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A series of podcast documentaries from Sky News, telling compelling and unheard real life stories from around the UK.


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The hunt for the Brink's-Mat gold: Part one - the heist

In 1983, members of an armed gang break into the maximum security Brink?s-Mat depot near London?s Heathrow Airport and escape with £26m in gold. As the pressure mounts, Metropolitan Police chiefs turn to a wily, undercover detective with a reputation for being lucky. Ian Brown is given the job of cracking one of the most high-profile cases in Britain?s criminal history. But first, he must get on the trail that will lead to the missing gold.
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Trailer: The hunt for the Brink's-Mat gold

In 1983, an armed gang stole £26m in gold bars from a high-security depot near London?s Heathrow Airport. Dubbed the crime of the century by the press, the heist changed the face Britain?s criminal landscape and the life of one undercover Scotland Yard detective. Ian Brown tells what happened when he was sent out to recover the gold. Narrated by Sky News crime correspondent Martin Brunt.
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En liten tjänst av I'm With Friends. Finns även på engelska.
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