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The Shamans Cave

The Shamans Cave

Shamans Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau have found that they enjoy speaking to each other and sharing inspiration and healing stories to keep us focused on our spiritual practice during this turbulent time on the planet.The Shamans Cave is a dedicated circle of shamanic practitioners who desire to contribute their unique gifts in behalf of all of life! This is a time to share strong ceremonial work and shamanic practices in our local communities. Shamanism is a practice that was tribal. All community members needed to be strong and filled with power so that the entire community benefited. Each person had an important role in sharing their individual gifts and talents so the entire community remains in harmony and in health.


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The Void: Shamans Cave

Sandra found the Webb photos of space very fascinating especially as they show that space is growing. To Sandra this an amazing topic as she uses the spiritual territory known as the void to manifest in.

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about their different perceptions of the void and how you can journey or meditate to the void for deep rest but also to manifest your dreams.

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How to Honor Nature Beings That Die in These Challenging Times: Shamans Cave

Drought, floods, and changing weather conditions are killing some of our favorite trees, plants, birds, animals, and beings that live on the Earth, the Air, and the Water. When we see such mass illness or death hit these precious beings what are some tools we can use to help them heal. Or if they die what are honoring ceremonies to bring a sense of closure and bring honor, respect, love, and light to the beings that passed on.

Join Renee and Sandra as they speak about this topic that is so relevant to us now.

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Power Songs: Shamans Cave

In shamanic cultures, singing was a way to bring the community together while working, playing, grieving, and performing ceremonial work. And for Shamans songs have special powers to invoke the helping spirits for healing.

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about the joy and bliss that comes from circle songs that are taught all over the world in shamanic workshops. And then Sandra shares about the difference of singing a circle song or a power song and how to access your own personal power song to create sacred space as you perform your shamanic work.

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Reconnecting After Isolation: Shamans Cave

Depending on how old you are and your attitude about life we are making choices for ourselves after being in isolation for so long. It is so hard when we chose to stay isolated to feel the confidence and energy to break out of feeling like a shut in. Some people have moved back to lives as usual. And some people are being more cautious.

How do we make those first big steps out into the world. Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about this topic. Renee Baribeau leads an exquisite wind whistling practice to release our obstacles so we can find simple ways to move back into a life where we are not afraid to make those necessary steps to connect with others again.
This show is on reconnection. And it is a powerful show!

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Making Inner and Outer Changes to Move Forward with our Changing World: Shamans Cave

One of the topics that we are all dealing with is how much change is happening in the world. We don?t always rely on our intuition, but trust what others are telling us to do and we watch how others are reacting to our current situation. The universe is giving us new situations to draw us inside and make our own choices as we are being moved forward to a new evolution of consciousness.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about this topic and Sandra will lead us on a powerful journey to  speak with compassionate helping spirits who can show us a different perspective of what is happening in the world. If you don?t work with direct revelation and journeying you can use this time to dive into your inner landscape and speak with your soul which was born with the blueprint of how to survive changes like we are dealing with now.

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Shamanic Downloads: Shamans Cave

Shamanism is a practice of direct revelation that involves a tremendous amount of discipline. It is not appropriate to journey while doing certain activities. It is a practice that works with intention, preparation, calling in the helping spirits, journeying into the unseen realms, and fully returning grounded. Shamanism does not involve out-of-body experiences as shamans take their bodies with them when they journey.

As we humans are evolving spiritually many people don?t need to go through all the steps to perform a shamanic journey. And many people are now getting direct revelation through taking walks in nature or getting ?knowings?. Some people call these downloads.

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about this important topic as so many of us receive downloads or inspiration. How do we know if we are experiencing our ego bleeding through and how do we know what is coming from a true place of wisdom.

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Direct Revelation: Shamans Cave

Shamanism is a path of direct revelation. This means there are no intermediaries who stand in the way of all of us having the opportunity to communicate with helping spirits and divine beings to get guidance on our life, new perceptions and understandings of what is happening in our lives, and what is happening in the world.

During these challenging times Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about how we often let our ego, which is caught in illusion, decide our next steps instead of asking for guidance from helping spirits who have the ability to help us on so many levels.

