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The David Gilmour Podcast

The David Gilmour Podcast

Guitarist, singer and songwriter of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour will be auctioning more than 120 of his guitars for charity in June 2019. Featuring a brand new and exclusive interview with David himself, each episode focuses on a different one of the remarkable instruments from this collection, looking at the music that was recorded on them and detailing the musical history of one of the world's most influential guitarists.


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Episode 3: The Fender Stratocaster 0001

Here David Gilmour talks us through his legendary ? nay mythical - 1954 Fender Stratocaster with the serial number #0001. He also reveals some news about his future musical plans and gives us a world exclusive update on Pink Floyd.

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Episode 2: Acoustic Guitars

Digging into his passion for folk and blues, David Gilmour talks about his earliest musical passions and his own acoustic guitar recordings, including creating the famous song Wish You Were Here on his 1969 D-35 Martin.

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Episode 1: The Black Strat

David discusses the music created on his legendary black 1969 Fender Stratocaster - including tracks on landmark Pink Floyd albums like Wish You Were Here, The Wall and Dark Side of the Moon.

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The David Gilmour Podcast Trailer

A brand new podcast featuring exclusive interviews with guitarist, singer and songwriter of Pink Floyd, David Gilmour. Coming soon...

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