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The Most

The greats in fashion, music, art and culture speak with never-jaded interviewer Dominique Nzeyimana in her loft. The Most is an ongoing stream of conversations on coming-of-age, independence, successes, breakdowns, resilience, longevity and forever mental and creative growth. Putting luminaries, prodigies, originals and mentors from all disciplines and backgrounds in front of you: we are going to get through these things called life and career together.


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This episode of The Most is made possible with the support of Modemuseum Hasselt.  

Get your tickets for the ?Activewear? and ?STREETWEAR? fashion exhibitions running until December 30 2021. 

On episode 45 of The Most, cultural current-shifting artist, designer & creative consultant Tremaine Emory joins Dominique Nzeyimana in conversation. Tremaine Emory is co-founder of music, style and nightlife collective No Vacancy Inn and widely known by his alias & artistic clothing label Denim Tears (collabs include Virgil Abloh, Levi?s, Converse, Champion, A$AP Mob, Nike, New Balance, Machine-A?). Above all, Tremaine Emory is a storyteller- and conductor, creating a bridge towards deeper understanding of the human condition and the global impact of the African diaspora. 

For this special episode, Tremaine travels back from music memories and early life lessons instilled by his parents, family and neighbourhood of St. Albans, Queens NY to the revelations, challenges and breakthroughs that lead him to build up the confidence ? and most crucially, the community ? to thrive in spaces like the international fashion and art world. 

Tremaine also discusses the importance & subversiveness of sharing the story of Alvin Ailey and his tribe of dancers through new clothing collab together with Champion dubbed ?Champion Tears?, highlighting the intersection of the dancer as athlete and artist. 

Find out which iconic legacy brands Denim Tears is inspired by and how he ventured from his position at Marc Jacobs to being art and brand director-at-large for Stüssy and how it felt seeing his work for the first time immortalised at The Met museum. 

Join in for an episode with a brilliant, generous mind who shares his insights on the dance of finding work-life balance, the friends and collaborators who played a major part along the way, how to stop looking for outside validation, plus what?s next for Denim Tears. 

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Get your tickets for the live "STREETWEAR" Q&A with Guillaume Schmidt from Patta and UNRUN founders Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée & Dominique Nzeyimana at Modemuseum Hasselt on Saturday December 18 2021 - 3PM here


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Days before securing a highly coveted grant from the city of Antwerp, Australian-born, Belgian-based fashion designer of digital fashion company Mutani, Shayli Harrison sits down at the loft.  She and Dominique lock in for a critical talk about the future of fashion and the metaverse rabbit hole she had your host falling into preparing for this episode.

But first there is time to listen to the designer explain what it's like growing up with survivalist interests in the unique nature-scape of Perth and how she cut her teeth in the fashion industry. From club kid life in Sydney to taking the leap to the prestigious Antwerp Fashion Department Shayli talks about learning to trust her own instincts and the need to help build a new fashion system.

The pair discuss interning with Manish Arora in India and how talented young designers can wield NFTs to earn an income outside of traditional fashion.

Shayli also lays out her goals for Mutani, the challenges for traditional brands stepping into the metaverse & being a ?creative beast? in an entrepreneurial space.

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Dominique talks to internationally renowned curator, researcher, programmer and artistic director Amal Alhaag who is the driving force behind essential projects, platforms and cultural spaces such as Africa is Hot, Metro54 and SNAP SPEAKEASY.

Amal is also a senior researcher and programmer at the Research Center for Material Culture in Amsterdam and a curatorial and research fellow at Mathaf: Arab Museum of Modern Art in Doha. She is currently part of the curatorial team at Sonsbeek2020-2024.

Working as an independent and highly-requested initiator, facilitator and connector Amal?s projects zoom in on global politics,
post-colonialism, counter-culture, oral history, pop, hiphop and visual culture and archival work.

Amal talks about the "dirty work" that a lot of cultural institutions require, how she is embracing her rude auntie-era and why it is essential for Black people to start building their own spaces.

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This episode of The Most is made possible with the support of Modemuseum Hasselt and ?Activewear?, the acclaimed fashion exhibition running until December 30 2021. Get your tickets for their all-new expo ?STREETWEAR? ? curated by Dominique Nzeyimana and for the upcoming Q&A with Guillaume "Gee" Schmidt from Patta, Elodie Ouédraogo and Olivia Borlée on December 18, 2021 . 

Episode 42! 

Premier tastemaker Robin De Flô aka 'Flo' founder of former Antwerp streetwear cult label A Cut Above and now also of high end sustainable repurposing project a:(r)kaiv (read as: archive) joins Dominique Nzeyimana for a beginning-to-future talk. Flo opens up about runway memories & re-appropriation stories with Raf Simons, a life of success, stumbles & forever growth. The two discuss the importance of self-reflection, good music, how to move on after loss, falling in love with vintage, wedding-saving & being the plug for Virgil Abloh.