Join Renee and Sandra as they discuss direct revelation and Sandra will lead us on a journey to learn from helping spirits some good next steps to take in our lives to bring us into service in a healthy way that matches our energy and what we can do in our lives right now.  

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Are You Carrying Shame?: Shamans Cave

Recently Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman did a show about how we are judged by authority figures and society in order to fit into the norm. But most of us do not fit into the norm. And when we are judged from being who we are and the gifts we carried into this world we often time feel shame. For society and authority figures try to shame us in order to stay in control.

Isn?t it time to remember the truth of who we are and express our gifts in the world and not fear being shamed for being who we are.

This is an important topic Renee and Sandra address in this upcoming show.

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Does the World Feel Too Big?: Shamans Cave

This is a topic that Renee and Sandra talk a lot about on the Shamans Cave podcasts. We keep circling back to this topic as people drawn to spiritual practices have a very hard time setting boundaries between their own lives and what is happening in the world around them.

This is such a common theme written about on social media and in classes where people people get a chance to share.

We just simply cannot take on all the massive issues of the world. And it is actually not even appropriate for us to do so.

If you are a very sensitive person trying to find how to live in your own flow Renee and Sandra will share the benefits of doing your personal work.

Renee leads such a powerful wind whistle journey  helping us to release an issue we need to let go of.

And Renee and Sandra encourage everyone to bring more work into the own neighborhoods where they live. Don?t start the day reading the news. Start your day doing your spiritual practices so you are strong enough to keep moving forward with all the change we are all experiencing.

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Woven into the Land: Shamans Cave

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman have done many shows on how we are Nature and how to connect more strongly with nature where you live.

Recently Sandra had a vision of seeing the land she lives on as a beautiful braided rope weaving. And she saw herself woven into the land rather being separate from it. This brought her to seeing herself, her home, and the land she lives on as one being. Renee has this same understanding that there is no separation between herself, her sacred home, or the land.

This topic is a little bit hard to articulate, but Renee and Sandra do share wisdom and metaphors to help us to understand and why this is even important. Learn how you can feel a deeper sense of how you and the land you live on are woven together whether you live in an urban area or in the country.

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The Shamanic Path as a Way to Help Troubled Youth: Shamans Cave

We all have to face the challenges of living in today?s world. But the population that is especially challenged is with our youth. Children once danced and sang with the fairies while growing up. Today?s children are being flooded with bad news, a lot of abuse especially during lockdowns, judgements on what they should or should not be doing, etc.

Teens are facing living on a planet that is so toxic, and they can?t see or dream a positive future. These groups of teens are having panic attacks and many are tragically committing suicide.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman address this important topic and we hope that you will join us!

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Honoring the Solstice: Shamans Cave

We are honoring the change in seasons moving into summer in the Northern Hemisphere and winter in the Southern Hemisphere. The changes in seasons has always been an important time of ceremony in small shamanic cultures. For as we are nature and not just connected to nature, we go through the same changes as the earth where we live. And these are potent times of energetic changes for all of life so it has been important to honor the shift of phases so we can find balance within ourselves.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about the importance of sacrificing our comfort and putting our full effort into performing ceremonies and how our full engagement changes the results. But first we will guide you through a beautiful solstice ceremony stating your commitment to the Earth, our circle, and all of life.

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When the Helping Spirits Get Quiet: Shamans Cave

One of our listeners asked a question about the helping spirits being present, engaged, and sharing a wealth of information and then it feels like the door just shuts and there is simply quiet from the spirit world.

Join Renee and Sandra as they answer this important question to how the spirits become so present in our lives and then leave us to do some of our inner work to catch up to all the information, wisdom, and healing they have shared.

The helping spirits don?t leave us. They just give us time to digest and work with all they have been sharing. And when we are ready they come back into our lives. But we can also ways keep performing our ceremonial work during the quieter spiritual times and take time for reflection.

This question has been asked by som many students of shamanism over time we felt it would be a perfect question to answer right now as we are all trying to find ways to deepen our practice.

