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Learn Polish from a Native Speaker teaching a foreigner.


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Episode 10 ordering Food at a Restaurant

Tomato soup please Onion soup please Cucumber soup please Beetroot soup please Res beetroot soup Soup of the day What is today?s soup of the day Vegetable soup What kind of soup do you like I like chicken soup With rice With pasta Tomato soup with pasta Vegetable soup with Potato The bill please Would you like to pay in cash or credit card Enjoy your meal Same to you
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Episode 9 Ordering a Drink in a Restaurant

In this episode you will learn how to say:

Coffee with milk please.

Coffee without milk please.

Black coffee please.

I prefer.

Tea with lemon please.

Mineral water without gas please.

Orange juice please.

What's for you.

For me black coffee.

Anything else.

The bill please.

Can I pay by credit card.


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Episode 8 Going to the Doctor

In this episode you will learn:

We are at the Doctors place.

What is the trouble.

I have a Headache.

I have a pain in my Throat.

I have a Cough.

I have a Fever.

I have a Cold.

I feel bad.

It's the Flu.


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Episode 7 Learn about the Weather

What is the weather today?

Today is nice weather.

Sun shines.

It's warm.

It's hot.

Today is ugly weather.

Today is terrible weather.

It's raining.

It's snowing.

It's cold.

It's freezing.

It's windy.

Birds are flying.

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Episode 6 Learn about Compliments

Learn Compliments:


To a Woman

You are Pretty

You have beautiful eyes

You have a nice smile

You are beautiful

You have a nice dress


To a Man

You look great

You are Handsome

You have a nice Tie

You are Intelligent

You are Talented


Lessons can be got at


Learn to speak in Public at

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Episode 5 - What do you like to do

In this weeks episode you will learn to say:

What do you like to do

I like to Swim

I like to Read Books

I like to Listen to Music

I like to Walk

I like to Travel

I like to Cycle

I like to Watch TV

I like to go to the Cinema

I like to Meditate

I like to do Sports

What is your favourite Sport

I like to Play Squash

I like to Play Tennis

I'm Sorry

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Episode 4 What Language Do You Know

In this weeks Episode you will learn:

What Language do you know - Formal & Informal

Do you Speak Polish

Please repeat

I don't understand

I don't know

What does it mean


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Episode 3 Who Are You

Who are you

Where you are from


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Episode 2 Where are you From & Where do you Live

In this episode we learn formal and informal :

Where are you from?

Where do you live?


Also how to say :

I'm Sorry

Thank you

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Espiode 1 Greetings (Formal & Informal)

Learn how to say basic greetings:

What is your name

How do you feel

What is your telephone number

Counting 1-10


Goodbye / See you



Additional information can be found at

Learn to Speak in Public at

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