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108 Mindfully Made the Podcast

108 Mindfully Made the Podcast

Guided meditations, Spiritual talks, and lessons learned on the Dharma path.


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Generating Love! (Guided Loving Kindness / Metta Meditation)

A quick impromptu rainy day Podcast perfect for this day of love Valentine?s Day with a variation of the practice of Metta style/ loving kindness meditation used to generate a compassionate and open heart. Helping to develop compassion for others and yourself set to the sounds of the rain in my backyard!
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Energetic Protection (Guided Meditation/Visualization)

?Energetic protection. (To skip directly to meditation go to 14:44 ) ??seconds Ever been around someone for a while and after an encounter you feel physically, emotionally and mentally drained? Or ever been in a crowded place and instantly overcome with anxiety, or feel Overstimulated? If you are at all an empathic or a sensitive person as most of us are to a degree, this may be a feeling you know all to well. I know I struggled with this for so so so long. So how do we keep this from happening? What are some steps to take to protect our own energy so we aren?t being drained and giving to much of ourselves away and absorbing to much of others energy? I explore this topic along with a short guided visualization that can be implemented and used by anyone to help keep your energy space balanced and and protected throughout the day in this new episode of @108mindfullymade the podcast !
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Stepping into STILLNESS to RECEIVE (Guided meditation)

My first of many guided meditations to bring you into a space of stillness and grounding to receive all that is coming to you! A quick intro with a little about me, my teachers and the style of meditation we will explore today, Vipassana (aka breath meditation ) also known as insight meditation along with a grounding visualization rounds out this 20 minute meditation.
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Spirit Takes the Lead

Intro to 108 Mindfully Made The podcast, What will it be? How will it go? I have no idea! Leaving it to spirit. A little about me and what I want this podcast to be!
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