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Setting Boundaries in the Spirit World: Shamans Cave

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman really appreciate when listeners write in a topic to talk about to help people go deeper with their shamanic practices.

Shamans do work with a variety of helping spirits. And due to the fact that people in shamanic cultures relied on the help of the helping spiritis there were many they worked with. They worked with the spirit of the land, ancestors, plants, animals, the sun, the moon, the stars, and their closest helping spirits. This was part of life.

Giving gratitude to the beings that support your life and survival and having a team of spirits to work with is a gift for so many of us. But some of us can feel overwhelmed by the variety of spirits that show up and feeling a need to perform ceremonies to give thanks.

We always have the option to set bounties with the helping spirits and in this show Renee and Sandra talk about how to set boundaries, and Sandra leads a journey to learn about the role of the helping spirits in your life as well as how to give gratitude.

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What Did I Do Wrong?: Shamans Cave

When we face health issues divorce, catastrophic events, and the list goes on we tend to look for who is to blame especially blaming ourselves. It Is something we learn as children that we will be punished for our wrong doings. But in our culture we take this too far, and we tend to actually act as if everything that goes wrong in our life is our fault.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about how we live in a loving universe where we can learn to accept what life brings to us without making it our fault that life brought us a lesson to learn from the choices
we make in life. And we share in this podcast how having a community and a strong relationship with our ancestors helps us to let go of the burden of finding fault in ourselves, but rather see how much support we have at our back to help us to keep moving forward through the challenges that life brings all of us to help us grow.

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Obstacles: Shamans Cave

Due to so many challenges life we are facing in life we find our plans are not working out as smoothly as expected. We often feel we are walking on our path and all of a sudden we feel like we are facing an avalanche of obstacles.

Are these obstacles pointing us to choose another path in life? Or are these obstacles we have to find graceful ways to journey through to put us back on our life path?  Our choices can place us back into our flow versus being caught up in the chaos of the collective. 

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about this issue many of us seem to be facing. How do we know when the universe is moving us in a new direction or if it is our task to learn how to step through the obstacles in our way? Sandra ends our time with teaching a song to sing to the sun for healing.

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Being a Role model In Our Communities: Shamans Cave

Some of the challenges in practicing shamanism in our communities is watching inexperienced students and clients find teachers and practitioners who are lost in their ego and forget that shamanic practitioners are merely vessels for the helping spirits/ the divine beings.  The divine beings from the unseen realms have unlimited healing energies that can flow through us creating powerful healings.

But we also don?t want to be divisive or look like we are just being competitive or jealous if we speak up about others? work and try to steer innocent students and clients away from not getting the best help they desire.

Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau talk about how being a good role model and a presence of love and light shows what kind of teacher or practitioner people might be drawn to over someone lost in the desire for personal gain on some level.

This brings us back to the only way of being a good role model is by following our own flow and placing ourselves back into our own river.

And then we can be a strong role model for others.

Join Renee and Sandra as they talk about this topic that has been going on for years. And Sandra ends by leading us on a journey to place ourselves back into our river and flow.

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The Power of Judgement Controlling Our Lives: Shamans Cave

In this powerful show Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about how part of being a human is dealing with the judgement of others. Sandra shares how she had a long epic dream one night showing her how people judging her throughout her life created so much tension from holding in the rage of not feeling accepted for who she was versus others? expectations.

In our culture we are often judged so harshly by others and society if we are different or following our passion. We all have different reactions to this. Sandra?s reaction was holding rage inside that she was so unaware of as she thought she was just going on living the life she wanted to lead.

Does feeling judged impact you? Do you feel that you would like to release the feelings inside that are created from others? judgements?  If so you will really find this show so useful as Renee leads a powerful wind whistling experience to unwind the feelings produced by other peoples? judgements and projections.

We think this show will speak to so many of you!

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Flexibility versus Rigidity During these Changing Times: Shamans Cave

There are so many responses to big times of change like we are in right now. We have a choice to be flexible and learn how to change and go with the flow or we make choices to dig our heels into the ground and try and control our world. Change like we are experiencing can be scary. And there are times when we have to just surrender and be flexible and go with what life brings us. And there are times to take control over our lives. But sometimes digging our heels in and refusing to be flexible has negative consequences on our health and life.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as they talk about this issue which so many are facing right now. This is a wonderful show filled with stories and good metaphors to help us find our way.

