for the live webinar on October 29 here: Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars, and contact us on [email protected]
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Episode 34 - 5G sustainability and listener questions

As it's #UNGA74 we have a look into our own Technology For Good Impact Report and talk about a couple of cases wher 5G can contribute. We also bring up some 5G news and answer a bunch of listener questions. Download the report here and read the blog Paul mentions here Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars, and contact us on [email protected]
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Episode 33 - Educational: 5G chipsets and 5G spectrum updates

Focus your multi-array nanometerwave antennas for radio signals on this new episode where we try to make sense of the basics behind the latest 5G news and developments. Then use those 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz lowband receivers and let us entertain you! Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars, and contact us on [email protected]
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Episode 32 - Analyzing the 5G summer of 2019

We're visited by industry analyst (and influencer) Daryl Schoolar - practice leader of Ovum's Intelligent Networks team, specializing in the mobile access network. He has been vising Ericsson HQ to present their view on what's happening in the telecom industry - and he's also a podcast listener. Now he has the opportunity to tell us what he sees happening in 5G. Follow him on twitter @DHSchoolar and contact us via e-mail on [email protected]
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Episode 31 - 5G news recap to July 10 2019

After a couple of episodes of interviews and events we're recapping what's happened in the last couple of weeks with 5G launches all over the world! Let us know if there's something we've missed by e-mailing us on [email protected] or pinging us on social media - we're on twitter @janinahed & @PaulCowlng. And we'll be back in August! Music: May the Chords Be With You by Computer Music All-stars
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Episode 30 - Drones, ambulances and autonomous vehicles

We're taking our show on the road by visiting Kista Mobility Day where Ericsson and other tech companies and initiatives were showing the latest connected inventions on the streets - right in an area covered by our 5G test networks! We talked drones with Petra Dalunde from Urban ICT Arena, connected ambulances with Ericsson's Kati Öhman and afterwards we also managed to talk to Per Degerman, CTO of Einride, who were showing their T-Pod, an autonomous and fully electric truck. More about Einride here:
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