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Open Source AI and Stable Diffusion with Emad Mostaque

A real pleasure to welcome Emad Mostaque to discuss the impending launch of Stable Diffusion, his comprehensive plans for open source AI infrastructure, the impending reconfiguration of how we create everything, and how artists might hope to adapt to it all. -

Stable Diffusion Beta:

Follow Emad:

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Future instruments and generative transcultural exchange with Hanoi Hantrakul

Wonderful to catch up with DDSP co-author Hanoi Hantrakul, whose practice considers transcultural exchange using new technologies from machine learning to 3d printing. We discuss his contribution to the 2022 AI song contest, his VST plugin developed in his new role at Tik Tok, and the fascinating challenge of fair and generative ways to interact with deep cultural traditions in the context of AI. 

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Vote in the AI Song Contest:

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Marina Abramovi? on the parallels between performance art and web 3

We had a wonderfully funny chat with Marina Abramovi? on AI authorship and digital twins, the urgent need for heroism, and the parallels between performance art and web 3's attempts to value the immaterial.

Marina Abramovi?'s debut NFT project with Circa - The Hero 25FPS:

Marina Abramovi?: Seven Easy Pieces:

Marina Abramovi?: The Life:


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Experiments in revaluing music with David Greenstein (

We sit down with founder David Greenstein to discuss the many different experiments and approaches happening to revalue music within the Ethereum ecosystem, touching on Spotify, TikTok and the traditional music industry in contrast.

Full disclosure, we contributed a small sum to Sound's seed investment round. 

Follow David:

Follow Sound:


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Doomer Optimism and the Green Pill with Kevin Owocki

Celebrating the release of his first book "Greenpilled: How Crypto Can Regenerate The World" we welcome Kevin Owocki to discuss regenerative crypto-economics, doomer optimism,  impact DAO's, public goods and crypto's relationship to the state .  

Buy Greenpilled and take the pledge:

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Follow Kevin:


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Building a Web 3 Sci-Fi Film Franchise with The Fringe

Our favorite projects at the moment are finding ways to harness the generative potential of Discord communities to coordinate ambitious projects, and what THE FRINGE are building is remarkable.

Already having created a bespoke successful Sci-Fi universe with their debut film PROSPECT, they are turning to Web 3 to build a more expansive, co-created and ultimately fair way to create movies. 

Really excited to share this one!


THE FRINGE White Paper:




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Cloud money and the Case for Cash with Brett Scott

Wonderful to chat with Brett Scott in advance of his new book "Cloudmoney: Cash, Cards, Crypto and the War for Our Wallets" (Penguin) about the creeping incursions of cashlessness, the naivety of crypto and why cash is maybe worth keeping around!

Follow Brett:

Preorder "Cloudmoney":

Sub to Altered States of Monetary Consciousness:


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Headless Bands and Lore with Songcamp

Excited to chat with one of the most exciting projects in the music and crypto field, Songcamp, and the world's first headless band, Chaos!

Camp Chaos:


Follow Mark:

Follow Matthew:

Follow Songcamp:

Follow Chaos:

Lars Holdhus:

Matt Liston's 0xOmega:


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Genetic algorithms and limit experiences with Harm van den Dorpel

Welcoming crypto art legend and valued Interdependence subscriber Harm van den Dorpel on the podcast to discuss scarcity, genetic algorithms, managing expectations, limit experiences and his upcoming work, Markov's Dream

Follow Harm:

Check out Harm's Work and writing:

Check out Markov's Dream:

Chemsex Benelux / Indiscreet Units:


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?Mayan AI music, ancestral technologies and spirals with Debit ?

Celebrating the release of Debit's album "The Long Count", composed using machine learning tools trained on the worlds largest archive of Mayan wind instruments! 

We discuss the genesis of the project, working with the gorgeous grain of nascent AI instruments, ancestral technologies, travels through Mexico, the plague of musical conservatism, and the double edged sword of "world music".

Buy "The Long Count":

Follow Debit:


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Arguing cryptos case in music with the Money 4 Nothing podcast

Hi everyone!

