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Red Lines

Red Lines

The back-stop?s here? Bad puns with top political coverage from Northern Ireland. Red Lines brings you essential analysis and commentary by BBC NI?s politics team.


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Centenary Sensitivities

Mark Carruthers is joined by Professor Pete Shirlow, columnist Andrée Murphy and Professor Duncan Morrow to discuss marking the centenary of Northern Ireland.
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Mandatory collision

Mark Carruthers is joined by Sam McBride, Suzanne Breen and John Manley to ask if the system of government at Stormont makes fighting a global pandemic impossible.
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The Biden Identity

Mark Carruthers is joined by Fintan O'Toole, Norman Houston and Brendan O'Neill to discuss the new man heading to the White House.
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Union flagging?

Mark C is joined by Lesley Riddoch, David Maddox & Patrick Maguire.
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Polls: Leaders, parties & the border

Mark Carruthers chats to Suzanne Breen, Chris Donnelly and Newton Emerson.
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Devenport departs

Gareth Gordon, Enda McClafferty, Jayne McCormack and Stephen Walker join Mark Carruthers to interrogate and tease the outgoing BBC NI Political Editor, Mark Devenport.
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Briefing Encounters 2 - Judgement Day

Polly Toynbee, John Sergeant & Alex Massie assess 6 months of Boris Johnson's leadership
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America votes on Mass

Mark speaks to Shane Greer, Fintan O'Toole and Marion McKeone about the American election
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Will Irish see border?

Mark Carruthers asks John Campbell, Jess Sargeant, Newton Emerson and Naomi O'Leary if the Brexit talks are approaching crunch time.
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Presidential reflection

Mark Carruthers speaks to former President of Ireland, Mary McAleese about her time in office, her wish to see reform in the Catholic Church and sexism in politics.
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Sexism in 2020

Mark Carruthers is joined by Suzanne Breen, Nichola Mallon and Sorcha Eastwood to discuss how women in politics still face sexual harassment.
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Britannia waives the rules?

Mark is joined by columnists Mary Kenny, Fintan O'Toole & BBC's John Campbell.
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The Lord Chief Justice Interview

Mark speaks to Sir Declan Morgan, NI's Lord Chief Justice
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Julian Smith : Politics, persuasion & pints.

Mark chats to the former NI Secretary Julian Smith
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The Micheál Martin interview

A chance to listen to the full extended version of Mark's interview with the Taoiseach
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Stormont in a tea cup?

Mark Carruthers is joined by Mary Kelly, Stephen Grimason and Mark Simpson to compare Stormont's latest crisis with some of the big stories of the past.
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Micheál matters?

The Good Friday Agreement is his "guiding star".
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Independence Days

Michael Portillo talks to Mark Carruthers and UCD historian, Prof Diarmaid Ferriter about his new RTE series 'Hawks and Doves', examining the Irish War Of Independence.
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'Cute Hoors' & Blueshirts.

The end of Civil War politics in the Republic of Ireland?
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O'Leary, Newton, John

Mark and guests discuss Brexit, Barnier & a return of Crazy Prices.
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Yes Ministers

Mark Carruthers is joined by Gareth Gordon, Suzanne Breen, Sam McBride and Brendan Hughes, to rate the Stormont Ministers' performance during the coronavirus crisis.
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Could Covid kill the Union?

Mark is joined by Lesley Riddoch, Alex Massie & Martin Kettle.
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Top Trumps

Mark Carruthers chats to the new US Special Envoy to Northern Ireland With analysis from Mark Devenport.
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Getting your steps up

Mark Carruthers is joined by regulars Gareth Gordon and John Campbell, BBC NI Health Correspondent Marie-Louise Connolly, and former political advisers Tom Kelly and Guto Harri.
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How the dealin's done

Mark Carruthers is joined by former British Ambassador to the US and Germany, Sir Christopher Meyer, and the Former Irish Ambassador to the UK and Italy, Bobby McDonagh and the BBC's Europe Editor, Katya Adler.
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Briefing encounters

