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I Mean... Why Not?!

I Mean... Why Not?!

A little bit of catching up and a whole lot of laughter is what you can expect when these three boyband moms get together. You might know them as the moms of Daniel, Jack and Zach of the band Why Don?t We. Get to know them as they share laugh-out-loud, relatable stories about family, pop culture, and life in general! Each week they invite you in for some much-needed girl time! So grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and join them as they talk about ?all the things.? Social Media Handles: @mama.herron @keriseavey @kdancing @imeanwhynotpodcast


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Let's Start at the Very Beginning...

Kristin, Keri, and Myta, introduce themselves and share stories of how they met, what life has been like as band moms, their move to LA, living life together...and OCTOPUS BALLS! So come join them on their journey, and give it a listen. I mean... WHY NOT?! 
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I Mean... Why Not?! (Trailer)

Coming Soon... July 10th @ 10:00AM Central Time
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