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The Last Looks Podcast

The Last Looks Podcast

A show where we catch up with Hairstylists & Makeup Artists, in the film and television industry, with your host Jaime Leigh.


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Sarah Rubano - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 40: We speak with Makeup & Hair Designer Sarah Rubano, Sarah shares her journey of becoming a Makeup Artist and how she went from LA to New Zealand, Sarah has some super insightful advice that she lets us in on, so be sure to sit back, relax and be inspired by the infectious passion Sarah has for her work..

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Chris Clark - Hair Designer

Episode 39 : We speak with Hair Designer Chris Clark, Chris tells us about his start in the wonderful world of theatre, how he moved from being on stage to backstage and then ended up in the TV and film world, we chat about the mentors Chris had on his career journey and how he, is now mentoring others?

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Michele Burke - Makeup Designer

Episode 38: We speak with Makeup Designer Michele Burke, Michele has designed some of the most iconic characters in film, from Quest for Fire to Bram Stokers Dracula to multiple characters for Tom Cruise including Lestat from Interview with the vampire. Michele chats about how she came up in the business in Canada, how her career has taken her to wonderful locations around the world and the incredible challenges and pressures our line of work can create.

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Carla Farmer - Hair Designer

Episode 37: We speak with Hair Designer Carla Farmer, Carla designed hair for Dolemite is My Name, Black Monday and the James Brown bio pic Get on UP! Carla chats about her start in the industry, the mentors who helped guide her and we chat about what the benefits are of co-department heading a job?

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Mark Coulier - MakeupFX Designer

Episode 36: We speak with Prosthetic Makeup Designer Mark Coulier, Mark is the winner of 2 Oscars and Baftas, Marks resume is a long list of incredible projects, we will touch on a few in this episode but I am sure it will leave you wanting to know more. We chat about his start in the industry, collaborating with so many amazing artists over the years and what projects he has coming up..

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Pinocchio - Bonus Oscar's Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Mark Coulier, Dalia Colli & Francesco Pegoretti about their Makeup & Hair work on the film Pinocchio.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty.


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Ma Rainey's Black Bottom - Bonus Oscar's Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Sergio Lopez-Rivera & Jamika Wilson about their Makeup & Hair work on the film Ma Rainey's Black Bottom. Unfortunately Hair Designer Mia Neal could not be with us for this interview.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty

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Mank - Bonus Oscar's Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Kimberley Spiteri & Colleen LaBaff about the Hair & Makeup work on the film Mank. Unfortunately the Makeup Designer Gigi Williams could not be with us for this interview.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty.

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Hillbilly Elegy - Bonus Oscar's Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Eryn Krueger Mekash, Patricia Dehaney and Matthew Mungle about their Makeup & Hair work on the film Hillbilly Elegy.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty

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Emma - Bonus Oscar's Special 2021

Bonus Episode: We speak with 2021's Oscar Nominee's Claudia Stolze & Laura Allen about their Hair & Makeup work on the film Emma. Unfortunately the designer Marese Langan could not join us for the recording.

This episode was brought to you by Hask Beauty.

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Martin Samuel - Hair Designer

Episode 35: We speak with Hair Designer Martin Samuel, Martin has worked on an amazing variety of projects from Pink Floyd's The Wall to Hitchcock with Anthony Hopkins to Pirates of the Caribbean to Evita with Madonna. Martin chats about training in salons in London, his work with David Bowie and how important it is to have a strong committed team with you on those massive projects!

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Tami Lane - Makeup Artist

Episode 34: We speak with Makeup and spfx artist Tami Lane, Tami started her career with one heck of a BANG, having been in the industry only a handful of years, with a few films under her belt, Tami went on to win an Oscar for her work with Howard Berger for Narnia ? The lion the witch and the wardrobe. Tami shares with us her career journey, how taking risks throughout her career has been rewarding and how she ended up in Middle earth for way longer than planned ..

