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INSIDE BRIEFING with Institute for Government

INSIDE BRIEFING with Institute for Government

How can we make government work more effectively? What are Brexit and the current political tumult doing to our institutions? Is Britain's Constitution able to withstand the strains of 21st Century social, political and technical change? What needs to change in our system of government ? and how can we change it? Find out in the weekly podcast from Britain?s leading governmental think tank, where we analyse the latest events in politics and explain what they mean. Every week on INSIDE BRIEFING, IfG Director Bronwen Maddox welcomes experts, analysts and special guests for a free-ranging conversation on what makes government work ? and how to fix it when it doesn?t.


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Autumn Statement of intent

Jeremy Hunt has unveiled the government's economic plans, with the chancellor handing out giveaways now but setting out tax rises - and spending cuts - to come. So now what? The IfG podcast crunch the chancellor's numbers.   The Dominic Raab claims are causing problems for the justice secretary, but do multiplying leaks about ministerial behaviour point to a wider breakdown of trust inside government?   And a new joint paper for the Institute for Government and Cambridge University?s Bennett Institute explores 25 years of erratic government attempts to update and reform the British constitution. The paper's author, former DEXEU permanent secretary Peter Rycroft, drops into the studio. Presented by Hannah White, with Gemma Tetlow and Giles Wilkes    Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Gavin Williamson shuts up and goes away

We didn't have to wait long for the first ministerial resignation of Rishi Sunak's premiership, and it's Gavin Williamson who is out of government - again. ConservativeHome's Henry Hill joins then podcast team to weigh up what Williamson's exit means for the PM and explore how Rishi Sunak can prove his commitment to integrity is genuine. The PM decided, in the end, to attend the COP27 summit - but does this government even have a credible net zero plan? Plus: Next week the government unveils its endlessly rescheduled, rebadged, and rewritten fiscal plan. The podcast team crunch the numbers and look ahead to next Friday's big event. Hannah White presents, with Cath Haddon and Tom Sasse   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Rumble in the Westminster Jungle

While Matt Hancock?s bushtucker trials will be making all the headlines, Westminster is wondering how Rishi Sunak will manage his ongoing Suella Braverman challenges. The IfG podcast team are joined by John Stevens, the Daily Mirror?s new political editor, to reflect on a bruising week for the restored Home Secretary. Also: the rearranged fiscal statement is looming. With the Prime Minister dropping plans to axe 91,000 civil service jobs, a new IfG paper sets out how to cut budgets with care. And is Keir Starmer on course for election success or is Labour in danger of a Sunak bounce? Hannah White presents, with Jill Rutter and Rhys Clyne. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Ready for Rishi?

Another podcast, another prime minister. Liz Truss is out after just 50 days in No.10. Rishi Sunak is in, with the former Chancellor avoiding a showdown with Conservative party membership after both Boris Johnson and Penny Mordaunt dropped out of the race. So what next for the UK?s 57th PM? The IfG podcast team, with guest Emilio Casalicchio of Politico, analyse Sunak?s first days in the job ? and weigh up the tricky challenges coming down the track. Restoring the economy to rude health, or at least getting it out of intensive care, is top of Sunak?s in-tray. But where can he find the spending cuts needed to balance the books? A new IfG paper warns that a re-run of austerity will be more difficult ? and damaging ? than the 2010 era. The pod team crunch the numbers. Presented by Gemma Tetlow with Tom Pope and Cath Haddon. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Broken Truss

After a feverish week in Westminster and a chaotic 24 hours in government, Liz Truss has called time on her record-breakingly short stay in Number 10. The IfG podcast, with special guest Henry Newman, a former adviser to Boris Johnson and Michael Gove, assemble at the very moment Truss was preparing to announce her departure.   The podcast team pick apart Truss?s failures in No10, the economic decisions that face new chancellor Jeremy Hunt, and how the next few weeks and months might play out.   Plus: Could Boris Johnson really make a comeback?   Alex Thomas presents. With Giles Wilkes and Gemma Tetlow.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Is the lady for u-turning?

As pressure piles up on the prime minister, the IfG podcast team assemble - with guest Aubrey Allegretti of the Guardian - to work out what Liz Truss might do to calm both the markets and Conservative MPs    The Halloween fiscal event isn't the only date in the Commons that will be spooking the PM - so join the Inside Briefing team on a walk through the government's autumn parliamentary minefield.   And remember Brexit? A new IfG paper says that MPs aren't doing enough to scrutinise the UK's post-Brexit EU relationship. So what's the problem and how can it be fixed?   Presented by Hannah White   With Jill Rutter and Alice Lilly   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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"The nightmarish state of British politics"

