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Faithless Brewing MTG: Modern and Pioneer for the Spike Rogue

Faithless Brewing MTG: Modern and Pioneer for the Spike Rogue

Faithless Brewing is a top-rated Magic: the Gathering podcast and here's why. Each week, we design spicy new decks around the coolest cards in Modern and Pioneer. We put our creations to the test in tournament play and share our findings on the air. Created by Dan Schriever (@CavedanMTG), David Robertson, and Damon Alexander. Whether you're a jank brewer, FNM hero, kitchen table end boss or Arena Mythic warrior, our goal is to inspire your next great Magic deck. Take the Oath of Brews and join our Discord community at, and visit our homepage for all of our latest decklists.


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The Faithless Brewing Secret Lair, Part 1

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Angels and Demons: Fun Pioneer Decks to Try Before #MTGBRO

Season 15, Episode 20: Brew Session (Ertai Resurrected, Vesuvan Duplimancy, Kaalia, Zenith Seeker) + Flashback (The Elder Dragon War)

The end of days approaches! Or at least, the end of Dominaria United season. With The Brothers? War just around the corner, David has unfinished business with a few intriguing cards from recent sets.

Have you ever countered your own Demonic Pact trigger with Ertai Resurrected? Or used Kaalia, Zenith Seeker to find Serra Paragon and Blade of the Oni, and then re-bought the Kaalia with the Paragon? Or how about setting up Vesuvan Duplimancy and then unleashing Goblin Dark-Dwellers for an instant army in a can?

If you answered ?No? to these questions, it?s possible that you?ve settled for having less fun than you could. David is here to explain some of his wilder Pioneer concepts, with an assist from the prodigal co-host, Zach ?Manacymbal? Ryl.

The crew also discusses their testing results with The Elder Dragon War, looking at two different concepts.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



Zach?s Izzet Rielle Looting

David?s Naya Brought Back

David?s Naya Brought Back (proposed update)

David?s Grixis Demonic Release

David?s Mardu Angels and Demons

David?s Izzet Duplimancy

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The Elder Dragon War: When 4x Fable of the Mirror-Breaker Just Isn?t Enough

Season 15, Episode 19: Brew Session (The Elder Dragon War) + Flashback (Haughty Djinn)

You can get a lot from a Saga these days. For just one easy payment of 2RR, you can get a fresh hand of cards, a large flying Dragon, and maybe even some removal to boot. That would be a pretty good deal, if not for the fact that Fable of the Mirror-Breaker offers an even better deal at a lower price point.

There?s no doubt that The Elder Dragon War is a weaker card than Fable, but the two play similar roles. Is it perhaps time for a Batman & Robin style team-up? If Fable is a key card in several strategies, would those decks want even more copies of the Fable effect?

Today we explore this possibility in both Modern and Pioneer. A surprising Power Conduit Sagas deck has already made a splash in Modern, and in the more forgiving Pioneer format there are many potential synergies to unlock. We explore four possible homes for EDW (and yes, they all start with a playset of Fable).

On the Flashback, we review our findings with Haughty Djinn in Pioneer.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


Decklists and Timestamps

Brew Session: The Elder Dragon War

[3:44] Key questions

[11:06] Power Conduit Sagas by Xenowan

[20:34] Gruul Possibility Storm by Zeth4

[26:28] David?s Izzet Rielle Looting

[32:20] David?s Naya Brought Back

Flashback: Haughty Djinn

[43:30] David?s Izzet Flying

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These Cards Should Be Unbanned in Modern

Season 15, Episode 18: Weekly Roundup

Yorion, Sky Nomad is the latest addition to Modern?s endless ranks of the banned. There are now 48 cards in Modern jail, some of which have been there since the beginning.

Today on Faithless Brewing, the crew takes a hard look at the Modern ban list to see whether it stands up to scrutiny in the post-MH2 era. With so much power creep, many cards could likely be released back into the format safely, joining the ranks of successful unbans like Sword of the Meek, Valakut, Wild Nacatl, and Jace, the Mind Sculptor.

Broadly speaking, the banned cards fall into six categories.

Category 1: Gone forever. These are the best of the best, the most broken of the broko. They should be locked away until the end of time. (Example: Hogaak, Oko, Dark Depths).

Category 2: Banished for reasons other than power level. These cards are problematic for reasons other than win rate, and are therefore also gone forever. (Ex: Sensei?s Divining Top, Second Sunrise, KCI).

Category 3: Safe, but no upside. Some cards only support a single deck or combo. Even if those combos are not overpowered (and in fact some are likely quite weak), their existence would be a net negative on the format. There is no upside to ever unbanning these cards. (Ex: Blazing Shoal, Hypergenesis, Splinter Twin)

Category 4: Risky and probably not okay. These cards used to be too powerful. Today, they?d fall in the gray area. If you want to live dangerously, you could unban them, but they are likely still too strong. (Ex: Mystic Sanctuary, Eye of Ugin, Glimpse of Nature)

Category 5: Risky but probably okay. These are powerful cards that would impact the meta. The resulting decks would likely be fine, but would need to be watched carefully. (Ex: Faithless Looting, Birthing Pod, Seething Song)

Category 6: Should be unbanned today. These cards are completely safe to unban, and Wizards should do so as soon as possible. (Ex: Preordain, Bridge from Below, artifact lands).

Cavedan and Morde don?t see eye to eye on everything, but they broadly agree that the current ban list is outdated and too conservative. Which cards are the most controversial, and which ones did we get right and wrong? Listen to the full episode to find out!


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


Decklists and Timestamps

[1:01] Eulogy for a Sky Noodle

[4:42] Housekeeping

[6:56] Dissecting the Yorion ban

[13:18] Where does Modern go next?

[20:44] Brewing after Yorion: Morde?s journey begins

[30:16] The state of the Modern ban list: Oct 2022

[36:35] Category 1: Gone forever

[40:47] Category 2: Banished for reasons other than power level

[42:29] Category 3: Safe, but no upside

[46:24] Category 4: Risky and probably not okay

[51:43] Category 5: Risky but probably okay

[56:42] Category 6: Should be unbanned today

[1:11:18] A modest proposal






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Haughty Djinn: Don?t Sleep On This Genie

Season 15, Episode 17: Brew Session (Haughty Djinn) + Flashback (Soul of Windgrace, Tolarian Terror)

Cost reduction creatures are incredibly dangerous. Modern players know that Baral, Chief of Compliance and Goblin Electromancer must be killed on sight. If your opponent untaps with a cost reducer, you will surely be buried beneath an avalanche of spells.

Still, it?s not so hard to kill a 2/2 or 1/3. Electromancer isn?t scaring anyone in the red zone, and Baral has skipped leg day every day of his life. For most of Magic?s history, phenomenal cost reduction also means itty bitty power and toughness.

But all that is about to change. Haughty Djinn is a cost reduction creature that slaps HARD. We?re talking Enigma Drake, Crackling Drake, massive one-hit-kill territory. To be sure, Drakes also need to be killed on sight, so there?s not a huge change on that front. But we?ve never seen cost reduction paired with such impressive power and toughness, on a flyer no less. This is a rare combination and a dream worth chasing.

David has some ideas for Haughty Djinn in Pioneer, and Cavedan is dusting off the spellbook to find the best instants and sorceries to feed the genie. Will this be the Djinn that grants all of our wishes? There?s only one way to find out.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




Decklists and Timestamps

[2:19] Housekeeping

[5:12] Brew Session: Haughty Djinn

[8:02] Building around cost reduction

[11:43] Theat packages

[13:30] Key synergies

[18:53] David?s Izzet Djinn

[24:05] David?s Dimir Flying

[37:28] Flashback: Soul of Windgrace, Tolarian Terror

[38:24] David?s Jund Titan Ramp

[47:55] Dimir Terror by erbianchuibeifang

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Conspiracy Town: The REAL Story Behind $1000 Boosters

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Micromancer: Tiny Spells with Big Dreams (ft. IPlayBadDecks)

Season 15, Episode 15: Brewing with Antony Mannino (IPlayBadDecks)

On today's episode Morde is joined by good friend of the podcast Anthony Mannino, better known as IPlayBadDecks, for a dive into some of his newest brews for the Modern format.

We start high and mighty with a favorite of old mono white enjoyers, Martyr Proc. The deck got a brand new toy in the form of Serra Paragon, enabling it to buy back practically any card in the deck, be it a Ranger-Captain of Eos for some good grinding potential, or an Abiding Grace to enable a fog lock with Kami of False Hope.

From there we take a leap into Rakdos Waste Not, with the addition of Pioneer All-Star Sheoldred, the Apocalypse. Sheoldred gives the deck an additional payoff for its Burning Inquiry turns, as your opponents cycle through their hands.

And that's only half of it. Join our crew as they go deep into two other decks, and keep looking for ways to keep the format fresh and interesting.




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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at





Ant?s Mono White Martyr

Ant?s Rakdos Sheoldred Waste Not

Ant?s Esper Vial

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Tolarian Terror: There?s Always a Bigger Zombie Fish

Season 15, Episode 14: Roundup (Brothers? War Previews) + Brew Session (Tolarian Terror) + Flashback (Meria, Scholar of Antiquity)

Veteran players remember Gurmag Angler, the sleek delve threat once seen in decks like Grixis Shadow and Hollow One. At one mana, the Zombie Fish was brutally efficient and surprisingly hard to kill ? so much so that Legacy players once thought Gurmag might need to be banned in their format (until cooler heads prevailed and identified Deathrite Shaman as the culprit).

The Zombie Fish has mostly disappeared from today?s Modern as removal has gotten better, black has gotten weaker, and stronger 1 mana threats have emerged. But what if Gurmag came with Ward? That?s the promise of Tolarian Terror, a new one mana threat from Dominaria United. Terror is in a much stronger color and doesn?t consume the graveyard, meaning that it?s possible to deploy multiple Serpents in one turn, while also leaving mana open for additional interaction. Sure, the opponent can kill them, but only at a tremendous tempo deficit thanks to Ward 2.