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This episode of The Most is made possible with the support of Modemuseum Hasselt and ?Activewear?, its acclaimed fashion exhibition running until December 30 2021. Get your tickets for the opening of ?STREETWEAR? an addition to ?Activewear? and join Dominique Nzeyimana who is hosting two live Q&As with Guillaume Schmidt from Patta and 42I54 founders Elodie Ouedraogo and Olivia Borlée on October 7 2021.

Episode 41! Guillaume "Gee" Schmidt, co-founder of Patta, joins Dominique Nzeyimana for a special, season 5-opening sit-down.

Together with long-time best friend & business partner Edson Sabajo, Guillaume Schmidt grew Patta from a small sneaker store in 2004 to an international mainstay and the most successful Lowlands streetwear brand ever.

Today, Patta encompasses an ever-buzzing Amsterdam flagship, a sought-after clothing line and an incredible run of high-profile collabs, devoted followers all over the world, London & Milan brick-and-mortars, a successful e-commerce, a mobile app, a Soundsystem, a Running Team and the Patta Foundation. 

On this episode, Guillaume dives into the Patta origin story from early influences to building a love-for-all community from the ground up. For all who aspire to create, connect, collaborate, inspire, grow and give back: listen very carefully, because here comes the blueprint.

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Director & Chief Curator of MoMu ? Fashion Museum Antwerp, Kaat Debo, joins Dominique Nzeyimana for a sit-down.

Kaat Debo is one of the foremost guardians and champions of Belgian fashion as well as a noted author whose staple publications shed new light on greats like Martin Margiela, Olivier Theyskens & Walter Van Beirendonck.

On this episode, Kaat retells her journey from academia to getting that first foot in the door as a curator. Peer behind the seams of MoMu as Kaat remembers the museum?s beginnings, shares what makes an exhibition magical and outlines the inclusion work to be done.

You?ll also hear Kaat Debo?s choice memories of working with designer legends like Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten and Stephen Jones and the importance of trust to build an exhibition. She also shares how she is pondering the future of sustainability at MoMu and what it could mean to be a true hub for fashion culture.

Kaat and Dominique also discuss what is to be expected from the grand reopening of the renovated MoMu and its accompanying exhibitions & events this September.

More info on the official reopening programme ?Fashion 2.021 Antwerp ? Fashion/Conscious?.

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Quinsy Gario, the Award-winning performance poet, writer, visual artist & activist visits Dominique Nzeyimana. Quinsy's most famous art project took on the racist figure of Zwarte Piet or 'Black Pete' bringing about a fundamental shift in the Lowlands.

But Quinsy and Dominique have a lot more to talk about of course: like amazing Sint-Maarten memories, debate team battles and the cliché reason that got him into poetry.

Quinsy also talks academia, the art of archiving and his recent performances at Beursschouwburg.

All with that brilliant laugh peppered in between.

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The title of graphic designer doesn?t really do justice to the entire world of high-voltage kick and verve that Paul Boudens brings with him ? both professionally and as a human being. 

For one, his work has become entirely synonymous with Belgian fashion. He?s also internationally prized as one of the must-hire artisans propelling the visual language of art, theatre and dance forward. You immediately recognise a Paul Boudens-original when you see it as his work has this yet unmatched kinetic energy, containing a multitude of layers with a standout hand-crafted finish. 

From his early-day bombshell Jurgi Persoons and Walter Van Beirendonck artwork, his forever resonating work as the co-founder of (N°) A Magazine to his book designs for Yohji Yamamoto, Myung-il Song or MoMu Fashion Museum Antwerp, there?s no denying the Paul Boudens signature. 

A former military kid, Paul spent a few years flailing around Antwerp as a self-described "80s Kim Kardashian", when a chance encounter sent him on the path of graphic design and illustration 

After an initial introduction to Walter Van Beirendonck that got him working on his ?Fashion is Dead? newspaper, Paul was asked to design prints for the Antwerp Six-member's collections, which later on meant living through and thriving during Walter's iconic W.&L.T. days. Thirty years later, the two are still working together. 

Paul talks to Dominique about navigating the inception, growth and eventual loss of (N°) A Magazine, how he tries to embody the multitude of personalities of his clients without losing his own way. The two also discuss how much blood is needed to design a 90s Jurgi Persoons invitation and what it was like to have Jun Takahashi's UNDERCOVER team biking through your Versailles-sized flat. 

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On this new episode: Melat Gebeyaw Nigussie, Artistic and General Director of Brussels multidisciplinary arts centre, Beursschouwburg, sits down at the loft.

Melat, who is also a writer, speaker and activist is the Ethiopian-Belgian champion for true intersectionality, shifting the way artists and the general population perceive public cultural spaces.

Hear Melat in conversation with Dominique Nzeyimana, sharing her story of growing up in Leuven and the expectations being a child of the diaspora brings along to discovering Black critical theory and how that opened a whole new world of thought.

She also lays out how she checks her own blind spots & privilege, what transparency towards creatives and artists looks like for her and she indulges Dominique with some fond memories of the inspiring global art scenes she encountered on some of her trips. 

