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Quran for All Seasons

Quran for All Seasons

Contemporary Quranic Studies dedicated to holistic engagement with the Quran through scholarly and spiritual reflections upon the text. Quran for All Seasons draws upon the depth and breadth of the Islamic tradition to facilitate discussions of the Quran that transcend creedal and ideological divisions.

Hosted by Joseph Lumbard of the College of Islamic Studies at Hamad Bin Khalifa University, the podcast provides an ongoing commentary on the Quran, what some might call a contemplation, or tadabbur, of the Quran. The first two seasons provide reflections upon the most frequently read and recited s?rahs of the Quran, such as the F?ti?a, and the short ??rahs at the end of the Quran.  

Future seasons will delve into central Quranic Teachings and major Quranic Themes, with the occasional deep dive into the implications of a particular Quranic verse or even a particular word and podcasts that discuss issues central to the field of Quranic Studies. These will be complemented by episodes that examine the "Jewels of the Quran," those s?rahs and verses that are central Muslim devotional life and the understanding of the Quran.

The podcast is made possible by a generous grant from the Radius Foundation.


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S?rat al-Kahf 47-59: Episode 2.7

The "life review" on the Day Judgment; Iblis? refusal to bow to Adam; and the consequences of accepting the exchange Satan offers, taking his wil?ya in place of the wil?ya of God.

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S?rat al-Kahf, 32-46: Episode 2.6

This episode examines the parable of the wealthy disbeliever, its lessons regarding the adornments of the world, and the manner in which the parable relates to broader Quranic themes as well as the other stories in S?rat al-Kahf.

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S?rat al-Kahf, 22-31: Episode 2.5

This episode examines the end of the story of the Companions of the Cave and the injunctions that come after it in verses 22 through 31 of S?rat al-Kahf. These injunctions touch upon the manner in which one should handle disputes, how to interpret Quranic narratives, the structure of society, and the importance of actions.

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S?rat al-Kahf 9-21: Episode 2.4

Our second episode on S?rat al-Kahf examines the story of the Companions of the Cave, its relation to other accounts in the ancient Near East, and the manner in which the Quran employs this story for lessons regarding the spiritual life and the path to God.

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S?rat al-Kahf, 1-8: Episode 2.3

This episode contextualizes S?rat al-Kahf and examines the reasons it is recommended to recite at least a part of it every Friday. It then analyzes verses 1-8 and the manner in which they set the stage for the themes discussed in greater depth later in the s?ra.

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S?rat al-Ikhl??, Episode 2.2

A contextual and linguistic analysis of S?rat al-Ikhl??, examining its relationship with the surrounding s?ras, the inner meaning of the words employed, and some of the reasons for its recitation being referred to as equivalent to one third of the Quran.

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S?rat al-Masad, Episode 2.1

An intertextual analysis of S?rat al-Masad, linking it to the surrounding s?ras and examining the reason for its inclusion in the Quran.

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S?rat al-T?n, Episode 1.8

S?rat al-T?n provides one of the most famous descriptions of the human being in the Quran as one who is created "in the most beautiful balance" to then be cast to "the lowest, lowly." This episode demonstrates how this presentation of the human being is connected to the remainder of the s?rah and the overall Quranic theme of maintaining the balance in all of creation.

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S?rat al-M???n, Episode 1.7

A linguistic and contextual analysis of S?rat al-M???n, illuminating its relationship to the adjacent s?rahs and discussing its emphasis on the importance of being present in prayer.

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S?rat al-Na?r, Episode 1.6

After an examination of the Quranic use of the word "na?r" (help), this episode examines the relationship between S?rat al-Na?r and the preceding S?rahs, discussing the manner in which it serves to complete their message.

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S?rat al-K?fir?n, Episode 1.5

This episode discusses S?rat al-K?fir?n with a focus upon the manner in which it relates to the previous two S?ras, al-Kawthar and al-M???n, by drawing a sharp distinction between the religion practiced by the Makkan leaders in pre-Islamic Arabia and the religion of Islam.

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S?rat al-Kawthar, Episode 1.4

This episode discusses the shortest s?ra of the Quran, al-Kawthar, contrasting it to the previous s?ra, S?rat al-M???n, and examining the fundamental difference between kawthar, abundance from God, and tak?thur, vying in increase among human beings.

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S?rat al-Shar?, Episode 1.3

What does it mean to "expand one's breast" in the Quran? What is the importance of "ease" and its relation to the fast of Rama??n? And how does one turn oneself toward God? These questions and more are discussed in this study of S?rat al-Shar?.

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S?rat al-?A?r, Episode 1.2

An examination of the manner in which this short s?ra discusses the nature of the human being and the manner in which to move beyond the sense of loss that can at times prevail.

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al-F?ti?a, Episode 1.1

This episode of Quran for All Seasons examines the F?ti?a, the first s?ra of the Quran. It discusses the importance of the s?ra, other names by which it is known, and then focuses upon the manner in which this s?ra teaches about the nature of God and the relationship between the Divine and the human.

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Introduction to Quran for All Seasons

What is Quran for All Seasons?

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