We are starting to see early returns on Tolarian Terror in both Modern and Pioneer. But questions remain. How far we can lean into the graveyard before exposing ourselves to hate? Can Terror earn its spot over even bigger options like Murktide Regent? Or can they perhaps be played together? Morde and Cavedan investigate this week, looking at several new decks.

On the Flashback, the crew shares their preliminary findings with Meria, Scholar of Antiquity, including Hullbreaker Horror Combo, Song of Creation Combo, and Artificers tribal Thopter-Sword. They also study the early previews from The Brothers? War, including Urza, the Mightstone and Weakstone, and Surge Engine.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


Decklists and Timestamps

[2:19] The Brothers? War First Look

[7:24] The Mightstone and Weakstone

[9:51] Urza, Lord Protector

[13:53] Queen Kayla bin-Kroog

[16:01] Mishra?s Foundry

[18:18] Surge Engine

[20:22] Recruitment Officer

[21:24] Special promos

[24:59] Brew Session: Tolarian Terror

[27:32] Lessons from Pauper

[33:49] Grixis Tolarian Tempo by Selfeisek

[39:58] Izzet Prowess by MonkeyDBaboo

[42:21] Dimir Third Path Control by strangledangles

[48:05] Flashback: Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

[50:12] Dan?s Meria Hullbreaker Combo

[57:12] David?s Meria Song of Creation

[1:00:52] Emi?s Artificers Thopter-Sword Combo

[1:08:27] Final thoughts on Meria

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What?s Wrong with Modern? Can It Be Fixed? (Brewer?s Mailbag)

Season 15, Episode 13: Brewers? Mailbag

Does Modern have a ?five color problem?? If so, how can it be fixed? Has the format become hostile to brewing? And why has black become such a weak color?

Today, Cavedan and Morde open up the Brewers? Mailbag to field listener questions about the state of Modern and Pioneer after several weeks of Dominaria United. Many listeners want to know, ?What?s wrong with Modern?? and more importantly, what can be done about it? After a bit of soul searching (and weeping and gnashing of teeth), the crew has some recommendations to help you get the most out of these formats.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



[4:17] Checking in

[7:33] White Rhinos by HamburgerJung

[10:02] Housekeeping

[12:15] Why not The Raven Man?

[14:55] Emi?s Micromancer Wizard Control

[22:36] The RCQ system: is it working?

[28:42] Brewing in Modern after MH2

[33:49] Are efficient answers good for brewing?

[35:27] Does Modern have a ?5 color problem??

[41:41] Search hate: pros and cons

[47:31] Rakdos Scam and how to beat it

[52:01] Deck building heuristics

[56:04] Should Morde be banned from Yorion decks?

[58:12] Deck diversity in Pioneer

[1:00:26] Reprints we want for Pioneer

[1:01:43] Why black is the worst color in Modern

[1:06:35] All time favorite limited format

[1:08:45] Card designs we want to see

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Five Color Legends?! Jodah, the Unifier in Modern and Pioneer

Season 15, Episode 12: Brew Session (Jodah, the Unifier) + Flashback (Soul of Windgrace)

The people have spoken! The votes have been tallied for our next monthly project, and two cards stood head and shoulders above the rest. Mechanized Production, an intriguing alternate win con using artifact tokens, was bested by the narrowest of margins, losing only to a card that is even more insane: Jodah, the Unifier.

For five mana, in WUBRG colors, we had better be getting an amazing deal. Jodah has a ridiculous text box that certainly gives you a massive advantage while he is in play. But five mana without an ETB effect is a very tall order. That?s Niv-Mizzet mana, after all, and we know that Niv can win the game just by entering the battlefield once. Jodah is going to make us work harder, to guarantee that either his anthem effect or his ?buy one, get one? coupon for legends is enough to put the game away. Cavedan has some ideas for how to pursue this, so let the brewing commence!

On the Flashback, the crew also reviews their testing results with Soul of Windgrace, a card that is enjoying a breakout week of finishes. Morde stuck to more traditional Yorion good stuff shells, while Cavedan ranged further afield with Bard Class, Shigeki Fires, and Titania?s Fury. If Soul is on track to become a staple of Modern and Pioneer, what can we expect from this card?




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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




[2:19] Voting results

Brew Session: Jodah, the Unifier

[7:24] Rules notes

[10:47] The Tibalt loophole

[14:30] Getting Jodah into play

[24:04] Building for anthem vs. building for cascade

[29:04] Micro-syngergies

[33:17] Jodah Pyre Humans by Rich Ellis

[36:39] Jodah Pyre Humans by DJeffMTG

[38:47] 5c Humans Company by IslandGoSAMe

[41:38] Dan?s 5c Jund Tibalt

[45:14] Jodah Winota by Mildpro

Flashback: Soul of Windgrace

[52:39] 5c Domain Delirium by aspiringspike

[54:17] Emi?s 5c Yorion Domain Delirium

[1:01:01] Jund Windgrace by claudioh

[1:04:09] Dan?s Jund Bard Class

[1:07:21] David?s Jund Shigeki Fires

[1:10:46] Dan?s Titania?s Fury

[1:16:50] Final thoughts on Soul of Windgrace

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Better Than Urza? Meria Is Desperately Wanting to Be Good

Season 15, Episode 11: Weekly Roundup + Brew Session (Meria, Scholar of Antiquity)

Artifact strategies have been around forever, but Urza, Lord High Artificer was a game-changer. Urza unlocked massive amounts of mana, in quantities not seen since Tolarian Academy, and even gave you somewhere to spend that mana by playing free cards from your deck. On top of that, Urza brought a large Karnstruct friend, ensuring good value from your 4 drop even if your opponent succeeds in foiling whatever combo or big mana nonsense you are up to. This made Urza a perfect engine: explosive when unchecked, but also a viable standalone threat.

Imagine our surprise, then, when Dominaria United brought a new, cheaper Urza in Gruul colors. Meria, Scholar of Antiquity trades blue mana for green but retains the ability to draw large amounts of cards while also providing boatloads of mana. Meria is a full mana cheaper (a huge upgrade) and draws cards at an even faster rate. In exchange, we lose out on the Karnstruct and the ability to tap tokens, but those are merely bonuses, not the core of what makes Urza powerful.

Today on Faithless Brewing the crew takes a close look at Meria in several new builds in Modern and Pioneer. The intersection of Big Mana and Big Card Draw is a potent brewing space, as long as we?re willing to get our hands dirty and get into the weeds looking for the right artifact support. Meria has already earned trophies in combo decks like Paradox Engine, Thopter-Sword, and Hardened Scales, but are there more homes waiting to be unearthed? It will take a brilliant archaeologist to unlock Meria?s full potential, so let?s roll up the sleeves and get to work!



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




Decklists and Timestamps

[2:06] Housekeeping

[5:57] Unfinity spoilers

[14:43] Magic 30 woes

Brew Session: Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

[19:32] Rules notes

[29:41] Key interactions

[40:26] Paradox Engine Combo by mouthbreather1

[43:23] David?s Meria Song of Creation

[49:04] Dan?s Hullbreaker Horror Combo

[52:40] Gruul Hardened Scales by maxxattack

[55:53] Thopter Sword Combo by MTGBullent

[58:52] Meria Howling Mine Combo

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Soul of Windgrace: The Love Child of Omnath and Primeval Titan

Season 15, Episode 10: Brew Session (Soul of Windgrace) + Flashback (Aether Channeler)

Three Faithless Brewers looked at a new Dominaria United card. One said, ?That?s a Primeval Titan.? Another said, ?No, that?s Solemn Simulacrum.? The third brewer said, ?Actually, that?s Jund Omnath.?

Soul of Windgrace has the potential to be all of these things, and maybe more. Legendary four drops that generate mana and card advantage have the potential to be format-defining centerpieces of strong, unfussy decks. Or, they could completely flop like the Sad Robot himself (sorry Jens Thoren, we still love you). For those who like to dream big, Soul of Wingrace even has echoes of Prime Time, but at a much more affordable mana cost.

Today we put our theories to the test and build a half dozen decks with Soul of Windgrace. From proven strategies like Jund Sagavan and 5c Omnath, to ambitious brews like Bard Class, Titania Ramp, and even some attempts to bring Jund land ramp into Pioneer. Who is right, and who is getting high off their own mana supply? There?s only one way to find out!




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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




Decklists and Timestamps

[1:01] Updates on the kittens

[6:10] Housekeeping

Brew Session: Soul of Windgrace

[12:27] Rules notes

[15:54] Key questions

[22:15] Comparisons: Omnath, Primeval Titan

[30:39] Jund Sagavan by YungDingo

[33:18] Emi?s 5c Omnath

[40:03] Dan?s Jund Bard Class

[45:02] Dan?s Jund Titania?s Fury

[50:04] Naya Maverick by ChaosVeiler89

[51:52] David?s Jund Titan Ramp

[1:00:15] David?s Shigeki Fires 2.0

Flashback: Aether Channeler

[1:06:13] Emi?s Bant Soulherder

[1:08:38] David?s Bant Teleportation Circle

[1:13:26] Dan?s Mono Blue Devotion

[1:17:54] Bant Humans by StarwalkeroO

[1:18:47] Bant Company by FreeMyFelidar

[1:19:47] Closing thoughts


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14 Terrible Cards That Might Actually Be Sweet (Serum Visions #4)

Season 15, Episode 9: Faithless Brewing x Serum Visions #4

The Serum Visions gang returns to wrap up our third monthly project. Last time, the listeners voted for Resurgent Belief, a challenging card that asks us to combine two dubious strategies: reanimator, and enchantments. Fortunately, these strategies get new tools all the time, with powerful sagas like Fable of the Mirror-Breaker or surprising removal like Leyline Binding and Temporary Lockdown. Unfortunately, a few decent enchantments does not a playable deck make. Was the crew able to crack the code on Resurgent Belief before the clock ran out? Or does this strategy need some new printings to replenish its hopes?