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Over the past decade, the work of visual artist, graphic novelist and art professor Brecht Vandenbroucke has graced the virtual and paper pages of The New York Times, Variety, Le Monde, Humo, Adult Swim, Wired, Têtu and many more. Fashion quickly came calling too as he has created shirt prints for Prada and collaborated with Walter Van Beirendonck, Diesel and Lacoste.

As a cultural reflector and narrator, Brecht mirrors every little detail and perversion of our existence through hand-painted comic strips and fills them with candour and pop iconography. His signature style is unfettered by any medium, standing out on a giant painting as well as a skateboard deck. After the impact of his 2013 debut visual album ?White cube?, Brecht has just released his second graphic novel ?Shady?, a self-defined transitional book that delves into morality and our inability at self-reflection.

On this episode of The Most, Brecht lays out his story from early farm life to running a precocious publishing house as a kid. He also opens up about having to mature quickly as a teen, why he took a break from pop culture once and how reading Joseph Campbell connected the dots for him to parse out cultural narratives. He talks dealing with the tension between chaos and order, holistic world views and the challenge behind weaving the ?Shady? storyline. Hear how the acclaimed artist works to figure out his own art, future ambitions and the importance of humility and self-improvement. 

Follow Brecht here. Buy ?Shady? online via Bries Publishing here.

You can visit the expo ?Assembled Stories? featuring the work of Brecht Vandenbroucke and Sarah Pschorn from May 15 till June 20 2021 at Galerie 10a.

Brecht Vandenbroucke's work is part of the permanent collection of the MiMa museum in Brussels. 

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This week?s guest on The Most is the magnetically talented actor, award-winning playwright, theatre director and singer Sachli Gholamalizad.

Sachli and Dominique  don?t hold back as they discuss the artist?s path from post-revolution Iran to Belgium, first realising she had a talent as a kid in poetry class, all through creating the award-winning first iteration of her theatrical trilogy.

The fearlessly dedicated Sachli delves into her love-hate bond with acting, moving past the gatekeepers, portraying the complexities of people of colour and how much respect for and space to create with young diasporic talent is due.

Sachli also details how she built on the skills she learned when studying method acting with Jack Waltzer in Paris and why she?s playing ?hard-to-get?.

Tune in for a sitdown about the growth to be found in taking a step back, the importance of listening to the future generation, self-discovery, language, creating during COVID, checking your own westernised POV and artistic representation.

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Dan Thawley, Editor in Chief of A Magazine Curated By, in conversation with your host Dominique Nzeyimana. 

Also well-regarded as a creative director, curator and contributor to Vogue, Arena HOMME+, Interview Magazine, i-D, GQ, AnOther Magazine and more, Dan Thawley has taken on the industry from every angle, including retail work and modelling, making him one of those rare, truly holistic editors.

Hear Dan retrace his journey from first tapping into his creativity as an indie rock theatre kid in Sydney to plunging headfirst into the fashion industry as a model as well as working in high-end stores learning about the passion, craft and production processes behind his favourite designer garments. Dan details his personal growth throughout different periods of his curiosity as he took the leap to London right as a recession hit and ended up steering the communication and editorial part of one of Antwerp?s most fabled concept stores of the late 00s - to eventually taking on fashion bible ?A Magazine Curated By?, first brought to life as N°A Magazine by Walter Van Beirendonck, Paul Boudens and Dirk Van Saene for the historic ?MODE2001: Landed/Geland? city fashion project.

Learn how 'A Magazine Curated By' clicks together, why the mythic 2004 Maison Martin Margiela issue was recently re-printed and how Dan and his team collaborate with the industry?s most interesting names like Giambattista Valli, Kim Jones and Simone Rocha, navigating the surprises and contrasts encountered along the way. 

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Clare Rojas, whose artistic iterations first came into broad view alongside the ?Mission School? movement coming out of San Francisco, an association culminating into the 'Beautiful Losers' documentary, exhibition tour and book, is internationally known as a highly accomplished and prolific fine artist with works acquired by the MoMA and the Whitney Museum of American Art. Although revered for possessing an uncanny talent for fairytale-like story-telling sometimes carrying a darker twist, which she also channels into songwriting, the artist proved early on incapable of sticking to one medium or style, which only made her output that more intriguing. Checking in from the Bay Area and on the verge of opening a new solo exhibition at the esteemed Jessica Silverman Gallery in San Francisco, Clare talks to Dominique about snakes and flies, growing up in Colombus, Ohio as a Peruvian-American kid, attending high profile art schools as a scholarship kid, The Cure, writing and producing her fifth album ?Grocery Store Flowers?, the quest for great gallery representation, spending her working and waking hours between compulsive painting and obsessive songwriting and shedding her musical alter ego Peggy Honeywell .


