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The End Of Huawei Laptops

The US Huawei ban has severely jeopardized Huawei's laptop business . Huawei was set to announce it's latest laptop at CES Asia in Shanghai but had to bail on the event. They have cancelled the next generation Matebook for now. It appears the ongoing Huawei ban has impacted it's ability to deliver a product relying on Intel and Microsoft.
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Can India Replace China For Apple?

As trade tensions continue to rise Foxconn claims to have a solution. Foxconn discusses the possibility of moving Apple's iPhone production out of China and into other countries. One of those countries is India where older generation iPhones and the iPhone XR are already being produced.
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Google Wants To End The Huawei Ban

As the Huawei ban continues Google has stepped in to defend the Chinese brand and It's ability to utilize the full-fledged Android OS.
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Google Stadia Price Reveal - Huawei Goes To Russia

Google Stadia pricing details have been released and Huawei makes the news with a 5G Russia deal.
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The Most Satisfying Smartphone In America Is...

Which smartphone are customers most satisfied with? Is it Apple's iPhone or the Samsung Galaxy series?
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The Mac Pro 2019 Will Empty Your Bank Account

The Mac Pro 2019 and Pro Display XDR were recently announced at Apple's WWDC event. The Mac Pro 2019 will be an expensive Apple workstation for a certain type of clientele. Have you been waiting for a new Apple workstation? Does the 2019 Mac Pro have your name on it?
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The Hidden Smartphone Cameras Have Arrived

Xiaomi and Oppo have shown off their next generation device prototypes featuring hidden under-display front facing cameras. Gone are notches and motorized selfie cameras replaced by a seamless invisible camera under the screen. This implementation allows for a true all-display design without the complexity of moving parts or an ugly notch. The solid state, notch-less smartphone future moves one step closer.
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China Prepares Huawei Retaliation

Huawei faces new problems in Japan. One of the largest mobile phone carriers in Japan has made the decision to cut ties with Huawei utilizing equipment from Nokia and Ericsson instead.
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The Folding iPhone Will Fold Differently

Apple could take an unexpected approach to their eventual folding iPhone.
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Is iPhone Really The Safest Choice?

Apple has made privacy a priority according to their recent marketing. Is the iPhone actually the most secure smartphone?
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Huawei CEO Has Love For Apple

Huawei's CEO Ren Zhengfei said some surprising things about Apple in a recent interview.
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What's Happening To Huawei Phone Prices?

The Huawei ban has produced some strange effects. Are Huawei smartphone prices (Huawei P30 Pro) beginning to dip?
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It Gets Even Worse For Huawei

The Huawei ban continues to showcase it's effects. It's no longer just Google's Android in the balance. The list of both hardware and software companies cutting ties with Huawei is growing and now includes an official SD card ban and Matebook removal from the Microsoft store.
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The MacBook Keyboard Fiasco Continues

Apple just released it's latest MacBook Pro featuring an 8-core processor. Unfortunately, this new MacBook will immediately become part of Apple's extended MacBook keyboard repair program. Seems like the MacBook butterfly key switches are here to stay in spite of reported problems.
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Huawei Gets Some Good News

There's been a new development in the Huawei vs USA story. Google (Android) and others will be able to continue business temporarily.
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Is This The End Of Huawei?

Huawei has lost it's Android license from Google as a result of recent restrictions imposed by the US government. The restrictions will cause a ripple effect within the industry and the implications are significant. It won't just be Google and Huawei affected. Intel, Qualcomm, Broadcom and others could also suffer.
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The Reverse Notch Smartphone

A bizarre new trend in smartphones is emerging.
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Should Huawei Be Banned?

US/China trade tension continues to threaten Huawei's ability to expand into America.
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OnePlus 7 Pro Motorized Camera Concerns

Should you be concerned about the motorized camera on the OnePlus 7 Pro?
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The Folding Screen Laptop Is Here

The Lenovo foldable Thinkpad X1 prototype is a futuristic look at a folding screen laptop.
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The Galaxy Fold Is Just The Beginning

Flexible displays are showing up in places other than the Galaxy Fold.
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Cancelling The Samsung Galaxy Fold...

Will Samsung deliver the Galaxy Fold after all?
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DON'T Fall Asleep With Your AirPods In

An interesting story involving Apple AirPods.
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A Samsung Galaxy S10 Has Exploded...

A Samsung Galaxy S10 5G battery has exploded, but why?
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The Biggest Smartphone FAIL

The Energizer 18,000mAh smartphone dream is over.
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This Folding Phone Folds The Other Way

Is The Motorola Razr 2019 the folding phone you've been waiting for?
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The Huawei Moon Photo Scandal

Huawei has found themselves in the midst of a brand new smartphone photography controversy.
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Did Foxconn's CEO Leak The Next iPhone?

Foxconn's CEO was photographed using an unusual looking iPhone.
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Suing Apple For 1 Billion Dollars

Today's tech news and an odd story of a wrongly accused alleged Apple Store thief.
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Launch DELAYED

The Galaxy Fold has been delayed.
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If This Was Apple...

What if the Samsung Galaxy Fold had an Apple logo instead?
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - What's Actually Causing The Break?

What's actually causing the Samsung Galaxy Fold breakage? I sit down with Jon Rettinger to discuss.
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Samsung Galaxy Fold Phones Are Breaking

Sitting down with Dave Lee to discuss issues emerging around the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
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Samsung Galaxy Fold - DEEP DIVE

Discussing the Samsung Galaxy Fold.
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This Terrifying Robot Plays Basketball

Our robotic overlords will shoot threes.
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Real Life Battle Royale

Is the world ready for real life battle royale?
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