Academic, author and former Talking Politics host David Runciman joins the IfG podcast team to take stock of the state of British politics. As wearing Conservative politicians make their way back from Birmingham, and with Labour MP's having left Liverpool, just how health are Westminster's largest parties right now? Is growth the new dividing line in Westminster and beyond - and is there really an anti-growth coalition? And what on earth is going to happen next in the never-ending, unpredictable rollercoaster ride of British politics? Hannah White presents With Alex Thomas and Gemma Tetlow Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Gilt trips & bank statements

The fallout from Kwasi Kwarteng's budget continues, so what can the chancellor do to calm the nerves? Guest Soumaya Keynes of the Economist joins the IfG podcast team to discuss what has gone wrong for Kwarteng and Liz Truss, and the lessons to be learnt from a week of economic turmoil.   No drama for Starmer? We take a look back at the Labour Party conference in Liverpool and what Keir Starmer's speech tells us about the direction of travel for His Majesty's Opposition.   And as the Conservative Party assembles in Birmingham, we look ahead to what could be a lively few days for Liz Truss - and what awaits  at her first party conference since becoming PM.   Presented by Hannah White With Giles Wilkes and Tom Pope   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Europe's Energy Crisis

With winter fast approaching, politicians across Europe have been taking dramatic steps to address the ongoing energy crisis. The IfG team are joined by Alice Hancock from the FT and Elisabetta Cornago from the Centre for European Reform to assess different countries? responses. Is Europe ready for the winter ahead? Why is the UK?s support package so expensive? Are the public up for cutting their energy use? And what should countries be doing to tackle the crisis in the longer term?    Presented by Tom Sasse with Olly Bartrum   Produced by Candice McKenzie  
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Gloves off for Truss v Starmer

Liz Truss has been to New York, Keir Starmer is on his way to Liverpool, and the IfG podcast team assemble in the studio to discuss a week where politics began to return to normal ? albeit against the unpleasant backdrop of Vladimir Putin?s threat of nuclear war.   Guest Ayesha Hazarika dials in to discuss the new prime minister?s first steps on the world stage, some big government policy announcements at home, and what to look out for at Labour?s annual party conference.   Plus: If Liz Truss is all about delivery, then how can she make government departments deliver? The team discuss a new IfG report which recommends the step she should ? and shouldn?t ? take.   Hannah White presents. With Alex Thomas and Rhys Clyne.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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The Queen, the King and the Constitution

The FT?s Stephen Bush joins the IfG team in the podcast studio, just a few hundred metres away from Buckingham Palace, to make sense of an extraordinary moment in British history. What does the death of Queen Elizabeth II, after a record-breaking 70-year reign, mean for the Royal Family? How will King Charles III approach the role of monarch? And what questions will now be asked about the role of the monarch in the constitution, how the King interacts with politics and how ministers engage with the King?   Presented by Hannah White with Catherine Haddon and Maddy Thimont-Jack.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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In Liz we Truss?

The epic Conservative Party leadership contest is finally over, and Liz Truss is the new prime minister. After a flight to Balmoral to meet the Queen, and a drive through London in lashing rain, Truss stepped straight from the prime ministerial car to the podium outside No10 and set out her vision for the country   So, what happens next and what should we expect from this country?s 56th prime minister? Former special adviser Salma Shah joins the podcast team to weigh up Truss?s Downing Street speech, her Cabinet appointments, and how she might handle a daunting in-tray.   Hannah White presents.   With Giles Wilkes and Catherine Haddon.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Truss triumph or Sunak surprise?