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Gail Ryan - Hair Designer

Episode 33: We speak with Hair Designer Gail Ryan, Gail is responsible for all those wonderfully creative hairstyles in the film?. How the Grinch stole Christmas, her work along with Rick Baker?s won them the Oscar, Gail chats about coming up in the industry at a time when studios had apprenticeship programs and how valuable that training was, how much fun it was to work on variety shows and how she found herself working on the Donnie and Marie show!

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Jan Sewell - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 32: We speak with Makeup and Hair designer Jan Sewell.  Jan is responsible for helping Rami Malek transform into Freddie Mercury for the film Bohemian Rhapsody, Eddie Redmayne into Stephen Hawking for The Theory of Everything and again, helping Eddie transform from Einar to Lily in The Danish Girl. We chat about her start at the BBC, what helps her designing process when starting a project and what lessons she has learned coming up in our industry.

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Kim Kimble - Hair Designer

Episode 31: We speak with hairstylist Kim Kimble, Kim is responsible for Beyonce's iconic looks including her period styles for films like Dreamgirls, Austin Powers and Cadillac records. Kim chats about starring in reality TV show LA hair, how she started in film and what it takes to juggle staff, clients, a business, education and her own creative work.

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Bridgerton - Makeup & Hair Designer - Marc Pilcher

Bonus Episode: We speak with Marc Pilcher the Makeup and Hair designer for the Netflix series everyone is talking about. Bridgerton! If you have seen the show, then you know what we will be chatting about and if you haven?t binged it yet, what are you waiting for!

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Vincent Van Dyke - Makeup FX Designer

Episode 30: We speak with Vincent Van Dyke, Makeup FX designer and owner of Vincent Van Dyke effects studio based in LA, Vincent and his team have produced work for projects like I Tonya, Star Trek Picard, American Horror Story and the latest to look out for Angelyne.. Vincent chats about having the opportunity to get into the business at a young age, How he had supportive mentors coming up that shaped him into a successful team leader, business owner and creative artist?

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Louie Zakarian &Jodi Mancuso - SNL Makeup & Hair Team

Episode 29: We speak with Makeup artist Louie Zakarian and Hairstylist Jodi Mancuso together these two do what seems to be the impossible and smash out amazing work every week on Saturday Night Live? We chat about what a normal working week is like for them, how they do what they do and why they love it!

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Gloria Casny & Jules Holdren - Hair Team

Episode 28: We speak with two amazing hair stylists, Gloria Casny and Jules Holdren? Gloria and Jules have worked on multiple films together, We chat about what it is to be an HOD but also the importance of knowing your roll as an Assistant Department Head, They let us in on some of the challenges they have faced together as a team and how great it is working with together.

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Sharon Martin - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 27: We speak with Makeup & Hair Designer Sharon Martin, Sharon?s work can be seen in films such as Okja, Snow white and the Huntsman and The Last King of Scotland. Sharon shares with us how wonderfully collaborative it is to work with Tilda Swinton, The design process she went through for Snow White and the huntsman and she chats about the incredibly exciting projects she has been working on recently?..

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Dean Banowetz & Tonia Green - Hair & Makeup Team

Episode 26: We speak with Hair Designer Dean Banowetz and Makeup Designer Tonia Green: This dynamic duo have worked on shows like America?s got talent, So you think you can Dance and X-factor. We chat about what it takes to run such creative and challenging shows, how important planning is and they share some of those uh oh moments of crossing fingers and praying it works!

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Nana Fischer - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 25: We speak with Hair & Makeup Designer Nana Fischer, Nana is a personal to James Franco, she has been the hair designer for 3 Ridley Scott films and has had some pretty incredible experiences working in the Colombian Amazon.. Boy! Does Nana have some stories for you...

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Lawrence Davis - Hair Designer

Episode 24: We speak with Hair Designer Lawrence Davis, Lawrence has done everything from owning his own salon to Reality TV, Talk Shows, Award shows through to television drama and Feature Film work. We chat about some of the incredible projects he has been involved with,  such as The Green Book, Just Mercy, Watchmen, True Detective, Mudbound and soon to be released Respect the Aretha Franklin Story.