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Showing More Kindness to Ourselves and Others: Shamans Cave

Many people are really struggling to survive with all the challenges we are facing. Some are struggling  with economic challenges, some with extreme emotional swings, and some just so stressed out by all life is bringing to us right now.

We all react differently to stress. And people are feeling so hurt in a world that no longer shows kindness. How do we change our state of consciousness while being an inspiration to others.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as we share our own experience with this important issue ? it is time to show kindness!

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The Need for Self Care for Caregivers: Shamans Cave

Renee and Sandra did a very popular show on how to take care of yourself if you are a very sensitive person living in the collective we have created.

And this show led to a wealth of amazing comments. Now Renee and Sandra were asked to expand on this topic of self care for caregivers. For so many of you are in healing fields whether medical, mental, or spiritual where people are pulling on your energy during desperate times while you are dealing with your own losses. There are many tools that you have to protect yourself and take care of yourself during these turbulent times.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they continue their guidance on this important topic of self care.

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As Sensitives How Do We Take Care of Ourselves: Shamans Cave

Through time there has been a part of the population who are highly sensitive. These people tended to be the shamans, mystics, healers, visionaries for the community. In today?s world people are becoming more psychically sensitive as well as being more sensitive to environmental changes. Just like our precious nature beings are struggling to learn to live in the world we created humans are being exposed to more toxins.

So many of us are empathic beings and are picking on so much trauma in the world. Being an empath has always been a special gift. But with the lack of acknowledgement of the gifts many of us were born with we are just struggling to find ways to take care of ourselves while also wanting to be in service.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman decided to speak about this important issue that is impacting so much of our population. And Sandra will lead a journey on our need for self care and acknowledging how we can feel guilty when life brings us within, and we have to cut ourselves off from the struggles of the outer world

Join us as we talk about an issue that is now being written about in magazines and blogs.

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What is the Purpose of Creating Sacred Space: Shamans Cave

Part of the power of having a shamanic practice and living a shamanic way of life is understanding the power and meaning of creating sacred space. This is important and a way to step aside from your ego and mind chatter to do your spiritual work in an ethical and courteous way.

Even though the spirits don?t have egos it is simply courtesy to welcome them to your home for guidance and protection and to honor them for their help in your life. And it makes your home or apartment feel like you are living in a sacred space which many people feel they are missing.

How and why do you create sacred space? Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman  as they share their knowledge with us while giving us simple ways and practices to create sacred space. They also talk about the meaning of sacred space and how to welcome the spirits and how to release them when finished with your work.

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Trusting Our Visions: Shamans Cave

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman receive topic suggestions and correspondence from many of our listeners. And one of the topics that they are both constantly asked to talk about is how to trust visions, intuitive hits, and spontaneous insights, and spiritual downloads. 

We were all born with the gift of being visionaries and receiving spiritual information throughout the day and throughout our lives. But we grew up in a culture that says anything we can?t see, feel, hear, taste, smell in the physical is not real. 

So we must be compassionate with ourselves when we don?t believe what our own intuition is telling us or the messages the spirits are trying to share with us. 

Join Renee and Sandra as they speak about their own personal and teaching experience on this topic. For we are all getting visions, intuitive hits, and insights that really need to be listened to right now and taken as truth. Trust can?t be taught. Trust only comes with experience. 

Join us to hear more on this important topic! 

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Welcoming in the Equinox: The Shamans Cave

Honoring the shift in seasons is such important work to do as we are as affected by the seasonal changes as the Earth and all of life is. By performing ceremonies to welcome in changing seasons we can prepare mentally, emotionally, and physically for new periods of growth in our life. And it is important to enter each season with awareness that the shift is creating big changes in you too.

 Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman  as they speak about honoring the equinox. And join in as Sandra and Renee lead us in both some personal work around planting new seeds in our inner garden and then joining with our global community to create a world garden filled with the most beautiful seeds that represent a magnificent dream for all of life. 

