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Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast - Video

Joyce Meyer's Talk It Out Podcast - Video

Joyce?s Talk It Out podcast is a fun weekly Bible study with three friends in different stages of life who take Joyce?s teaching and talk out real life application. It?s fun, heartfelt, and so applicable. So, consider yourself one of the girls and let?s talk it out together.


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55. Love Notes: A Little Encouragement For You

Do you like bubbles? Puppies? Encouraging notes about how fabulous you are?

Good, because every one of these fun pick-me-ups are in this episode! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin have some surprise love notes for a few of their friends?and for YOU! There is nothing better than a sweet word from a friend, or even a stranger, at just the right time, which is why we?re so passionate about encouraging each other!  So today, pull up your chair, get cozy, and prepare to feel all kinds of warm and fuzzy feelings as we take a minute to love on each other!

P.S. We?ll also have a surprise visit from a friend that many of you know & love?listen or watch to find out who she is!!

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54. The Value of a Woman

Do you really know how precious you are? Or has your heart been broken by the lie that you aren?t?

Right now, there are countless women who have no idea that they have value?much less that they?re perfectly and unconditionally loved by God?and we want to change that.

In today?s episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome a truly amazing human to the podcast: the one and only Nancy Alcorn! She?s the founder of Mercy Multiplied (one of the organizations that Joyce Meyer Ministries partners with), and easily one of the most passionate people we know! Bursting with God?s Word and decades of experience with helping women heal, Nancy?s got some powerful words that?ll pump your heart full of His love.

Join the conversation for a few stories, tears and soulful reminders of just how valuable you are to Jesus.


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53. Overcoming Depression

Are you feeling low? Hopeless? Overwhelmed by the future?

In the world we live in, so many people are struggling with depression.  It can show up in many ways and leave you feeling totally overwhelmed and helpless. But we have good news: it?s conquerable and there is hope!

Today, the stunning Michelle Williams (yes, from Destiny?s Child?we?re fangirling just a tad over here!!) is here and shares some of her most practical tips and inspiration from her own journey of encountering, fighting and overcoming depression. She and the girls unpack a lot of the nitty-gritty questions and details of how you can start on the road to recovery from depression?and even how to help a loved one who?s fighting that battle themselves.

Listen close for a few everyday steps that you can take to start living with purpose and joy again.

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52. When God Doesn?t Pick You

Are you waiting for a dream that never seems to pan out?

Maybe you were passed up for that promotion, or you?re single and the husband you?re hoping for just hasn?t shown up, or the baby you?re aching for hasn?t made it to your arms. No matter what kind of disappointment you?re facing, this episode is for you. Today, the girls call Joyce to talk through several hands-on ways we can release any resentment that?s holding us back, and they leave you with some real-life encouragement to lift you up, no matter what you might be waiting for.

Get ready to take notes and find the keys that will help you let go of jealousy and find hope in the meantime.

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51. Silencing Self Doubt

What do you do when you feel insecure?

Do you apologize excessively, beat yourself up for mistakes, or maybe re-think your words and choices?over and over again? Whichever it is, you?re not alone! Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin welcome their amazing friend Rachael to the studio where she shares how she used to mask self-doubt, and all the girls unpack practical strategies you can use to build godly confidence.

Join the conversation for Jai?s Mufasa impression and a reminder that you?re more than enough.

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50. Everyday Problems, Everyday Answers

An unexpected friend stops by today and the girls? reaction is priceless! And of course, the conversation is real and rich!

What questions have been swirling around in your mind lately?

Today Ginger, Jai and Erin unpack some of their own questions as they chat with Joyce and share their secrets about everything from navigating crazy intersections to learning how to relate to grown children, and even raising young kids in a post-COVID world.

Listen in for some of Mama Joyce?s signature, everyday wisdom and ring in the new year with us!

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49. Feeling Lonely?

We know the holidays aren?t always full of cheer. So if you?re feeling lonely, cozy up with your favorite blanket and warm beverage for a Christmas heart-to-heart! Today, Ginger?s rocking her hot chocolate mustache, the girls find a sermon in a Christmas song, and they each share several usable, real-life action steps that will help you combat loneliness. Whether you?re by yourself or in a room full of people this year, you?re never truly alone.