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Mike Marino - Makeup Prosthetic Designer

Episode 23: We speak with Makeup Prosthetic Designer Mike Marino from Prosthetic Renaissance, You would have seen Mike?s work on Black Swan, True Detective and The Goldfinch also Mike and his team are responsible for helping Heidi Klum get ready for Halloween each year! We chat about being mentored by the legend Dick Smith, getting to work with some of his idols and how he approaches his work now remembering their influences..

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Heba Thorisdottir & Janine Thompson - Makeup & Hair Designer Team

Episode 22: We speak with Makeup Designer Heba Thorisdottir and Hair Designer Janine Rath-Thompson, these two talented women have teamed up on projects such as Quentin Tarantino?s Once Upon a time in Hollywood and the next Suicide Squad yet to hit our screens. We chat about their first job together on Bridesmaids, what its like working on a Tarantino film and What they feel their role is within the film industry as artists?

Episode brought to you by: HASK Beauty

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Donald Mowat - Makeup Designer

Episode 21: We speak with the highly sought after Makeup Designer Donald Mowat, we chat about some of the incredible films he has designed, the important lessons we learn through our experiences coming up in the industry,  how he is a mentor to many and the importance of passing on your knowledge to those who follow?

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Christina Wagner & Andrea Pirchner - Makeup & Hair Team from the Netflix series DARK

Bonus Episode: We are trying something new and we have a bonus episode, just a little something to get you through our hiatus period. On this bonus episode I am speaking with Hair & Makeup Artists Christina Wagner and Andrea Pirchner, Christina and Andrea worked on the Netflix Series DARK.

We chat about their journey working on a show with so many time periods, character ages and even different worlds, what challenges they came up against and how they stayed on top of all the different looks and changes happening while shooting?

Now a word of warning, if you have not watched DARK but intend to, there are plenty of spoilers, so I recommend watching the show and then watch it again to completely grasp how amazing it is and then listen to this episode?

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Camille Friend - Hair Designer

Episode 20: We speak with Hair designer Camille Friend, Camille has designed the hair for kick ass films such as Black Panther, Guardians of the Galaxy vol 2, Captain America and Django Unchained. We chat about what it takes to be a successful Head of Department, how important it is to be skilled in working with all hair textures and what exciting new projects she has coming up.

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Naomi Donne - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 19: We speak with Makeup Designer Naomi Donne, Naomi is responsible for creating the makeup looks for films such as Zoolander, 1917, Cinderella, The Royal Tenenbaums and multiple Bond films. Naomi shares her experience training with the BBC, how prepping for 1917 was such a brilliant collaboration with all involved and how Timothy Dalton brought her into the world of 007?.

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Kevin Wasner - SPFX Makeup Artist

Episode 18: We speak with Kevin Wasner, the guy who has probably done more Zombie make ups than almost anyone else on the planet! We chat about his work on The Walking dead, having the opportunity to work with some of his makeup fx idols and working in the workshop vs on set.


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Georgia Lockhart-Adams - Hair & Makeup Artist

Episode 17: We speak with Hair Stylist and Makeup Artist Georgia Lockhart-Adams, Georgia has looked after some pretty iconic characters in film and worked under some amazing designers, we talk about what it takes to be the one the designer trusts with their vision and how she navigates the dynamic between designer, actor and herself as the artist.

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The Milton Agency - Daniella Milton & Mandi Martin

Episode 16 : We speak with Daniella Milton and Mandi Martin from The Milton Agency, we chat about the birth of the agency, what the role of an agent is, what representation means to them and how important communication and trust are within the agent, artist relationship.


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Anne Morgan - Hair Designer

Episode 15: We speak with the exceptionally talented hairstylist and wig wrangler extraordinaire?.. Anne Morgan. Morgan tells us of her journey to becoming a hairstylist, from salon, to stage, to film work.

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Ivana Primorac - Hair & Makeup Designer

Episode 14 : We speak with Ivana Primorac, the Hair and Makeup Designer for films such as Billy Elliot, Atonement, Cold Mountain and Darkest Hour.. Ivana is also responsible for recreating the likeness of the British Royal Family on the Netflix series The Crown. We chat about her training under incredible artists, becoming a designer herself and the traditional techniques she has used to get that  period correct looks in her films.

