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The World of Intelligence

The World of Intelligence

Janes delivers validated open-source defence intelligence across four core capability areas threat, equipment, defence industry and country that are aligned with workflows across the defence industry, national security and government.


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OSINT Ethical Considerations with Amy Zegart

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OSINT in the Commercial Sector with LifeRaft

In this episode of The World of Intelligence we speak with Neil Spencer on the value of OSINT in the commercial sector.

Neil Spencer is the Director of Strategy and Partnerships for LifeRaft. He has more than twenty years of security industry experience, during which time he has advised both corporate and government sectors. His research focuses on the security and intelligence markets to understand how new technologies, trends, and online data sources impact assets and operations.

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OSINT in Action

In the context of the Ukraine conflict this podcast examines the open-source environment that is now available to analysts to derive insight and intelligence, lessons learned and future implications.

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Ukraine Conflict Review (April 2022)

Podcast recording date: 26 April 2022.

Huw Williams of our EMEA news team chairs a discussion focussed on the Russian invasion of Ukraine featuring Amael Kotlarski, Senior Analyst at Janes, Thomas Bullock, Senior Russia and CIS OSINT Analyst at Janes and James Rands, C4ISR Manager at Janes.

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Coming of Age for OSINT Technology: A Conversation with Emily Harding

In the latest episode of The World of Intelligence podcast we speak to Emily Harding, Deputy Director and Senior Fellow, International Security Program at the Center for Strategic and International Studies (CSIS) around the latest technology in OSINT, in particular we cover the recent report "Move Over JARVIS, Meet OSCAR: Open-Source, Cloud-Based, AI-Enabled Reporting for the Intelligence Community" which is available to download here:

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The application of OSINT in the counter-terrorist role

In this episode of the World of Intelligence podcast, we speak to Don Rassler, Director of Strategic Initiatives at the Combating Terrorism Center at the U.S. Military Academy at West Point. The conversation in this episode is focused on the utility and application of OSINT in the counter-terrorism arena.

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Ukraine Conflict: A Review of the First Week

Huw Williams of our EMEA news team chairs a discussion focussed on the Russian invasion of the Ukraine asking why were the Russian actions so different to expectations, what were they trying to achieve and what went wrong? 


Amael Kotlarski, Senior Analyst at Janes, Thomas Bullock, Senior Russia and CIS OSINT Analyst at Janes and James Rands, C4ISR Manager at Janes, discuss these questions across the land, maritime and air domains with reference to combat, logistics, command and control, communications, ISR and planning. 


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Russia/Ukraine - Coming of Age for OSINT?

In the latest episode of The World of Intelligence podcast, we speak to Thomas Bullock, Senior Russia and CIS OSINT Analyst at Janes and Christian Haimet, Country Intelligence Analyst at Janes, about the real-world utility of OSINT.

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Bringing integrated data to life

In the first episode of the year, Harry and Sean discuss the value of interconnecting and integrating open-source intelligence data through the lens of several use cases. We discuss both the theoretical and the practical OSINT purposes to realise the real value of data manipulation in solving specific problem sets. 

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Commercial OSINT challenges with Fivecast

In this episode of The World of Intelligence we talk about some of the current real-world challenges we face and how commercial open-source providers like Janes and like our guests, Fivecast, have started to solve some of those challenges and how we are supporting government agencies. Fivecast is a world leading provider of digital intelligence solutions that enable public and private organisations to explore the masses of data, uncovering insights which are critical to protecting their communities.

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How emerging technologies drive the development of open-source intelligence

In this episode of the Janes podcast we look at the application of emerging technologies to enhance the value and to drive the development of open-source intelligence or OSINT. For example, we look at the use of artificial intelligence and using algorithms to make sense of enormous data sets. 

Michael Horowitz is the director of Perry House and the Richard Perry professor at the University of Pennsylvania. He's an acclaimed author of books and peer reviewed articles, often based on his research interests in the intersection of emerging technologies, such as artificial intelligence and robotics, with global politics and military innovation. 

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The Power of Geography: A conversation with Tim Marshall

In this episode of the Janes podcast, Tim Marshall, journalist and author of The Power of Geography, in conversation with Terry Pattar, examine how our politics, demographics, economies and societies are determined by geography.

Tim Marshall wrote the international best selling book Prisoners of Geography. Tim was diplomatic editor at Sky News and has also worked for the BBC and LBC/IRN radio. He has reported from 40 countries and covered conflicts in Croatia, Bosnia, Macedonia, Kosovo, Afghanistan, Iraq, Lebanon, Syria and Israel.