 The long, hot summer of endless Conservative leadership contest hustings is over, and next week the winner will be announced. The FT?s Seb Payne joins the podcast crew to discuss the battle to become Prime Minister. Will Liz Truss emerge victorious as all the polls predict? Can Rishi Sunak spring a surprise? And just how daunting is the next prime minister?s in-tray?   And as Boris Johnson?s premiership comes to an end, how should we look back on a dramatic - and sometimes controversial - stint in No10?   With Hannah White, Jill Rutter and Alex Thomas   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Every autumn the UK?s political parties decamp from Westminster for the annual party conference season. From Brighton to Blackpool, Manchester to Birmingham, Liverpool to Glasgow, Britain?s cities take turns to host politicians, activists, party members, journalists, and lobbyists for long days (and nights) of keynote speeches, breakfast fringe meetings, endless schmoozing, too much warm white wine and endless political intrigue. Is this where key decisions are taken and political history is made? Or i it just a gossip-soaked get together which serves no value?   Michael Crick, a veteran of decades of conferences, joins political journalist Marie Le Conte, former special adviser Peter Cardwell, and the IfG?s Jill Rutter to reminisce about conferences past and weigh up whether party conferences deserve a future.   Presented by Alex Thomas   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Centuries of British political history has played out across Whitehall, with key decisions taken in the many government buildings that line the streets around the Palace of Westminster. But what secrets are contained within their walls and behind their doors? How have the buildings changed over the years? And what secret tunnels lie beneath the basements of Whitehall?   Special guest Gus O'Donnell joins the IfG?s Cath Haddon and Alex Thomas to reveal the secret map of Whitehall.   Presented by Hannah White   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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From being appointed to the job to that first overwhelming day?s work, from taking key decisions to ultimately being reshuffled back to the backbenches, and with a whole load of unexpected moments along the way, the lifetime of a government minister is a whirlwind of new experiences. From a grip on the levers of power to inevitable disappointment, it is a career like no other. With special guests ? and former ministers ? Jim Murphy and David Gauke, and featuring original audio from the IfG?s unique Ministers Reflect series, this Inside Briefing summer special goes behind the scenes to explore the twists and turns of serving in government.
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Boris Johnson?s Number 10 veered between the anarchic and the chaotic, marked by resignations, sackings, resets, cake ambushes and work events. So, what can the next prime minister do to make No10 work in a way that can deliver their priorities? What are the key decisions they must take on their first day in the job? What appointments do they need to get right? Does it matter where people sit? And is 10 Downing Street really the right building from which to run a government?   Sally Morgan, Kate Fall and Giles Wilkes, three veterans of No10, share their experiences of working at the centre of government for three different prime ministers, and give their advice on how to reshape No10 in the post-Johnson era.   Presented by Emma Norris. With Cath Haddon.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Changing of the guard

After six years, three prime ministers and 178 episodes of Inside Briefing, outgoing Institute for Government Director Bronwen Maddox chairs her final episode looking at the big themes that have dominated U.K. government during her time at IFG.    Where have Brexit and covid left the UK's economy and where does Johnson's departure leave the prospect of levelling up the country? Why does government fail and what do we need to do about it? And how far should we go in reforming our constitution after the seismic events of the last six years?    Hosted by Bronwen Maddox. Featuring Hannah White, Giles Wilkes, Jill Rutter, Alex Thomas, Matthew Gill, Maddy Thimont-Jack and Cath Haddon.    Produced by Candice McKenzie    
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The Sunak v Truss showdown

With the Conservative leadership contest now down to battle between Rishi Sunak and Liz Truss, the podcast crew assemble to assess the pitches, pledges and promises on offer - and weigh up who might become the next prime minister.    And what about the man they will replace? As Boris Johnson clocks up there years as PM, who should we judge his premiership - and is a comeback really on the cards?   Mo Hussein, a former No10 chief press officer, joins Bronwen Maddox, Cath Haddon and Giles Wilkes.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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A Penny for Their Thoughts?

The Conservative leadership contest is gathering speed, but what are the candidates offering their fellow MPs, what does the party membership think, and have the front runners caught the attention of the public? BBC Newsnight?s Lewis Goodall joins the IfG podcast team to weigh up the men and women battling to become the next prime minister.   Most of them are offering tax cuts. Smart long-term policy or crude short-term politics? And what exactly could, or should, the caretaker government do if the cost-of-living crisis gets even worse in the coming weeks and months?   Presented by Bronwen Maddox. With Giles Wilkes, Jill Rutter and Olly Bartrum.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Boris Johnson: Exit Means Exit?

After an extraordinary day in Westminster, and a record-breaking number of resignations, the Prime Minister finally quit Downing Street. But Boris Johnson will stay on in No.10 until his successor his chosen. The IfG podcast team assemble to ask what this period of caretaker government will look like, how the next Prime Minister will be chosen, and what Boris Johnson?s record in office looks like. And at the very moment Johnson announced his resignation, his predecessor Theresa May was giving a speech at the IfG on how to restore trust in politics. And as the resignations began to pile up on Wednesday, the IfG was hosting a one day conference on how to reform government. Big themes, big questions, and, it turned out, taking place at a very big moment in politics. Presented by Bronwen Maddox. With Alex Thomas, Cath Haddon and Tim Durrant. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Around the World in 8 days

Three big international summits have kept Boris Johnson thousands of miles away from by-election defeats, a Cabinet resignation and growing disquiet at home, but what did the prime minister actually achieve on his foreign adventures? The Telegraph?s Camilla Turner, who travelled with the PM to Rwanda, joins the podcast team to reflect on Johnson?s travels.   While the prime minister was away the cabinet secretary endured a gruelling questioning by a parliamentary select committee, but the IfG team were unimpressed with Simon Case?s performance.   And from transactional to transformational, how do ministers approach the art of leadership in different ways? That?s the subject of new IfG report. We take a closer look on the podcast.   Bronwen Maddox presents. With Alex Thomas and Jill Rutter   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Double Trouble

