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What the F is Hypnobirthing?

What the F is Hypnobirthing?

100 days of Hypnobirthing, spoken by a pregnant Hypnobirthing novice


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Day One Hundred- Hypnobirthing is a Revolution

Episode 100! I  wanted to make this episode special and so, in some ways it is a summary of my learnings, experiences and opinions of Hypnobirthing and in some ways, I expect this to be the start of a new conversation, and that?s really exciting!   This episode explores the idea that Hypnobirthing is a revolution. Which, I wholeheartedly, believe it is. Although the idea of people, particularly women, taking control of their birth is not a new idea... it?s one that has been clouded by the medical world over the last century. Controversial as it may sound, many women have lost trust in their own bodies to birth and handing over all decisions and processes to the medical world has seemed the only way forward. Hypnobirthing is changing that. Everyday, women are going into their births informed, in control and confident about birth! But, is there a downside to this? Not women being in control of their own births- that?s incredible! But is there a downside to joining a revolution when your pregnant? Is it the right time? Can it create anger, frustration? Distrust? Can it create guilt and even feelings of failure....   In this episode I explore the idea of Hypnobirthing as a revolution, it?s pros AND it?s possible cons... 

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Day Ninety-Nine- Pregnancy 2- What am I doing differently?

In this episode I am going to share with you how I am preparing for my second pregnancy! Yes, heaps of you have messaged me about this and I PROMISE to keep this podcast going long enough to share my second birth story!

I am sharing how I am preparing practically, physically & mentally for this birth, I am also exploring a BIG shift I have had in my mindset since starting out on my Hypnobirthing journey!

Speak soon, I hope you are all having the most wonderful pregnancies! 

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Day Ninety-Eight- Pain in Labour

*Potential Trigger Warning* I am talking about pain in labour!


Yes a controversial topic but one that CANNOT be brushed under the rug. People have very real fears and experiences of pain in labour and I think it is important this is honoured without women feeling like they have failed or done something wrong. 


Yes, I agree that labour CAN be pain free, but for a MULTITUDE of reason (which I discuss in the episode) it may not be. 


But let's stop avoiding the topic, it needs to be addressed and honoured as a very real fear & experience. 


Would LOVE to connect with you: 

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Day Ninety Seven- Birth Preparation- a quick guide!

I have had lots of messages from people, which read along the lines of "HELP! I am due in 2 weeks and have done no prep!"

and so, I am REALLLY, excited to give you this episode. It is your quick (I say quick, i mean it is an hour but that is quick in antenatal education terms!) guide to birth preparation! So whether you are due in 2 weeks, at the start of your pregnancy or, like me, mid-way, this is a great check in point. A summary of the key points... see it as your checklist!

As mentioned in the episode if you want to hear more from me, then you can find me here: 




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Day Ninety-Six- Scans

How has it been this long and I have not recorded an episode about scans?! Well, because they are routine, we just go to them. They are exciting, they give us life-saving information and allows us to see our baby. 

BUT, have you ever thought that there might be side-effects to Scans?! I had not thought about it either! (probably why I never thought they warranted a whole podcast) but they do!

Listen to this episode where I explore the amazing impact having scans has for our pregnancy experience but also hear me explore the little evidence which has been done into having them and whether we should be having them (spoiler alert, I still do !!). 

Also, do not forget to visit , my antenatal classes are now live and bookable!!  

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Day Ninety Five Parent Guilt

GUILT. Why do we have it? What makes us feel guilty? How do we banish it?? OR does it actually have a purpose in parenting?

In this episode I explore the above questions, and attempt to answer them for my own sanity as it is my daughter's first day of nursery and I am full of it!

Don't forget  to join the HelloParent Hub, it is FREE to join for October! 

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Day Ninety Four- The unpredictability of Parenthood

We are living in an unpredictable time, throw in it the unpredictability of birth and parenthood, then as pregnant women we really have the potential to spiral right now!


But, we are not going to let the unpredictability hinder us! In this episode I divulge into the unpredictability of, well life in general, but also birth and parenthood and what we can do to ease our way through these life-changing processes. 


Don't forget to join HelloParent to explore more about all things Pregnancy, Birth & Postpartum! 

