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Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

Two Ts In A Pod with Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge

Two "ex-housewives" Watching, Recapping, Armchair Quarterbacking, Breaking Down all the Breaking News. Teddi Mellencamp and Tamra Judge team up to Tell All. Listen each week as they watch and rehash as only they can. Who knows housewives better than housewives?! Right?! Teddi and Tamra are Two Ts in a Pod. (Telling All).


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Mellencamp: From BH to OC

Is Teddi moving to the OC?! 

What does this mean for the Twots?

What?s going on with Leah on UGT? We are so confused. And, are we about to see BFFs Alexia and Marysol fight?! Uh oh!

Plus, we?re recapping Jersey and we simply can?t get over Luis holding Melissa?s hand!!

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The Porsha Show

Three UGT Eps. 

Two Crocs.

Only one Pepsi.

The Twots reveal their first impressions of the new season of RHUGT in Thailand. One thing is for sure ? Porsha is stealing the show!

Plus, we tackle some Housewife Headlines ? and yes, we are discussing Shannon?s new guy!

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Keep calm and go to Vegas (with your husband)

The husbands are in the hot seat!! Edwin Arroyave, Eddie Judge and Shane Simpson reveal all.

How did the show affect their marriage?

What is the key to getting through the tough times and those *dry spells*?

Oh, and should Teddi, Tamra and Emily do Only Fans?

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with EMILY SIMPSON

The OC & BH are bringing the party to VEGAS!

Emily Simpson and Tamra address the beef they had when they first met and how they got to where they are today.

Plus, we get all the juicy scoop on Noella, Taylor Armstrong and a taste of what the new season will be like.

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Waxes, Whoppers and WWHL

New Jersey is as explosive as ever!!

Should Teresa have invited Melissa?s mom to the wedding??
What?s the deal with Danielle and her brother?
Is Jennifer Aydin responsible for Teresa?s wedding hair?
How painful was it to watch John Fuda?s chest be waxed?

Then, we get into the final episode of the RHOM reunion. Who was the weakest link?!

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with CANDIACE DILLARD BASSETT

Not today Titties!!

It is a love fest when the Twots meet Candiace!

Imagine you go to Thailand with your mortal enemy and it gets filmed for TV. Spoiler Alert: Gizelle + Candiace on RHUGT is going to be juicy!

Plus, we get the dirty scoop on RHOP and her current relationship status with Gizelle and why she thinks Robyn is the ultimate undercover chess player.

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Why such small couches?

We have never seen Andy so fired up at a reunion before!

Do we believe Larsa truly had sex 4 times a night for 23 years?! 

Also, was it just us, or was the entire cast of RHOM shoved onto two tiny couches for the reunion?

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with RACHEL FUDA

Rachel Fuda may be a NJ newbie but she?s serving the tea piping hot! 

Does she hold a grudge against Jennifer Aydin for calling out her nose job?

Who is the most toxic on the cast? 

Is she getting along with Danielle? 

Oh and, we?re calling Rachel out on her Finsta! #BravoLover1234

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The Way We Bugle

The Elton John Oscar Party was filled with Housewives including Lisa Rinna, Kyle Richards, Jill Zarin and Dorit Kemsley. But, one of their outfits had us doing a double take!!

We?re tackling headlines, answering your need to knows and recapping RHONJ.

One thing we can all agree on? the new girls are bringing the heat to NJ!!

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A Housewives Guide to Narcissism

The tea is piping hot recapping RHONJ & RHOM.

Did Gia accidentally insinuate that Luis is the problem? And, do the Twots agree?

Between Marysol?s bedazzled blow horn, Larsa?s lip licking and all the yelling, we are exhausted after watching the RHOM reunion!

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Tea Time! Part II with MELISSA GORGA

Melissa is confronting the TwoTs about something they did. How will they respond?

We?re talking RHONJ and how this is one of the most stressful seasons ever for Melissa. Is reconciliation with Teresa even possible??