After two bruising by-election defeats and a Cabinet resignation, is Boris Johnson fighting to hold on to his job? Pollster James Johnson joins the podcast team to crunch the numbers and work out how the tectonic plates of British politics might shift in the weeks and months ahead. And should more powers be given to England?s mayors? That?s what a new IfG report argues, and its author ? fresh from a visit to Manchester to interview Andy Burnham ? drops in to explain why. Bronwen Maddox presents. With Hannah White, Giles Wilkes, Akash Paun. Produced by Candice McKenzie.
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The Only Way is Ethics

The Inside Briefing team assemble minutes after Lord Geidt?s explosive resignation letter was published. So just how careless is it of the Prime Minister to lose his second independent adviser on ministerial interests? In a week where government policy has collided with legal opinions and rulings, Jonathan Jones, the former head of the Government Legal Department, joins the podcast to discuss the problems with the Northern Ireland Protocol Bill and Priti Patel?s plan to fly migrants to Rwanda. And what exactly can the Government do to intervene in next week?s planned rail strikes? Bronwen Maddox presents, with Alex Thomas, Jess Sargeant, Matthew Gill and guest Jonathan Jones. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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1922 and all that: Johnson?s crisis of confidence

Technically, Boris Johnson is safe for another year. But is he really? Deputy Political Editor of the Spectator Katy Balls joins the IFG to discuss the policy challenges ahead for the Prime Minister, as he attempts to unite his party following a devastating confidence vote. Plus, IFG senior researcher Jess Sargeant has the rundown on the government's proposed changes to the Northern Ireland Protocol. ?Boris Johnson has been very clear that he?d have to be dragged kicking and screaming from Downing Street.? - Katy Balls ?In Wakefield, Labour are 20 points ahead of the Tories. Hammering that result home will be the most important moment of Keir Starmer?s leadership so far.? - Emma Norris ?We?ve seen already the EU warning quite strongly about changing the Northern Ireland protocol. The UK?s been hoping that they may get some sympathy from countries like Poland - but that doesn?t look to be happening.? - Jess Sargeant ?Hunt has had a fairly good pandemic. He?s kept his profile high while getting hard work done. But it?s hard to see someone like him coming out the other side of this as leader.? - Tim Durrant ?What does ?Benefits to Bricks? really mean? It sounds like another grand, ill-defined vision that doesn?t end up amounting to much.? - Emma Norris ?The Tories won?t change the rules of the 1922 Committee just because they don?t like the by-election results. If they really want rid of them, they?ll find a way to oust him.? - Katy Balls Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Jess Sargeant, Emma Norris and Tim Durrant. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG.
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VONC Special: Boris On The Brink?

With 148 votes against him, was Boris Johnson?s vote of confidence victory a Pyrrhic one? The IfG team convene to look at the unfolding civil war in the Conservative Party and Big Dog?s prospects for survival. Does Johnson?s fate really rest in the hands of just 30 waverers? Can his more controversial policies such as privatising Channel 4 survive in a new, ?listening? No.10? And what can we expect from the by-elections in Wakefield and Tiverton and Honiton?  ?What pulled Margaret Thatcher was her Cabinet telling her the game was up. For now it looks like Johnson?s Cabinet is sticking by him.? ? Cath Haddon ?They know there are 148 rebels. They just don?t know who they are yet.? ? Alice Lilly ?Whenever Johnson has come out as humble and contrite, things have tended to go wrong for him.? ? Alex Thomas Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Alice Lilly, Alex Thomas and Cath Haddon.  Audio production by Robin Leeburn. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Beyond the Beehive: lessons on government reform from New Zealand

New Zealand is often seen as a poster child for government reform. In this special edition of Inside Briefing Professor Rodney Scott, the chief policy advisor to the New Zealand Public Service Commission, joins Alex Thomas, Emma Norris and Rhys Clyne to discuss the history of government reform in New Zealand, explore similarities and differences with the UK and explain what difference reform has made in New Zealand.   From the new public management of the 1980s to the 2020 public service reforms, this conversation covers a range of topics including: cross-government co-ordination, long-term policy making and ?stewardship?, and accountability in government.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Gray Matters

The long wait is over, and the Sue Gray report is out. So, what does it tell us about Boris Johnson?s No10? What have we learnt about the culture in Downing Street during the pandemic? And what questions need to be asked about how the prime minister attempted to handle allegations of rule-breaking under his watch? ITN?s UK news editor Paul Brand, whose run of scoops have led the way in the reporting of partygate, joins the IfG podcast team to talk through another extraordinary week in Westminster. Hannah White presents, with Alex Thomas and Jill Rutter. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Belfast and the furious