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Day Ninety Three- My motherhood journey continued

It may have been a few months between recordings BUT I can assure you that this episode comes with some BIG news... which I hope makes up for my absence!

In this episode, I talk about what has been going on for me the past few months, stages of pregnancy and my thoughts on modern Hypnobirthing courses. 

For those interested, Join the HelloParent Hub below: 


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Day Ninety Two- Mum, your new identity

In this episode, you get a much closer look at my personal life as I delve into purpose, passion and identity! As a parent, you take on a new identity and getting my head around that was not always a simple journey for me!

I really was not sure whether to post this episode and after finding it on my laptop today, I had to! I hope you enjoy/resonate with it. 


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Day Ninety One- Giving Birth Alone

In today's episode I explore the scenario, that many women do find themselves in, of being in labour alone. I do not mean without a midwife, but without a Birthing Partner. There are many reasons you may find yourself in labour without a birthing partner; sometimes out of choice, sometimes for a short moment in time and sometimes due to a worldwide pandemic (yes, believe it or not it can happen!). 

The episode includes reassurance, techniques & practical advice for birthing alone. and a key message, you are never alone! You are your beautiful bundle of joy are in it together!

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Day Ninety- What Hypnobirthing techniques did I use in labour?

In this episode I will explore the techniques that I ACTUALLY used aka what should you spend on your time on, what is all wish washy and what is actually birth preparation genius. Obviously, every single birth is different and every person is but I will run through all the main techniques Hypnobirthing teaches us and what I actually applied to my labour. I also give some controversial conclusions on my opinions on the practice of Hypnobirthing. 

This episode comes directly from someone asking me this question on instagram; If you want me to explore a topic in an episode or just give me a good old stalk (fair enough) then you can follow me @what_the_f_is_endometriosis. 


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Day Eighty-Nine- Baby Sleep (or the lack of)

In today's episode I will share my experience of SLEEP (or the lack of!). If you are looking for advice, this is not the podcast for you but if you want to listen to the ramblings of sleep deprived mum run through what has worked and what hasn't then give this a listen. 

Being a mum is the most responsibility you will ever have in your life, and you have to do this job on no sleep- it is a crazy beautiful time but also hard and you can feel alone. Listen to this podcast if any of this resonates with you. 


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Day Eighty-Eight- Pregnancy and Corona Virus

I want to keep this series as timeless as possible; for any pregnant women to pick up at any time and listen to an experience and hopefully learn a thing or two about Hypnobirthing BUT I cannot go without doing a podcast on being pregnant during the Coronavirus outbreak. 

Listen as I explore the current guidelines, the effects and some positive techniques to get through this time. 

I have referenced the following: 

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Day Eighty-Seven- Mum Time (and I'm back!)

... after 3 months, I am back to talk to you (ironically) about time management! I will update you on what I have been up to, how I managed time with a new born and how I manage my time now. This is all about expectations, nourishment and replenishing yourselves through the whirlwind that is motherhood. 

For more updates, follow me on instagram! 


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Day Eighty Six- Happy mum, Happy baby

In today's episode I explore the baby blues; the sadness, anxiety & fears that, unfortunately, most of us will face in early parenthood. I will share my own experience, some tips for support and an overall message that these feelings are nothing to be ashamed of, they are normal and should be recognised and given some attention. A happy mum is a happy baby!

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Day Eighty- Five- Healthy mum, Healthy Baby

In this episode I explore the mum & baby connection that is beyond the womb; and just how real and important that connection is. This week I have put baby's needs first (well I thought that was what I was doing) but by neglecting my own health this impacted on baby too. It is so important to see yourself and baby as one during these early weeks; hear more about this and my beautiful bacterial infection (TMI WARNING). 

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Day Eighty-Four- It's all gone tits up!

...Literally! From a week of bliss to a week of milky chaos! Keeping my podcasts open & honest, I am sharing my week so far. The crying you hear half way through this episode pretty much sums it up. From an over-supply to an under supply, breastfeeding issues has led to an unhappy baby and a rather tired mum...



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Day EightyThree- Week One of Parenthood

In this episode I will give you the low down of my first week as a parent; we are talking sleep, poo, milk & a whole lot of love! 

