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Not all spies look like James Bond and Ethan Hunt. Most of them look like ordinary people, which makes them all the more dangerous... So what does it really take to be a spy? Every week, we cover a real-life spy mission: the stakes, the deception, the gadgets, and how it changed the course of history. Each two-part series follows one mission of a historic spy, and if they made it out alive. Espionage is a production of Cutler Media and part of the Parcast Network.


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The Rosenbergs Pt. 1: Atomic Treason

Starting in the early 1940s, Julius Rosenberg and his wife Ethel orchestrated a top-secret operation to steal atomic bomb secrets from right under the nose of the FBI. While living in New York City, they then sold those secrets to the Soviet Union and turned the tide of the Cold War in favor of communism. To listen part 2 along with more episodes, head over to Spotify and follow ESPIONAGE for more.
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