After that recap, we turn our attention to new and wonkier things. 14 cards are on the ballot for next month?s project, running the gamut from Commander favorites like Jodah, the Unifier and Lithoform Engine, to nasty combo enablers like Erayo, Spreading Algae, and Necrotic Ooze. There?s something for everyone in this eclectic mix of cards, and possibly even a few hidden gems. What card will we brew next? Only you can decide!


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



Flashback: Resurgent Belief

[5:38] Zach?s BTL Resurgent Seals

[13:47] Dan?s Leyline Cascade Resurgence

[22:38] Concluding thoughts on Resurgent Belief

Nominees for Next Month?s Project

[31:02] Aggressive Mining

[35:52] Spreading Algae

[39:27] Lotleth Troll

[41:56] Ingenious Infiltrator

[44:39] Erayo, Soratami Ascendant

[48:51] Kamahl?s Druidic Vow

[52:10] March of Burgeoning Life

[58:15] Jodah, the Unifier

[1:02:31] Mechanized Production

[1:08:39] Bayou Groff

[1:12:00] Shepherd of the Flock

[1:15:41] Necrotic Ooze

[1:19:37] Danitha, Benalia?s Hope

[1:21:48] Lithoform Engine


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Aether Channeler: The Triple Threat Wizard

Season 15, Episode 8: Brew Session (Aether Channeler) + Flashback (Leyline Binding)

Aether Channeler isn?t the best at any one job, but it always gives you something meaningful. Is this style of card strong enough for today?s Modern and Pioneer? That?s the question that we set out to answer today on Faithless Brewing.

We?ve seen multiple modes on 3 drops before, most notably on Callous Bloodmage, a card that barely saw play. Channeler offers two similar abilities (make a token, draw a card) but replaces the niche graveyard hate with an always-solid bounce any permanent effect. This raises the floor of the card significantly, making Channeler a meaningful play whether you are ahead or behind. What?s more, the ability to bounce a planeswalker is an effect previously missing from the blink strategies where ETB triggers are known to thrive.

On the Flashback, David and Morde share their results testing various brews with Leyline Binding. The card has quickly established itself as a staple in top tier Modern archetypes (hopefully you bought your copies early, we tried to warn you!). But can Binding also power up silly synergies with Enigmatic Incarnation and In Search of Greatness? The better the card, the more hope there is for enabling some true nonsense.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



Brew Session: Aether Channeler

[4:05] What makes this card good?

[9:07] David?s Naban Wizards

[15:30] David?s Teleportation Circle

[21:50] Morde?s Bant Soulherder

[24:55] Morde?s WU Sun Titan Taxes

Flashback: Leyline Binding

[31:49] David?s Enigmatic Greatness

[45:08] Morde?s 5c Restoration Angel

[49:19] Morde?s Shadow Prophecy Reanimator

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Paragons of Innovation: Week 1 Winners & Losers

Season 15, Episode 7: Weekly Roundup

David and Morde review the top innovations from Week 1 of #MTGDMU, starring Serra Paragon, Yotia Declares War, Meria, Scholar of Antiquity, and more.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



[1:51] Housekeeping

[5:03] Leyline Binding

[18:41] Liliana of the Veil

[28:18] Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

[34:11] Yotia Declares War

[42:12] Serra Paragon

[52:37] Evolved Sleeper

[55:25] Rundvelt Hordemaster

[58:02] Leaf-Crowned Visionary

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Brew This, Not That! Dominaria United Top 5s

Season 15, Episode 6: Dominaria United Top 5s With Mordeka1ser and Cavedan


Preview season is a heady time. Cards are flying fast and furious, the air is thick with new ideas, and big dreams take flight on wings of hype and hopium.

And when the dust has settled? well, it?s a lot! We covered more than a hundred cards in the blink of an eye. Which are the cards that really matter? Which ones are going to make a big impact on the meta, and which cards are we most excited to brew with? And of course, which are the cards that other people are just flat wrong about?

Cavedan and Morde are here to set the record straight on Dominaria United, as they compare their respective Top 5 lists for most impactful cards, most exciting cards, and most overrated and underrated. How do your own lists stack up? What did we get wrong, and where should we be looking next?




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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




[5:31] Housekeeping

[7:08] Top 5 Most Impactful: Modern

[18:55] Top 5 Most Impactful: Pioneer

[27:15] Top 5 Most Exciting to Brew

[42:32] Top 5 Overrated

[50:07] Top 5 Underrated

[1:00:35] Top 5 Random Power Creep


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Leyline Binding Is the Truth

Season 15, Episode 5: Brew Session (Leyline Binding, Shadow Prophecy)

So here?s the deal. Oblivion Ring for a single white mana, at flash speed, is an unreal Magic card. It?s so insanely powerful that when we first discussed Leyline Binding, many listeners thought it was fake. Had we been duped by the folks at r/custommagic, they wondered? And it?s a fair question. It?s not every day we get a removal spell that can rival Swords to Plowshares.

Not only is Leyline Binding very real, it?s also the real deal. But don?t just take our word for it. Now that Dominaria United is available online, it?s time to put theory into practice and set this card loose on the hapless Modern and Pioneer metagames.

We see Leyline Binding fitting into several existing Modern strategies: 4c Omnath, UWx Control, Reanimator, Indomitable Creativity, Domain Zoo, and Crashing Footfalls, to name just a few. It may even revive the Enigmatic Incarnation deck, thanks to its nutty ability to tutor a 7 drop directly into play. Swords to Plowshares with combo potential? You bet. In Pioneer, Enigmatic is a much more proven deck, and 5c Niv is also well set up to support Leyline. You can even go for synergistic nonsense like In Search of Greatness, Zur, Eternal Schemer, or Resurgent Belief.

Building a Domain manabase is no mean feat, but the rewards have never been higher. Not only do we get Leyline Binding, but also there is Shadow Prophecy, a juiced up Fact or Fiction that can fill your graveyard on the cheap while providing card advantage and selection. Morde and Cavedan are high on Prophecy, but can it crack the top tier of Modern? There?s only one way to find out.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



Decklists and Timestamps


[2:23] Update: the kittens

[7:50] Housekeeping

Brew Session: Leyline Binding + Shadow Prophecy

[12:01] Rules notes

[17:41] Key questions: power level

[23:57] Mana considerations

[28:14] Which existing decks want Leyline?

[30:42] Morde?s UWx Leyline Control

[31:54] How good is Shadow Prophecy?

[38:27] Morde?s 5c Reanimator

[44:16] 5c Archon Creativity

[47:37] Modern Enigmatic Incarnation

[59:16] Pioneer Enigmatic Incarnation

[1:09:28] David?s Naya In Search of Greatness

[1:13:35] David?s Bant Enigmatic Greatness

[1:15:35] Modern Domain Zoo

[1:18:19] Cavedan?s Resurgent Belief

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Leveling Up in Modern with Cameron Lantz, SCG Baltimore Champion

Season 15, Episode 4: Q&A with Cameron Lantz

Fresh off her victory at the SCG Baltimore Team Trios $25K, Cameron Lantz joins Morde to share her insights on the current state of Modern and Pioneer and her preferred approach to deck selection for team events. She also weighs in on the last batch of Dominaria United spoilers, including some final-day surprises like Shadow Prophecy, Flowstone Infusion, and The Cruelty of Gix.


Where to find Cameron:

Twitter: @sometimesIscry

Articles: Owl Central Games

Read Cam's SCG Baltimore Winner's Report for more insight on her preparation and deck selection process, and her team?s winning decklists in Pioneer, Modern, and Legacy.

Cameron also offers one on one coaching for eternal formats. Contact her on Twitter for more details.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



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Set Review, Part 3: Final Look at Dominaria United Previews in Modern and Pioneer

Season 15, Episode 3: Brewer?s Guide to Dominaria United, Vol. III

While the final batch of Dominaria previews did not sport such mighty cards as Leyline Binding, it is still filled to the brim with brew arounds that catch the eye of our Faithless Brewers.

Ivy, Gleeful Spirit leads the 2 drop charge with a new twist on its effect that makes the Nephilim of old nothing but envious. Ivy allows us to not only get bonuses out of our own spells but also nullify our opponent's ones (or at least get the same value they will get), while also being a "MAY" ability, stopping us from getting blown out with a removal. The fact it works with any sort of spell and not just instant and sorceries is just icing on the mutated cake.

Vodalian Hexcatcher is the runner up as the second best lord of the set, making sure that Merfolk do not lag too far behind Goblins. This flash lord allows you to transform your Merfolk into Jwari Disruption for noncreature spells. Meanwhile the Elf lord, Leaf-Crowned Visionary, ensures you never run out of gas as you can keep cycling through your deck with an interesting twist on Glimpse of Nature.

Finally, Read Ahead sagas like The Elder Dragon War are extremely versatile spells, balancing value against tempo. Will they lead Morde down the Brought Back rabbit hole once more? Perhaps some 4/4 Dragons are just what the card needs to return to the Modern spotlight, or even better, make a surprise appearance in the Pioneer format. Tune in for all the info, hope you enjoy and happy brewing!