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Day 82- Did Hypnobirthing hinder my birth?

In this (kind of) controversial episode I analyse whether all my Hypnobirthing practice hindered my birth in anyway. I will look at how Hypnobirthing practice may have influenced my view of the medical world, how I created a very distinctive set of birth preferences and I will talk about pain... WARNING... yes, I will talk about PAIN. I discuss all of the above with the intention to educate and support anyone who is approaching their labour. 


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Day Eighty- One- Did Hypnobirthing work?

...that is the million dollar question isn't it! In short the answer is yes, Hypnobirthing worked. Did it give me the exact birth I hoped and planned for? No. But did it allow me to go through my birth with confidence, knowledge and techniques to utilise? yes! In this episode I break down exactly how Hypnobirthing helped me through my labour. 

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Day Eighty- My Birth Story

In today's episode I am sharing my birth story. Warning! This birth was not inline with my birth preferences and involved medical intervention. This birth also involved bravery, defiance, confidence & empowerment and is ultimately a positive birth story. Without Hypnobirthing I would not have had the knowledge or confidence to make (the many) necessary decisions I had to make during my labour & the tools for it to be such a beautiful experience despite the most unlikely setting. 

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Day Seventy-Nine- Life update; I am a mum!

A quick episode to update you on why I have been so quiet this week... yes you guessed it, I am a mum! Baby Aura joined us earth -side this week in the most unpredictable, but beautiful fashion and I am so full of love! Listen to this episode for a quick update on my first week of motherhood and what I intend for the podcast moving forward. 

To see more of my journey check out my Instagram 


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Seventy- Eight- Hypnobirthing Caesarean Part 2

In this, part 2 of 2, episodes about caesarean I am discussing; Emergency caesareans and how to write Hypnobirthing friendly preferences for all circumstances. I will, excitedly, discuss a new phenomena called 'Mother Assisted Caesarean' and lastly, share with you how I think that no matter your birth style, preference or turn you can still have control over it; it is YOUR birth and YOUR baby and at no point to you have to fully give it over to someone else. 

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Day Seventy- Seven Hypnobirthing Caesarean (part 1)

In this, part 1 of 2, episodes about caesarean I am discussing; what are they? why would I choose one? What are the risks? and can I make it a 'Hypnobirthing Caeasarean'?. I believe yes you can and will talk about how you can use the techniques of Hypnobirthing with ANY time of birth. 

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Day Seventy-Six- Am I in labour?

Spoiler alert, no I am not in labour. BUT I did have my first full day of thinking so. In this episode I discuss the symptoms i had, and what I did (including the very non-hypnobirthing reactions I had). 

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Day Seventy-Five- A Partner's Role

In Hypnobirthing (and one thing I really love about it!) the birth companion has such a key role during the pregnancy and birth. But how do they feel about this role? and about the changing role, going from individual to parent? In this episode I discuss the the changes we all go through when coming to terms with the that we are going to be parents- I mean, come on, it?s scary stuff!

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Day Seventy- Four Birthing Classes

In this episode I am talking all things birthing classes; I say all things, I mean it is limited to my experience of Hypnobirthing & two, interesting, experiences of anti-natal classes. I will talk about what you should look for in classes, what I enjoyed (and didn't enjoy) and the differences between my experiences. 

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Day Seventy Three- My late pregnancy feels

I am past the 38 week mark and things are changing, I think I am starting to feel stereotypically pregnant and along with that I am getting obsessed with googling pregnancy symptoms- I know, it does not sound too Hypnobirthy does it?! But, I said I would be honest about my experience. Listen to this episode for my 38 week symptoms & the affect it can have on mindset. 



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Day Seventy- Two- Positive Birth Stories

A key teaching of Hypnobirthing is that we have to condition our minds to believe that birth is a positive experience; due to media and the narrative we have probably been told our whole lives, for most of us, this is a re-conditioning. And that is hard- especially when people are so obsessed with telling you their difficult birth stories. Now, do not get me wrong I believe every women has the right to share their story and for some women who have had a 'negative' experience, sharing is therapy for them which I get. But, while you are pregnant you, unfortunately, are not going to have the capacity to be this therapist. You, instead, need to focus on listening to and reading positive birth stories. What will surprise you is that so many positive birth stories have elements of special circumstances yet the women involved still sees the positive in the experience- most of the time because they felt safe & empowered; pretty incredible!