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Is it Time to Save Ourselves: Shamans Cave

Join Renee and Sandra as they discuss a topic on so many people?s minds today. We are hearing from so many listeners about their struggles about personal freedom and expressing one?s truth versus taking care of oneself in these troubling times.

Is it just selfish to block out the craziness in the world right now and find peace within? What a difficult choice this is for so many of us. What do we have the power to change? What are appropriate actions to take right now? How do we take care of ourselves and not go down with the dense collective?

These are critical questions that Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman  could just ?crack the door on? in our time together. Sandra and Renee are here to inspire you to make your own choices about the best way to deal with the outer world right now.

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How Balanced is Your Inner Fire?: Shamans Cave

To be able to continue walking forward through what life has to bring us and teach us we need to have our spiritual fire burning so that we have the strength to overcome the obstacles that life naturally brings. Everything that is alive needs the spiritual strength to walk through the fires of life. And that inner strength comes from your own fire burning carrying you through the dangerous flames that are part of our life?s journey.

Our inner fire controls the power of our inner strength. If our inner fire is burning too strong we can get overcooked and feel burned out, restless, and anxious. Too little fire and we fall into inertia and allow ourselves to be conditioned and controlled by society norms placed upon us. 

Sandra leads us on a powerful journey to travel deep within our inner landscape to reharmonize our inner fire.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman  as we explore the topic of the importance of how our inner fire needs to be strong enough to walk us through challenges but not too strong so that we burn out.

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Finding Road Maps: Shamans Cave

In former times, before we had so much technology, people learned about life and were given a road map by listening to stories from elders. So many people had the opportunity to be taught from their grandparents about the challenges life brings to us and how to walk through the darkness without getting lost. This was an important part of indigenous life too as stories always helped to teach the community the road map of living a healthy and balanced life.

Today people have technology to tell us what to do and how to think and feel. But what most of us need is a road map to life. We were given an instructional manual when we were born but it is in our DNA. And most people do not know how to go the depths of their soul to access our divinely given road map.

Join Renee Baribeau  and Sandra Ingeramn as they discuss road maps and how to find our inner radar so that we can thrive through the current and upcoming changes that the planet and all of us are going through together.

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No One Needs Pity: Shamans Cave

Life challenges us to watch as we perceive so many people and nature beings suffering and going through intense challenging experiences. People have lost their homes, their health, their rights for freedom, and the list goes on. We watch beings in nature suffer through challenges that humans have created by not being caretakers of the Earth.

 A typical response to this is to pity those who we perceive as suffering. And when we find out someone we know is challenged by an illness we want to rush in and save them. This behavior is not appropriate or healthy for anyone. For people going through hard times need to be fed with love, light, and seeing them in their spiritual strength. Pity only robs them of their power.

And frankly no one wants to be pitied.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as they talk about this powerful topic. For we need to change our response to all that is happening to our Earth community.

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How Grounded Are You?: Shamans Cave

So many of us are doing so much spiritual work right now to find meaning in life, to heal, to grow, and evolve. In indigenous cultures when communities did spiritual work to create positive change they performed ceremonies, danced, and sang and stayed in their body while doing these physical acts.

Today with all the guided journeys, meditation, sound healings, and so on people are having blissful spiritual experiences, but are leaving their bodies as they float off into the transcendent realms without fully returning.

Although many  have been impacted by trauma in this life time our body is still our home. And in the times we are living our body is actually the safest to be.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as they talk about this important topic. And Sandra will lead you in a short journey to observe whether you are in are in your body or standing outside of it.

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We are Moving Into a New Time: Shamans Cave

Life as we know is not going to go back to normal. We are moving into a different time where our personality continues to be sculpted into our true spiritual identity where we can be a greater presence in our communities and in the world.

Many people are trying to run away from life right now. And many are taking the time to do the inner work that helps us to create a new dream in the world. But to dream we need quiet, rest, and the time to reflect.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about their own opinions about purging what we are carrying around from our past and creating a simpler way to live that allows us to slow down and bring our life and the life of the planet back into harmony.