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Master turntablist, internationally acclaimed producer, OG of Belgian hip-hop & all-round stellar human DJ Grazzhoppa has joined Dominique Nzeyimana for a future classic conversation. This legend of the razor-sharp cut and globally favoured DJ has worked with the most respected names in the industry in a decades-spanning career. Hear Grazz throw it back to the early days, from being jolted into action by the iconic  ?Beat Street? movie to rolling into music, graffiti and breakin? and the origin story of his legendary Rhyme Cut Core crew, which he founded with a young TLP. Grazz recounts being crowned European DMC champion and third worldwide to becoming the super-chameleon artist he is today, creating and elevating as he channels his gift for bands and artists from De Puta Madre to Blade, Benny The Butcher, Zap Mama, Reggie Washington, Jamil Honesty, Jay Royale, Aka Moon and Anne Teresa De Keersmaeker?s Rosas and detailing the work he crafts together with his wife Monique Harcum as the should-be-Grammy-nominated duo Mo & Grazz

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The abundantly talented and visionary Tribeca Film Festival-awarded director, writer and TV showrunner Inès Eshun opens The Most season 4 sharing a powerful and deep conversation with your host  Dominique. Inès paints her story - starting with her most recent directorial/writing triumph: dark comedy miniseries ?De Shaq?. She retraces the series? creative process & her unwavering intention of taking underrepresented talent on all levels through every door with her. She talks channelling profound and absurd life experiences and feelings of societal sorrow into her craft and working with co-writers Soe Nsuki & Chingiz Karibekov (listen to Soe?s unforgettable episode here) and 'De Shaq' co-director Anthony Nti. Inès also lays out her journey of being a precocious kid growing up in between elitist Catholic schools and social housing and parenting herself as well as her younger siblings from a young age. Learn how she grew from being an autodidact extraordinaire, entering a spiritual dialogue with the universe and life itself ? to eventually graduating Film school while creating much-lauded short films such as ?The Life of Esteban?, which lead to working with BAFTA Winner and Oscar nominee Raoul Peck and landed her a Tribeca Film Festival ?Young Visionary? Award with celebrated author and jury member Sapphire beaming with pride in the background. A story of incredible persistence and unyielded giftedness.

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The Most Wonderful Time with DALILLA HERMANS

Author, playwright and activist Dalilla Hermans accepted Dominique?s invitation to come back on the show to keep up with a The Most Christmas tradition and end-of-year-wind-down set in motion last year.  

The two friends can?t help but always engage in candid conversations, so listen in on what happened when Dalilla invited 30 Black women, including your host, to spend a weekend together in the woods as an inspiration for her play that premiered 6 weeks later. Of course, AfroLit, the book Dalilla published together with Ebissé Rouw from Dipsaus Podcast is discussed and Dalilla shares some of her most important memories from the editing process. The duo then tries out some new segments Dominique came up with and will probably never use again like ?Can I live?? and ?OOOF?. Also, discover why Dalilla sometimes likes to pretend she?s an English lady and Dominique is positive she is Kenya Barris? twin.

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Calling into the loft is truly original, mould-breaking make-up artist Cécile Paravina. Hear Dominique and Cécile go all the way back as the prodigious MUA remembers going from not realizing make-up could be a career to her shooting with Hannelore Knuts for Vogue with legendary stylist Patti Wilson & landing POP Magazine, Interview, Numéro & 032C cover shoots as well as FENTY and Amina Muaddi campaigns plus being shortlisted by the British Fashion Council as one of the 50 most exciting young creatives worldwide. Cécile talks growing up isolated in a tiny border village in France to her first obsessions with faces and the clever way she studied the fashion runways of the aughts for the low-down on the make-up used by masters like Pat McGrath. She discusses the Internet being her first escape to find like-minded souls to taking the plunge & enrolling at Belgium?s finest fashion schools La Cambre and the Fashion Department of The Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Cécile shares how she dealt with academic setbacks - while wearing a full beat to class, of course - and how experimenting with make-up, motivated partly by frustration, and following her gut going against doubts from friends and parents alike lead her to where she is now. She talks about the significance of getting make-up right for Black models and those of colour and also doles out hard-learned tips for the perfect bleached eyebrow. 

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HYPEPEACE founders Jenn & Michael, sit down with Dominique to retrace the beginnings of their purpose-driven streetwear brand. Recounting how they went from somewhat hesitantly printing a small batch of bootleg T-shirts carrying a play on the famous Palace Tri-Ferg in 2016, to becoming a powerful and innovative force for change, supporting all-important causes and raising funds and political awareness. 

On this episode, Jenn shares her story from growing up in the Philippines to studying fashion design in London and Michael retraces how hip-hop and Rage Against The Machine have impacted his life every step of the way. Find out how the two met and how HYPEPEACE evolved naturally to becoming a bullhorn for political change via fashion. The three discuss shifts in streetwear and harnessing hype culture to communicate messages of equity, justice and anti-racism. Jenn & Michael also talk being a community-based brand, staying focused and share their advice to young creators - as well as send out a global open call for collabs - plus share their plans ahead.

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Gifted musician and producer Boris Zeebroek aka Bolis Pupul joins Dominique for episode 27 of The Most, which means another DEEWEE signee has entered the loft. 