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How to become an effective leader with Lt Col Langley Sharp

In this episode of the Janes podcast, Lt Col Langley Sharp shares lessons learned in leadership from his career in the Parachute Regiment which has seen him deployed to Northern Ireland, Macedonia, Afghanistan and Iraq. Among his many varied roles, he has led a counter-insurgency Task Force operation, commanded a Parachute Regiment Battalion, and delivered the Ministry of Defence?s training programme for the London 2012 Olympics, for which he was awarded an MBE.

Lt Col Langley Sharp is the author of The Habit of Excellence; the official British Army book on what makes its leadership so successful, and how to become a better leader yourself - whatever your field.

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Cryptocurrency and Terrorist Financing in the Middle East and North Africa

In this episode we discuss the use of various cryptocurrencies in terrorist financing in the Middle East and Africa.

Ahmed Buckley is an independent expert serving on the Analytical Support and Monitoring Team supporting the UN Security Council Committee concerning sanctions. An ACAMS Certified Global Sanctions Specialist, Ahmed co-designed and delivered trainings on sanctions implementation and compliance to national authorities, financial institutions, as well as to trainees at NATO?s Defense Against Terrorism Centre of Excellence. He co-drafted the Joint Report on Actions Taken by Member States to Disrupt Terrorism Finance pursuant to UNSC resolution 2462 (2019). He was previously Deputy Director of the Global Counterterrorism Unit at Egypt?s Ministry of Foreign Affairs and served diplomatic postings in Pakistan and Canada.

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Incorporating OSINT into the Defence Intelligence Environment

In this podcast episode, Harry Kemsley OBE and Sean Corbett CB MBE talk to Terry Busch, Executive Advisor at Capax Analytics and Former Chief Technology Officer for the DIA's High Priority Machine-Assisted Rapid Repository Program (MARS).

In this discussion we cover the increasing relevance and utility of Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) in support of the defence and security community. Specifically, the expert panel discuss challenges and opportunities of incorporating OSINT into the defence intelligence environment.

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Counter-terrorism: unpacking the concepts of 'sanctuaries' and 'safe havens'

In this podcast we speak to Dr Michael Innes about counter-terrorism. We cover the concepts of 'sanctuaries' and 'safe havens' in the context of America´s post-9/11 discourse.

Dr Michael Innes is Director of the Conflict Records Unit and a Visiting Senior Research Fellow in the Department of War Studies, King's College London. He is the author of Streets Without Joy: A Political History of Sanctuary and War, 1959-2009. Streets is his fifth book-length publication.

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Tackling the terrorist use of the internet

In this episode we speak to Adam Hadley on understanding and countering terrorist use of the internet.

Adam Hadley is the CEO of London-based data science consultancy QuantSpark and Founder of the Online Harms Foundation which implements Tech Against Terrorism, a public-private partnership launched by the global tech sector and the UN in 2017. Adam is a leading commentator on the role of analytics and data science in society and business, digital transformation, social change through technology, and supporting the tech sector in tackling the terrorist use of the internet. 

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Producing effective open-source intelligence

Lee Wylde MBE is a former UK Military Intelligence (OPMI) and CAPDEV specialist and first soldier to go through the Military Data Science Operator program. Lee developed intelligence focused solutions for UK Gov (during COVID-19) and FVEY community. In this episode we discuss how to produce effective open-source intelligence (OSINT), the benefits of automation in intelligence and the future of OSINT.

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OSINT and climate security

In this episode of the Janes Podcast we speak to Erin Sikorsky, Deputy Director of the Center for Climate and Security (CCS), about using Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT) for 'decision advantage' when it comes to the climate crisis and impact for national security.

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Indo-Pacific International Security Challenges

In this podcast episode Harry Kemsley OBE, President of the Government and National Security at Janes joins Air Marshall (ret'd) Sean Corbett CB, RAF and Air Cdre (ret'd) Rick Keir, RAAF to discuss the key challenges to international security in the Indo-Pacific region.

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China's Cyber Capabilities

In the latest episode of the Janes podcast we speak to Rob Dartnall, Director of Intelligence and CEO at Security Alliance, about the cyber aspects of China's 14th Five Year Plan (2021?2025) as well as discussing global cyber threat intelligence insights.

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What the intelligence community can learn from Wild Bill

In the latest episode of the Janes podcast we speak to Ellen E. McCarthy, former Assistant Secretary of State for the Bureau of Intelligence and Research, about the story of William Joseph ?Wild Bill? Donovan and how the original vision from "Wild Bill" can inspire the intelligence community.