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Rick Findlater - Makeup & Hair Designer

Episode 13: We speak with Rick Findlater, a Hair and Makeup Designer based in Australia, he tells us tales of looking after Gandalf the grey in Hobbiton, working on location in places like Antarctica and what it takes to lead a happy and talented Hair and Makeup team.

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Jason Collins - Makeup Studio Autonomous FX

Episode 12: We speak with Jason Collins from Autonomous FX a Special Makeup Effects company based in Los Angeles, we chat about the beginnings of the company, How to stay passionate about your work , exciting new developments within his company and how important positive working relationships are in our industry..

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Lois Burwell - Makeup Designer

Episode 11: We speak with the amazingly talented Makeup Artist Lois Burwell, Lois has worked on so many incredible projects, its actually mind blowing! From The Princess Bride to Braveheart, The Fifth Element to Saving Private Ryan and so so many more.  Join me to hear about Lois? journey into the film industry.

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Lana Horochowski & Theraesa Rivers - Makeup & Hair Team

Episode 10: We speak with Makeup artist Lana Horochowski and hairstylist Theraesa Rivers, a powerhouse design team that have headed departments for shows such as Mad Men, The Romanoffs, Glow and Penny Dreadful, city of angels? We find out what it takes to design period shows, work as a team when it comes to character development and what keeps these ladies laughing..


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Stacey Kutz - Barber / Hairstylist

Episode 9: We speak with Stacey Kutz, Barber extraordinaire. Stacey has worked with some incredibly cool cast and worked on some amazing projects. Stacey shares her career journey and we chat about what it takes to stand out above the rest..

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Flora Moody - Hair & Makeup Artist

Episode 8: We speak with Flora Moody, personal Hairstylist and Makeup Artist for Daisy Ridley on the films The Last Jedi and Rise of the Skywalker. We chat about what it?s like to be a personal, work on iconic film sets and what other exciting projects she?s recently done.

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Eryn Krueger Mekash & Michelle Ceglia - Makeup & Hair Team

Episode 7: We speak with Hair Designer Michelle Ceglia and Make up Designer/Producer Eryn Krueger Mekash, these incredible women are responsible for creating the amazing looks on American Horror Story and also the Netflix miniseries Hollywood.

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Odd Studio - Damian Martin & Adam Johansen

Episode 6: We speak with Damian Martin and Adam Johansen from Odd Studio in Australia, they tell me how Odd Studio was born, we talk about the incredible creatures and characters they have been lucky enough to create and what they look for when hiring artists for their team.

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Kerry Warn - Fashion & Film Hair Designer

Episode 5: We speak with Hair Stylist extraordinaire Mr Kerry Warn, Kerry shares with us his incredible journey into the world of fashion and film, we chat about his arrival to London from small town Australia and his first British Vogue cover. We talk about his work with Nicole Kidman and Stanley Kubrick to The Great Gatsby with Baz Luhrmann.


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Brian Sipe & Maria Sandoval - The Mandalorian

Episode 4: We speak with Brian Sipe and Maria Sandoval about their incredibly exciting work on season 1 of The Mandalorian.

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Peter Swords King - Hair & Makeup Designer

Episode 3: We chat with an incredible artist, the man who has taught me so much throughout my career, a wig maker, Hairstylist, Makeup Artist and mentor to many, the one and only Mr Peter Swords King. Peter talks about how his career started, what he looks for in a team and his Makeup School BAMM (Bath Academy in Media Makeup) 


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Morag Ross & Kerry Warn - Mrs America

Episode 2: We speak with Makeup Artist Morag Ross & Hairstylist Kerry Warn, The personal Makeup & Hair team to Cate Blanchett, on the show Mrs America.

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Anne Morgan - Mrs America

Episode 1: We speak with Anne Morgan about her Hair Design work on the FX on Hulu mini-series, Mrs America.

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