Having toured with Neneh Cherry in 2019 and Metronomy in 2020, the richly skilled artist sits down to discuss some of his many musical projects like Bolis Pupul, Charlotte Adigéry, The Germans and Hong Kong Dong. On this iteration of The Most, tune in to hear how the artist went from being a quirky teen with trust-issues (due to navigating life with a famous Dad) playing gigs at local youth houses as ?Boris and The Stiff Ones? to selling out shows touring in New York and L.A. and playing with the likes of Neneh Cherry and Metronomy. He discusses his thoughts on virtual and socially distanced performance in a post-COVID world and finding happiness in returning to the stage. Boris shares tour memory highs and lows and how he got a fresh start working with Stephen and David Dewaele aka Soulwax aka 2ManyDJs at DEEWEE. He also lays out the therapeutic process of crafting music with his friend and The Most Episode 12 guest Charlotte Adigéry and finishing their upcoming debut album, as well as his ?Bolis Pupul? album plans.

Past, present, future and an ideal festival line-up align in an essential new listen for music fiends all around.

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Visual artist and all-round cultural connector Brian Elstak, has called into the loft! Tune in to hear Brian unravel the story of growing up in a small town near Amsterdam and what those early days taught him about the importance of representation and community - plus how an Eddie Murphy movie shaped the vision of his future.

Brian shares with your host Dominique Nzeyimana how his mantra came to be and lays out his thoughts on the importance of putting your work out there regardless.

The two also delve into his process, self-definition and the challenges of being a multi-hyphenate versus the world?s perception of you. They also discuss the inception of Brian?s incredible children?s books and ?TORI? the theatre play running at Het Nationaal Theater in collaboration with RIGHTABOUTNOW INC In this episode, Brian recounts how he wrote ?Tori? for his own kids, to fill a void on their story-time bookshelf. He also takes us through the winding, kill-your-darlings creative process of creating children?s book number two and, now, number three.

Hear Brian?s story of going from being a team player first to learning to turn the spotlight on yourself and how he aims to lead by example for his kids ? doing the job he loves most.

He also talks accepting and growing within his signature style plus forever letting his inner child take the driver?s seat.

Dominique wants to know more about a controversially titled upcoming Das Mag publication and what he thinks about Omroep ZWART the inclusive channel causing a ruckus in Holland. (Of course, Dominique is already a member.)

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Force-of-nature author, artist and LGBTQIA+ activist Fleur Pierets has joined Dominique in the loft - safely and a couple of weeks before new COVID-19 measures were implemented. Hear Fleur unwind the tale from her early life-on-the-move to crucial lessons and falling in love head over heels with Julian. She recounts how they founded Et Alors? queer arts magazine with no experience except for what Google had on offer - eventually capturing 750,000 readers over 20 celebrated issues. Fleur then bravely opens up about the way she and her by then wife took on a globally reported performance piece in 2017 by planning to get married in the 22 countries where same-sex marriage was legal. Her poignant, compelling book ?Julian? tells Fleur?s story of losing everything when Julian passed away early into the art project. She opens up about navigating life since then, embracing her fluid state of mind and finally making long-term plans again. Fleur also shares how harassing hatemail fuelled her commitment to helping LGBTQIA+ teens living in shelters worldwide and she gives the download on how she got cheeky with Boy George, ? as well as the children?s book deal she landed while staring at a work of art at MoMa. 

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Find ?Julian? at your local independent bookstore or order it from the publishere here.

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The inexhaustible artist Klaas Rommelaere is Dominique?s guest as his must-be-seen exhibition ?Dark Uncles? is taking over. Sitting down at the loft, Klaas weaves a story starting from being a dancing boy scout to opening two solo shows during a pandemic. Bracingly honest, disarmingly energetic and funny, the artist retraces the road from fashion school to interning with greats like Raf Simons and Henrik Vibskov and how that taught him that life is mostly about grabbing opportunities and working your ass off. Learn how the enormous embroidered puppets in ?Dark Uncles? found their moniker thanks to Cynthia Erivo and how a group of retired women have seen the artist through highs and lows. Klaas shares how fighting through doubt, heartbreak and being overambitious can still lead to glorious fruition.

Visit Klaas Rommelaere: ?Dark Uncles? exhibition until January 31, 2021 at Texture Kortrijk.

?Dark Uncles? the book is available here.


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Kim Peers graced the cover of Italian VOGUE multiple times when it most mattered, while also being the face of YSL during its Tom Ford-run. The iconic editorial and runway model and musician shares tales of working in high fashion and forming her band Skemer with Amenra-founding member and lead guitarist Mathieu Vandekerckhove. Kim recounts going from not knowing who Steven Meisel is to the master-photographer launching her career. Dominique wants to know if working with fellow Belgian Frederik Heyman -who is now known for his recent Arca and Lady Gaga covers- is as enthralling as it seems and the two compare notes on deciding to live an alcohol, drug and cigarette-free life. Kim also talks about how her non-conformist ways led her to being bullied in primary school, but how the free and ever-evolving path she chooses to follow is imperative to a deeper understanding of who she really is. 