For Part 1 of this interview, listen to On Display with Melissa Gorga!


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4 Times a Night?!

The Twots are loading up on champagne to dissect the RHOP reunion! Find out what Teddi and Tamra would like to say to Chris Bassett now AFTER watching. 

Juicy headlines! How does Larsa have sex 4 times a day?! 

Finally, do you like your own IG and Tik Tok posts?! Oh, Tamra?

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The Scandoval of the Century

We interrupt this program to dive into the biggest hot topic of the year.

Vanderpump Rules. Raquel (Rachel??). Sandoval. Schwartz. Ariana.

There is so much to talk about and Twots are giving you their hot take!

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with CHRIS BASSETT

The RHOP reunion was beyond dramatic so Chris Bassett (Candiace?s husband) is here to clear the air.

What really happened with Gizelle?
What are his thoughts on Juan and Robyn?
When are Candiace and Chris having kids?

And, this is only the start of where the TWOTS are taking this!

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Tamra Grudge

A certain NJ Housewife has some harsh words for Tamra? 

We are devastated. Ralph and Drew announce their divorce.

And, of course we recap Miami and Jersey.

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Melissa enters the Group Chat

After our Jacqueline Laurita episode, a current Housewife has come forward with some facts? and receipts!

Was the RHOP reunion a boring snooze fest or did you love it?

And of course, the Twots discuss new Housewife rumors and the upcoming RHUGT season in Thailand.

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Adriana, what the? ???

Adriana? what are you doing?! Talk about an analogy gone wrong!!

Find out why the Twots believe Jennifer Aydin is moments away from exploding.

Also, should Pamela Anderson be a Housewife?

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with JACQUELINE LAURITA

It?s the juiciest Twots episode ever!

Jacqueline Laurita does not hold back!

We?re talking Teresa, Melissa, Dina, Caroline, Danielle, Luis, both Joe?s and SO much more?

Get ready because we are diving in deep to RHONJ.

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We like our Housewives Messy

It?s a HOT MESS in Housewives world!!

Jen Shah in prison.

Eminem goes after Robyn and Gizelle.

Joe Gorga?s Bahamas run in with Joe Giudice.

And, the RHOP Reunion is finally here. Should a married man be in a hotel room with a single woman?

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with STEPHANIE HOLLMAN

What is up with these RHOD reboot rumors? We get all the answers.

Where do things stand with Stephanie and LeeAnne Locken?  

Plus, Stephanie reveals her dream Ultimate Girl?s Trip cast.

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Sex Chairs & Scandals

Teddi reveals if Denise texted her back. Will it shock you? 

Between Braunwyn?s Vegas ?wedding? and Brandi Glanville?s scandal, we have a lot to talk about.

Then, we?re recapping NJ & Miami. Teddi slides into a certain Miami housewives DMs and we have all the details.

Plus, we get an update on Tamra?s sex chair.

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Getting the Tea with MARGARET JOSEPHS

Grab your iced coffee in a wine glass and sit down with Margaret Josephs!! 

We are getting all the juicy BTS on the new season of RHONJ. 

Does she regret going to Teresa?s wedding? Does she have hope for Teresa and Melissa? 

This doesn?t even begin to cover how deep we?re going.

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Will She Text Back?

Breaking News: Teddi texts Denise.

Is a mended friendship in their future??

RHONJ is back and it?s coming in hot.  Are Melissa and Teresa doomed forever?

Plus, our thoughts on the New NJ Housewives! Who are we loving? And who, not so much.

And of course, we recap the heat coming in from Miami!

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Watch What Happens Robyn

Robyn on WWHL was a major YIKES! What does this mean for her future on Potomac?

RHOP Finale was a bust. Why is Ashley Darby buying a house with her ex?s LLC?? Are you as confused as we are?

Plus, Tamra dishes on a whirlwind weekend with Margaret Josephs and Dorinda Medley!

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Birds of a Feather flock Together

It?s a doozy this SLC Reunion! Is Heather playing the victim? 
Is Whitney the only one keeping it real??