Mark Carruthers is joined by John Sergeant, Polly Toynbee and Guto Harri to talk communicating with the public during a pandemic.
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Crisis Critique

Mark & his guests discuss how politicians are reacting to the coronavirus pandemic.
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Frontline reporting from the back garden

Mark Carruthers is joined by regulars Mark Devenport, John Campbell and Enda McClafferty, along with RTE's Legal Affairs turned Covid 19 correspondent, Orla O'Donnell.
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Lock-in vs Lockdown

Mark Carruthers is joined by RTE's Miriam O'Callaghan, writer Declan Lawn and BBC NI Political Editor Mark Devenport to look at how society and is dealing with lockdown.
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Asking the right questions?

Discussing the interactions between media & politicians during the coronavirus outbreak
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RHI: Every single jot and tittle

Mark is joined by Conor Macauley, Mary Kelly & Stephen Grimason to examine the RHI report
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Capitol Gains

Mark, Gareth, Enda & Mary chat St Patrick's Day trips to the USA.
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Equality Street

Irish News columnist Mary Kelly, Green Party Leader Clare Bailey and Wendy Blundell from the Institution of Civil Engineers look at women in public life with Mark Carruthers.
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Trading trouble

Mark Carruthers talks trade and customs with Economics and Business Editor John Campbell, Patrick Maguire from the New Statesman and international trade expert Dr Anna Jerzewska.
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On SPAD-batical

Mark, Gareth & Jayne are joined by Julian Smith's former special adviser.
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Mark Carruthers is joined by columnist Mary Kelly, Irish News political correspondent John Manley and unionist commentator Sarah Creighton.
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Dearg Lines

Mark Carruthers is in Dublin to talk about the election with Mary Minihan from the Irish Times, Mary Regan from RTÉ and Virgin Media's Gavan Reilly.
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Mark Carruthers is joined by John Campbell in Belfast and the BBC's Europe Editor Gavin Lee and Shona Murray of Euronews from Brussels.
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Calling a SPAD a SPAD

Mark Carruthers is joined by Mary Kelly, John Campbell and Mark Devenport to look at Special Advisers, revenue raising and an MLA pay rise.
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Stormont returns (with added SOSNI)

Mark Carruthers is joined at Stormont by freelance journalist Amanda Ferguson, Economics and Business Editor, John Campbell, and Political Correspondent Stephen Walker.
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A holding pattern in high heels

Mark Carruthers is joined by Gareth Gordon, Jayne McCormack and the Press Association's Ireland Editor, David Young.
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Clear and presenter danger

Mark Carruthers is joined by Tara Mills, William Crawley and Enda McClafferty to look back at a remarkable General Election.
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Paper candidates

Mark Carruthers is joined by the Belfast Telegraph's Suzanne Breen, John Manley from the Irish News, Gareth Gordon - who left the News Letter 28 years ago - and Mark Devenport.
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Alliance & Westminster: Alliance election profile

Mark Devenport, Jayne McCormack and Mary Kelly join Mark Carruthers to look at the Alliance Party's election profiles.
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Dups and downs: DUP election profile

Mark Devenport, Stephen Walker and Mary Kelly join Mark Carruthers to look at the DUP's election prospects.
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Shinner thoughts: Sinn Féin election profile

Mark Devenport, Enda McClafferty and Suzanne Breen join Mark Carruthers to look at Sinn Féin's election prospects.
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Shrinking Down or Larger Party? SDLP election profile

Mark Devenport, Enda McClafferty and Freya McClements join Mark Carruthers to look at the SDLP's election prospects.
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Politics un-pact: UUP election profile

Mark Devenport, Gareth Gordon and Sarah Creighton join Mark Carruthers to look at the UUP's election prospects.
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Will Boris trade the Union?

Mark Carruthers is joined by regulars Mark Devenport and Enda McClafferty and BBC Scotland Editor, Sarah Smith.
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Newton lays down the law

After a memorable - but brief - return to Stormont we discuss the day's events and other big moments on the hill.
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