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Olympian turned sustainable activewear entrepreneur and TV-host Elodie Ouedraogo talks to Dominique about her road from being "not-even-mediocre" at track-and-field to being the world's best together with the Belgian women?s relay team in Beijing. The two discuss being on opposite sides of the runner-spectrum and Dominique feels like she is watching a thriller when Elodie describes what the moments leading up to a championship face-off feel like and how the mental game is played. The former athlete openly discusses self-sabotaging and what one of her biggest regrets is before moving onto the evolution of the sustainable performance wear brand 4254 she owns with her friend and former team mate Olivia Borlée. Elodie also fans out about fashion and The Most episode 13-guest Glenn Martens in particular and shares the lessons she learned from her fiancé Jeroom and how he stopped her from scaring Raf Simons off his bike. 

Read Elodie's Black Lives Matter column here  (Dutch)

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Doing The Most

This chart-topping interview podcast has gone twenty episodes deep, so it?s time for a look behind the scenes as host Dominique Nzeyimana talks to her business partner of thirteen years, who also happens to be her husband, Stefaan Pauwels.

The two discuss Dominique's particular process of selecting her accomplished guests, the connection to her listeners, Stefaan's favourite moments so far and the unexpected and instant success of the number 1-show. 

The Most Seasons One and Two feature exclusive interviews with Walter Van Beirendonck, Inge Grognard, Kofi Von Ohene, Hannelore Knuts, Reiner Holzemer, An-Josefien Falelavaki, Dalilla Hermans, Sihame El Kaouakibi, Soe Nsuki, Jonas Govaerts, Glenn Martens, Lefto, Sander Bos, Fatoosan, Marie Gomise-Trezise, Stéphanie D'Olieslager, Charlotte Adigéry, Raphaële Lenseigne and Mickael Karkousse. 

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Sihame El Kaouakibi

The very first time Sihame El Kaouakibi entered the political arena, she got elected. Every time she bravely speaks up as one of the few anti-racist voices in parliament, her notoriety grows. Dominique, who under normal circumstances is not keen on Belgian politicians entering the loft, especially since most of them refuse to acknowledge systemic racism and its devastating effects in Belgium, sees a rare type of leader in Sihame and invites her for the 20th episode of The Most. The two talk Sihame?s first year in parliament, claiming your seat at the table and shaking it while you?re at it and why Sihame represents those voices too often muted in the media & politics. Sihame also discusses managing her emotions in a hostile arena, her life?s work of engaging younger generations, the power of networking and how world-renowned Belgian artist Luc Tuymans is using his privilege to help out. 

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DJ, radio host and educator Fatoosan sits down at the loft for a much needed talk with her former neighbour Dominique. The two discuss how they -both being children of one Black and one White parent- have been experiencing the heightened racial tensions and violence in the world the past couple of weeks and the social media pressure that came with it. They also confront what it means to be an educator of colour, they dissect Fatoosan's path in music and DJ'ing and Dominique want's to know what she wishes the future of clubbing and nightlife will look like.

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Reiner Holzemer

'Martin Margiela: In His Own Words' director Reiner Holzemer has ventured where few have and returned with an exquisite and authorised portrait of Belgian fashion enigma Martin Margiela. Reiner shares the experience of working closely with the beloved designer and the honest, open portrait he made of the world's most elusive fashion legend. Holzemer talks producing and creating films, working with Belgian rock gods dEUS for the score and finding silver linings in having limited options. He also fondly recounts meeting his co-producer Aminata Sambe while shooting with Juergen Teller in Dries Van Noten's garden and how that lead to them to making the intimate fashion documentary ?Dries?. 



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Sander Bos

'Making The Cut' break-out star, young fashion designer Sander Bos is with us to talk about his run on the Heidi Klum and Tim Gunn-helmed Amazon Prime show. Having already met each other at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Fashion Department, when Dominique interviewed Sander just before his graduation, the two of them pick right up where they left off. Did he intern for Versace as was his biggest wish? The designer also shares how he stays motivated in the harsh world of fashion and takes us behind the scenes of the reality TV-show that made its contestants show runway looks in front of the Eiffel Tower, travel to Tokyo and compete over one million dollar. Sander also talks about what the great Naomi Campbell is really like when the cameras are not rolling, he unveils the business plan that we didn't get to see on the show and he gives great advice on strategising next steps. 

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Marie Gomis-Trezise

Spearheading art curator, manager and consultant Marie Gomis-Trezise is at the loft. The Marseille-born and now Brussels-based powerhouse is on a mission to showcase and nurture contemporary artists from all types of backgrounds who infuse their work with the richness and diversity of the lived experiences of descendants of the diaspora. Dominique is in awe of Galerie Number 8's artists schedule and wants to know why a former music exec decided to set up a virtual gallery and online art store and take on the industry's structural racism and neglect. As Marie is on a road less traveled, the two of them also discuss some of the pitfalls of working with fast-rising talent, namely the VOGUE Italia uproar one of her photographer's works caused. 