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S15E03 Timestamps

Set Review: Dominaria United, Part 3

[3:27] Housekeeping

[5:41] Thran Portal

[8:40] Combat Research

[11:24] Tail Swipe

[12:49] Runic Shot

[13:14] Battlewing Mystic

[15:23] Elas il-Kor, Sadisitic Pilgrim

[17:22] Shadow-Rite Priest

[21:19] Weatherlight Compleated

[24:37] Ivy, Gleeful Spellthief

[28:10] Baird, Argivian Recruiter

[31:48] Phyrexian Missionary

[33:16] Balmor, Battlemage Captain

[36:22] Leaf-Crowned Visionary

[38:13] Vodalian Hexcatcher

[40:15] Yotia Declares War

[42:29] Impulse

[44:33] Shanna, Purifying Blade

[46:05] Anointed Peacekeeper

[50:02] Meria, Scholar of Antiquity

[54:42] Braids?s Frightful Return

[57:16] Ertai?s Scorn

[58:48] Haughty Djinn

[1:02:35] Relic of Legends

[1:04:35] Lagomos, Hand of Hatred

[1:06:44] Aether Channeler

[1:08:56] Vodalian Mindsinger

[1:10:52] Astor, Bearer of Blades

[1:12:41] Nael, Avizoa Aeronaut

[1:14:37] Sheoldred?s Restoration

[1:15:51] Ertai Resurrected

[1:20:28] The Elder Dragon War

[1:24:17] Timeless Lotus

[1:26:43] Rith, Liberated Primeval


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The Best Dominaria United Cards for Modern and Pioneer: Set Review Part 2 (ft. Manacymbal)

Season 15, Episode 2: Brewer?s Guide to Dominaria United, Vol. II

Three of the most important cards for Modern and Pioneer headline the second installment of our Dominaria United Set Review.

Rundvelt Hordemaster powers up Goblins decks in a huge way. The first true 2 mana Goblin lord is also a tremendous source of card advantage and resiliency. Turning every death (including tokens, including itself) into fresh draws while also curving out well in aggressive starts is a game changer. Hordemaster also pairs with cost reduction effects and has combo potential with Skirk Prospector. We already liked Squee, Dubious Monarch, and now we like it a whole lot more.

Leyline of Binding is stunningly powerful. It may be the most powerful removal spell since Swords to Plowshares. Leyline provides a massive incentive to assemble a Domain mana base, and will be format-defining removal in both Pioneer and Modern. On top of its raw power, it can even synergize with proven engines like Enigmatic Incarnation or Enchantress to pull off some crazy feats.

Finally, low curve decks have a new enemy to fear in Temporary Lockdown. Certain strategies like Hammer, Hardened Scales, or tribal aggro get absolutely devastated by Culling Ritual. Temporary Lockdown makes this effect cheaper and even repeatable, thanks to Yorion and Teferi, Time Raveler.

From there, the offerings get more speculative, but no less interesting. Tolarian Terror has Gurmag Angler vibes with huge upside, but relying on the graveyard is a risk. Founding the Third Path may subsidize delve or See the Truth. And of course it wouldn?t be a Faithless Brewing Set Review without Cavedan going crazy over new kicker cards for his Drake Whack deck.

Prodigal co-host Zach ?Manacymbal? Ryl returns today to help us break down all the hits and misses, and to catch up on the latest MTG news. Happy brewing!


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S15E02 Decklists and Timestamps

Roundup: MTG News

[3:41] Housekeeping

[6:03] Praise from SaffronOlive

[8:58] Follow-up on Dan?s LotR conspiracy theory

[13:12] 4c Yawgnota by Darshik

[14:46] SCG Baltimore Winner

[16:12] eBay buys TCGPlayer: what does it mean?

[22:18] Catching up with Zach ?Manacymbal? Ryl

Set Review: Dominaria United, Part 2

[34:38] Plaza of Heroes

[37:43] Tolarian Terror

[42:18] Leyline of Binding

[50:47] Rona?s Vortex

[54:03] Phoenix Chick

[57:09] Rundvelt Hordemaster

[1:03:03] Joint Exploration

[1:06:04] Yavimaya Iconoclast

[1:06:37] Fires of Victory

[1:07:13] Stronghold Arena

[1:10:05] Founding the Third Path

[1:13:13] Temporary Lockdown

[1:16:23] Llanowar Greenwidow

[1:18:09] Karn, Living Legacy

[1:23:10] Ratadrabik of Urborg

[1:25:49] Defiler of Vigor

[1:28:07] Defiler of Faith

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Set Review: The Best of Dominaria United in Modern and Pioneer, Part 1

Season 15, Episode 1: Brewer?s Guide to Dominaria United + Magic in 2023

Today on Faithless Brewing we kick off our set review with the first batch of previews from Dominaria United. The set looks beautiful, but the criteria for playability in Modern and Pioneer are stricter than ever as the formats keep getting powered up. Do any of these new cards have a shot?

Squee, Dubious Monarch stands out as a multi-format staple. While it invites initial comparisons to Goblin Rabblemaster, the cards play very differently. Squee gets on the board faster (3 power with haste across 2 bodies), works better with lords, and provides unlimited access to a Den of the Bugbear-class threat. Rabblemaster, by contrast, spends most of its time in the graveyard after dying to removal.

Liliana of the Veil, the former jewel of Modern, looks humble in comparison to the endless value from cards that cost 2R. Liliana will be powerful but not broken in Pioneer; her existential struggle against Squee and Fable of the Mirror-Breaker for the soul of Rakdos will be a trend to watch.

Beyond those blue chips, the pickings get more speculative. Braids, Arisen Nightmare is a sneakily great draw engine masquerading as a punisher effect. Soul of Windgrace has Primeval Titan vibes at a decent mana cost. And Archangel of Wrath delivers a massive life swing, albeit on a clunky body. It will take some work to unlock these cards, but the power is there.

We also kick things off with a lighthearted look at the major announcements for Magic?s upcoming lineup in 2023. What cards did we miss on, and what did we get right? Tune in to find out.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S15E01 Decklists and Timestamps

Roundup: ?Wizards Presents? Announcements

[2:55] Is D&D more popular than Magic?

[5:36] Housekeeping

[7:14] Dan?s article: Mastering Variance with Sultai Crabvine

[10:03] Lord of the Rings conspiracies

[15:51] Magic in 2023 release schedule

Set Review: Dominaria United

[27:27] Pain land cycle

[32:03] Radha?s Firebrand

[35:47] Guardian of New Benalia

[38:40] Jhoira, Ageless Innovator

[41:07] Raff, Weatherlight Stalwart

[42:52] The Raven Man

[48:11] Benalish Sleeper

[49:43] Nishoba Brawler

[52:27] Impede Momentum

[53:29] Squee, Dubious Monarch

[59:31] Ajani, Sleeper Agent

[1:02:52] Resolute Reinforcements

[1:03:20] Micromancer

[1:04:55] Lilliana of the Veil

[1:09:34] Zur, Eternal Schemer

[1:11:29] Braids, Arisen Nightmare

[1:14:44] Soul of Windgrace

[1:17:23] The Phasing of Zhalfir

[1:20:16] Sheoldred, the Apocalypse

[1:24:05] Archangel of Wrath

[1:26:42] Nemata, Primeval Guardian

[1:30:07] Sol?Kanar, the Tainted

[1:33:03] Defiler of Dreams

[1:34:54] Sphinx of Clear Skies

[1:36:07] The World Spell

[1:40:56] Herd Migration


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Vivien and the Arkbow: A Tale of 10 Brews

Season 14, Episode 37: Brew Session (Vivien?s Arkbow, Getaway Car) + Flashback (Heart of Kiran, Rielle the Everwise, Humble Defector, Ugin?s Nexus)

David and Cavedan brew with Vivien?s Arkbow, the runner up in this month?s voting. Morde is a believer, but the old men will need some convincing. Are there ways to cheat on the activation cost? Make use of the discard outlet? Or perhaps even enable sweet Werewolves brews?

David also takes a crack at Getaway Car, an odd little vehicle that leans aggressive but can enable shenanigans with Voldaren Epicure and other ETB effects.

On the Flashback, the crew shares their testing results with Grixis Heart of Kiran, an updated Izzet Looting build with Rielle the Everwise, Mardu Charming Prince + Humble Defector, and a new attempt to crack Ugin?s Nexus.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E37 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:00] David?s picks: movies from the 1990s

[12:00] Brewing Vivien?s Arkbow

[20:38] David?s Bant Renowned Arkbow

[28:24] Emi?s GW Devoted Druid

[30:58] Gruul Werewolves by Judge Rob

[35:00] BG Werewolves by pugsonchairs

[38:22] Brewing Getaway Car

[41:18] David?s Boros Getaway

[45:41] David?s UW Getaway

[51:22] Flashback: Grixis Week etc

[51:43] David?s Grixis Heart of Kiran

[59:27] David?s Izzet Rielle 2.0

[1:06:21] Dan?s Mardu Charming Defector

[1:11:48] David?s Jund Ugin?s Nexus


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What Is This? A Tournament for Ants? Magic 30 Las Vegas

Season 14, Episode 36: Week in Review

The party of the year is happening in Las Vegas, and the tickets are already gone. The four Modern Qualifiers feeding the Beta draft sold out in mere hours (and the VIP badges went even faster than that). Is this insane demand or artificial scarcity? A genius marketing move or another Wizards blunder?

As for tournaments you can actually play: Cavedan took his trusty Crabvine deck to a local Regional Championship Qualifier, with the express goal of mastering the art of the mulligan and collecting some hard data on the variance of a graveyard deck.

After that, we continue our exploration of Resurgent Belief. Morde brewed up a spicy little number with Bring to Light and Seals. The deck showed promise, but can it be powered up further? Meanwhile David took the enchantment reanimation concept to Pioneer, where related effects like Starfield of Nyx and Brilliant Restoration might hold the key to victory.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E36 Decklists and Timestamps

[2:49] Housekeeping

[5:00] Magic 30 Las Vegas

[17:05] Dominaria United

[20:33] Dan?s Sultai Crabvine (Modern RCQ Report)

[35:08] Emi?s BTL Resurgent Seals

[44:54] Bloodbraid Marauder Cascade by TheGreenSpeed

[47:25] David?s Bant Starfield of Nyx

[57:00] Mardu Brilliant Restoration by LurkingEvil


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Beyond Belief: Resurgent Brews for the Modern Enchanter

Season 14, Episode 35: Brew Session (Resurgent Belief)

Our third monthly project kicks off with a look at Resurgent Belief, the surprise winner after an intense round of voting. Belief promises to restore the glory of Replenish decks of old. But do the tools exist to compete in today?s Modern? Our task this month is to find out.

