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Conversation Time

Conversation Time

Welcome to Conversation Time a podcast with real people talking about the highs and the rock, bottom lows of life. Relationships, money, toilet dramas - no topic is too taboo. Navigating our way through life one hurdle at a time. You can follow me on Instagram @hayleymorris3 and also find me on YouTube:


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Lets Change the Narrative

For Sarah, Blessing and all women.

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Love and Relationships

Today on a solo episode I wanted to dive into a topic that I feel is important to discuss... Relationships, love and being single. I believe we experience so much pressure in these areas and can feel very suffocated by comparison and the need to please others. Please know your life is yours, you are incredibly important and however you choose to live your life if the right way for you.

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Overcoming Health Anxiety - My Journey

Many people reached out to me after my sketch on health anxiety asking how I overcame it. I personally would say though it feels like I have overcome it, a lot of it is to do with the fact I have managed it - I think in some capacity it will always be there, however I have found my 'root' of this type of anxiety and tried to find a way to work through it. This is what worked for me, and I do apologise for how morbid it sounds, but I truly hope it can help you whether in a very small way or in a bigger way. Please remember you are not alone, so many of us experience this and it is very normal. Sending you so much love and know I am always here if you need a chat XXX

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Coming Back To Your Authentic Self With Emma Zia

Today we are joined by the lovely Emma Zia who is a transformative coach, who has a very interesting journey to where she is now. We go on a deep dive into spirituality, meditation, psychic abilities and sexual intimacy... this is an episode that covers important subjects and I hope will help you feel empowered.

Emma's Instagram:

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Camp, Colourful and Carefree With Henry George

Today I am joined by the lovely Henry who is the mastermind behind Fanny Quivers the "XL Drag 'Mess' from the sunny IOW". We talk about his struggles with self doubt and crippling anxiety, breaking free from the fear of what others think and coming to find who Henry is and let me tell you he is extraordinary.

Henry's Socials:

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Stop Believing The False Narrative You've Created For Yourself

Bit of a solo, and slightly cringe worthy episode today... sorry in advance... but minute 15 should bring you a giggle if nothing else.

The quote:

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Your career is not your purpose with Ella Maskell

Ella and I met when we were in school, we formed such a great friendship and both feel we've followed the unwritten rules of life. We've done everything we were supposed to do... but was it the right thing and did it lead to happiness?

Ella's socials:

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HypnoBirthing & Regaining Control of Your Pregnancy With Ellen Edermaniger

Ellen gave birth to her happy and healthy daughter in the Summer of 2020. After hearing so much negativity about how it feels to give birth Ellen decided to she didn't want this to be her reality and so instead of thinking about birth in a negative, scary way, she decided to regain the control of her body and her idea of birth. Ellen chose to use the HypnoBirthing method and has got the most positive and inspiring story to share that will really change the way you think about pregnancy.

**As a disclaimer I'd also like to add we do speak about miscarriage. This may be triggering for some women and men to hear and so I'd advise you stop listening at 59 minutes and skip over the beginning of the episode.

Thank you so much to Ellen for coming on this episode and being so honest and open about your experience with pregnancy, birth and miscarriage.

Miscarriage Association:


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Welcome to 2021, Finding That Spark For Life

Welcome back to Conversation Time, it's been a while. I am so, so excited to be back and so excited to bring more amazing and inspiring guests onto the show. Thank you so much to everyone who tuned in during the first season of this podcast your support has meant so much.

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Skin Positivity and Dealing With Acne With Sarah Perkins

This episode is one very, very close to my heart. Today we are joined by the very lovely Sarah Perkins from Sarah_Skinstory - we talk about everyday struggles with acne to becoming confident in the skin you're in.

Follow Sarah:

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A Conversation With The Little London Vegan

Today we are joined by the lovely Clare Every from The Little London Vegan, we talked about how she came to become a full time influencer, how she balances her time on social media and how important it is to take time off.

The Little London Vegan Instagram:

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Surviving Auditions and Doing What You Love With Amy Bird

Today I am joined by the ever so wonderful Amy Bird, Amy is a singer and performer and bloomin' 10/10 funny human. We talk about everything from surviving push backs in auditions, doing what you love and walking fat cats.

Follow Amy:



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Diet Culture, Law of Attraction & Cold Showers With Will Nicholson

Will is a Personal Trainer, Fitness coach and an all round passionate human. Today we have a long conversation about everything from social media, diet culture, cold shower therapy and so much more.

Follow Will on Instagram:

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Relationships With Annabelle Monks

Annabelle is a very good friend of mine who I studied Broadcast Journalism with at Brighton University. Since graduating we both left relationships that weren't right for us and learned a lot from that experience. Annabelle has gone on to thrive in her career, whilst my life mapped out a little different. I hope you enjoy this episode with Annabelle.


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Living With Crohns and One Whole Year Sober With Olivia Smith

Olivia was diagnosed with Crohns in 2011 and has started to openly speak about her experience and journey with the disease. On New Years Eve in 2018 she decided to go sober for a whole year to raise awareness and money for Crohns and what an experience she had.

Follow Olivia on Social Media:


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Finding Confidence in Being Normal With Alice Clover

Welcome to a conversation that all stemmed from bodily functions. Alice Clover is such an inspiring person who has an aim to help make fart equality happen. She is a writer, author and blogger who is helping to untangle the web of shame around bodily functions and basically being a normal human being.

Alice Clover links:

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Be Kind To You

Welcome to a short and sweet solo episode. Please remember it is incredibly important to be kind to you, you are your longest relationship and you're incredibly important. Take time making self love a habit and notice the way you talk to yourself - would you talk about your loved ones the same?

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Relationships With Food & Exercise With Immy May

Cake and Yoga Club Founder Immy May once again joins the podcast. Today we got quite deep talking about where Cake and Yoga Club was born and how it came about, we discussed our own relationships with food and exercise and how it's become such a social norm to count calories and bash good food. We also discuss the Art of TLC, meditation and much, much more.

***Warning: Eating Disorders are discussed in this podcast

Cake and Yoga Club:

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Dementia and Me, My Story

In 2016 a few days before Christmas, my Dad was diagnosed with Dementia. I was 23 and living abroad on a year contract at Disney World. At the time of diagnosis, I had no idea how much my life and the life of those around me was going to change. This experience has been one of the hardest and most traumatic experiences I have ever been through. It's something no one in the world can prepare you for and something I truly feel is not spoken about enough. Dementia is cruel and I wish more than anything there was something I could do to stop it happening to others.

Information on my Dad's specific Dementia:


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Finding Positivity in Every Moment With Claudia Bell

Welcome back and thank you so much for tuning in! Today I am joined by a lovely lady, Claudia Bell. She is the embodiment of positivity, we talk about meditation, our careers and our experiences with the Law of attraction and manifesting and touch on Claudia's experience running a marathon... I really hope you enjoy this episode.

Claudia on Instagram:

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