Breaking news special! The podcast team assembled in the studio as the Met confirmed it had finished its partygate inquiry - and would not issue any more Fines to Boris Johnson. So what does this mean and what happens next? Why is everyone so angry about the Northern Ireland Protocol? The UK government and the EU are arguing over its future, and Northern Ireland's political parties are unable to come up with a power-sharing deal. The BBC's John Campbell dials in from Belfast to discuss the latest - and just how bad things might get. Back in Westminster, the government is under increasing pressure to respond to the cost of living crisis. Is a windfall tax on the cards? The team weigh up the government's options. With Bronwen Maddox, Jill Rutter and Jess Sargeant. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Boris and the Giant Queen?s Speech

A Queen?s Speech without a Queen, but was it a Queen?s Speech without a theme? The Guardian?s Rafael Behr joins the podcast team to dissect Prince Charles? big day ? and make sense of the whopping list of 38 bills unveiled by the government.   And just what could Keir Starmer and Boris Johnson have been talking about as they strolled awkwardly together through Parliament to hear the Speech? As the partygate and beergate sagas continue to unfold, which leader is in the most difficulty and what happens next?   Presented by Bronwen Maddox, with Alice Lilly and Alex Thomas.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Election selection rejection

Election results were landing by the time the IfG podcast team - with guest Anoosh Chakelian of the New Statesman - assembled in the studio. What do the votes all mean for Boris Johnson and who emerged as the night?s big winner? The latest twist in the beergate story broke while the pod was recording - so what will Keir Starmer do next? And with Northern Ireland on the cusp of a historic election result, what happens next (or doesn't) at Stormont? Hannah White is joined by Cath Haddon, Alex Nice and Jess Sargeant. Produced by Candice McKenzie
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A little local difficulty?

With less than a week to go until a series of elections across the UK, the FT's Jim Pickard joins the podcast team to discuss what's at stake - and what the results could mean.   The cost of living crisis will no doubt be featuring on the doorstep, so is there more the government could be doing to help?   And as Emmanuel Macron secures a second term as French President, the Institut Montaigne's Georgina Wright dials in from Paris to talk through an eventful - and crucial - election.    Presented by Hannah White, with Akash Paun and Olly Bartrum Produced by Candice McKenzie   
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Partygate in the House

The prime minister avoided another explosive day in Westminster by heading to India, but is the home front becoming ever-more precarious for Boris Johnson? The i paper?s Paul Waugh joins the Inside Briefing team to make sense of the seemingly never-ending partygate row.                                                                                                                                        And as ministers do their best to knock stories about parties and police fines off the front pages, the podcast crew pick apart the government?s much-criticized plan to send some asylum seekers to Rwanda and dissect the latest briefings against civil servants who are choosing to work from home.   Emma Norris presents with Catherine Haddon, Jill Rutter and Rhys Clyne.   Produced by Candice McKenzie
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Paying the penalty?

Boris Johnson?s Fixed Penalty Notice for breaking COVID rules makes him the first sitting Prime Minister who, as far as anyone can remember, has been found to have broken the law while in office. Is this the beginning of the end of the Partygate saga? Or merely the end of the beginning? We discuss what it means for Boris Johnson, his party, the public and for the UK?s system of standards that is supposed to hold our politicians to account.  And it has been a tough week for the Chancellor. Even before being fined for walking in on a birthday party, Rishi Sunak was facing a difficult time with revelations over his wife?s tax arrangements and criticism of his department?s response to the cost of living crisis. As Sunak?s popularity plumets, the podcast team weigh up his performance ? and what he does next.   Senior UK correspondent at Politico Europe Esther Webber joins presenter Hannah White, Tim Durrant, and Jill Rutter. Produced by Candice McKenzie.
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Information, Misinformation, Disinformation

Propaganda in warfare is an ancient concept, but has Russia?s information campaign since it invaded Ukraine taken things to a new level? Are Russia?s state-controlled media and troll factories all about domestic support or an attempt to win international support? And how does the West counter fake news and help ensure that people can trust the information they see?  In this special edition of Inside Briefing, Bronwen Maddox is joined by Marianna Spring, the BBC?s specialist disinformation and social media reporter, Full Fact director Will Moy, and Ian Garner, historian and translator of Russian war propaganda and author of the forthcoming Stalingrad Lives: Stories of Combat & Survival.   Produced by Candice McKenzie.
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Another fine mess for No10?

Boris Johnson reckons he is now more popular in parts of Kyiv than parts of Kensington, so how worried should the prime minister be as Partygate returns to the frontpages?   With the UK at the heart of the West?s response to Russia?s invasion of Ukraine, the podcast team weigh up Chief of Defence Staff Admiral Sir Tony Radakin?s comments at the IfG on UK defence priorities.   And if it wasn?t for crises ? of very different natures ? we might be talking more about policy, so was the government?s new education white paper worth the wait?   Former Department for Education adviser Sam Freedman joins the podcast to discuss another eventful week in British politics.   Bronwen Maddox presents, with Alex Thomas and Tim Durrant.   Produced by Candice McKenzie.
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Is Rishi fuelling discontent?