Join us as this is a time of reflection and we inspire you in ways to do this.
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Devotion and Commitment: Shamans Cave

In traditional cultures ceremonial work can be devoted to for weeks when serious healing work for a community member or when a whole community needs healing help to restore harmony.

Today it is rare to see modern day shamanic practitioners performing long ceremonial work and staying with the ceremony until the work is truly done for now.

Renee Baribeau just led the I AM Symposium, and she had hundreds of people keeping fires lit and holding the space over weeks of the presenters sharing their wisdom and holding space for us as we moved from the solstice into the New Year.

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman talk about the gifts and challenges in committing to deep ceremonial work and bringing the practice of ceremonial work back to a place where the work is successful and is truly complete.

Join us in this powerful show.

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The Power of Singing, Dancing, and Craft in Shamanism: Shamans Cave

When we look at the cave art of our ancient ancestors and all the amazing petroglyphs that are drawn into rock walls and caves all over the world the art relates a story of the life led by our ancient ancestors. Art is a way to record our life experiences.

Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau talk about the power of dance, song, and art through time that allows people and communities to move the energy of fear, oppression, anger, and grief. These ways of working are known ways to help the body deal with trauma and move forward in times of uncertainty. Renee also added how art is part of ways communities worked together to create joy and a way of holding space for each other.  Follow us at

This is a beautiful show to welcome in 2022!

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Loss During times of Great Change: Shamans Cave

Renee and Sandra have talked about loss in past shows as it is powerful initiation. As we end the New Year we know people are dealing with a tremendous amount of loss whether it is from the fear of getting ill, angry at all the  division in the world, loss of finances, health, family and the the goes on.

Shamanism teaches that loss is a powerful path to a deeper spiritual life, a new way of perceiving life, and an evolution of consciousness as the hard parts of us are rescultped so that we are a being that carries the presence of unconditional love, light, and a deeper power of compassion.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman in this powerful show that names loss as one of the issues many of us are dealing with and how to work with the energy of loss as we end 2021 and step into a new cycle. Follow us at

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When We Attach to Predictions We Might Miss Opportunities: Shamans Cave

As we approach a New Year we will begin to see predictions from all kinds of sources of what is to come in 2022. But is this helpful to us? Shamans are gardeners of energy.  And the seeds that get planted may never come to pass and might even create more challenges for us as we water seeds that we don?t want to germinate. What opportunities do we miss when we can?t stay in the present and see that the actions we take in the present are actually creating our future?

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman for this  powerful show on the gifts of learning to stay in the present. Renee will use her wind whistle to show us how we can use this wonderful tool of whistling to focus on the present and to help us call in the gifts and opportunities that the New Year will bring.

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Sharing Your Spiritual Work with Your Family and Community: Shamans Cave

As the holidays and New Year approach many people are planning on traveling to visit family. And so many have been taking online courses and watching  podcasts to learn how to find inner peace and stay centered and grounded during this most challenging time.

Shamanism is an ancient practice that embraces that we all have helping spirits who can guide us and help us heal. This practice is over 100,000 years old and is universal. But in today?s work many people do not believe in the presence of spirits.

So for those engaged in the practice of shamanism it is important to learn how to share the spiritual practices that might not be understood or embraced by our families.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they talk about how to communicate the spiritual practices you are inspired by without alienating those who might not embrace the same beliefs as you. Sandra will share how she talks about filling with our divine light in a way that is is easy to share with others.

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We Can?t Ignore the Shadow as it is Part of Life: Shamans Cave

We often focus so much on emanating love and light we forget we also signed up to be in Earth school right now. In shamanism the Middle World where we live is what we call Earth school filled with all the  lessons we signed up to learn.

We don?t always love the situation we find ourselves in. But the shadow is part of life as the sun comes up everyday and goes down each night.

Join Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau as they share their own experience shadow states. This show will inspire you to keep taking steps during this time of change.

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Are you feeling Anxious and Is Your Anxiety Yours?: Shamans Cave

There is so much much fear and anxiety that people are feeling right now that it is in the collective field of energy. We have our concerns, thoughts, fears, disappointments about what is happening on Earth right now. Sometimes we  are feeling our own fears and sometimes we are picking up on the anxiety in the collective.