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'Wolf Warrior' diplomacy with Peter Martin

In this episode of the Janes podcast, we talk to Peter Martin, a defence and intelligence reporter at Bloomberg, Peter discusses his new book, which charts the roots of Chinese 'wolf warrior' diplomacy. He shares his insights into the online element of this diplomacy, as well his thoughts on the future of Chinese diplomatic influence.

Twitter: @PeterMartin_PCM

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Interconnected Intelligence

In this episode of the World of Intelligence, Harry and Sean discuss the evolving landscape of OSINT using interconnected and integrated intelligence.

Janes, the trusted global agency for open-source defence intelligence is proud to introduce Janes Capella, connecting millions of assured data points across Janes foundational intelligence, bringing the ability to integrate and contextualise multiple sources at high speed to deliver the single source of truth.

Optimise your mission with Janes Capella:

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Understanding structures of radicalisation

In this episode of the Janes podcast we talk to Tim Clancy, the founder and CEO of Dialectic Simulations Consulting and a researcher focused on reducing violence and instability. In particular we discuss Tim's model for understanding violent radicalisation and how this can be applied in practice.

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Applying analytic tradecraft to OSINT

In this episode of the Janes podcast Terry Pattar and Kathryn Haahr-Escolano discuss analytic standards, OSINT and the Intelligence Community Directive 203 (ICD 203).

Kathryn Haahr-Escolano has worked in the US Intelligence Community, and is a practitioner of the ODNI/AIS Analytic Tradecraft standards and their application to the craft of intelligence analysis and the OSINT lifecycle for government, academic, and international clients.

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Non-Traditional or New-Traditional Threats

This episode of the Janes podcast defines and explores examples of non-traditional threats and looks at how national security can effectively react to these non-traditional threats.

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Using Virtual Worlds to Prepare and Plan for Future Scenarios

In this episode of the Janes podcast Terry Pattar talks to Joe Robinson, CEO of Defence at Improbable about how advances in the games industry are being utilised by the defence and intelligence community by creating virtual worlds to prepare and plan for future scenarios.

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Machine Learning and the Future of National Security

In this episode of the Janes podcast Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit and Brian Raymond, Vice President of Government at Primer discuss the global impact of machine learning and the future of national security.

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Rebels in Intelligence

In this episode of the Janes podcast Terry Pattar discusses strategic thinking, diversity of thought and innovation with Carmen Medina, co-author of the book Rebels At Work: A Handbook for Leading Change from Within.

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China's 14th Five Year Plan (2021?2025)

China has achieved expansive military-technology advancement over the past 15 years but 2021 represents the start of a new era of progression. During its 14th Five Year Plan (2021?25), China is targeting accelerated modernisation and the development of the disruptive capabilities that will aim to support its longer-term bid to achieve ?world class? military status. This podcast explores the breadth of China?s military capabilities and anticipated advancements during the 14th Five Year Plan and beyond.

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Thinking About The Future: The Mad Scientist Initiative

In this episode Terry Pattar speaks to Luke Shabro, Deputy Director of the Mad Scientist Initiative to discuss thinking about the future. The Mad Scientist Initiative is a U.S. Army initiative and a community of action that continually explores the future through collaborative partnerships and continuous dialogue with academia, industry and government.

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State & Non-State Actors

This episode looks into the increasing ambiguity between the actions of state and non-state actors, the implications for intelligence generally and the role OSINT can play to meet the challenges.

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Beyond Tradecraft: Factors Affecting Open Source Intelligence

Most Open Source Intelligence training focuses on tradecraft, and rightfully so. Less common is the inclusion of other factors that impact the ability of an analyst?s ability to deliver effective open source intelligence Products. In in this conversation Cynthia Hetherington, Founder and President of the Hetherington Group and Kyle McGroarty of Janes Intelligence Unit discuss Cynthia?s experience of open source research, from physical archives as a librarian, to managing research, and providing security investigations to a wide range of customers. The success of the Hetherington Group and Cynthia?s enthusiasm for the subject also inspired her the establishment of OSMOSICON, an annual conference for practitioners of open source intelligence. OSMOSISCON this year will be held from 10 to 12 October in San Diego.

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Fiction Intelligence with Peter W Singer

In this episode of the Janes podcast Terry Pattar and prolific author Peter W Singer discuss how stories can carry across real-world lessons in intelligence and how fictional scenarios can help in exploring future operating environments.