After Rishi Sunak's spring statement was met with a barrage of bruising headlines, we crunch the numbers and assess what the chancellor announced - and what he didn't say - with guest John Rentoul, the Independent's chief political commentator.   Who authorised an airlift of animals in the midst of the UK's chaotic evacuation from Kabul? That was the subject of an excruciating select committee session this week, but what does it say about how well the Foreign Office is functioning?    And what's up with WhatsApp? Westminster's favourite way to communicate may not be great for good government - and a new IfG paper sets out the problems, and what could be done to fix them.   Bronwen Maddox presents. With Jill Rutter, Tim Durrant, Tom Pope and guest John Rentoul.   Produced by Candice McKenzie 
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Spring Statement Special Edition

Britain?s economy survived omicron relatively unscathed, but soaring inflation and energy price rises exacerbated by Russia?s invasion of Ukraine mean Rishi Sunak has a tough job on his hands to ease the worst cost of living crisis in decades. Ahead of Wednesday?s spring statement, we discuss what options the chancellor has available to him to ease the squeeze. Former Treasury advisor Tim Pitt and National Chair of the Federation of Small Businesses Martin McTague are our special guests. ?Unless wage growth can match inflation, the cost of living squeeze is going to be much worse than expected.? - Tom Pope ?Ukraine produces a lot of the world?s grain, so food prices are rising because of the conflict.? - Tom Pope ?The Chancellor can only take the edge of the pain for people, it will be a difficult period for millions.? - Tim Pitt ?Helping the vulnerable has to be the priority, but swathes of middle England are also about to be slapped.?- Tim Pitt ?I?ll be very interested to see if the Chancellor mentions the phrase net-zero.? - Jill Rutter ?Small businesses are having to compete for a shrinking pool of labour, so there will be pay rises.? - Martin McTague This budget preview edition is supported by the Federation of Small Businesses. Find out more at Presented by Gemma Tetlow with Tom Pope and Jill Rutter. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Russia's Money Talks

Russia faces a raft of sanctions amid global disgust at the invasion of Ukraine. We discuss nations severing ties with Vladimir Putin?s regime, and what long term ramifications there might be. Plus, as oligarchs hit the headlines, we discuss Russian money in Britain. Financial Times correspondent Polina Ivanova, King?s Russia Institute director Samuel Greene, and Butler to the World author Oliver Bullough join Bronwen Maddox to unpack these issues.  ?These are speeches and addresses [from Putin] that are meant to make Russian?s angry.? ? Samuel Greene  ?As long as they?re his [Putin?s] friends, he doesn?t really see them as oligarchs.? ? Oliver Bullough ?This is about punishment and about changing the power structure in Russia.? ? Samuel Greene  ?Russian oligarchs don?t really trust the Russian legal system any more than anyone else does.? ? Oliver Bullough Presented by Bronwen Maddox with . Audio production by Jade Bailey. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Pouring Oil on Troubled Waters

Despite peace talks taking place, Russia?s assault on Ukraine shows no sign of slowing down. With Boris Johnson jetting to the Gulf in an effort to ease the energy crisis, we discuss the latest from the conflict. Also, in light of Partygate plans to streamline the prime minister?s team have emerged. Will they work? And we take a look at a new IFG report on how Brexit is affecting agricultural support. Former Sky News editor Adam Boulton is this week?s special guest. ?We?re in a different time, Russia is aggressive in a way that it wasn?t for much of the Cold War.? - Adam Boulton ?The Government have changed their relationship with Russian donors, but Johnson has gone to another dictator looking for oil.? - Cath Haddon ?British foreign policy is all over the place? Brexit means we?re not identifying with a common European effort.? - Adam Boulton ?The Cabinet Office has grown to over 8,000 people as it has taken on the operational aspects of Government.? - Alex Thomas Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Cath Haddon, Alex Thomas and Jill Rutter. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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The war in Ukraine shows no sign of easing, and its impact is being felt across UK government. What will it mean for bills if Russian energy imports are cut off? And why is the Home Office making such a mess of the Ukraine refugee crisis? Robert Colvile, director of the Centre for Policy Studies and Sunday Times columnist, joins the pod team to discuss.   And a new IfG report looks back at the last crisis, which saw a lack of accountability and blame-gaming mark central government?s relationship with public bodies during the pandemic. So what went wrong and what needs to be done to get it right next time? We speak to the report author.   Presented by Catherine Haddon, with Giles Wilkes, Jill Rutter and Matthew Gill. Produced by Candice McKenzie.   ?The problem with energy is that you can?t conjure it into being? ? Robert Colvile   ?Net zero commitments are just going to be parked in a lot of countries while we deal with this crisis? ? Robert Colvile   ?Lord knows how the internal economy of Russia works right now? ? Giles Wilkes   ?I?m still recovering my morale ? I might own a little bit of Chelsea? ? Giles Wilkes   ?The Home Office is fundamentally a department of control ? it?s lagging very badly? ? Jill Rutter   ?It?s not an accident that the phrase ?not fit for purpose? was coined about the Home Office? ? Robert Colvile
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How can Putin?s Ukraine war end?