Tune in to our show and listen to what Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman have to share about how to discern what are our own feelings separate from others. And we share a wealth of simple tools to learn how to work with the fears coming up in your own life.  

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The Land We Live On is a Sacred Site: Shamans Cave

People often travel to places on the planet that are considered sacred sites. But imagine if you connected with the land you live on, whether in the city or country, as a sacred site. And to add to this you communicate with this sacred site on a daily basis so that a clear and strong vortex is set up between you and the universal forces to create successful ceremonies.

When we visit what we deem as sacred sites in foreign lands we don?t take the time to eatable a familial relationship with the land like we can do at home. And this makes a difference. For the land you live on holds the space for you, feeds  you energetically, and creates your foundation for life. 

Listen to Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman share their wisdom about this.

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Choosing the World You Wish to Live In - Glimpses into the Future: Shamans Cave

There is so much division in the world right now. And as Renee Baribeau points out in shamanism everything is energy. And for Sandra Ingerman the energy on this planet has been splitting off in different dimensions for a very long time.

Renee and Sandra have talked about this topic before as this is spiritual information that Sandra has been passionate about sharing  since the 1980s. The forces of division are speeding up the process of creating new dimensions of reality. And the energy we feed grows. What reality are you choosing to live in?

Listen to this engaging show as making correct choices right now will shape the rest of your life.

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Finding Gratitude Challenging Times: Shamans Cave

In the practice of shamanism gratitude is a building block to a good life. Without gratitude we don?t get to enter the flow of life and nature. Rather we are pushed around by life. Gratitude actually gives us a certain amount of power and control in our lives. It helps us to enter into the flow of the river of life which will always lead us to our destined path.

No matter how life is getting you down gratitude has the power to be like a buoy to hold onto, a lifesaver when you need some support.

Listen to the discussion Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman have on this important subject and you will learn how to enter into a more joyful dimension of life.

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Meet Your Future Self: Shamans Cave

There is an understanding in many spiritual traditions, including quantum physics, that we inhabit multiple realities. With shamanic journeying it is so fascinating to observe how we make different choices that impact a variety of future possibilities.
We also have the ability to meet ourselves in the future.

During this show Renee and Sandra talk about this most fascinating subject. Although we have so much guidance from our ancestors we can gather incredible guidance from our future self who has the experience to avoid making mistakes but rather appropriate choices for ourselves that improve the quality of our life.

Join Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman as they show you how to meet your future self and learn what would be good choices to make right now.

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Can You Find Inner Peace in a World that is Changing so Quickly?: Shamans Cave

Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau did a show on the need to find ways to love ourselves in the midst of todays stressors where nothing is working as it used to or how we want.

The changes occurring are to create the space for new growth and evolution to happen. Before beautiful blooming starts happening in nature there is a period of dissolution. And in the period of dissolution is opportunity.

When we follow the river of life we are met with bumps, turbulence, and sometimes the most beautiful graceful rides. But what needs to stay in tact during our journey through life is our ability to stay balanced, focused, and centered. This requires finding inner peace.

During this show Renee leads us on  a fabulous exercise to find inner peace.

You don?t want to miss this!

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In Times of Great Challenges We Must Continue Feeding Ourselves with Self Love: Shamans Cave

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman have been talking quite a bit about the frustrations we are dealing with as our infrastructure keeps crumbling to give way to something new.

Many people today are finding themselves feeling easily triggered and often lose their temper at others in way that brings up feelings of deep guilt. It is harmful to ourselves to blame ourselves. Imagine all our little cells in our body quivering from the impact of self judgement.

Both Sandra and Renee talk about the need to keep bringing our awareness back to our deepest connection with our body which blossoms when fed with love.

This is an important show for our times.

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The Ancient Art of Soul Retrieval: Shamans Cave

In this show Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau touch on the ancient art of performing soul retrievals to heal trauma. Sandra is known for her work in this area and wrote a ground breaking book Soul Retrieval:Mending the Fragmented Self which was written in the 1980s and is still a bestselling book. She has trained thousands of practitioners in Soul Retrieval and has helped tens of thousands of people through this profound healing practice.