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The future of online investigations with Bellingcat founder Eliot Higgins

In this episode of the Janes podcast, Eliot Higgins and Terry Pattar explore the world of online investigations and the future of conflict research with Bellingcat.

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How to run a wargame

How can we effectively plan for future scenarios? This episode looks at how to run a wargame, what is required and what the key benefits are.
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Monitoring jihadist online media with Mina al-Lami

In this episode we dive into the world of online jihadism with Mina al-Lami, who leads BBC Monitoring?s jihadist media team. We discuss platforms, the online dynamics between groups and their supporters, and where this extremist online community may be heading next.
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Classified vs. Unclassified Intelligence

Harry Kemsley OBE and Sean Corbett CB MBE provide their first monthly update on the current differences between classified and unclassified intelligence, as well as rounding up key themes such as looking at the world through a Covid-19 lens, the changing nature of OSINT and the emergence of hybrid warfare.
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An introduction to the incel community with Naama Kates

In this episode of the Janes podcast we talk to Naama Kates, an investigative journalist who researches the involuntary celibate (incel) community. We discuss key concepts that form the incel worldview, where incels are found online, and the violent fringes of the community. Learn more about how Janes can support you and your organisation with social media research here:
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Researching serious organised crime with Nilda Garcia

In this episode of the Janes podcast we talk to Dr. Nilda Garcia, who researches serious organised crime with a focus on Mexico. We discuss the online dimension of Mexico?s drug war and how actors involved in the conflict have used social media to further their objectives.

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Technology, innovation, and intelligence for future warfare

How can defence departments and militaries better prepare for the next war? This question cuts to the heart of current challenges in improving defence technology and intelligence and how government procurement needs to adapt to deliver timely, user-driven, innovation. Terry Pattar and Davey Gibian of Janes are joined by Tyler Sweatt, Vice President for Mission Integration at Second Front Systems, to discuss how a 'failure of imagination' is hampering efforts to adopt advanced intelligence and next generation technology for warfighters.
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Lessons in Intelligence with Sir David Omand GCB

Producing high quality intelligence depends on discerning meaning from information - being able to describe what is happening, why, and what will happen next. This is the art of the intelligence officer and in this episode of the Janes podcast we talk to Sir David Omand, former head of GCHQ and the UK's first security and intelligence coordinator, about his new book, "How Spies Think: Ten Lessons in Intelligence" and his model for how individual analysts can produce better intelligence. The lessons and skills discussed here are just as valuable for anyone who wants to apply intelligence methods to making better decisions in all areas of life.
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Researching China's expeditionary capabilities with Chad Peltier

In episode 25 of The World of Intelligence, Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit is joined by Chad Peltier, Data and Integration Analyst at Janes to discuss recent research into China's expeditionary capabilities.

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Innovation in intelligence

Innovation in intelligence has never been more vital to ensure organisations are not left behind, which raises several questions: How does innovation occur and how can national security organisations and others innovate in the field of intelligence? How can organisations continue innovating as collaboration becomes more difficult during the coronavirus pandemic? In this podcast episode the Janes Intelligence Unit addresses these questions with Davey Gibian, Head of Innovation at Janes, who describes the crucial elements of innovation and explains why collaboration does not equate to innovation and why failure is essential.

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Behind the Enigma with John Ferris

In episode 23 of The World of Intelligence, Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit is joined by John Ferris, Author of Behind the Enigma: The Authorised History of GCHQ, Britain?s Secret Cyber-Intelligence Agency.

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Financial Intelligence (FININT) with Robert Maxwell

In episode 22 of The World of Intelligence, Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit is joined by Robert Maxwell, Owner of FinINTEL Solutions to discuss the role of Financial Intelligence (FININT).

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Researching Saudi Arabia with David Rundell

In episode 21 of The World of Intelligence, Terry Pattar discusses with former US diplomat David Rundell, a foremost expert on Saudi Arabia and author of Vision or Mirage: Saudi Arabia at the Crossroads, the political, economic, and social changes taking place in the Kingdom and how the information environment is changing and what it means for analysts conducting research on the country.
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Analysing the Beirut port explosion with Nick Waters of Bellingcat

In episode 20 of The World of Intelligence, Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit is joined by Nick Waters, Senior Investigator at Bellingcat to discuss the Beirut port explosion from an OSINT perspective.

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Alison Killing and her investigation that identified camps in China where Uighur Muslims are being interned

In episode 19 of the World of Intelligence podcast, Terry Pattar, head of the Janes Intelligence Unit is joined by Alison Killing, discussing her recent investigation that identified camps in China where Uighur Muslims are being interned.

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