Below are some mentioned links:



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Day Seventy-One- Hypnobirthing resources for birth

As I hit week 38 of pregnancy a new fear sneaks in (I know I know fear is bad but I have to be realisticall here!). My fear is that I get into labour and I totally forget all of my Hypnobirthing practice. To avoid this happening I have put together a pack of resources and a revision session for my birth companion and I to study (I know I  know I am geek). Tonight I am going to talk about the resources you will need, what to remind yourself and your birth partner of and quite practically, what to print!

As discussed in episode you can contact me via my instagram, 

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Day Seventy- Top 10 Hypnobirthing Daily Routine

It is episode 70-woah! and in celebration I am doing (what I think) is a super useful episode on my Top 10 tips to making Hypnobirthing practice easy and part of your daily routine. Honestly, with Hypnobirthing there seems to be an infinite amount of information to learn but what is most important is your practice and fitting it into your everyday life- so here is how I do it. 

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Day Sixty-Nine- Pain Relief

A more Hypnobirthingy (yes that is a word) title for this podcast would be 'comfort levels' but I need to make it clear, I am discussing the ways we can natural maintain high comfort levels (naturally not feel pain) but also that I am discussing medical interventions & forms of pain relief. I fully believe in Hypnobirthing and have no intention on using any medicalised methods of pain relief but it does not mean I do not see the importance of understanding them, when they are used and side effects. Which I will share with you! 

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Day Sixty-Eight- 10 ways to have a gentle Hypnobirth

As a recap of my learning so far, and as a way to introduce any newbies to Hypnobirthing I am sharing 10 ways to have a successful Hypnobirthing birth- these ideas come from women who have had successful births & encompasses both the teaching and practice of Hypnobirthing. 


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Day Sixty-Seven- Colostrum Harvesting

Have you asked yourself during your pregnancy 'What the F is Colostrum?' and 'Why do I need to become a farmer of it?' (Or is that just me?). In this episode I am going to talk about what colostrum is, why you might want to get some expressed and stored before your baby arrives... and talk about my rather comical experience of this so far. 

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Day Sixty-Six- What the F is a Doula?

Have you heard the term ?Doula? floating around loads recently? Especially with all the reading around birth it is a word that keeps coming up and so I decided, instead of using some vague idea I already had of what a Doula may be, to actually do some proper research and find out what they do, who they are and how they can benefit your birth. In this episode i share my findings and how I originally started by thinking it was just an expensive commodity that a celeb may have to seeing the true benefit in having an experienced advocate to ?mother the mother?. 

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Day Sixty-Five- Finding out the sex

Tonight I am discussing the age old question "what are you having?"; "I am having a baby" responded the sarcy feminist mother (that's me). I am discussing the reasons I am not find out the sex of my baby, gender stereotyping and social conditioning. Finishing with an extremely balanced conclusion; you do you. If you want to find out at 20 weeks absolutely go for it, or if you want to wait until 40- awesome! Either way baby will be loved & bring joy and that is the main thing. 

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Day Sixty-Four- Birth Bag

I have been so torn on whether to pack a 'Birth Bag' aka a hospital bag, but with no intention at all of going to hospital I refuse to call it that! My dilemma comes from my belief in the law of attraction and the idea that what you put out to universe becomes reality... yes, sounds a little crazy when I write it like this but basically I was stuck on this belief that if I packed a bag for the birth then I would some how put it out to the universe that I was going to hospital. Anyway, after some thought, I have decided a birth bag is a sensible idea and in this episode I am discussing the why & what to put in it! 

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Day Sixty-Three- Nesting

After having a beautiful baby shower & being spoiled with gifts, tonight I am discussing nesting; yup that uncontrollable urge to organise your books in alphabetical order and sort your spices in accordance with colour (okay a little much). This urge to get shit done is great; the more you do now the more time you get to bond with your new baby BUT this should not compensate on your time to relax- remember this is super important to! listen to hear why we nest, what it may look like and how best to make it productive. 