Something different this week. After listening to some great episodes pulling apart the Bandcamp Epic Games acquisition and showing some skepticism about Web 3, I approached Money 4 Nothing podcast to have a convivial discussion about crypto for a collaborative episode. 

We discuss common concerns and skepticisms, debate the motivations and significance of major labels in the space, ask if saving the 20th century music industry is worth it and a great deal more

I can really recommend checking out M4N at the links below!

Money 4 Nothing:

On Twitter:

On Bandcamp and Epic Games:

M4N with David Turner:


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Prepping for the metaverse with Sterling Crispin

We are happy to be back after Mat's COVID trip, discussing art prepping, Sterling's upcoming ArtBlocks piece, and his expert opinions on the state of ML, AR, VR and what is worth watching (and ignoring) about the impending metaverse.

Sterling's upcoming ArtBlocks reveal:

Sterling's art:

Sterling's great blog:

Sterling's twitter:

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Making Web3 human legible, constructive speculation and the shock of the nude with Context

Hey y'all, after many references to this project in previous episodes we are really happy to welcome Adam and Luke from Context!

We discuss their efforts to make Web3 activity legible to humans, debate criticisms of the speculative nature of the Web3 art space, discuss the antecedent of drop culture, the shockwaves caused by making previously hidden financial activity transparent, and the potential for permissionless identities.

Check out Context:

Follow Luke:

Follow Adam:


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Transitioning to Web 3 by building a research DAO with Cherie Hu (Water & Music)

Hey everyone! This week we host the inimitable Cherie Hu to discuss the evolution of Water & Music into the first contributor led research DAO for the music industry, the changing definitions and focus of music & technology, Tik Tok and the politics (and occasional burden) of relatability. It was fun and revealing to work through the particularities and practicalities of making the jump into uncertain territory with Web 3 from a position in the more traditional music industry!

Everyone should check out what Cherie is building with Water & Music:

Read the comprehensive $STREAM report:

Follow Cherie:


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Hyperstructures & the future of ZORA with Jacob.eth

Jacob from ZORA runs us through his latest essay, Hyperstructures, and the future of ZORA protocol. We pull apart how permissionless protocols and cc0 projects are gathering significant momentum and what this might mean for the future of the internet and art making! We also dive down the rabbit hole of some pretty psychedelic NFT use cases. Super fun and enriching as ever. Hope you are all having a great week!


What is CryptoMedia:

Nouns DAO:

The Congress:


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Permanently archiving music and its context with Nina

A wonderful conversation with Jack Callahan, Eric Farber and Mike Pollard of Nina, who are building a protocol for permanent collections of music on the fast and affordable Solana Blockchain. 

Made all the more special that we come from similar experimental music scenes, we discuss the critical importance of establishing and archiving context for marginal musics, Myspace data loss and the revival of 00's era aesthetics, reanimating Scatman John, our our mutual appreciation of experimental composer Jeff Witscher, how protocol art is a more enduring framing than "NFT" art (equivalent to the LP as a medium), and our excitement and frustrations at both the rollout of Web 3 and its detractors. 

Nina Market:

Jeff Witscher:

Flea label:

Julius Eastman:

Myspace data loss:




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Stories told about technology, context as medium and reanimating dot-com companies with Simon Denny

We invited artist Simon Denny over to our studio for the final podcast of the year to go deep on his practice, a commitment to exploring context as a medium, making crypto art and exhibitions before everyone cared, and Dotcom Seance, his wild new art project on Folia.

A perfect guest to close out the year! We will be taking a break for the first week of January to focus on something big to be announced soon, and will also be doing an AMA in the early  new year - send over questions!

Happy new year everyone and thank you

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Ethereum Energy Numbers are in! Moral calculations and web 3 critiques with Kyle McDonald

Big one this week, artist and researcher Kyle McDonald did the gruelling work to calculate the energy and carbon cost of Ethereum, and we try to break down those numbers, calculate their relative impact, discuss critiques of web 3 and debate why they are mostly coming from where they are coming from.