Once again,  Miami is doing the most!
We don?t understand why Alexia is so upset with Nicole.
And then Todd and Anthony go at it? something is up!

But more importantly, who is in the wheelchair?

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Double Dipping

Why is everyone double dipping? Over it!

Jill Zarin has Tamra fired up? again. 

And would Tracy Tutor make a good housewife?

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The Most Hated Housewife

The Most Hated Housewife award goes to? (listen to find out!)

But, who is the most hated husband?? That?s for you to decide!

Plus, recapping Potomac. Should Ashley Darby get back together with Michael?

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OnlyFans and Naked Billboards

Teddi is going to be naked on a billboard?!

RHONJ taglines are out and we are rating them and adding our hot take.

Plus, our first glimpse at the Potomac reunion outfits. Find out who topped our most fashionable list and who missed.

And, should Eddie Judge join OnlyFans?

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Blue Eyes

Meghan King talks threesomes? woah!

Does Karen have it out for Robyn? 
Is Juan cheating on Robyn?
And who is blue eyes?

Plus, recapping RHOP and it?s juicy!

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CABO WABO (with Kyle Richards)

Teddi is in Cabo with Kyle Richards? for her birthday trip! 

Kyle is in the hot seat answering ALL of our burning questions including why she distanced herself from the RHOBH ladies this year and how she feels about a Legacy show for Beverly Hills.

Plus, Tamra contemplates joining OnlyFans to spy on another housewife.

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And we?re blocked again?

Who blocked Teddi this time??

RHOP reunion seating chart is out and Gizelle is in the first seat but should she be?

And, the engagement party of the year? we are dying over Nicole?s party!

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Who?s the Queen of Potomac??

Is Charisse the Queen of Potomac? 

The Twots dissect this week?s RHOP episode and one thing we can all agree on? Mia is messy!

Plus, we?re diving deep into this week?s headlines. 
Shannon?s ex is dating? who?!
And Teddi settles a nasty rumor about Kyle.

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Teddi has an Anxiety Attack

Teddi?s anxiety is running high and she?s experiencing it in real time. 

The Twots dig deep into Shannon Beador?s break up? Is his ?one-week-after-filming-ended? breakup suspicious?

SLC finale left us bored? yawn. 

Miami is heating up, wow Lenny!

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Belly Flop

Tamra is back and she gives us an update on her new belly button! 

RHUGT cast reveal!  Has Teddi spoken to Lisa Rinna? And, how SLC will be different next year.

Plus, is Miami taking over Potomac?s highly coveted honor of being Teddi?s top franchise?!

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6.5 Years

Covering all the breaking news! Jen Shah is sentenced to 6.5 years in prison. What does it mean for the future of RHOSLC?

Lisa Rinna announces she?s leaving the franchise! Who is going to step it up in her absence ? Denise? LVP? Brandi?

And then, Miami and SLC going strong. Don?t miss the recap of this week?s episodes.

Real Housewives is the gift that keeps on giving.

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Cheater, Cheater, Pumpkin eater

Brandi Glanville jumps in to recap Miami and Potomac.
Brandi knows a lot about cheating scandals on reality TV? so what?s her take on Lenny and Lisa? It will shock you.
Plus, more theories on who gave Heather Gay that black eye? we just can?t get over it!!

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Two T?s Getting the Tea with EVA MARCILLE

Eva made a massive mistake?and divulges all right here right now!

Hint: it involves Andy AND Porsha.

Plus, Eva and Tamra reminisce over the Berkshires and reveal unbelievable RHUGT BTS. 

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Two T?s Getting the Tea with EBONI K. WILLIAMS

Order in the court!  Court is in session with Eboni and Two T?s!!

Curious why RHONY didn't had a reunion last season? Are Leah and Eboni on speaking terms? Where do things stand today with Eboni and Ramona?

The Twots discover who is innocent and who is guilty as charged.