At first glance, Belief resembles Living End and follows simple steps. 1. Put enchantments in the graveyard. 2. Find and cast Resurgent Belief. 3. Win with whatever you got back. But each stage is rife with challenges.

For starters, most enchantments don?t put themselves into the graveyard. Beyond a handful of cards with cycling or channel (Colossal Skyturtle, Shark Typhoon, Lay Claim, Cast Out), we need to choose either Sagas or use non-enchantment effects to loot cards away. As always, if we lean too far into the graveyard angle, we risk getting devastated by graveyard hate.

Finding and casting the namesake card is also tricky. Cascade is the most effective method, but most support cards for cascade have little to do with putting enchantments into the graveyard. Weaker options like As Foretold and Fires of Invention could support an enchantments-matter theme. There is even the possibility that Bring to Light is a viable option: Replenish was busted at 4 mana, so is Belief really so far-fetched at 5 mana?

The last step, winning the game, ought to be the simplest. Yet even here, we find that few enchantments are truly game winning by themselves. Unlike Living End, Resurgent Belief does nothing to wipe the board or disrupt the opponent, so we need enchantments that will catch us up and pull way ahead in one fell swoop, which is a tall order.

All of this combines to make Resurgent Belief a powerful, challenging card that is well worth the effort to crack open. We discuss a few possible directions today on Faithless Brewing, including some intriguing builds proposed by our Discord community. Can we solve the puzzle of Modern Replenish? What directions should we explore next?


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E35 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:06] Brew Session: Resurgent Belief [4:38] The original Replenish deck [12:24] Rules notes [13:31] Key questions [19:53] Game-winning enchantments [26:21] Cycling, channel, and self-sacrificing enchantments [36:29] Prison enchantments [38:16] Combo enchantments [40:25] Utility enchantments [43:58] Graveyard related enchantments [45:04] UW Belief by Gionax (5-0 league) [49:00] UW Ancestral Belief by Jim Davis [51:26] 4c As Foretold Electro by IPlayBadDecks [55:54] 4c BTL Resurgent Reanimator by 1stTurnNegator [1:01:01] 4c BTL Seals by Epochally [1:04:48] Closing thoughts


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How to Win with Bad Decks (ft. IPlayBadDecks)

Season 14, Episode 34: Modern 5-0s with Anthony Mannino

Few Modern players these days are willing to embrace ?bad? cards. With the format powered up heavily by MH2 and years of aggressive designs, the older tier 2-3 strategies have simply faded away. They were fringe to begin with, the thinking goes, and so they certainly can?t compete in this day and age.

Enter Anthony Mannino (IPlayBadDecks on Twitch and MTGO). Anthony is the last brewer of Modern?s golden age, a player not afraid to sleeve up the discarded tools of bygone eras and put them to the test in new configurations. He has been rewarded with a string of truly spectacular 5-0 finishes, starring such hits as Ulamog?s Nullifier, Braids, Cabal Minion, Kethis, the Hidden Hand, Michiko?s Reign of Truth, and Voice of Resurgence, to name just a few.

Today on Faithless Brewing, Anthony joins Cavedan and Morde to discuss the art of brewing (and winning) with bad decks. He shares his latest creations, from an unholy mashup of Winota and Yawgmoth, to a hybrid Dimir Inverter and Eldrazi Processors brew, to the latest tech in Sultai Crabvine. These decks exemplify Modern at its very best, when all things are possible for those who believe in the heart of the cards.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E34 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:07] Housekeeping

[13:41] 4c Yawgnota

[32:10] UB Valki Processors

[47:44] BW Braids Smallpox

[1:02:16] UW Michiko?s Affinity

[1:04:23] Kethis Grinding Breach

[1:11:52] Sultai Crabvine

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What If Innistrad Were Added to Pioneer? Brewer?s Mailbag (July-August 2022)

Season 14, Episode 33: Brewer?s Mailbag

Today on Faithless Brewing we open up the mailbag and field listener questions about everything under the Modern and Pioneer sun. Who is the most impactful brewer of all time? What if Innistrad block were legal in Pioneer? Which cards could be tweaked or updated for Modern? What if Prismatic Vista was the only legal fetchland?

These conundrums and many more will be answered as David, Morde, and Dan weigh in on the questions of the day. Happy brewing!


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


[2:29] Housekeeping

[3:49] What card would you tweak to make it Modern playable?

[8:37] What if Prismatic Vista was the only legal fetchland?

[12:21] Who is the most impactful brewer of all time?

[18:57] Which 4 decks would you play for the rest of your life?

[23:31] How many cards different does a deck need to be considered a brew?

[28:55] What is your favorite pet card?

[33:20] Which Faithless Brew are you most proud of?

[38:31] Which classic card should be updated for MH3?

[43:56] Why do many people like either Modern or Pioneer, but not both?

[48:45] Do you see yourself playing Magic when you?re 60?

[50:02] What is the most elegantly designed card of the last few years?

[53:08] What are the signs that a deck is warping a format without dominating it?

[55:45] During preview season, what traits indicate playability? Why did many players miss on Ledger Shredder, Hearse, Graveyard Trespasser, Fable?

[1:03:18] Which cards from Innistrad block would be good or bad for Pioneer?

[1:07:52] What card would you like to see get a promo treatment?

[1:08:25] Aetherflux Reservoir + Bolas?s Citadel: why isn?t this a thing?

[1:10:53] Why is durdling so good in 4c Omnath, but bad in other shells?

[1:19:11] David?s top 3 movie recommendations

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Dominaria United First Look and a $100k Grudge Match

Season 14, Episode 32: Weekly Roundup

David, Cavedan, and Morde reunite this week to take on a grab bag of topics. With the sneak preview of Dominaria United we have five new cards to dissect plus a host of Legends lost and found to puzzle over. Morde falls in love with chonky Omnath, Cavedan airs grievances against an MTGO grinder, and David backs an unexpected horse in a grudge match against Post Malone.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E32 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:01] Housekeeping

[9:04] A cheating scandal

[15:00] Dominaria United first look

[18:57] Evolved Sleeper

[26:13] Llanowar Loamspeaker

[32:43] Temporal FIrestorm

[34:47] Shivan Devastator

[37:55] Jaya, Fiery Negotiator

[42:55] Legends Retold

[46:28] Textless Omnath

[50:10] Explorer Anthology 1

[55:45] A $100k Grudge Match


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Sweet 16: Vote for Our Next Card!

Season 14, Episode 31: Nominees for Monthly Project #3

Another vote approaches! The mad brewers in our Discord community have put their heads together to put sixteen cards on the ballot for Monthly Project #3. These are the creme de la creme, the spiciest of the spice, the cards that should probably never see the light of day but we can?t resist trying to combo with them so we brew them anyway. Many brews are sure to be forged and many tickets are sure to be lost. Which card will we feature next? That?s up to you!


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E31 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:13] Housekeeping

[6:25] Sedgemoor Witch

[9:45] Marionette Master

[13:38] Monastery Mentor

[17:32] Weaver of Harmony

[22:49] Painter?s Servant

[27:43] Animation Module

[32:10] Fight Rigging

[37:03] Resurgent Belief

[40:55] Unexpected Results

[44:22] Damon?s 5c Niv vs. Unexpected Tron (GP Minneapolis 2019)

[51:28] Fevered Visions

[53:48] Moderation

[57:15] Necrotic Ooze

[1:01:30] Death Cloud

[1:03:51] Vivien?s Arkbow

[1:07:23] Pyre of Heroes

[1:10:29] Big Score


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Five Reasons Why Token Decks Fail (ft. Serum Visions)

Season 14, Episode 30: Monthly Project Wrap-Up (Jinnie Fay, Jetmir?s Second)

Token decks are one of the most beloved themes in Magic, appearing in set after set. Yet we rarely see token decks make inroads into constructed. Is there a fundamental flaw with the basic premise of token strategies? Are we lacking specific tools to make tokens competitive? Or have the metagames in Modern and Pioneer just gotten too tough?

Today on Faithless Brewing, the crew regroups with the Serum Visions gang to share their findings with token decks and wrap up Project Jinnie Fay. Five decks were put through the ringer, from proven classics like GW Tokens with Venerated Loxodon and Game Objects with Academy Manufactor, to more off the wall brews like Glimmer Bairn Aggro, GW Yorion Blink, and 5c Galazeth BTL Shape Anew. After a month of testing, did anyone crack the code and learn how to make it rain cats and dogs?


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E30 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:19] Catching up with Serum Visions [6:50] Housekeeping [8:10] Brian?s RG Glimmer Bairn Tokens [27:17] Arun?s WG Token Blink by Tombocatcher [40:47] Dan?s 5c Galazeth BTL Shape Anew [50:28] Emi?s GW Loxodon Tokens by MerynMoon [54:27] Emi?s 4c Academy Manufactor Game Objects [57:22] Final thoughts

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Maestroful Brews with Corpse Appraiser, Humble Defector, Rielle, the Everwise & More

Season 14, Episode 29: Brew Session (Maestros / Grixis Week)


Season 14, Episode 29: Brew Session (Maestros / Grixis Week)

Today on Faithless Brewing we return to Pioneer to brew up new lists in the Grixis colors. Corpse Appraiser has been the standout card thus far, appearing in both midrange shells and a new style of Vampires. But David has his eye on spicier interactions. His first build turns to Maestros Ascendancy as a resilient engine to complement the Young Pyromancer / Sedgemoor Witch package. Then he dusts off Heart of Kiran as a way to navigate the changing removal suite in Pioneer and the shift to aerial combat.

