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A podcast all about the Premodern format for Magic:the Gathering.


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Episode 5 & 6 - HotD

Sorry for the delay! But we are back and raring to go with a massive content-filled episode for the new era the show has brought us to!

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PSS4 decklist analysis

In b4 Thursday! The gang analyzes the 24 decklists submitted by the 8 players in this spikiest of Premodern Showdown Series.

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Episode 4 - HotD

Make love not war!

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Episode 3 - HotD

Hunts, hangovers, and suicide missions!

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PSS4 is coming!

And we are back after an August hiatus. Bringing more of that Premodern audio content you crave! This time the gang talks about the players recently announced in the upcoming PSS4. No decklists yet to pore over but such big names we had plenty to go on, episode on the decklists to follow!

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Episode 2 - HotD

Jared and Mike return to discuss the 2nd episode of House of the Dragon. Dragons, marriages, politics, and crabs!

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Episode 1 - Hot-D-Cast!

Hello everyone! And welcome to the first episode of Jared and Mike's spinoff Game of Thrones podcast focusing on the new show House of the Dragon. For Premodcast listeners, sorry but there is no Magic content, but for fans of A Song of Ice and Fire there is tremendous content. Enjoy!

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Mini-meta Analysis & Ken Meyer Jr Interview

We coming in hot with a fresh Premodcast drop! In between vacations we did an hour record to talk about how the meta is looking these days as well as a...let's say a look at the wild June monthly finals won by Rich Shay over Jens Jaeger on Turtle Splash. Then Mike and Andrew talk with Ken Meyer Jr. Apologies again for timeliness on this one, we recorded it back in early May but had some technical difficulties and couldn't get it out before Lobstercon. Still a great interview with a classic Magic artist!

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Weatherlight and Early Summer Catch-up

Guess who's back! After a bit of hiatus premodcast is right back at ya with more premodern content. We catch up a bit on the last few months since lobstercon and then do a Weatherlight top 5. Turns out it's a weird but weirdly good set!

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Lobstercon 2022 Recap

Welcome back to all those who made it out to Lobstercon! Jared and DFB put on a fantastic weekend and now for your listening pleasure Jared and Andrew go over all the ins and outs and glorious details of Lobstercon 2022. Sidenote: Andrew's mic got damaged during the stream at lobstercon and doesn't sound great.

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Mano Potpourri

Today we are joined by Bryan Manolakos host of the immensely popular All Tings Considered podcast. An old school fixture but he also does episodes on Premodern if you haven't checked it out definitely do! We discuss the upcoming Lobstercon and to round out the Old School premodern crossovers, a top 5 on Old School cards we think could fit in Premodern.

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Misty Mountain Tournament Wrap

We have another great guest episode! Brian Kowal and Michael James Heup join us to talk about the 47 person Premodern Open they ran in Madison at Brian's store Misty Mountain Games.

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Jeff Laubenstein Interview and Mulligan Talk

We have a get, Jeff Laubenstein famed Premodern era Magic artist joined Andrew and Mike to talk about his experiences making magic art, and to plug the upcoming Lobstercon where he'll be in attendance. The guys discuss the history of mulligans as well, and our takes on the different rules. (P.S. I later realized it was PeeWee Herman not Alan Cumming don't come after me!) 

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Visions of the Past

Premodcast is back after a long January for a brand new episode. Fair chunk of general premodern talk plenty of events upcoming and ongoing. Then a top 5 of Mirage block's middle child....Visions.

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Gabe Farkas's Black Removal Analysis

Happy New Year everyone! We welcome Gabe Farkas to the pod after his second place finish in the November monthly to talk about, among other things, the many different quality black removal spells. Many of you know Gabe in the Premodern community for his encyclopedic knowledge of cards you've never heard of from the format, as well as his suite of brews some of which have become format staples. Between those factors as well as his background in data analysis we hope to crack the nut that is "destroy target (x) creature".

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Meddling with Therapy

The boys go over a few listener requests this week. Chiefly what the heck you're supposed to name with Cabal Therapy and Meddling Mage! But also some chat about how we store our cards and the usual fluff.