The awful scenes of war and violence in Ukraine show no sign of ending. Will an unprecedented barrage of sanctions be enough to shift Vladimir Putin?s strategy? If not, what other options are available to the West? The IfG team are joined by Georgina Wright of Institut Montaigne to discuss where the crisis might go next, assess a notably coordinated EU response, and make sense of a stunning shift in German policy.   We then switch attention to the UK, where questions at the heart of the IfG?s mission ? how good governments function, how to strengthen institutions, and how to ensure politicians follow the rules and are held to account ? look more relevant than ever. Two new IfG reports set out what can be done to reform and strengthen the civil service.     ?Other than some kind of major event in Russia, it is hard to see a route of this that isn?t incredibly depressing? - Catherine Haddon   ?The threat that Putin could put his missiles on an even higher standing of readiness is hanging over this? ? Bronwen Maddox   ?It is absolutely incredible what we are seeing happen in Germany. You have a government that is giving way completely to radical new policy? ? Georgina Wright   ?We saw how difficult it was to leave the EU. It?s just as difficult to join. Can the EU realistically grant Ukraine, a country at war, candidate status?? ? Georgina Wright   ?Confused accountability undermines the civil service?s confidence. Bolstering its legitimacy will help bolster its confidence and authority inside government? ? Alex Thomas   Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Alex Thomas, Cath Haddon, and guest Georgina Wright.   Produced by Candice McKenzie for the Institute for Government in association with Podmasters.
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Putin?s War - Can Sanctions Work?

Russia invades Ukraine and shocks the world, with casualties already reported and citizens fleeing Kyiv. What does Putin want? And can a raft of sanctions introduced by Western governments force him to change his mind? Former chair of the Intelligence and Security committee DOMINIC GRIEVE joins us to discuss the crisis and its ramifications for Europe. ?Ukraine?s status as an independent state on Russia?s borders has become intolerable to Putin.? - Alex Nice ?The signs have been clear for a long time that Putin will use any means if it furthers his agenda.? - Dominic Grieve ?This crisis could extend to the Baltic states. If Putin thinks there is a weakness, then he will exploit it.? - Dominic Grieve ?BBC Russia does an excellent job, and removing RT might result in a ?tit-for-tat? response from Russia.? ?This refugee crisis will primarily focus on Poland, but other states including the UK should be involved in this.? - Alex Nice  ?Three decades of German foreign policy has been washed away by this crisis.? - Cath Haddon Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Cath Haddon and Alex Nice. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Playing Chicken With Kyiv

The Ukraine Crisis is still unresolved. What exactly does Putin want, is he determined to use force to achieve it ? and can Britain do anything about it? Plus, Boris Johnson plans to create a new ?Office of the Prime Minister?. But what exactly is the Cabinet Office, how does this ?odds and sods department? work ? and is the idea of creating a whole new department wise, Prime Minister?  Ex-Cabinet Office minister and Justice Secretary David Lidington and former (founding) head of the National Cyber Security Centre Ciaran Martin are our special guests.  ?Any Ukrainian will tell you they?ve been at war with Russia since 2014? They?ve been under severe cyber-harassment from Russia ever since.? ? Ciaran Martin ?If Ukraine makes a success of democracy and a Euro-Atlantic way of looking at the world, that?s a mortal threat to Putin and his regime.? ? David Lidington ?When you?re doing civil service reform, don?t hide behind jargon because that might be the thing that sinks it.? ? Cath Haddon ?Ukraine is Russia?s cyber playground? The Russians constantly use it to undermine Ukrainians? faith in their society and their government.? ? Ciaran Martin Presented by Alex Thomas and Cath Haddon. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Director?s Annual Lecture 2022

Bronwen Maddox gives the Institute for Government?s annual Director?s Lecture, followed by a response from New Statesman political editor Stephen Bush and a discussion chaired by Sir David Lidington, the former Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster, Minister for the Cabinet Office, and Justice Secretary. In her speech, Bronwen reflects on the Government?s handling of the pandemic, expectations of government now, and the reforms that are needed. Audio production by Candice McKenzie for IfG #IfGDirector
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Send In The Not Complete Clowns