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Stéphanie D'Olieslager - Sherø

A true legend of the 90s club scene and one of the first Belgian female DJs & music producers to make it big, Stéphanie who is releasing new music as Sherø, but is formerly known as D?Stephanie visited the loft before Covid-19 hit. She and Dominique talk about starting out as a DJ and music producer, come-ups, come downs and conquering the international scene from her Antwerp place of birth to now building a platform and record label for queer music talent from her current home base Berlin.

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An-Josefien Falelavaki

Artist, video director and internationally acclaimed streetwear designer AJ Falelavaki sits down at the loft for an honest conversation on mental health and thriving creatively after surviving a chaotic childhood. Although there is also plenty of room for laughter and talk about career milestones, like her part in the rise of Antwerp label A Cut Above, being invited by Erik Brunetti to help with the rebranding of FUCT, shooting in Marfa with Larry Clark and the imminent publication of her book ?Grudges'.

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Glenn Martens

Y/Project Creative Director Glenn Martens talks to Dominique about his early years spent drawing historical figures in Bruges and being somewhat of an uninformed teen when it came to fashion and pop culture. He pinpoints the moment he knew he had to apply to the Royal Academy of Fine Arts Antwerp Fashion Department and recounts difficult moments trying to find his way as a student. Dominique wants to know how it was working for Jean Paul Gaultier as well as Bruno Pieters, how it feels to have his entire collections bought by Rihanna and the two of them really get into how Glenn turned Y/Project into the worldwide success it is today.

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Charlotte Adigéry

When artist, producer, singer and DEEWEE signee Charlotte Adigéry and Dominique met a little over a year ago, it felt so familiar they became friends on sight. A couple of days before embarking on her first American tour, Charlotte sat down at the loft to discuss her early songwriting days and the freedom of getting to record at the studio complex built by Stephen and David Dewaele of Soulwax and 2ManyDJs. She also shares truths about finding the tools to become your own artist, fighting writer's block and the full-on producing partnership with bandmate Bolis Pupul she holds so dear. Dominique and Charlotte also discuss their mutual non-twerking abilities, being plugged by the great Iggy Pop, looking for the right fashion collaborations and the main difference between their obsession with Larry David. 

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Lefto Returns

First ever The Most guest Lefto returns to usher out the year and subsequently Series 1 of the show. Your favourite DJ's favourite DJ, festival curator and label owner and Dominique have so much more to talk about. For instance, the big Keith Haring retrospective that was about to open when this episode was recorded and that is currently running at Bozar in Brussels until mid May 2020. They then talk about mountain biking which they both took up at a certain point in time, the hypochondriac life, documentary-making plans, curating festivals, running a record label and the difficulty of getting picked-up as an artist in a streaming world. Dominique also asks why Lefto looked a little bit bummed at the huge party celebrating his 20-year career as a radio DJ and host and of course gets an honest answer. They discuss perseverance, the trials and tribulations of running your own label in a conglomerate world, how the fashion system is stealing from the culture, favourite artists, DJ-sets and sneakers of 2019, including Lefto's own dream collaboration. 

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Inge Grognard

Inge Grognard is the most groundbreaking and influential make-up artist in contemporary fashion, but working for Balenciaga or Marc Jacobs hasn?t dampened her love for the underdog one bit. Taking a quick break from flying from one international set to another, Grognard visits the loft to recount her days as a young teen meeting her best friend who also happened to be Martin Margiela?s cousin, kickstarting a decades-long friendship and work-relationship with the designer himself. Dominique really wants to talk about the little known fact that Inge was present during the infamous 1986 Antwerp Six breakthrough at London Fashion Week, where she was solely in charge of make-up looks for the collections of each individual member, being Walter Van Beirendonck, Dries Van Noten, Dirk Van Saene, Dirk Bikkembergs, Marina Yee and Ann Demeulemeester. Inge shares memories from her whirlwind wedding at 23, her Adam and the Ants-inspired wedding look designed by Margiela of course and the beautiful book she made with her husband Ronald Stoops after 30 years of them collaborating. Inge and Dominique also get into Inge?s love for collaborating with young innovators like Shayne Oliver from Hood By Air and Akeem Smith from Section 8 and when the international icon -as her close friend Dirk Van Saene once called her- discusses the intense emotions she experienced during what turned out to be the very last Maison Martin Margiela runway under the reign of Margiela himself, she confesses to one of her biggest regrets in life and how it informed a recent very difficult decision she had do make.   

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Jonas Govaerts

Award-winning director Jonas Govaerts has just started prepping the sequel to his 2014 feature film 'Welp' aka 'Cub', which means Dominique going on long tangents about her scouting days doesn't phase him at all. He shares how he found a framework for his first movie and how he got to design a horror maze for a big theme park. The two also discuss Jonas' fast rise in the Belgian rock, magazine and TV world and what happened after he woke up to the severe ear bleeding that would derail his life for years to come. Dominique is keen to know how Jonas deals with professional rejection and what working with Nicolas Cage was like. And when the two finally get to discuss cult director Richard Stanley for whom Jonas got to direct 2nd unit for his anticipated comeback movie 'Color Out of Space', it is really on. 