Renee studied soul retrieval with other teachers and works in a different way than Sandra and shares some of her way of working. It is good to hear different perspectives of how shamanic practitioners work.

Sandra and Renee could only touch on this subject. Sandra led a short journey to scan your body and to see if you are in need of a soul retrieval. If you believe you are Sandra recommends people visit her website to find an experienced practitioner whom she trained.

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Infrastructure: Shamans Cave

Infrastructure holds so many meanings as Renee and Sandra both learned as they recorded this show. There are so many levels to talk about. Renee and Sandra start by talking about how our collective infrastructure is deteriorating to make room for new growth. 

And then discussion moved and and shifted into other areas of life that provide infrastructure.

Everything in nature has an order and a structure. When we learn how to follow the river of life we realize that turbulence is required to shake up old structures so the new can be created.

But in the dissolution of the infrastructure that humans have created we are not surrendering to a natural process that was always occurred with honor and respect. 

How do we bring back honor and respect during this crucial time for our collective?s health. 

Join us as we discuss many issues regarding infrastructure.

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Faith: Shamans Cave

Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau felt that this was an important topic to discuss at this time. For many people are losing faith due to what some are calling the whiplash effect. One day you are told you are safe and the the Covid will be leaving soon. The next news story a few days later may say the opposite. So our heads are turning like a whiplash action. You think you are done and then you are told to go back inside.

But this is life. Cycles and phases of change can take long periods of time especially when there is new structuring going on in the Earth  and the collective. This period can include a lot of ups and downs as we follow the river of life where your ride can be smooth and graceful and suddenly turn turbulent. During the turbulence is not a time to lose faith.

Be inspired by how Renee and Sandra talk about faith and how to restore it and maintain it. Follow us on

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Being in Service: Shamans Cave

People are worn out, stressed to the max, and feeling like there is not a clear path ahead. This is a time to honor our feelings and learn how to be in appropriate service to others. In the shamanic community we tend to want to give more than we received. But in this challenging time where everyone has their own journey to walk it is appropriate and necessary to create boundaries and honor and take care of yourself. People are exhausted now, and it Is time to regenerate.

Renee and Sandra talk about a way to be in service is to keep sending loving thoughts to yourself and out into the collective. And at the same time you must set good boundaries for yourself.

Join us on this engaging show!

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Honoring and Celebrating Water: Shamans Cave

Both Sandra Ingerman and Renee Baribeau have noticed that they are having with an unusual amount of water leaks. And other students are having the same issues. Although much of the planet is in drought there are places that are having so much flooding right now. 

Water is trying to get our attention. Water held us while we were in the womb caring for us and loving us. We are mostly water and dependent on water for life. 

In our culture we put toxins in the water that a gives us life. This behavior makes no sense! 

Renee Baribeau and Sandra Ingerman speak about this issue and Sandra leads a journey to the source of water where you live so you can speak to it and express your gratitude and appreciation. 

Join us!
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Sharing Your Spiritual Practices and Beliefs with Others: Shamans Cave

Social conditioning is so strong in our culture. Society hopes we will all just stay ?in a box? and allow ourselves to be controlled.. Following our passion, being dreamers, performing shamanic journeys can make you stand out. During this time of so much change and crisis on the planet more and more people are turning to practices such as shamanism as a way to make sense out of life and how to live a healthy and happy life.

Many of you are so thrilled to how found the practice of shamanism. It is an empowering ancient practice that gives us to tools to learn about the deepest parts of our soul and how to receive our own spiritual guidance.

When first stepping out into the work how do you explain to others in your family and community what you are doing. Are they going to think you had a meltdown or lost your mind? This is a common concern for new people learning about the healing power of shamanism.

Sandra Ingerman  and Renee  Baribeau join together to talk about this issue. Together they will help you to find your way as you step into the work. This is such a common issue. Renee and Sandra will give you some encouragement of how to communicate the spiritual practices you are engaged in or keep it private.

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