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The Indigo School

The Indigo School

Welcome to When Your Stars Align, a Human Design podcast. I?m your host, Ashley Devin. I?m obsessed with all things personal development, but especially Human Design because once we understand our chart, we realize that we have complete permission to be ourselves. Each week I?ll be sharing the new pieces of Human Design that I?m personally learning about or interviews with friends where I read their chart and we explore how to use that information in their day-to-day life to feel more authentic, experience more ease, and be more purposeful.


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The Indigo School- An Introduction

Welcome to The Indigo School, a new iteration of this podcast, where I'll be sharing my journey as I explore all things spiritual including Human Design, astrology, the Akashic records, past lives, and more.
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Katie- Manifestor, Splenic Authority, 2/4 Profile

In this episode I sat down with my friend, Katie, who is a Manifestor with Splenic Authority and a 2/4 Profile. Katie and I chatted about the Manifestor?s ?not-self? theme of anger and what it looks like when a Manifestor initiates and informs the people around them what they?re doing. We also dove into what it?s like to have an Open Head, Ajna, Solar Plexus, and Sacral Center.
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Tiffany- Reflector, Lunar Authority, 4/1 Profile

1% of the population is a Reflector in Human Design. In this episode, I sat down with one. My friend, Tiffany, has 9 open centers in her chart. We talked about how this plays out in her life, how she sets boundaries with friends and at work, and how being a Reflector impacts her career and relationships.
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Dee- Projector, Splenic Authority, 3/5 Profile

This is what happens when two Projectors with Splenic Authority have a real and honest conversation about expectations, goals, hustle, and where we "should" be in life.
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Linda- Manifesting Generator, Sacral Authority, 4/6 Profile

In this episode I?m chatting with one of my BFFs, Linda. Linda is a Manifesting Generator with Sacral Authority and 4/6 Profile. We talked about how our Design plays out in our insecurities an in moments of grief. There's lots of laughing and little bit of crying.
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Carly- Manifestor, Splenic Authority, 4/6 Profile

In this episode, Carly and I dive into what it means to be a Manifestor with Splenic Authority and a 4/6 profile.
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Nicole Catalano- Generator, Sacral Authority, 5/1 Profile

During this interview with my BFF, Nicole, we talk about what it means to be a Generator with Sacral Authority and a 5/1 Profile.
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What is Human Design?

In this episode, I give you a brief overview of Human Design and the history of the complex and fascinating system. We dive into each of the 5 Types and talk about how each Type best interacts with the world.
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