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Day Sixty- Two- Baby's transition into the world

In this episode I am discussing the fact that although we clearly acknowledge the transition that we go through to become parents, we rarely acknowledge & discuss the huge transition that a baby is going through by entering the world. A baby is going from the comfort & serenity of the womb to the chaos and sensory explosion of the world. I will discuss some ways we can ensure that this transition is as smooth as possible for you & baby (and also rant a little about the pressure social media puts on this transition!)

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Day Sixty-One- Post-Birth Bonding

In this episode I will talk about Post-Birth Bonding; essentially why skin-to-skin is super important at building the foundation, both physically and emotional, between you are your baby. But not only between mum and baby but also between parents and baby and how there are many things you can do together to ensure the baby is feeling loved and safe; after all it has just made a really big transition into the world!

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Day Sixty- Final Stage of Labour

It is day 60 (oh my gosh I do not know how!!) and I am discussing the last stage of labour, yes your beautiful bundle of joy is with you but the labour journey is not quite over yet. I will discuss what your body gets up to during this stage, including birthing your placenta and how the incredible bond between mum and baby supports this stage. I will also discuss what else is going on around you during this stage, which at the time you will probably be too oblivious to at the time due to focusing on your new bubs. 

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Day Fifty-Nine- Birth Breathing & Crowning

..and now, the baby will enter the world! In this podcast I will discuss the last stage of birthing baby (no not the last stage of labour all together, there is more of that to come). In this episode I will discuss the change you will experience in regards to your surges and with that, comes a change in your breathing- I recap birth breathing and give some hints & tips for birth breathing your baby out. 

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Day Fifty-Eight- The Pelvic Station

Just when you think you have learned a lot and know most of the terminology out there, you hear something and and think "what the..." for me it was this term and the numbers related to 'The Pelvic station'. In the short episode I am talking about what this is, when you will hear it being discussed and what it means... because knowledge it power!

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Day Fifty-Seven- Completion of the opening & thinning phase

A long title for this episode! I am essentially discussing the end of the early phase of labour and the change or transition (which will feel smooth & euphoric- yes you read that correctly!) when we go from the up stage of labour to the down stage. I discuss whats going on in our bodies, how we may feel and what we can do- which is mostly nothing because this is the time we give over to our awesome bodies!

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Day 56- Resting Labour

In this episode I am discussing a slow or resting labour; why it happens and what to do... the good news is, IT IS NORMAL and for the majority of women  your labour will rest at some point and you will not need medical intervention because of it. Instead, I will talk about some of the reasons out body needs to take a rest, when it happens and natural ways to get labour re-started again. 

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Day Fifty-Five- The Opening & Thinning Phase

In this episode I will explore further early labour; particularly what is going on physiologically- because knowledge is power! The more we know about the biology of our body, the more we can trust it and relax into labour. I also go through some 'hallmarks' you may come across during this part of labour; little nods to tell you things are going in the right direction. 

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Day Fifty-Four- Early labour

It is time to talk labour; how will I know, what will it feel like, what is happening and what should I do ?! Well most importantly you should trust your body and allow your instincts to tell you what to do.. but it helps to be a little informed. In this episode I will discuss the physiology of the first part of labour, what you can do to keep it calm & relaxed and how to put your Hypnobirthing practice into action. 

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Day Fifty-Three- Inducing Labour Naturally

After a midwife appointment, and being told as a first time mum I am likely to go over my "due date" (the make belief concept!) I wanted to discuss some ways to induce labour naturally. So from hot curries to getting hot under the sheets; in this episode I cover several methods to induce your labour naturally. 

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Day Fifty-Two- Signs of labour

Today I am talking about how our amazingly wonderful bodies give us signs that labour is getting closer; in this episode I am discussing those signs, what you might see, feel and experience as labour is approaching. 

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Fifty- One- Practice Labour

...aka Braxton Hicks. But when I found out it is called Braxton Hicks, literally after a guy called John I prefer the term Practice Labour, after all that is exactly what it is! In this episode I will talk about what they feel like (or what I THINK they feel like), why it happens and what it means nearing labour. 

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