After that, we turn to some oldies but goodies. The 1-2 punch of Charming Prince and Extraction Specialist has potential, and David thinks Humble Defector could complete the three-way synergy. Rielle, the Everwise has new toys thanks to Ledger Shredder, Collective Defiance and the channel lands. Shigeki, Jukai Visionary is a powerful mana sink to complement Fires of Invention, and for the Sultai stans there?s even a midrange brew with Sidisi, Brood Tyrant.

Which of these decks has the right skills to compete in today?s metagame? There?s only one way to find out.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E29 Decklists and Timestamps

[5:52] David?s Maestros Ascendancy Pyromancer

[11:17] Grixis Pyromancer by DemonicTutors

[17:37] David?s Grixis Heart of Kiran

[24:41] Corpse Appraiser Midrange by DJeffWx

[30:05] Grixis Evelyn Vampires by kyon2014

[34:36] David?s Boros Charming Defector 1.1

[41:26] David?s Mardu Charming Defector

[45:28] Naya Dubious Challenge (Modern)

[49:03] Boros Death & Taxes (Modern)

[51:52] David?s Izzet Rielle Looting

[56:55] David?s Sultai Sidisi Midrange

[1:03:12] David?s Jund Shigeki Fires


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Ten Decks, 20 Lessons: Fundamentals of Brewing

Season 14, Episode 28: Weekly Roundup

Every deck tells a story, and every piece of tech holds a lesson. Today on Faithless Brewing, Cavedan and David look at ten intriguing decklists that have found success recently in Modern and Pioneer. What lessons can we learn from the choices made by these decklists, and how can we apply them to our own deckbuilding process?


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E28 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:10] Housekeeping

[10:48] Bloodtithe Niv-Mizzet by cftsoc3

[17:57] Mana Confluence Gruul Midrange by Sinisstar61

[23:13] Esper Goryobrand by Titasun

[29:11] Song of Creation Combo by Xenowan

[33:35] Izzet Bedlam Pyromancer by N1klas

[40:00] Jeskai Can?t Lose by Zaphod_Beeblebrox

[43:48] Vesperlark Urza by UsaZ

[49:13] Boros Kirin Conjurant by aspiringspike

[53:50] Kethis Combo by IPlayBadDecks

[1:00:10] Boros Virtue Hammer by CuteChandra19


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Mausoleum Secrets: The Last Demonic Tutor (ft. 1stTurnNegator)

Season 14, Episode 27: Brew Session (Mausoleum Secrets) ft. Soren Wellman

How far would you go for an instant speed Demonic Tutor? Compared to the slowness of Profane Tutor, a two mana instant is way above rate. But Mausoleum Secrets offers precisely this bargain. It can only fetch black cards, with mana value tied to your graveyard. But the power of Secrets has already yielded some spectacular 5-0s in black-based toolbox strategies.


Today on Faithless Brewing, Soren Wellman aka 1stTurnNegator joins Morde to unlock the secrets of the mausoleum and share his passion for brewing toolbox style control and tempo decks. Soren has a long history of success at the intersection of control decks and combo finishes: from Izzet Through the Breach, to Blue Moon, to Izzet Murktide, Reanimator and more. He also isn?t afraid to go deep into the tank and hone some truly impressive brews. Soren has been eyeing Mauseoleum Secrets for a while now, and is likely foremost expert on the card. What are the constraints of Mauseleum Secrets, and what new strategies can it unlock in Modern? We?re heading deep into the undergrowth today to find out.


Read more articles from Soren :


View the full show notes from today?s episode, with many additional brews:



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S14E27 Decklists and Timestamps


[1:20] Q&A with Soren Wellman (1stTurnNegator)


[8:39] Why do you brew?


[14:49] Brewing toolbox strategies


[18:36] When to play a meta deck vs. when to play a brew


[21:55] Housekeeping


Brew Session: Mausoleum Secrets


[23:47] Rules notes


[29:03] Why play tutors?


[35:30] Toolbox decks in the age of Yorion


[40:44] Limiting factors of Mausoleum Secrets


[48:07] The best black cards to tutor for


[58:33] Setting up undergrowth efficiently


[1:04:16] Dimir Shadow


[1:06:35] Grixis Mausoleum Reanimator


[1:09:27] Mardu Reanimator


[1:16:02] Tin Fins Reanimator by WalkedAir


[1:17:30] Grixis Rielle the Everwise


[ 1:18:34] Time Sieve Asmo Food


[1:24:00] RB Mausoleum Midrange


[1:26:21] 5c Death Denied Elementals


[1:30:03] Closing thoughts


Bonus decklists from 1stTurnNegator


Grixis Shredder (Mausoleum Toolbox Sideboard)


GB Hardened Scales


BW Maus Rack


Esper Maus Foretold


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The Enigmatic Architect of Tameshi Bloom (ft. Daviusminimus)

Season 14, Episode 26: Interview with Daviusminimus

With the CEO on vacation, Morde is joined by legendary brewer David Hassell (daviusminimus), the creator of Tameshi Bloom, Enigmatic Incarnation, and other crazy decks you may not have seen. They discuss Davius's greatest hits in Modern, from Zur the Enchanter, to Summoning Trap Kiki-Jiki, Bring to Light control and much more. Davius also weighs in on the challenges and rewards of brewing in the current Modern format.

Where to find Davius:

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S14E26 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:56] Q&A with Daviusminimus [8:11] Why do you brew? [14:42] 5c Enigmatic Incarnation [18:59] Bring to Light Kiki-Jiki [19:31] 5c Zur the Enchanter [23:06] Summoning Trap Combo [31:27] Davius?s 5-0s: Fauna Shaman, Prime Speaker Vannifer, Proto-Amulet [39:38] Tameshi Bloom [1:01:46] Current brewing projects [1:17:17] The challenges of brewing in Modern [1:22:41] Where to find Davius

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Ob Nixilis, the Adversary: What Went Wrong?

Season 14, Episode 25: Brew Session (Ob Nixilis, the Adversary) + Flashback (Moderation, Jinnie Fay)




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Activist Deckbuilding: Changing Technology in Modern and Pioneer

Season 14, Episode 24: Weekly Roundup




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S14E24 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:03] Checking in after Roe v. Wade

[22:08] Housekeeping

?Activist? deckbuilding with Sacred Ground

[23:28] RG Titanshift by swiftwarkite2

[26:49] Sacred Ground Cascade by TheWatchWander

Experimenting with Illuminator Virtuoso

[32:42] Boros Heroic by ura_frst

[34:32] Mardu Auras by OneModel

[35:42] GW ?Half Hexproof? by moyashi6498

[38:21] Modern Boros Ground Rift by aspiringspike

Indomitable Creativity: new endgames

[43:51] Izzet Gearhulk Creativity by LBBL

[45:41] Izzet One-Shot Creativity by MrRaeb

[49:31] Big Score Hullbreaker Control by _Togno

Red decks: an experimental frenzy of brews

[50:39] Chonky Red by Stranger99

[52:32] Gruul Embercleave by Tarzi

[53:42] Naya Magda Showdown by rapter995

Dubious Combo decks

[57:31] Vannifar Pod Combo by Iuriper

[1:01:31] Grinning Ignus Combo by Togec

[1:03:41] Naya Combat Celebrant by Iuriper

New Modern decks

[1:05:16] Boros Imperial Kitchen by Migli

[1:06:53] Jeskai Fervent Stoneblade by Snowga

[1:08:20] Upheaval Affinity by ShzockChan

[1:08:53] Sultai Crabvine by Anthony Mannino

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Moderation: The Anti-Ledger Shredder

Season 14, Episode 23: Brew Session (Moderation) + Flashback (Fight Rigging)

I?ll be honest: I don?t like birds. It seems like Ledger Shredder is everywhere these days, and players in all formats are addicted to casting two spells a turn. What?s worse, those conniving little squawkers get to trigger off MY spells. It?s greedy, and frankly quite rude.

Today on Faithless Brewing we push back against the Ledger Shredder trend. What if we NEVER cast two spells in a turn? And what if we got paid off hugely for doing so? Enter Moderation. This forgotten gem from MH2 has one of the most powerful lines of text imaginable: ?Whenever you cast a spell, draw a card.? Yes, the drawback is debilitating, but a payoff that strong is worth brewing for. And we?ll never have to trigger those pesky Ledger Shredders again.

Recent sets have brought tons of new cards that play nicely with Moderation. Instant speed is at a premium, ensuring that we draw on both halves of the turn cycle. Solitude, Force of Negation, Subtlety, The Wandering Emperor, and March of Otherworldly Light are a great start. Teferi, Time Raveler is at the peak of his powers , and he lets us bounce Moderation when we are done with it. Beyond that, we have sneaky effects that let us use mana without casting spells: channel lands (Boseiju, Otawara), cycling (Shark Typhoon), and even eternalize (Timeless Dragon) all work great. The pieces are in place, so let?s see if there?s a great Moderation deck to be discovered.

On the Flashback, our testing with Fight Rigging from last week also pushed us into anti-Ledger Shredder territory. What?s a great card against both the 1/3 flier and the Spirits deck that is trending up right now in Pioneer? Kraul Harpooner! This techy little insect is a great sideboard card right now, and its ETB can also trigger Fight Rigging all by itself. We share our findings with the unique hideaway enchantment, and suggest more directions to explore.


