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The Hurricane Tapes

The Hurricane Tapes

A triple murder. 40 hours of tape recordings. Rubin ?Hurricane? Carter. Bob Dylan wrote a song about him. Hollywood made a movie. This is the full story.


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Ep6. Muhammad Ali and Bob Dylan

Rubin Carter becomes a cause célèbre. Star power to the rescue? #HurricaneTapes
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Ep5. Chipmunk

Secret recordings, recantations and Kojak. How a Chipmunk paved the path to freedom. #HurricaneTapes
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Ep4. Bullets, Bello and Bradley

Conspiracies, contradictions and convictions. The first trial of Rubin Carter and John Artis. #HurricaneTapes
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Ep3. Thieves in the night

?They were there! They were not playing jacks on the corner.? How petty criminal Al Bello became the prosecution?s star witness. #HurricaneTapes
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Ep2. Murders at the Lafayette

Four shot, three killed, two murderers on the run. What exactly happened on the night of the murders? #HurricaneTapes
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Ep1. The making of Rubin Carter

Racism, poverty and violence. Enter the world of Rubin Carter. #HurricaneTapes
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The Preview

?I have something that I want to say to you? - Rubin Carter.
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