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Raphaële Lenseigne

Antwerp Fashion Academy graduate Raphaële Lenseigne started her footwear-brand Adult while finishing her final year at the famous school. She talks to Dominique about the road after graduation, exploring the male parts of her identity, repurposing her anger towards the fashion industry, her strategy looking for a new business partner, an important lesson learned from Dries Van Noten and her anticipated genitalia-inspired small leather goods collection.

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Hannelore Knuts

Supermodel and artist's muse Hannelore Knuts has walked all the fashion and haute couture runways from Prada over Chanel to Gucci and YSL. She and Dominique discuss their Catholic school days and Hannelore?s photography student beginnings. HK talks overcoming her shyness and the road to feeling comfortable doing Alexander McQueen shows as well as being on set with Inez and Vinoodh, Juergen Teller or Steven Meisel via a shoulder bump from another modelling icon. Find out how she got David Bowie's approval and where she sees her life heading next.

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Kofi Von Ohene

Unflinching visual artist and fashion and graphic designer Kofi Von Ohene visits Dominique Nzeyimana in the loft. Just turning 23 on the day this episode drops, Von Ohene has already reached legendary status among his own and a younger generation with his eponymous Kofi Von Ohene line. It?s a lot of word-to-mouth, though, as this Ghent-born and raised 23-year-old fiercely protects his online presence. During the conversation, Kofi gets into the reason his football dreams fell through and how it led him to graphic design and fashion. He also discusses what the infamous '696' represents and how being inspired by Tom Hardy brought him to his first important co-sign.

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Mickael Karkousse

Enigmatic GOOSE-frontman and ever-stylish musician Mickael Karkousse visits the loft to talk about how it took his bandmates nudging him in the right direction for him to even consider recording solo music. He also discusses how the chase for continuous evolution led to the opening of a recording studio complex that just sent out the soundtrack to ?War of the Worlds? and other international series. He opens up about his love and hate relationship with fashion, his short-lived modelling career for some of the Belgian greats and about what happens when after you get to collaborate with Raf Simons, DIOR, Willy Vanderperre and Storm Thorgerson, you deliberately decide to go back to DIY. Dominique is very curious to know if going solo means that we get a deeper look inside the psyche of his pretty mysterious MK persona and the two apparently share a weird trait of getting inspired while people they respect are all up in their ear. They end things off with some of their thoughts on Virgil Abloh and finding balance.  

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Soe Nsuki

Stand-up comedian Soe Nsuki visits the loft and discusses her whirlwind-career from never having been on stage or even having seen live comedy, to performing her hilarious solo show and tour in a little over six years. The only solo show by a Belgian comedian that comedy-nerd Dominique has been willing to pay money for, mind you. The two of them delve into plenty of real talk, from finding a way to deal with the madness of growing up, the pitfalls of nightlife, learning how to write comedy and spinning trauma into gold. They also try to work through their mixed feelings regarding one particular problematic fave, aka Dave Chappelle, discuss how therapy can help with crafting jokes and Dominique finds out how after one particular YouTube binge, Margot Robbie became Soe's unlikely example. 

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Walter Van Beirendonck

Walter Van Beirendonck, the most defiant and radical member of the Antwerp Six, is the greatest fashion designer in the world according to your host, so to have him on is a beautiful gift, but also slightly nerve-racking. The two of them discuss Walter?s most recent projects like the new exhibition he designed for the Outsider Art Museum in Amsterdam and his ongoing work with Rei Kawakubo from Comme des Garçons. Walter also reminisces about the times he and his fellow Antwerp Six members and Martin Margiela went on shopping sprees and travelled to Japan. Since Raf Simons, Demna Gvasalia and Craig Green used to be Walter's interns, he explains his selection method. And he talks about his approach as the head of the Antwerp Fashion Academy.

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Dalilla Hermans

The Most Brave Dalilla Hermans, author and activist, visits The Loft to sit down with her long-time friend. Find out how the young writer turned tragedy into triumph after she was forced to hire security when death threats against her got out of control. The two pals discuss their respective working and writing methods, their tolerance levels for various forms of white audacity, but things get really real when Dominique decides to try out a potential new The Most-segment.

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The Most Incredible Lefto, one of the best DJs in the world, used to be Dominique's next-door-neighbour. They both moved, so for the first ever episode of this podcast, Dominique invited him to her new loft to talk about his life and times. Lefto (which is sort of French for 'Rise Early') shares stories about growing up in Molenbeek, going from being the local record store mascot and plugging records to celebrating 20 years in the entertainment business and sharing stages and venues with A-list celebrities. The two almost get into it judging each other?s outfits, Lefto explains his love for Japanese fashion, why couch surfing is better than staying in hotels and the one thing that will always keep him focused. 

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