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S14E23 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:38] Housekeeping

[3:37] Double Master 2022

Brew Session: Moderation

[9:40] Theorycrafting

[12:09] Sam Black?s original design of Moderation

[17:00] Power level questions

[23:26] Getting around the drawback

[27:42] More staple inclusions

[30:51] Card draw and countermagic

[32:59] Emi?s Bant Moderation (Y)

[41:50] Other cards to consider

Flashback: Fight Rigging

[46:41] David?s Sultai Valki Rigging

[48:58] Dan?s Mono Green Company Rigging

[58:39] Final thoughts


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The State of Brewing in Modern (June-July 2022)

Season 14, Episode 22: Modern State of the Format + Picks of the Week

Two weeks ago, WotC declared Modern healthy and functioning as intended. No deck has too large of a meta share, the most popular deck (Izzet Murktide) is beatable, and plenty of people still succeed with their brews.

But at high level Modern tournaments, the top tables tell a different story. Three archetypes duel for dominance: the best control deck (4c Good Stuff), the best disruptive tempo teck (currently Izzet Murktide), and the best combo deck (currently Living End). It is a rock-paper-scissors dynamic that lesser decks struggle to disrupt.

Today on Faithless Brewing we put Modern under the microscope and dig into the top decks. Morde has been crushing with 4c Midrange lately (including a Top 32 finish in the Showcase Challenge two weeks ago) and shares his insights into the delirium package, the Elementals package, the importance of Wrenn and Six, and the strategy?s inherent variance. At the same time, other players have turned to big mana combos like RG TitanShift and alternative tempo shells like Grixis Ledger Shredder (formerly Grixis Death?s Shadow) to attack the format.

Finally, for the brewers at heart, we look at six under the radar decks that have recently found success in MTGO leagues. The rogue strategies pair forgotten classics like Vendilion Clique, Serum Powder, and Frantic Inventory with surprising new tech like Experimental Synthesizer, Michiko?s Reign of Truth, and Haktos the Unscarred. There?s still plenty of space to innovate in Modern if you are willing to brew outside the box!



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E22 Decklists and Timestamps

[3:32] Housekeeping

Modern State of the Format: The Top Tier

[6:14] The best cards in Modern right now

[9:43] 4c Midrange vs Izzet Murktide vs Living End

[12:08] When does a brew become a tier deck?

[17:41] The Elementals package vs traditional 4c Midrange

[21:32] The delirium package: Traverse the Ulvenwald, Emrakul, + Unholy Heat

[26:15] Can any ban hurt 4c Midrange?

[30:38] Wrenn and Six is the most important card

[36:05] RG TitanShift: a deck to slay Omnath

[39:08] Grixis Death?s Shadow

[43:36] Dealing with variance in Yorion decks

The State of Brewing: Spicy Lower Tier Decklists

[49:25] Mono Blue Tempo ft. Vendilion Clique

[51:57] Colorless Prison Tron ft. Serum Powder

[55:42] Shrapnel Red ft. Experimental Synthesizer

[57:37] Dreadnought Affinity ft. Michiko?s Reign of Truth

[1:01:31] Next Level Blue Moon ft. Frantic Inventory

[1:05:51] Mardu Ice Nine Special ft. Haktos the Unscarred

[1:09:45] Bant Soulherder

[1:13:53] Concluding thoughts


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Impossible 5-0 Lists with Fight Rigging

Season 14, Episode 21: Brew Session (Fight Rigging) + Flashback (Jinnie Fay, Jetmir?s Second)


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at

S14E21 Decklists and Timestamps

[2:07] Housekeeping [4:32] Double Masters 2022 [6:55] Magic 30th Anniversary Brew Session: Fight Rigging [9:39] Rules notes [14:49] Power level considerations [17:12] Fair vs unfair plans [20:35] Best creatures to unlock hideaway [28:59] Best payoffs [31:18] Other synergies [31:57] David's Sultai Valki Release [37:30] BG Collected Company by SuperCow12653 [40:53] David's Selesnya Rigged Scales [46:51] Sultai Rigging Ultimatum [50:09] BG Massacre Wurm [54:04] Simic Monkeys on Ice [57:48] Future directions to explore Flashback: Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second [1:01:10] Dan's Cabaretti Kitchen [1:07:26] Dan's 5c Gingerbread Galazeth BTL


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The Reality Chip: Uploading the Newest Pioneer Tech

Season 14, Episode 20: Weekly Roundup + Brew Session (The Reality Chip)

One week after the B&R, a new metagame is taking shape with Mono Green and Rakdos at the top. But beneath the surface, an ocean of spice is brewing. An amazing 54 decks were in Monday?s 5-0 deck dump, the highest number since January 2020.

Today on Faithless Brewing, Cavedan and David look at six of the most interesting lists from the post-Winota world. These include new experiments with Raffine and Extraction Specialist, red-less Arclight Phoenix, a re-imagining of Vampires, and multiple attempts to break Omnath with Pioneer?s available fetch lands. 

After that, we plug in The Reality Chip to see if there are more brews to discover with the legendary Jellyfish. Reality Chip shows up in Modern Stoneforge packages as well as some of the more spectacular Pioneer combos (Song of Creation, Jeskai Ascendancy, Paradox Engine). But can pairing the Chip with Tezzeret unlock a new style of midrange deck? Only time and testing will tell.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E20 Decklists and Timestamps

Weekly Roundup: Pioneer After the B&R [4:28] Tier 1 winners: Mono Green + Rakdos [11:57] Fetchland Niv-Mizzet by forenmagra [19:29] Dimir Phoenix by Veraquios [22:48] Esper Raffine Humans by ilidioTheBrabo157SL [26:41] Bant Pyre Humans by AlabasterWolfie [31:59] 5c Widespread Thieving by tara [36:30] Grixis Vampires by Arianne Brew Session: The Reality Chip [40:38] David's Bant Tezzerator 2.0 [46:04] Grinding Breach by Jiggywiggy [47:08] Fervent Stoneblade by YungDingo [48:13] Combo decks: Song of Creation, Paradox Engine, Jeskai Ascendancy [49:50] Izzet Antiquities War by New_Player-123 [54:19] Other directions to explore

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The Truth About Cats & Dogs: Jinnie Fay in Modern and Pioneer

Season 14, Episode 19: Brew Session (Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second)


Today on Faithless Brewing we explore the Cabaretti capo, Jinnie Fay, Jetmir?s Second. Jinnie won our patron vote by a wide margin and it?s not hard to see why. Token engines are always fun and Jinnie is very open ended. But is she powerful? That?s what we hope to find out.

As a general rule, the worse the original token, the more Jinnie?s upgrade ability is worth. Food, Clues, Treasures, and Blood stand out here, as the difference between a noncreature token and a 2/2 haste Cat or 3/1 vigilance Dog is huge. Tokens with drawbacks, such as decayed Zombies from Jadar, Ghoulcaller of Nephalia, are also ripe for upgrades. Mechanics that generate 0/0 tokens like Germs or Fractals also become attractive; can we interest you in a 6/6 Batterskull with Haste? Jinnie also plays nicely with cards that generate tokens tapped and attacking (hello, Den of the Bugbear), or that create a token and then separately give it haste (hello, Sokenzan, Crucible of Defiance).

The possibilities for Jinnie are nearly limitless, so we?re going to need several attempts to find the most promising configurations. Today we discuss six possible shells in Modern and Pioneer where Jinnie Fay?s cats and dogs are ready to get their party on. Where should we look next?


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E19 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:27] Results of the last vote [3:29] The Reality Chip [5:12] Moderation [8:42] Mausoleum Secrets Brew Session: Jinnie Fay, Jetmir's Second [11:16] Rules notes [22:35] The best tokens to upgrade [30:01] Synergies with individual cards [50:03] GW Tokens by MerynMoon (Modern) [53:50] Emi's Naya Tokens (Modern) [56:56] Dan's Naya Company Kitchen (Modern) [1:01:47] Emi's Sultai Lonis Kitchen (Modern) [1:05:21] David's Gruul Jinnie Ramp (Pioneer) [1:09:13] David's GW Tokens (Pioneer) [1:11:31] More directions to explore


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Good Ban / Bad Ban: Pioneer after Expressive Iteration & Winota

Season 14, Episode 18: Weekly Roundup + Flashback (Extraction Specialist)



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E18 Timestamps

[2:51] Housekeeping Roundup: News of the Week [5:21] Analyzing the Pioneer B&R [7:52] Winota: Good ban or bad ban? [13:14] Expressive Iteration: Good ban or bad ban? [24:23] Predictions: the future of the Pioneer meta [36:39] A new Pioneer tier list [38:29] Health check: the state of Modern [42:00] More bans coming soon? Flashback: Extraction Specialist [44:05] Emi's Esper Hatebears w/ Dark Confidant [51:58] David's Esper Raffine Aggro [56:13] Dan's Orzhov Coveted Prize  [1:03:10] PSA: MTGO All Access

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Hidden Gem? Extraction Specialist Is Seeing Play in Every Format

Season 14, Episode 17: Brew Session (Extraction Specialist) + Flashback (Jund Week)

Extraction Specialist looks unassuming, but packs a huge punch. A fully powered Specialist returning a high value 2 drop rivals Collected Company in power but costs 1 less and asks for minimal deckbuilding costs. 3/2 lifelink impacts the battlefield in ways that Renegade Rallier never could, and more importantly, the ETB effect just plain works ? no fiddly revolt setups required.

All of this combines to make Extraction Specialist a quiet star from Streets of New Capenna and perhaps the most successful white card from the set. It is already seeing playing in Modern Humans and Legacy Taxes decks. But the card is capable of even more, especially in smaller formats.

Today on Faithless Brewing we tackle the newest addition to white?s 3 drop arsenal. We explore basic Humans tribal, sacrifice synergies with Pyre of Heroes, wombo combos with Archfiend?s Vessel, and even dust off the party mechanic to try to make Coveted Prize happen. What else can Extraction Specialist do? Let?s find out!

In the Flashback segment, we report on our testing results from Riveteers week. We tried builds with Riveteers Ascedancy, Tenacious Underdog, Riveteers Charm, and Ziatora?s Envoy in Modern and Pioneer. Which deck was able to achieve the ?Jund 5-0??