Will Boris Johnson?s panic reshuffle provide the hard reset he needs? Can reorganising the No.10 backroom dispel the shadows of the Gray Report and the Met investigation into parties at Downing Street? Plus Sir John Major launches stinging criticism of the PM at an IfG event this week. Will it tip the scales for Boris Johnson? And the big question? what?s wrong with British government? Political commentator Steve Richards ? host of the Rock?n?Roll Politics podcast ? is our special guest this week. ?This is the most blistering attack from a former occupant of No.10 to a current occupant that I can recall.? ? Steve Richards ?This was John Major battling for the heart and soul of the Conservative Party? He was calling out the entire Cabinet for tolerating this Prime Minister.? ? Jill Rutter ?Blair told me one of his reshuffles was a two-year project. This one took place over a weekend. It?s shallow.? ? Steve Richards ?You can have the most tightly organised government in the world but unless Johnson becomes more serious and focused, it won?t matter.? ? Emma Norris Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Emma Norris and Jill Rutter. Audio production by Robin Leeburn. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG.
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Sir John Major: In Democracy We Trust?

The Institute for Government is delighted to welcome Sir John Major KG CH to give a keynote speech on the issue of trust and standards in British democracy. The event is chaired by Bronwen Maddox, Director of the Institute for Government. Watch the keynote here. Sir John Major was Prime Minister from 1990 to 1997. He served as MP for Huntingdon from 1979 to 2001. Audio production by Candice McKenzie for IfG
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It?s a Shame About Gray

Sue Gray has finally published her report into Downing Street parties, and despite it being a diminished version, it was damning about the culture and structure of No. 10. What does it mean for Boris Johnson - and what happens next? The Met Police?s decision to launch their own investigation stymied Gray?s report, and reports of misogyny within the Met has put chief commissioner Cressida Dick under huge pressure. And the long-awaited levelling up white paper has been released. Was it worth the wait? - ?The party in the Downing Street flat on 13th November is most dangerous for Johnson.? - Emma Norris - ?Most people do think the rules were broken in Downing Street, it doesn?t really matter what the Prime Minister says.? - Tim Durrant - ?No matter how independent Civil Servants are, they are not the right person to investigate the Prime Minister, who is also their boss.? - Emma Norris - ?When Sue Gray announced she was going to slim down her report, the odds of Johnson staying past June went up 20%.? - Giles Wilkes Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Emma Norris. Tim Durrant and Giles Wilkes. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Ukraine on the Brink

As tensions rise on the Ukrainian border, are we at risk of Europe?s first ground war since 1945? Sir Lawrence Freedman joins the panel to discuss the situation, and to lay out the role the UK will play in the crisis. Back in Britain we still await the Sue Gray report, but now the Met are involved. What does the police investigation mean for Number 10? And in some good news it?s the end of Plan B COVID restrictions in England, but is our battle against the pandemic really over? ?It would be really stupid for the Russians to invade a country of 40 million people, many of whom don?t like them.? - Lawrence Freedman ?Nobody expects Western powers to fight in Ukraine, if the war takes place it?ll be between Ukraine and Russia.? - Lawrence Freedman ?If Boris Johnson is spending so much time meeting MPs, is he giving the Ukraine crisis all the time it needs?? - Cath Haddon ?It may be that many Conservative MPs have made their minds up, they?re just waiting for the Sue Gray report.? - Cath Haddon ?The question now is, does the Conservative Party do more damage to themselves while they try to resolve this?? - Cath Haddon ?As plan B ends there might be a temptation to declare ?freedom day?, I don?t think that would be wise.? - Alex Thomas Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Cath Haddon and Alex Thomas. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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Dog Fights and Defections

A Red Wall MP has defected to Labour, and David David has publicly called for the PM to go. But we?re still waiting for Sue Gray?s report, and Boris Johnson is still Prime Minister. LBC?s IAIN DALE joins us to discuss the past few days in Parliament, and the bigger questions about what could come next.  ?The way that Boris Johnson has diminished the office, if he left in the next few months he would go down in the bottom quartile of PMs.? - IAIN DALE ?Calling it operation ?save big dog? also invites other names like ?Dead Dog? or ?Dog?s Dinner?.? - IAIN DALE ?Number 10 in particular, the tone is really set by the Prime Minister.? - ALEX THOMAS ?It is going to come down to Conservative MPs holding their leader to account. Parliament can?t do that.? - CATH HADDON ?A lot of people in 2019 voted Conservative for the first time because of Boris Johnson. He?s lost their trust.? - IAIN DALE Presented by Bronwen Maddox with Cath Haddon and Alex Thomas. Audio production by Alex Rees. Inside Briefing is a Podmasters Production for the IfG. 
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