Ethereum Emissions:

Kyle's art:

Follow Kyle:

Who Pays Artists?:

People staring at computers:


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Choose your Illusion; financial precarity, meme stocks and disinfo with Ali Breland (Mother Jones)

We had a long and wonderful chat with Ali after reading his "Who Goes Crypto?" piece on the increasing number of working people opting into investing money into the casino of crypto and meme stocks rather than adhere to crumbling narratives over how the economy works, and for whom. We also dive into an area of his expertise, online disinformation and it's political ramifications. 

Holly dips out half way through the discussion, she wasn't feeling great and we did not realise at the time she had contracted COVID. Fortunately all is well now, but that will explain the occasional coughing and spluttering.

Thanks everyone, have a great week

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Unlocking a sustainable open source culture, public goods and other interdependencies with Scott Moore (Gitcoin)

We've been wanting to have this conversation for some time! Scott Moore joins us to discuss Gitcoin's efforts to sustain open source developers, the emerging culture shock between late 20th century free software ideologies and new proposals to get developers paid (which parallels a lot of the culture shock happening in the art and music world rn), discuss the role crypto may play in funding and sustaining public goods, and deviate into why setting good precedent may be important in anticipation of rapid onset AI. 

We sound a little croaky for this episode and the next one because we had a bit of COVID in the house. All is good now thankfully. Stay safe out there everyone, and thanks

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Cooking, self sufficiency and design spaces with Deafbeef

We had a wonderful friday night hang with artist Deafbeef, who has had a crazy year transitioning from full time blacksmithing to becoming a respected artist known for his on-chain audio visual experiments. After an intense year we try to go as far off script as is possible and just talk about art, satire, music making and cooking videos.

Check out Deafbeef's work:

Follow Deafbeef on Twitter:

Stuff we discussed

Brad Troemel's Athletic Aesthetics:

Media Archaelogist Erkki Huhtamo:

Folie à deux:

Etoy Corp

Frank Zappa at the PMRC hearing:


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Reputation economies and seeding DAOs with Jess Sloss of Seed Club

Wonderful to welcome Jess from Seed club, who help web communities make the transition to member owned DAOs! 

Apply for Seed Club:

Follow Jess:

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Slaying Moloch, starting the first crypto art registry, Bowie Bonds, Data markets and data unions with Ocean Protocol's Trent McConaghy

Slaying Moloch, starting the first crypto art registry, Bowie Bonds, Data markets and data unions with Ocean Protocol's Trent McConaghy

Trent has been very influential to our thinking. There are few people who can talk with such fluency on matters we care about, even better build compelling alternatives. 

In this we discuss how he and his wife Masha built the first crypto art registry, Ascribe, long before the concept of an NFT existed. We also discuss how his latest project Ocean Protocol proposes to hand us control of our data at the dawn of the next internet. 


Follow Trent:

Trent's Blog:


Ocean Protocol:



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The Cold War For Information Technology with former Director of Iskra Delta Janez Skrubej

 In conjunction with this years Ljubljana Biennial of Graphic Arts titled "Iskra Delta "curated by Tja?a Poga?ar we interviewed Janez Skrubej, the author of "The Cold War For Information Technology: the Inside Story".

 Inside indeed, as Janez was the former CEO of Iskra Delta, a major contender on the world stage for not only personal computers, but also large scale networked IT systems. Based within Tito?s Yugoslavia it was caught in the crosshairs in the cold war, working between the US, Soviet Union, China, and India, with each corresponding intelligence agency pushing their own agenda. Janez was the managing director during this time, and was personally paid visits by the presidents of the Soviet Union, China and India, as well as the CIA and KGB. Ultimately the conflicting interests overpowered the small IT company and it closed, leaving Europe without a major contender in the global IT race. 

It?s a treat to speak to Janez about this extraordinary situation, and to imagine an alternative history where Iskra Delta might have had a fighting chance.

Read The Cold War for Information Technology: The Inside Story:

Follow Janez Skrubej updates:

We cannot wait to see this film!