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Beauty is in the EYE of the beholder

Ok, is Heather?s black eye real? We just don?t get it?

Find out why RHOM may be our favorite franchise? Ever.

And in breaking News ? SLC Reunion looks are out AND a RHONJ trailer has been released? Merry Christmas to us!

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Drunk Dial w/ Erika Jayne and Cynthia Bailey

After a few glasses of champagne, the Twots are revved up about this week?s Housewife Headlines. 

They were compelled to call the Housewives themselves live on air!! That?s right, Erika Jayne and Cynthia Bailey chime in LIVE on their very own headlines. 

Can we also make it through a recap of RHOP, RHOM and SLC?? You?ll have to tune in to find out.

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Two Ts Getting the Tea with LUANN DE LESSEPS (part 2)

The Countess is here and she?s not holding back!

Luann and Bethenny are feuding and the TWOTS get all the tea!
Who blocked who, who unfollowed who, and why?!  This drama is real.

Plus, Luann serves up some major tea on RHONY Legacy.

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Why You Gotta Be So Mean?!

RHOM has finally returned and this season is hot hot hot!!

There?s trouble in paradise aka Miami Paradise? with Lenny and Lisa! Was Lenny?s hot mic moment even a hot mic? The Twots have theories?

And why is having a mortgage a bad thing?!

Plus, "I?m not mean"!!

Is Nicole mean???!!!!

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My Ride or Die

What happens in Vegas?. Doesn?t stay in Vegas.

Tamra was there with Melissa Gorga AND Brandi Glanville? find out what went down.

Plus, the Twots are tackling the hottest housewife headlines. Between Lenny Hochstein and Jen Shah, some people are better off not being on Twitter and Instagram.

And, of course we?re recapping SLC & RHOP!

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Two Ts getting the Tea with ANGIE KATSANEVAS (RHOSLC)

This ?friend of? is READY for her snowflake!!Angie K reveals the BTS of the moment Jen Shah poured champagne all over her head? and let?s just say there is A LOT to discuss.Plus? the good, the bad and the ugly of the SLC Housewives. Angie isn?t holding back and neither are the Twots! Buckle up!!

See for privacy information.

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Schadenfreude in the SLC and RHOP

Messy messy ? these  Housewives are getting messy!!

SLC, we?re pouring Champagne on people?s heads and  Zen Jen isn?t so Zen after all.

Who will be holding snowflakes next year?
Also, STILL no black eye?!!

Topic of the day ? are threesomes marriage killers?

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We?re Unfollowed and Sweet James shows up!

Awkward encounter????

Tamra runs into Sweet James (RHOC?s Noella?s ex husband) at Jingle Ball and she?s dishing it ALL!!

In other news, one housewife has decided to unfollow the Twots. UH OH!

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Two Ts and a Badass B

THE TEA!!!! With Brandi Glanville in the hot seat, this is one of the juiciest Twots ever.

Who was the rudest person at Bravo Con?
Find out.

Will she return to RHOBH??
Find out.

Status of Brandi?s relationship with Kim Richards???
Find out.

But most importantly, Teddi & Tamra get an update on Brandi?s dating life as she reveals the greatest celebrity sex she?s ever had and if she will ever get married.

See for privacy information.

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Party in the R-H-O-P

Was it really a party in Potomac? Or was it a complete disaster?

Drinks were flying. Candaice is crying. And Karen is getting a birthday she?ll never forget. 

Who?s to blame?! The Twots weigh in!!

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Champagne Problems

Two T?s in a Pod = Double Trouble? especially when champagne is involved!!

Teddi is reliving WWHL with her dad. And we are answering your questions LIVE.

Does the Fox Force Five still exist? Are the Twots Team Mia or Wendy? And SO MUCH MORE.

See for privacy information.

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The Twots Tackling Tough Terrifying Questions

The TWOTS answer YOUR questions? no matter how hard and difficult they are.

Fox Force 5? OC legacy? Even Jen Shah?

No holds barred.

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