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 School of Manifestation

School of Manifestation

A podcast all about manifestation and spirituality. I'll teach you how to use manifestation to create your dream life, and your best self possible!


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How to "Mental Diet" to Manifest Your Desires (So Key!!)

In this episode I share how to manifest using a mental diet. This is aligned with the law of assumption school of thought and has helped me so, so much over the past year or so to manifest things like crazy. 

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How to Manifest Impossible Things & When it Seems it Won't Manifest

Hey guys! You might have seen this title uploaded before, for some reason my podcast provider ended up recycling an old episode from this podcast 2 years ago which is quite funny if you happened to listen to it haha. Anyway, here is the actual episode recorded for this week hope you guys enjoy, it's all about how to manifest when things seem difficult/impossible! 

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How to Remove ALL Manifestation Blocks INSTANTLY!

Hey guys! In this episode I share the *secret* to removing all manifestation blocks instantly. Seriously, this works fast and you don't have to do hours of inner child healing in order to manifest that thing you've been wanting. It's already yours, right now! 

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How to Use the Law of Assumption to Manifest Your Specific Person (Everyone is You Pushed Out)

In this episode, I share how you can use the law of assumption to manifest your specific person and create your reality. In this episode, I share the law of assumption concept "everyone is you pushed out," and describe what it means and how to use it. Ultimately, the law of assumption is an amazing method for manifesting relationships with literally anyone and is a game changer! Check out my youtube channel by searching "Carys Leah," for lots of law of assumption videos coming this month. Thanks for listening! 

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The Universe is an Algorithm! (Try This Manifestation Hack to Create Your Reality)

The Universe is an algorithm, and in this episode I explain exactly what that means and how you can use it to "hack" manifestation and make it so much easier! This simple example has helped me understand the basics of manifestation and create my reality. Enjoy!

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Why Bad Things Accidentally Manifest & How to Fix It (The Truth)

In this episode, I talk about accidentally manifesting the WRONG thing, or worse, something that isn't what you wanted. Whether it is a breakup, losing a job, or whatever you are going through this episode explains why these things manifest and how you can fix it. 

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How to Manifest From the Authentic Self: (This is The Key to Manifesting Faster!)

In this episode, I talk about how to manifest authentically and from a soul level. This episode basically unpacks the consequences of manifesting from your ego, and how you can manifest from your authentic self instead. Manifesting authentically is the key to manifesting faster and with so much more ease!

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How to do Shadow Work to Manifest 101 & My Shadow Work Journey

This is how to do shadow work to manifest and my personal shadow work journey! I also discuss whether negative thinking and journalling will manifest. 

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How I Manifest DAILY, My Rituals, Routines & More!

In this episode, I share how I manifest daily and what my daily manifestation rituals and routines involve. Enjoy!

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How to Use the Law of Assumption to Manifest Your Desires

In this episode, I talk about the basics of the law of assumption and how to start using it, enjoy! 

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How to Manifest a Glow Up While Loving Your Appearance

In this episode I teach you how to manifest a glow up while still loving yourself. This episode has actionable tips and I talk about how I am personally manifesting changes in my appearance. Enjoy!

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The Best Way to Script to Manifest Anything! (In depth)

In this video I teach you the way that I script to manifest anything, and talk about some of the things I've scripted. 

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How to Receive Signs From the Universe 101: What are Angel Numbers?

What are angel numbers? I break it down for you in this episode and teach you how to receive signs from the Universe!

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Manifestation 101: How to Change Your Life Through Manifestation

In this episode, I share with you manifestation 101 - the tools you need to start manifesting. 

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