Check out the Ljubljana Biennale of Graphic arts, with contributions by Other Internet, John Akomfrah, Simon Denny, Josh Citarella, us and more!:



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Bringing the music industry on-chain with Bruno Guez (Revelator)

Hi everyone!! We often have discussions on here about web 3 representing a real opportunity for the independent music industry, and Bruno Guez is an expert on how that might end up transpiring, from his time working as a label head, directing the Merlin Network and more recently in building Revelator.  


Check out Revelator:

Follow Bruno on Twitter:


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Protocol Art Pioneer Rhea Myers (few)

Rhea Myers conceptualised a new art world by curiously tinkering with new tools and seeing what art she could make with them. We catch up with her to reflect on the earliest days of crypto art, her experiments with the medium and their art historical roots in 60's conceptualism, the current state of the field, Loot frenzy and the recent arrival of the dragonslayers, and some areas she feels are yet unexplored.

This was crazy fun.

Follow Rhea on twitter:

Read and check out Rhea's Work:

Conceptual Art, Cryptocurrency and Beyond:

Ethereum Art Market:

Certificate of Inauthenticity:

Tokens Equal Text:

Rhea's writing on Furtherfield:

Furtherfields (excellent) book Artists Rethinking the Blockchain:

Rhea's Gallery Kate Voss:

Flow Blockchain:

Fingerprints DAO:


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$5 grad schools, musical bodybuilding, Puerto Rico and crypto concerns with La Meme Young

Thrilled to welcome artist, educator and meme master Max Alper (La Meme Young) to join us to discuss running an online art school, sound and meme pedagogy, musical body building and deliver an on the ground report of crypto excessiveness arriving in his new home of Puerto Rico.

Learn music with La Meme Young:

Follow his incredible Instagram:

Brian Ferneyhough -

Jason Eckardt -

Nitro - Freight train -


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Emotional Capitalism, The Extreme Self and New Art Institutions with Shumon Basar

Our first ever in person discussion this week with writer and curator Shumon Basar to discuss his new book with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist, The Extreme Self, published in accompaniment with the exhibition "Age of You" most recently hosted at Jameel Art Centre, Dubai.

We discuss a number of neologisms that appear in the book, not least Shumon's concept of  "Emotional Capitalism", the growing and alarming gulf between reality and the stories we have to comprehend it, and how art institutions might hope to keep up!

Read The Extreme Self:



Dazed Interview:

Watch Shumon's Visual Essay "Season Ending (The Day Of Forever): 


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Synthetic Media, iNFTs, collective characters and prompt engineering with Alethea AI

Hey everyone,

thanks again for your support! We have a great cast of people joining us over the next few weeks. In line with our recent emphasis on collective character development, we invited Arif Khan and Juliet Gardner of Alethea AI to discuss the incoming age of synthetic media, collectively and autonomously created characters, their concept of interactive NFTs and much more

Check out Alethea AI:

Follow Arif:

Follow Juliet:

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Latent Visions, Promptism and the future of AI art with Adverb

If you have spent any time online recently, you have no doubt seen an explosion of remarkable images generated from text with Latent Visions, VQGAN and CLIP. We spoke to Adverb, the creator of Latent Visions, about his project, Promptism, and where we see these applications developing in the next few years (or at this pace, months). 

Unmissable discussion with someone who has contributed so much to the field this year!

Follow Adverb:


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Mercury Retrograde, financial & social capital and the new internet with Emily Segal

Thrilled this week to invite artist and author Emily Segal, whose debut auto-fictional novel ?Mercury Retrograde? tells the story of a young artists attempt to reconcile the abstract landscape of overfunded startups and the art world, set in New York between Occupy and the Trump Presidency. We discuss what can be learned from the post-internet era as we stand at the precipice of a new internet, the tensions created by the meeting between financial and social capital, what the hell an artist is anyway now?? and Emily?s recent deep dive on funding new literature projects with web 3.