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


S14E16 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:12] Housekeeping [11:46] Gruul Lukka Trasmogrify [19:54] Mono Green Stompy w/ Fight Rigging [25:44] Boros Midrange (Boat Brew 2022) [30:55] Bant Nine Lives Combo Prison [36:36] Simic Paradox Engine w/ Courier's Briefcase [40:19] GW Angel Company + Bant Angel Company [44:31] Esper Angel Pyre w/ Angel of Suffering Combo [49:11] Rakdos Waste Not w/ Ob Nixilis, the Adversary [55:02] Rakdos Madness Vampires [1:00:17] Esper Greasefang w/ Raffine + The Modern Age [1:04:38] The state of brewing in Pioneer

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10 New Decks That Will Restore Your Faith in Pioneer

Season 14, Episode 16: Weekly Roundup

Pioneer is a brewer?s paradise and don?t let anyone tell you otherwise. While the top tables at the weekly Challenges may have familiar archetypes, look a little further and you will find no shortage of spice. In today?s episode of Faithless Brewing we dissect 10 fun Pioneer decks from recent leagues and challenges that found success far off the beaten path. We look at Fight Rigging Stompy, Nine Lives Prison, Paradox Briefcase Combo, Angel Pyre with Angel of Suffering Combo, and much more. These are best Pioneer lists to nourish a brewer?s soul and restore your faith in the heart of the cards. Will any of them become a fixture in the meta? That part is up to you.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E16 Decklists and Timestamps


[4:12] Housekeeping [11:46] Gruul Lukka Trasmogrify [19:54] Mono Green Stompy w/ Fight Rigging [25:44] Boros Midrange (Boat Brew 2022) [30:55] Bant Nine Lives Combo Prison [36:36] Simic Paradox Engine w/ Courier's Briefcase [40:19] GW Angel Company + Bant Angel Company [44:31] Esper Angel Pyre w/ Angel of Suffering Combo [49:11] Rakdos Waste Not w/ Ob Nixilis, the Adversary [55:02] Rakdos Madness Vampires [1:00:17] Esper Greasefang w/ Raffine + The Modern Age [1:04:38] The state of brewing in Pioneer


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Jund ?Em Out: Riveteers Brews to Go 3-2 In Style

Season 14, Episode 14: Brew Session (Riveteers Week) + Flashback (Raffine, Scheming Seer)


Watch our Esper Raffine deck in action:



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E15 Decklists and Timestamps

[4:44] Housekeeping Brew Session: Riveteers Week [8:05] What is the essence of Jund? [11:21] Ziatora, the Incinerator [12:32] Ognis, the Dragon's Lash [13:40] Riveteers Charm [18:49] David's Jund Delirium [27:36] BG Rock w/ Invoke Despair [30:29] Jund Delirium by claudioh [32:21] David's Jund Riveteers Charm [37:28] Jund Midrange w/ Ziatora's Envoy [44:14] Emi's Riveteers Ascendancy Flashback: Raffine, Scheming Seer [53:21] Dan's Esper Raffine Aggro [1:01:56] Emi's Raffine Taxes

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Make Your Choice! 11 Spicy Cards to Brew in June 2022 (ft. Serum Visions)

Season 14, Episode 14: Monthly Project Recap (Invoke Calamity) + Brewers' Choice Nominees


As our first monthly brewing project draws to a close, we summon Brian Madden and Arun "Jiggywiggy" Singh from the Serum Visions Podcast to discuss our findings with Invoke Calamity. Between Land Destruction, Turbo Fog, Body of Research Fling Combo, and Collected Conjuring with Rhinos, was the crew able to find a promising home for our 1RRRR friend?

After that, it's time to unveil the ballot for next month's brewing project. 11 cards have been submitted for consideration by the Faithless Brewing community and they are juicy. From ancient classics like Painter's Servant and Boomerang, to new legends like Jinnie Fae and Toluz, Clever Conductor, there's no shortage of spice to choose from. Voting starts this week, so come join our Discord if you'd like to get in on the action!



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



S14E14 Serum Visions #2

Project Recap (May 2022): Invoke Calamity [5:34] Brian's Gruul Land Destruction [19:07] Temur Turbo Fog by MMP [28:45] Dan's Body of Research Fling Combo [33:11] Emi's Temur Collected Conjuring [40:33] Finale of Promise vs. Electrodominance vs. As Foretold [46:12] Closing Thoughts on Invoke Calamity Make Your Choice: 11 New Cards to Brew [52:14] Efreet Flamepainter [55:53] Jinnie Fae, Jetmir's Second [59:40] Moderation [1:05:34] Getaway Car [1:09:00] Ashaya, Soul of the Wild [1:12:53] Mausoleum Secrets [1:17:51] Painter's Servant [1:21:04] Skybind [1:24:05] Boomerang [1:26:47] The Reality Chip [1:30:34] Toluz, Clever Conductor

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Esper Week: Obscure Problems with Raffine, Scheming Seer

Season 14, Episode 13: Brew Session (Obscura Week)


The time for the Shards has returned. Last week we had a little tour around New Capenna, visiting the Broker´s HQ, now its time for the Obscura. With the release of the new Triome, alongside a few amazing Esper cards, can the shard return to competitive play? First firing our rounds into Pioneer. David takes his beloved Obscura Interceptor for a test in his Esper midrange build, followed by falling in love with Raffine Itself as he sees its true power in a token build. Meanwhile in Modern, is it time for Esper reanimator to take the spotlight once more? Or is Tainted Indulgence not good enough to carry it on its own? Tune in to see on today´s episode 



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



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Ban This, Not That: State of Pioneer (May 2022)

Season 14, Episode 12: Brew Session (Showdown of the Skalds) + Pioneer Discussion


With the announcement that the first paper Pro Tour is gona have Pioneer as its format of choice, there has been a huge influx of new players into the format. What at first seemed like a beautiful thing has caused the amount of discourse regarding the format to escalate, and with that the claims for bans are reaching levels that had not been seen since the Underworld Breach era. However, our local Pioneer Expert has quite a different perspective from that, is the future of pioneer in Unbannings cards? Followed by that, our brewers dig into the last Runner-up from the Monthly Project, showing some grindy brews around a fan favourite: Showdown of the Skald 


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at


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Shredding Through the Streets of New Capenna

Season 14, Episode 11: Brew Session Ledger Shredder

Ledger shredded has only grown in popularity since released and it has evolved into one of, if not the most, played card from Streets of New Capenna. With it seeing play in not only Modern and Pioneer, but also Legacy and Vintage, its no surprise its price has surged over the 30 tix line.

With all this hype around the card, it seems like the perfect time for our Faithless Brewers to take a look into it, and try to find the perfect home for our beloved bird. 


Finally, you can checkout Cavedan´s bant flash gameplay in our youtube channel, to see how our flashback brews have performed:


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at




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Putting the ?Flash? Back in Flashback

Season 14, Episode 10: Brew Session Cunning Nightbonder + "Flash Week"


For the past few weeks the Faithless Gang has been putting their efforts into brewing around the winner of the monthly project "Invoke Calamity". However, during the voting, there were a few cards that captivated our audience and were extremely close to taking it home: Among these 2 runner ups was (somehow) fan favorite "Cunning Nightbonder".

Per Morde?s suggestion, each of the runner-ups in the voting will get a one-off segment. One week only. Our Faithless Brewers will each play 1 list and report on it. They will also highlight other ideas for Cunning Nightbonder / flash decks.

Finally, it has come to our attention that today was our 3rd year anniversary and we can do nothing but thank everyone that has supported us over these years, be it our listeners, patrons, guests or supporting friends. Thanks so much for being here and trust us, this is only the beginning.

This episode might not be the celebration you might have expected, but we promise that is coming when the original crew gets back together next week.


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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



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Triome Trouble: Bant Week ft. Spara?s Headquarters

Season 14, Episode 9: Brew Session (Spara's Headquarters) + Flashback (Luxior, Giada's Gift)


The allied-color Triomes give a huge boost to three color decks in Pioneer. When paired with shocks and "check" lands (e.g. Glacial Fortress, Hinterland Harbor), reactive three color decks can now cast color-intensive spells from turn 2 onward in a way that Pathways simply didn't allow.

The biggest winner on this front is Bant. Simic has powerful spells, most notably Growth Spiral, but the lack of removal in blue and green makes it necessary to splash a third color. White is the perfect complement, thanks to The Wandering Emperor, March of Otherworldly Light, Absorb, and other useful interaction.

This week we put Spara's Headquarters to the test in Bant Tempo and Bant Control lists. Are these lands enough to finally make Bant happen? We won't know until we Triome!

Meanwhile, on the flashback, we test Luxior, Giada's Gift in two different Modern combo shells, and track developments in our monthly project with Invoke Calamity.



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Decklists for this episode can be viewed at



Dan's Saheeli Luxior Triple Combo Gameplay (YouTube):


S14E09 Decklists and Timestamps

[1:24] Housekeeping Brew Sesion: Spara's Headquarters [5:48] Why Triomes? Why Bant? [7:40] Building Pioneer Mana Bases: Triomes vs Pathways [8:43] David's Bant Flash w/ Nightpack Ambusher [15:39] David's Bant Lotus Field Control [23:46] Emi's Bant Yorion Blink (Modern) Flashback: Luxior, Giada's Gift [30:18] Dan's Jeskai Saheeli Triple Combo [38:17] Dan's Gruul Devoted Karn [43:28] Monthly Project: Invoke Calamity [46:00] Emi's Temur Collected Calamity 1.1 [48:37] 4c Collected Calamity by KilgoreTrout503 [50:59] Izzet Gearhulk Control by rapter1551 [52:20] Thousand-Year Storm by Haksu

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