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Turtleman Potpurri

Premodcast welcomes Gerard Siatkowski to the pod for a diverse conversation covering many topics, in particular his fondness for Korean and other foreign premodern cards, hate for foils, and some of the off-the-wall decks he likes to sleeve up (with foreign cards of course). Somehow we didn't talk about turtles, hopefully you all come for the magic conversation instead.

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Just a Little Mirage

We welcome back premodern great Flint Espil to the pod to chat about PSS3 which he hosts with Mike Heup. Also some talk about the upcoming Premodern gauntlet which Mike will be a part of, and a top 5 of Flint's favorite set...Mirage!

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Lobstercon Three-port

And we're back! All three premodcast hosts got to meet up for the first time together at Lobstercon, they chat all about it with a particular focus on Jared's premodern FNM which he won! As well as the premodern cube that was a joy through and through along with the rest of the weekend.

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Premodern for beginners

Welcome listeners new and old! Thanks to the Professor at Tolarian Community College we've seen some growth in the community so we decided to give a bit of a welcoming episode. We also have an exciting pack opening!

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My Ban(ne)d List

This episode is all about the banned list, no "counters, burns, and broken things", no judge's corner, no guest, no top 5. Just the guys chatting all about the cards on the banned list. Spoiler alert this isn't a discussion about what should change, instead an analysis of what's on it, why, and how the format remains healthy because of it.

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Only the Strong Survive

Happy hot days of summer, the boys talk all about one of the best cards in Premodern...Survival of the Fittest. Having discussed Survival-Elves, and Full English Breakfast we decided to go over the many other Survival based strategies. And we round it out with a double judge's corner. Enjoy with a cold beverage!

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Apocalyptic Black Metal

We've got a great one here for fans of Skull Magic. Jared and Mike breakdown the Suicide Black decks they played in the most recent Monthly with all the choices involved in constructing this surprisingly varied deck. As well as an Apocalypse top 5 to commemorate the 20th anniversary.

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Alliances of Premodern Monthlies

And we're back! For this episode the guys talk about the growing pains due to the continued success and rise of the Premodern Webcam Monthly tournaments. We discuss ways to streamline things moving forward as the numbers burgeon. Then it's on to the 25th anniversary top 5 of Alliances the second set in the Ice Age block.

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Dos Meta Analysis

It's that time again (well maybe two months late but who's counting?) for the Premodcast Meta Analysis! After many tangents and a brief Ugnought deck tech the boys go over the Premodern meta according to TCdecks starting around the hour mark. Get your accountant visors, a paper calculator, and prepare to crunch some numbers.

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Burn Mother (Hee Haw!) Burn

We welcome current reigning Premodern champ Aaron Dicks fresh off back to back first places finishes in the Easter Championship and PSS2, as well as current top of the pack in the Spring Fling. Plenty to talk about with Aaron, so get your baubles and brews ready!

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Anton's Easter Extravaganza!

We welcome Anton Glans to the show to talk about the one-day Easter Tournament he hosted. It was a resounding success with some very cool innovations in the top 8 to talk about. As well as Anton's Magic story.

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FEB You Wary

The boys welcome back Robin Lundh, whose recent second place finish in the Winter Blast makes him ideally suited to talk about Full English Breakfast. One of the pillars of the format and one of the most powerful grindiest combo decks around.

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Fifth of Winter Brew

Spring may be upon us but the premodcast boys are rehashing the Winter Blast! Jared's one-day tournament last month. It's also the 24th anniversary of fifth edition so we take a stroll down that particular memory lane, and a tiny fraction of a judge's corner on Humility. Enjoy!

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Clerical Workers

You asked we delivered! This episode we interview Adam Rice about the Clerics deck he brewed and popularized. Don't forget about the Winter Blast this Saturday, listen/check facebook for details!

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(Plane)Shifts in the Marketplace

We got a big one this time! The boys discuss the recent craze in Magic's financial sector and how it relates to Premodern. Then recent 2020 Premodern Community Award winner Andrew (check the bonus episode if you haven't!) goes over his signature deck Enchantress. And round it all out with our top 5 picks for Planeshift.