Read Mercury Retrograde:

Deluge Books:

$NOVEL on Mirror:

Nemesis Global:


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Daemon, DAO's and Cislunar Exploration with Daniel Suarez

Hi everyone, this week we are thrilled to invite author and developer Daniel Suarez, whose self published science fiction book Daemon became a cult success for its hard science fiction depiction of a narrow AI preprogrammed to re-order the world after the death of it's game developer author. We discuss Daemon and it's follow up Freedom?, how those books inspired aspects of the formation of Ethereum, the importance of reframing narratives through art, and Daniel's more recent work, Delta-V, researching the economics of space exploration. This is a really fun one!

Daniel Suarez:

On twitter:




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Approachable AI for music, model markets, new DAWs and Holly+ with Never Before Heard Sounds

Super excited to share this one, on the advent of our collaboration for Holly+, we are joined by Chris Deaner and Yotam Mann of Never Before Heard Sounds, a brand new company releasing AI music tools, to discuss approachable AI tools for music making, the inevitable model economy, new approaches to DAWs and the Holly+ project more generally!


Never Before Heard Sounds:

Follow them on Twitter:

Play with Holly+ (and share your results!):

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Energy Justice and Nuclear Power with Zion Lights

Happy to welcome activist and science communicator Zion Lights to discuss Energy Justice, the scientific consensus around Nuclear Power, the shaky morality of Degrowth positions, Greta Thunberg, Extinction Rebellion and her new advocacy organisation, Emergency Reactor!

Zion Lights:

Join Emergency Reactor:


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The Wyoming DAO bill, DAO art collections, Autonomous DAOs, DAO templates and more DAOs with Priyanka Desai & Aaron Wright of OpenLaw

Continuing our DAO thread we are thrilled to be joined by Aaron & Priyanka of OpenLaw, instrumental in formulating and passing the Wyoming DAO legislation, and stewards of NFT art collection DAO Flamingo, Tempest DAO and The LAO. We discuss what a DAO is, what the legislation means for human and nonhuman DAOs, art collecting in web3 and how DAO governance has been working in practice. 

This is a great introduction to DAOs and early experiments in the medium for the unfamiliar!

Apologies for the imperfect audio, our laptop decided to rebel just as we started the call. 

Next week we continue the theme by inviting Science Fiction author Daniel Suarez, whose book Daemon had a hand in inspiring the concept of the DAO in the first place, as discussed in this episode :)

Thanks again for your support everyone, have a wonderful week

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Meme analysis, E-deologies, shadow ban paranoia and gamer guild economies with Joshua Citarella

Early internet energy panics, Brandolini's Law, and getting the numbers right with Dr. Jonathan Koomey

Follow Jon:

Turning Numbers into Knowledge:

Estimating Bitcoin Electricity Use: A Beginner?s Guide:

SORRY, WRONG NUMBER: The Use and Misuse of Numerical Facts in Analysis and Media Reporting of Energy Issues: attached ;)

Mike Berners Lee: How Bad are Bananas?:

Brandolini's Law:


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The album that spawned a transnational decentralized network with Rully Shabara (Senyawa)

Weaponized Design, security, vulnerability, and caution over the decentralized web with Cade Diehm (New Design Congress)

Decentralized scene building, DAO futures and making the internet fun again with Foundation


Foundation on Twitter:

Kayvon on Twitter:

Lindsay on Twitter:


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Human music curation, non binary thinking, bundles, scarcity and participation with Tony Lashley (Marine Snow)

Sign up for updates on the Marine Snow project:

Follow Tony Lashley:


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World Fairs, WorldBuilding, the bicameral mind, the nightmare of organizing research and the art of memory with Kantbot

Pseudodoxology Podcast Network:

"The Deluge":

"The Sublimity of Permanent Collapse":


Anything by Frederick Beiser

The Art of Memory by Frances A.Yates :

The Origin of Consciousness in the Breakdown of the Bicameral Mind by Julian Jaynes:

Logic and the Art of Memory (The Quest for a Universal Language) by Paolo Rossi:

The Gallery of Memory: Literary and Iconographic Models in the Age of the Printing Press by Lina Bolzoni and Jeremy Parzen:




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Discussing the essay funded via $ESSAY, Scissor Labels and Hyperpop fandoms with John Palmer, Kara Kittel & Toby Shorin (Other Internet)

Radical Transparency, humor > disinformation, poetry for machines, avatar politicians and giving non-human entities a vote with Digital Minister of Taiwan Audrey Tang

SinoFuturism, AIDOL, NFT Murder Plots and Future Pop Stardom with Lawrence Lek

Back in the saddle with Artist and Musician Lawrence Lek for the advent of his latest film AIDOL (2019) and the release of it's wonderful soundtrack on Hyperdub.

We discuss AI Pop Stars, SinoFuturism, IP and cultural stereotypes, NFT murder plots and a great deal more

Have a wonderful week all :)


Lawrence Lek:

AIDOL OST (Hyperdub):

AIDOL Trailer:

Geomancer Trailer:


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Hope Running, Economic Fiction and MetaModernism with Simon de la Rouviere

In celebration of his new book "Hope Runners of Gridlock", we chat to polymath Simon de la Rouviere about designing new economies, never ending stories, Metamodernism and maintaining hope!

Buy the book!

Follow Simon's writings!

Follow Simon!


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Primacism: David Rudnick on the struggle for Primacy, type and poetry's unique value in an age of digital and physical conflict, and Percy Shelley's Mont Blanc

A rare conversation with designer David Rudnick


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NFTs for n00bs: A brief history of tokens and tulips, NFT aesthetics, energy dramas, fan brigades, social tokens and the meataverse with Daniel Keller (New Models) A

A brief history of tokens and tulips, NFT aesthetics, energy dramas, fan brigades, social tokens and the meataverse with Daniel Keller (New Models)

Check out New Models!


Topic marks!

3:00 NFTs and Post Internet

5:00 Metahaven ?Can Jokes Bring Down Governments??

7:00 NFTs for n00bs / What is an NFT

11:30 Ethereum Name Services

15:00 History of the space

16:00 Cryptokitties

20:00 Tulip Mania was overblown!

22:00 Terra0?s Flowertokens

24:00 Price and market

26:00 Present state of NFTs

29:00 Traditional art market improvements

31:00 Current NFT aesthetics

35:00 Horizontalism and ?democratisation?

38:00 Beeple

40:00 Sedition and earlier experiments

44:00 NFTs, Ownership and My Collectible Ass

57:00 NFTs tied to physical objects

62:00 Protocols vs Symbolism

65:00 Crypto energy drama

77:00 Social and Community Tokens

82:00 Gas fees

91:00 Non custodial protocols

94:00 Matt Liston?s 0xOmega

98:00 Portable identities

102:00 The meataverse

108:00 What does Interdependence mean to Dan?

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Protocols, Permissions and non-human communication with the Indigenous Protocol and Artificial Intelligence Working Group

Hello everyone! Over the moon this week to welcome Professor Jason Edward Lewis and Suzanne Kite of the Indigenous Protocol and AI Working group!

We discuss the origins and goals of the project, different perspectives on creating AI elders, lessons about communicating with non human intelligences from various Indigenous groups, where utopian freedom of information ideas clash with ideas of self determination, and speculations about building a Hawaiian programming language. 

We may take a break next week, but have plenty more great conversations recorded for you all. Thanks again for your support and have a safe and warm, albeit not ideal, holiday period

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Artist Led Pricing, Scene ownership and defecting from Spotify with Audius

In this episode we welcome the full Audius squad, Roneil Rumberg, Forrest Browning and Clayton Blaha to discuss their new music protocol, how it establishes the rails for artist led, rather than centrally mandated, pricing and design of economic and interactive relationships, Soundcloud and the dangers of platform risk, and the ways in which we might drag people away from centralised platforms and communicate the benefits unlocked by decentralised scene ownership.

It was a wonderful discussion and I left it feeling very confident that this group of people are onto something! Head over to to take a look around.

Have a sweet week, we?ve got a lot more coming!




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