Join us girls for a fun + eye-opening conversation, and a virtual get-together that will warm your heart.

Merry Christmas, beautiful!


Ginger + Jai + Erin

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47. Peace Under Pressure

Ready to get your calm back?

In today?s episode, Ginger and Jai (we missed you, Erin!!) introduce us to their amazing friend Stacey Lindsey, and they each share specific things that help them deal with the pressures of life. Whether it?s a kickboxing class, the occasional yell, or a beautiful hike, we can all find something to help us manage stress when things get crazy.

Watch and learn some practical ways to stay peaceful under pressure!

John 14:27 ? Matthew 11:28-30 ? Psalm 118:5 ? James 1:3-6? Isaiah 54:17 ? 2 Corinthians 4:8

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46. Girl, Get Dressed

Hey Girlfriends!

Choosing a fabulous outfit for the day? Don?t forget your full armor of God! That is what we are talking about today on a new episode and it has been a life-changer for us?protecting and preparing us for whatever we may face. Jai and I have been doing this for years and Erin just jumped in. She is already seeing great things!

So, how do I put on God?s armor?

This armor may be spiritual, but it is real too. And, friend, you will be decked out! During the podcast, Joyce said that we ?pray, say and do.? That?s a great way to think about putting on your armor! Pray, ask God to clothe you in His armor, and thank him for it, out loud.

When I pray through this, I like to start at my head and make my way down. ?God, thank you for the gift of your helmet of salvation. Let me think, see, hear and speak the way you want me to.? (Here, I like to throw in an added prayer for great hair too ? it can?t hurt, right! ?)

I ask for the breastplate of His righteousness, the belt of truth, and those fabulous shoes making me ready to share the Gospel of peace.

Then I move to the weapons. ?Please arm me the shield of faith and the sword of your Word.? This is where the ?do? comes in. Study the Bible so that your life is full to overflowing with God?s Word. Build up your faith by trusting God and remembering how He answers prayer. Now you are fierce!

If it helps you to remember, do it while you are putting on your actual clothes. Afterall, women are great multi-taskers. Now, you?re fully dressed; looking good and ready for whatever may lie ahead!
- Ginger

Ephesians 6:10-18 ? Joshua 5 ? Deuteronomy 28:13 ? Psalm 5:12 ? Isaiah 58:11

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45. The Beauty Episode

Know what makes you beautiful?

In today?s episode, Ginger, Jai and Erin giggle over some of their more cringey style seasons and snafus?not to mention a recent breakdown over a DIY haircut gone wrong! Then they welcome their stunning friend Lori Potter to the show, whose story of healing and learning to love herself is sure to touch your heart.

Join in for a conversation about what real beauty is, and how we can start to see it in ourselves!

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44. Facing the Impossible

What are you facing right now that feels just too big?

In today?s episode, Joyce joins the girls for the entire episode as they unpack how to face the seemingly impossible challenges in our lives. It?s encouraging, inspiring, and just what you need when the struggle is real?

So girls, grab that first?or third cup of coffee, and let?s talk it out together!

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43. Do It Afraid

The girls crash Joyce?s Girls Night In party and talk about fear in a new way and some really cool things happen! They also answer a few of your questions and share some of their own fears and God-moments throughout the pandemic. And Joyce brings some powerfully encouraging words to strengthen your heart.

ready for a faith-lift that will help you push through anxiety and do it afraid.

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42. What?s Your Vision?

Girl, did you know that God has an incredible vision for your life, and YOU get to be a part of formulating it? Today, Ginger, Jai and Erin giggle over some of the dreams they had growing up, and share some encouraging, doable steps that can help you find, pursue and hold on to your God-given purpose. 

Whether you?re feeling discouraged about a dream that hasn?t happened yet, or you don?t even know where to begin, we?re here to remind you, beautiful, that you are meant for greatness! So join us and let?s dream big dreams together!

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Joyce Meyer's Talk it Out Podcast - VIDEO is coming soon!

VIDEO is coming soon!

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