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Bonus Episode! Martin Berlin awards and interviews Andrew

Enjoy a special bonus episode listeners! Martin Berlin awarded the Premodcast's own Andrew Walker the 2020 Premodern Magic Community Award. Here is his interview with everyone's favorite Enchantress aficionado Mr. Andrew Walker.

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Angels and Lightning

Happy New Year everyone! The Premodcast is back with a conversation about The Solution, or Team America, Patriot aggro, Jeskai whatever you kids are calling it these days... You know, the Lightning Angel deck. As well as a discussion of Stifle and it's many unique rules conundrums.

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Christmas Elves!

Happy holidays listeners! The boys do a year-end review, and to fit the season an interview with Elf Expert Michael Arnold. Best wishes to all our listeners and endless gratitude for making the premodcast a success in 2020, and we'll be back in the new year!

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Autopsy of Archetypes

Happy Thanksgiving! Here's a premodcast feast for your ears. We analyze the numerous archetypes that were great in their day but just don't cut it in premodern.

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Happy Halloween everyone! Enjoy a special edition of the premodcast where Premodern Showdown Series champion Robin Lundh (Redrum Lundh Chaney)  joins to talk Showdown Series, Dark Ritual art, and of course ZOMBIES.

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An Alluring Legacy

The boys open their gift, a three way crack-a-pack of Urza's Legacy. You can follow along with the video here on Andrew's stream  Many many thanks to Gerard Siatkowski! They also discuss Aluren a very tricky and fun combo deck.

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Invasion Persuasion

The guys are back with a late summer recap/catch-up going over their Premodern Showdown Series as well as Fall Brawl performances (or lack thereof).  As well as a new top 5 in celebration of the 20th anniversary of the release of Invasion.

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Showdowns and Revels

The boys are back from a bit of a break with some quality Premodern content. Jared's recent even the Midsummer Revel and the group's participation in the Premodern Showdown Series fill this episode with anecdotes and jocularity.

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Señor Stompy

This week the boys discuss the green machine, the history and current Premodern iteration of mono-green stompy. As well as a top 5 chronicles cards and some exciting events are plugged.

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Draco Dreams

The boys welcome David Daniel champion of the June Premodern Online Monthly for a lively discussion of his awesome and unique deck. Machinehead with a Draco Burst finisher fueled by Insidious Dreams.

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Ach Hans, it's Armageddon!

Clocking in at 2 hours+ we've got a jam packed episode. An interesting pick-up, along with some collection maintenance discussion, and new segment top 5 Ice Age cards! Followed by an interview with the May monthly winner Manos Kokkinis.

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Basis 4 Stasis

A lively chat about everyone's favorite card to play against, Stasis. And some discussion about the unfortunate event in last month's finals. All over a ton of fun!

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Oath of Brewin

Mike is back! The boys discuss a number of current event topics in Magic broadly and in our personal Magic experiences of late.They revisit the shuffling discussion from last episode then on to the deck of the day, the mighty Oath of Druids.

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The Number of the Beast

And we're back listeners! Jared and Andrew interview Michael Heup, host of the Spring Fling online tournament, and recent winner of the March online monthly. They discuss streaming, his beast rock deck that took down the tourney and many other premodern magic topics.

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Dread Not!

This week's episode focuses on the mighty Stiflenought archetype. The many iterations, and some relevant rules talk on Phasing. I have spoken!

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Basics, Bitch!

Critics get your guns, we talk all about our personal preference on the many basic land options for Premodern. We also address a judge question regarding Exploration, and talk about the Folgio Portfolio Kickstarter. 

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My Name is MUD

This episode we talk generally about premodern in the time of Coronavirus, then the bulk of the episode is Jared and Andrew's interview with the February monthly winner Antonio Fiscarelli, Muddy King of Mono-Brown

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Deep Meta Analysis

We crunched the numbers and cranked out an analysis of the current Premodern metagame. Buckle up for a deep dive!

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Goblins and Frantic Wurms

This week we do a deck tech on Goblins those pesky geeba speakers, and a judge's corner about the interaction between Frantic Search and Arrogant Wurm.

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